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Capria 50th Anniversary

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S: 50 Years of Love and Laughter

FC: 50 Years of Love and Laughter

1: Marion and George November 26, 1960

2: Gamma, Wampa, Grandpiere, Grandma, Grandpa all the names our children have given you over the years of their little lives. All of them meaning the same thing... the best grandparents a child could have. Our children are all so very blessed to have such loving and dedicated grandparents. Each of them have a memory, a moment, a story that they have made with you that they carry with them always, and at any given time it may bring a smile across their face.They cherish you and love you both very much. Thank you for being so wonderful. Mom, Dad, Mr. Cap, Mrs Cap, Big G, and Marion (only when we go see a rated "R" movie at the theater) all the names that we have called you over the years. All meaning the same thing... loving, loved, blessing, blessed, inspiring, dedicated and loyal. You have been our teachers, our role models, our guidance and our supporters in all that we do and have achieved in our lives. We love you, look up to you and cherish all that there is about you. You have been our inspiration for who we are as a husband, a wife and parents to our three beautiful children. We love you and Thank you. George Jr., Nancy, George III, Agostino and Aria Rose

5: Ode to Grandma & Papa Much can be said of this couple, my Grandparents Grandma so sweet, so loving and pretty. And Papa so loyal, handsome and so witty. They are the best Grandparents any kid could ever have. They can always be counted on.... To comfort me when I am frightened or sad, Or for sharing great times that make us happy and glad. From trips that we take on outdoor adventures. Hikes at Beaver Lake or our moonlit walks, To quiet times together and Grandma's great lecture.... "Safety First". They are the best teachers and are the parents to my Mother. And they treat us like gold...me and my Brother. by: Isabella Lantry

7: We are truly thankful Amelia, RJ and Andrew have been blessed with devoted and loving grandparents. Grandma and Papa are like celebrities in our children's eyes. Whenever they come over to visit, we know the the day will be filled with stories, love and special memories.

9: I can't think about my mother or father without thinking about the other. That's the type of love I want in my life. What a beautiful way to be thought of...

10: This pic is from my first combat tour in Iraq. With her frequent letters and cards Aunt Marion never let me forget that she was thinking of me and praying for me. I was always eager to open mail from her because I knew that I would find not only patriotic and loving words of encouragement, but that she would keep me up to date on current events in Syracuse as well as the Capria family. One letter in particular stands out in my mind and I think of it often because it saved my life and the life of my friend and fellow soldier Lee.

11: On hot day, not unlike any other, my platoon had stopped at Saddam's palace in Tikrit for reasons that I can't remember. We had been there for quite some time waiting for the order to move out. I was standing with my good friend Lee at the passenger side rear corner of our Humvee, telling jokes and exchanging stories to pass the time. Suddenly I heard my platoon Sgt. as he yelled "Capria, you got mail". This was a pleasant surprise because we were not expecting mail on this day. | Lee and I walked around to the passenger side of the Humvee where I was given a letter from Aunt Marion. I immediately opened it and began to read when there was an explosion on the other side of the Humvee. An insurgent had thrown a hand grenade over the palace wall and it detonated precisely where we had just been standing. The significance of the timing was not lost on me nor was what had spared me this day. | I wasn't saved by the letter, I was saved by Aunt Marion's love for me and my fellow soldiers. It's something I will never forget. That was the best damn letter I've ever read. Leo III

