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FC: Good Times with Calpurnia | By Faras A and Tanner F

1: Calpurnia

2: Scout

3: Jem

4: Atticus

5: Dill

6: Walter Cunnigham Jr.

7: Walter Cunningham Sr.

8: Aunt Alexandra

9: Bob Ewell

10: Tom Robinson

11: Boo Radley

12: Interests and Personality of Calpurnia Why hello darling. Ma nayme is Calpurnia. I work fo da Finches. I am their cook. I also act like as a mamuh figure to da kids. I am owld, but I could work faaster then a steam engine trayne. I am very dearly kind harted. An example of that would be me helpin Scout n Jem as uh cook and uh ma muh. Wat I tink is dat Scowt n Jem should not tink wat uhder whyte peeple tink bout colored peeple tink bout me. I will all wayyees care fo Atticus’s littel children. I will eeven care for them if theyee becuum under thuh influence of whyte peeple being raysist to colerd peeple. Peeple sayee dat ma handuh is as haarrd as bed sllat and twyce as haarrd. Even doe I speek differrent at church, I still duh kids to speek powlyteli. Duh reeson is dat if deeze kids speek dis way, den peeple will respect demm mowr. All so Jem can go to cowledge eazier. Sadly Scowt cannot doo dat becuz she is uh woman. But Jem can cuz he is uh male. Not only dat, Jem is uh WHYTE male which gives Jem uh bedyr chanse to get uh job. After dat Jem can tank me for awl duh ef fort I put in tuh him. If Jem comes bak and shoots me dead, well den I gess Jem had uh reeson. But somting will happen tuh Jem if he killed meh just cuz I was uh mother f****** n*****. (sorry for the colorful language Mrs.C-C). But from mah sowl and harrt I tink Jem can chainj histowry wit da lessons I tawt Jem.most likely. Ainy way, if I dye, I howpe its not from Jem. When I starrt beecuming a mutter to Scowt n Jem I get in tuh it. I meen if Scowt n Jem mis buhayve, den I will spaynk dem. It is not uh tret its uh promiss. Awlso I love seeing dose kids dressin up fo church. I meen dose kids Jem n Scowt will luhk guhd n dey will bee fuhrends wit more peeple. If dey hav mo fuhrends, den dose fuhrends

13: will powtect Scowt n Jem. Uv cowrse Scowt n Jem can deel wit peeple eesily, but dey cannot powtect dem selvez from white trash(again sorry) like Bob Ewell. Sinsz Jem n Scowt had Boo Radlee, Boo killd Bob Ewell wit uh nayfe n sayved Scowt n Jem from beeing killd by Bob Ewell. I am so guhlad dat Boo wuz duhr. Sinsz Scowt n Jem uhr still uhlyve da kids can cuntinue tuh guh tuh church n dress up suh nysely. If ma dreem cumes troo den Scowt n Jem could bee da noo leeders uv da groop uv fuhrends hoo pruhtect dem. If dey doo not buhcum da leeders uv da groop I will “send dem uh littel messuhge” tuh tell dem tuh speed it up. Eevrn doe ma hohm is very far uhway fruhm duh Finches, duh Finches howss is baysikily ma huhm. I meen ma dooti is tuh bee duh cook, howsskeepur, n akt lyke uh muhder. Buht I am uh reelly guhd cook. I mayk duh best chikken pot pye in duh whole Aluhbamm. Awl so, duh Finches llluuvv ma cooking everiday n everi nyght. Eeven bedder I mayk duh best fryed chikken in duh Yyeeeuuuunyted Stttayts. Did I meshuhn tuh yuh ma mashdd puhtaytuhs. Ma mashdd puhtaytuhs puht uh smyl on duh kids fayses even if dey are sad. I awlso mayk duh howss veri neet n cleen. Ma wurk effurt on cleening is az strong az uh horse’s horsspower. I meen it is an onur tuh wurk fuhr Atticus Finch. I mayk shur hiz room haz duh leest dust n I mayk shure hiz room iz duh cleenest. But Scowt n Jem’z roomz are still cleen, but Atticus’s iz still duh bestest. But I will nevur cleen Aleckzandruh’z room cuz I do not lykk dee attitoodd dat Aleckzandra givez Scowt uhbowt beeing uh ladi insted uv dressing lykk uh gye n luhknig lykk uh gye. But in awl I tink I am duh best muhder, cook, and howskeepur der will ever bee fur duh Finches.