12: Victor the Bear

13: Back in the sixties on a cold typical winter evening, I invited the guys over for a card game. After consuming a pot of meatballs and pork with DeLauro Italian bread, we zeroed in on some adult beverages. As the hours went by, conversation came up that Victor the Wrestling Bear would be coming to the War Memorial for the Northeast Sports Show the following night. Well at this late stage of the night and with beer muscles rippling, everyone wanted to take Victor down. Everyone was detailing his strategy as to how they were going to pin this 500 pound bear. We agreed on a plan to meet at the War Memorial at a designated time so that we would be put in position to volunteer to get in the ring with this Monster. George and I had decided to bring our two sons, George and Georgie, who were about 5 or 6 years old. Sure enough we get to the War Memorial and only George, me and our boys are there. | All the other guys who were shotting off their mouths were no shows. At showtime the announcer came to the middle of the ring and makes a call for volunteers to wrestle with Victor. Without hesitation as per our plan, George and I raise our hands and the announcer tells us to come up into the ring. Now this ring was the size of a boxing ring and was backed up to a stage and there was a curtain separating the ring from the stage where Victor was. Up to this point we have not seen Victor. The announcer gives a signal to the stage hands to pull the curtain. What I saw was unbelievable. Here was Victor in a cage the size of a bedroom,muzzled and declawed. A half a dozen trainers were trying to settle him down. He didn't seem to like the crowd of a few thousand people. I am commenting out loud to George about the size of Victor and how mean he looked and what are we doing up here. But I didn't get any answer from George because he never came through the ropes of the | ring. I could not believe it because we had made a deal. I looked into the crowd and there he was laughing uncontrollably. This was the sting of all stings. So here I am up in a ring with a trainer and Victor. The trainer tells me don't move fast on him because he will get mad. I said to the trainer I think he is already mad. Finally, they open the cage door and here comes Victor. I tried pushing him, he didn't move. I tried pulling him, he didn't move. I hung off his shoulders, he didn't move. In the meantime, he is pushing me around like a rag doll. I wasn't doing very well so I thought I would make a quick move on him and get behind him. Big mistake. He got mad like the trainer said he would and he let loose with a forearm to my jaw and I went down. Thankfully, I was in one piece. They stopped the match and gingerly I went through the ropes. i met George and said you gotta be joking. He just kept on laughing. he had a hell of a time watching me get wasted.

14: I never figured out who started this but objects started to disappear from couples homes. We lived on Wayland Road at that time. The first object to disappear was the Caprias' eagle which was perched very high on their home on Loma Avenue. Then my toaster disappeared and I never figured out how they got it out of our house without me seeing them do it. Lawn furniture would end up on roofs of houses or at another location. This went on for several weeks. One day we all went to Charlie's wedding and beautiful Maid Marion in a beautiful dress she had worn to the wedding is seen with other co-horts crawling along the ground gathering large tree limbs, fall leaves, lawn furniture and of course the inevitable soap to soap Charlie's car windows. All of the limbs, leaves and furniture were stuffed in the front and back seat of the car. You can't imagine how bad the windows were soaped up. Can you imagine Charlie and his bride's consternation when they went to leave? Eventually this stopped when someone tried using a hammer to open George's trunk to get his bowling ball out of the car. Some people have no sense of humor! | P O M P O

15: In our youthful craziness, we let ourselves into George and Marion's apartment on Spring Street. We were not alone but I don't recall who else did the break in with us. I made a pot of coffee and we made toast to go with it and enjoyed our conversations. Around thirty minutes later, George comes out of the bedroom with a big smile on his face. We put two and two together and of course ragged on George.

16: Marion and I seemed to have washer or dryer problems at the same time which necessitated us going to the Lyncourt Laundromat. Marion would bring a thermos of coffee and off we would go with our dirty or wet clothes. This particular evening we both had washer problems so we loaded up a couple of machines each and sat down to drink our coffee and chat. It was kind of enjoyable to sit without kids wanting our attention and we could have adult conversation. The washers finished and we got up to put the clothes in dryers. Marion went to a dryer and opened it and looked inside of it and kept staring. She called me over and called my attention to an object in the dryer which was sort of plastic and long shaped. She said "do you know what it is?" I stared at it and said "I have no idea what it is but I wouldn't touch it if I were you". There were a lot of dryers so there was no problem. We finished drying the clothes, didn't mention the object again and went to our separate homes. When I got home I told Andy about the object Marion had found and he roared with laughter. When he was able to collect himself he gleefully told me what we found and what it was used for and how it was used. I told him too much information. When I think on this and remember how naive we were back then even though married, I think it was a good time to be young. Marion and I never discussed this again but I'm sure she asked George and got the same reaction that I got. Lorraine Pompo