14: Important People in Calpurnia’s Life Why hello again darling! Az I told you ma naym iz Callperniuh. Eniway wuhn ov duh importent peeples in ma lyff uhr Atticus Finch. I say diss beecozz Atticus hyred mee tuh cuhk, bee uh howss keeper, n tuh bee uh muhder for duh kids. Awl so Atticus act shoo uhli pays mee tuh wurk. This iz way bedder den peeple byin mee az uh slave. Awl so Atticus provydes me wit protecshun.I am protected beecoz now tecknikolli liv wit whyt peeple. Sinsz I liv wit whyt peeple, dey protect mee from peeple lykk duh KKK, oderwys nown az duh Kluh Klux Klan. Awl so Atticus iz uh lawyer so he kan helllp mee if in cortt I get fraymdd. I noe dat uh whyt pursuhn’z wurd is more den uh blak pursuhn’z wurd, but Atticus is duh best uv da best. I meen dair uhr no lawyers dat kan bee bedder den Atticus. I meen wit dis kynd uv uh treetment I try ma best tuh mayk Atticus prowd uv hyrin mee. I awl so want Atticus tuh keep me az his cuhk, hows keeper, n duh kids substitoot muhder. I tink I am wuhn uv duh speshiuhl wuhnz tuh havv dis wuhndurfuhl oppuhrtoonitti tuh wurk fuhr uh whyt man whoo iz nyce n sinceer. Even dough I hav uh hows dat is on dee uhddur syyd uv town, I luvv spendin tyym in Atticus’z howss. I meen ma hows is awl durti whyyl Aticus’z hows iz awl neet n cleen. In addishiuhn, wen I am at Atticus’z hows I kan tok in an ejukayshuhnuhl bakgrownd, but wair I liv, you kannot tok in an ejukayshuhnuhl bakgrownd beecoz I doo not wuhnt tuh brag tuh peeple whoo uhr lyyk mee dat I kan speek ejukayshunuhlli. Uhnuhdur puhrsuhn whoo iz important tuh mee iz Jean Louise Finch, or az mhyt noe huhr, Scout. At fuhrst Scout did not lyyk

15: mee beecoz I wuhz an Afrikan Uhmairikan. But den az I tuhk shi got tuh noe mee, shi stuhrted lyykin mee. Taykin huhr tuh church awl so helllp owt uhn huhr lyykin mee. Az shi stuhrted lyykin mee shi stuhrted lissuhnin tuh mee. Aftur dat shi reelyzd dat most Afrikan Uhmuhricans uhr nice. Den shi stuhrted taykin mee az huhr role moduhl in sted uv dat I-tink-I- am-bedder-den-everibodi-else wuhman. Dat wuhman’s naym iz Aleckzandra. Shi tinks dat everi Afrikan Uhmuhrikan iz lyyk uh peese uv trrrash. N I doo not lyyk huhr additoodd. But beesiddz dat Scout lyyks mee more, and shi lissenz tuh mee more. Dat is duh most impuhrtent pohrt beecoz if in uh serten whyll Scout lissenz tuh Aleckzandra more, Atticus cuhd kik mee owt which wuhd bee terrifyin. But I dowt Scout will lissen tuh huhr Ohnt Aleckzandruh beecoz Scout HAYYTS dressin lyyk uh gyrl. Agayn, Scout HAYYTS dressin lyyk uh gyrl which uh meericuhl Gawd sent us. I meen I luvv seein Scout in dress, but I doo not wohnt tuh see Scout dress up everiday. Duh last puhrsuhn whoo iz impuhrtent tuh mee is Jeremy Atticus Finch. Whoo yoo mhyt coll him az Jem. Jem iz impuhrtent tuh mee in meni wayz. Even dough it duhz not seem lyyk it, Jem haz been helllpfuhl. Wuhn reezuhn is wen Bob Ewell wuz attackin ma littel Scout even dough Bob Ewell wuz much stronger and had more noelej. I meen if Jem had not fot bak, Boo Radley wuhd not uv mayd it in tyym tuh sayyv Jem n Scout. Awl so Jem wuz o. k. wit mee in duh hows. I am glad Jem uhpreeshiats ma cuhkin n howskeepin, but I doo not tink hee wuhnts mee tuh act wit him lyyk hee iz uh child. Hee iz awl so impuhrtent tuh mee beecoz hee hee wuhnted Tom Robinsuhn tuh bee innuhscent. Sinsz Tom Robinsuhn iz dee Afrikan Uhmuhrikan whoo iz actshuhlli innuhscent, I am glad Jem is wit Tom. Dat helllps me by givin Tom Robinsuhn wuhn eckstruh puhrsun tuh syyd fuhr him.

16: Important Events for Calpurnia I see yoo caym bakk fo more darlin. Well if yoo insist I will tell yoo duh impuhrtent ee-vents uv ma lyyf. Wuhn uv dee ee-vents iz Scout n Jem goin tuh skool everi yeer. Duh reezon iz dat Scout n Jem grow so fast, n it iz so hard fo mee tuh dem finish skool n go get uh job far uhway fruhm heer. So far dat haz not happendd yet, but it will happen soon. But duh guhd part iz dat dey lurn noo nolidge everi yeer. Wit dat noledge deez childrihn can yooz it tuh chaynge duh world. But duh second dey leevv fo dair noo cuhreer, I will stuhrt kryin ma hart owt fo doze too kids. If dis wuhrld gets luhky den deez kids can distribeeoot suhm ting dat can chaynge duh wuhrld fuhrever. An eckzampll iz havin sivill ryghts everi war in duh wurhld. I wuhd awl so bet ma hart owt dat Atticus wuhd cry tuhwyce az hard az mee. Acshoo uhli I wuhd not bee suhpryzed if Atticus cryyd qahdroopuhl az hard az mee beecoz dose kidz are Atticus’s children. I reemembur wen Scout wuz littel n shee wuz so keeeeeyooooot! Everi fuhrst dayuv skool I see ecksyted tuh see wuht iz guhnnuh bee noo dis yeer. Even dough sum yeers wen shee cums bakk aftur duh fuhrst day n cuhmplayns shee awl ways deels wit it n moovs on in lyyf n enjoys duh rest uv skool. How evur old Scout n Jem get dey will awl ways be ma littel children whoo I acsepted az ma own children I luved n caird fuhr. Dat wuhd probubli bee duh saym wit Atticus. Dee only ting tuh wit dat iz dat Atticus iz Scout n Jem’z fothur dat wur awl reddi hiz children who he admires n iz proud uv. Uhnuhdur impuhrtent ee-vent iz duh Tom Robinson tryuhl. I meen dat wuz suhmting elss. It chayngd histuhri. It wuz too bad dat Tom Robinson wuz still killd just beecoz hee wuz an Afrikan Uhmuhricuhn. But Atticus chayngd histuhri. Duh reezon iz beecoz no court seshun ever lasted dat lawng. I bet wuht Atticus did mayd duh juhri

17: tink duh difurrenss beetween wuht wuz rhyyt n wuht wuz rhong. I meen wuht Atticus sehd puht suhm ting in dair myynd sayin, “Sivill rhyyts iz duh rhyyt way tuh go. Wuht dat will do iz dat it will mayk peeple inspyyrd n want tuh helllp in sivill rhyyts. I meen if Scout n Jem follow duh rhyyt durekshun den dey can partisipayt in sivill rhyyts too. It wuhd add uh noo kyynd uv forse tuh duh sivill rhyyts eruh. Awl so wit dat cayss awl dose peeple who wuhr called uh pees uv s***, uh muhdur f***** n****(sorry for the colorful language Mrs. C-C), uh cuhlurd pursuhn, uh blakk uhr eni uhdur naym dat wuhd insuhllt wuhd stuhrt ryuhtin uhr maykin treetees, n dat wuhld puht suhmtin on duh taybl fuhr uh noo era whair Afrikan Uhmuhricuhns can livv tuhgethur, eet tuhgether, n hagout wit eech uhder. Wuht duh Tom Robinson cayys awl so will doo iz dat it will duh guhvurnment tink how much peeple are deeeturminnd too segruhgayt whytss n Afrikan Uhmuhricuhns wuhnce n fuhr awll wit beein equhl in rhyyts in awl. And if duh guhvurnment reelizes dat, den dair will bee no stoppin segruhgayshunn. And if dat den I doo not havv tuh wuhrri if suhm wuhn iz guhnna hurt mee uhr kill mee beecoz uv ma skin cuhlur. Awl so if Tom Robinson had bin innuhscent den dat wuhd uv chayngd histori’s mynd aynd duh guhvurnment’s mynd ee-ven faasstur. Awl so Atticus wuhd uv gotten more muni if he actshoo uhli wuh duh cayys. Dair iz awl so uh bad syyd. Bizinessiz wuhd get more raysist, whyte peeple wuhd try tuh get more Afrikan Uhmuhricuhns gillti, n duh wuhrld cuhd beecuhm wuhrss den duh saym wuhrld wee havv binn livvin in. But dair iz awl ways hope dat duh wuhrld wee livv in can chaynge. If wee awl partisipayt, wee wuhd havv uh beddur chansce tuh havv uh beddur wuhrld.

18: Important Artifacts of Calpurnia Yoo wuhnt more? If yoo insist. Well wuhn uv ma fayvuhrit uhrtifacts iz duh wuhden spoon ma grandmuh gayv mee when I wuz uh littel gurl. Dat wuhden spoon wuz past down fruhm jenurayshuns tuh jenuhrayshuns. Dat haz beecum ma lukki charm fuhr cuhkin everiday fuhr da kids n Atticus. I meen I awl ways go eeveri whair with ma wuhden spoon. Ma wuhden spoon awl ways pruhtects mee if dair iz uh straynjer. If I ever get uh child I plan tuh giv ma chyld duh wuhden spoon. If I doo dis den I cuhn keep duh leguhsi uv duh spoon goin. I hope dat ma dat if I get uh chyld, dat chyld will pass duh leguhsi by givin it tuh hiz o hur chlyld. Uhnuhdur impuhrtent uhrtifact iz duh seerup bottel dat Waltur Cunningham pored awl over hiz seerup. I will reemembur dat beecoz Scout started cuhmplaynin uhbout Waltur pourin too much seerup. Dat wuz awl so duh tyym dat I gayv Scout uh spaynkin. Hopefuhlly Scout lurnnd hur lesson uhbowt mannurs and havin gests over. When Scout leeves grows up n leeves duh hows I will probubly giv it too hur so shee cuhn reemember hur child huhd. Awl so I am getting old so I need sumwuhn tuh keeep ma uhrtifacts uhlyyv. Wit duh seerub bottel shee cuhn reemembur mee too. If I am still uhlyyv Scout cuhd vizit mee too if shee is not bizi.

19: Calpurnia’s Quote Don't matter who they are, anybody sets foot in this house, they are company and don't let me catch you remarking on their ways like you were so high and mighty. My Reason I chose this quote because it represents Calpurnia’s character, it represents the book, and the quote teaches us a moral lesson. All of Calpurnia’s character always has to do with manners. When Walter Cunningham came over Calpurnia made lunch for Walter too because he was the Finches’ company. When Scout complained about Scout pouring too much syrup, Calpurnia gave Scout a spank in the bottom for behaving impolitely. The people in the book who are mockingbirds are like the company coming into Maycomb, Alabama. When Tom Robinson came into town as a criminal, Atticus treated Tom as company. This relates to the quote when Calpurnia said, “Don’t matter who they are” This quote teaches us a moral lesson because this quote is one of the basic rules of manners. When Mr. Cunningham was paying back Atticus, Scout got Atticus for Mr. Cunningham because Scout learned the basic rules of manners. Even though Mr. Cunningham was embarrassed, it was still the right thing to do in my opinion. To summarize, Calpurnia’s personality, one of the themes of the book, and learning a good message all symbolize why I chose this quote.

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31: The End

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