19: I can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t know George Capria. George was part of our family. He worked in my grandfather's soda shop and became one of the ‘boys.’ As a little girl I remember him coming to my house to watch the Friday Night Fights with my dad. I remember my dad teasing George about being afraid to walk home in the dark and he would watch him run like hell down Lemoyne Ave. until he got to his house which, by the way, was only about three blocks away. My mom and dad would often tell the story about when George babysat for me while they went out with friends. They told him to lock the door behind them and get me to bed at a reasonable time. Low and behold, when they arrived home and knocked on the door, I opened the door while George slept on the couch. I will never forget when Marion asked me to stand up for her wedding as a Junior Bridesmaid.WOW; I was 14 years old and so excited. It was an experience I will never forget; buying a ‘gown’ to wear, getting my hair done, hanging out with adults, who could ask for more? I was blown away when I saw Marion in her wedding gown. She was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen. When my mom was ill George was there to help. Maneuvering my mom’s wheelchair was difficult for my dad so George made himself available to help get her to the weekly doctor appointments. My dad really loved George and Marion, although he probably never told either of them. I think saying “I love you” was too emotional for him. George and my dad had a remarkable relationship. They were more than just friends. They had a bond and it was evident they would do anything for each other. My dad was in the hospital for one month before he passed away. George and Marion were frequent visitors and George even helped in some not-so-pleasant situations. My brother Louie and I were and still are very grateful for the help we received from both George and Marion. My family is blessed to have Marion and George in our lives. Emileen DelleFave Butler

20: So...How do you begin to separate a memory from a lifetime? The task is a little too daunting for me so here goes...no one time or place in particular...just riding the wave. I remember... Being happy ... as I was carried up the front steps into the apartment you lived in before the house on Loma Ave. I think I was being dropped off because Bobby was sick...and I remember being a little afraid but mostly being happy because I was going to be with people I loved. So many visits to our house on Clover Rd. We would all be so excited to see everyone pull into our driveway. Sean was a baby...Kelly always needed to be coaxed...and George and Bobby were always gone like a shot...finding someplace to play. You came for every birthday we had...my First Communion...all our special events....and I know I speak for all of my cousins and my brothers and sisters when I tell you both that we "KNEW" you loved us equally, all together and saw and loved us individually for who we were and who we'd become. | You both always showed such tenderness with our little hearts and souls. Summer evenings spent on Loma Ave...front porch visits...being allowed the freedom to walk along the streets to the schoolyard...laying on the cool air conditioned stairs going to the kids’ rooms...playing and making plans for the Great Cousin Exchange... a tradition we continued when we moved to the house in Cicero. My mom’s story about George's early night and day confusion made me laugh because I mostly remember the nocturnal visits, the ones that would uncover cousins in the back seat...sometimes in pajamas, sometimes with parental consent...but just as often they'd be stowaways, waiting and hoping to continue the Great Cousin Exchange. Grandpa Capria watching his boys playing football...the pool...picnics...hockey road trips...the Parkway...gatherings filled with fun, love, laughter and endless amounts of food!! | The day Liza was born...being the first to see her...how honored I was and grown up I felt...fast forward to her terrible twos when she had us all running for our lives with a stick in her hand...except Joey of course...then she'd shine her halo... Grandpa and Grandma Williams, my mom's family, and the Capria's...beginning to understand how rare and unusual it was for an extended family to honor and respect each other the way you all did and when my Justin was born...knowing how Blessed he would be to be a part of this family. Justin’s 10th birthday, Uncle George, he and his friends thought you were the coolest Uncle on the planet because you played every one of their messy, water-ballooned, sopping wet games with them.

21: My sweet beautiful Aunt Marion, sparkling tables filled with candles...making Uncle George sweat... holding a SECOND glass of wine....and can we all guess what color... RRREEEDDD ...Kelly, George, Allynn, Sean and Liza telling on you...telling on each other....telling on us all...making us laugh until it hurt and then making us laugh some more... Books and books and more books and conversations about everything under the sun....ideas and history blending into new perspectives...and your ever present love and support through Dad's transition...surrendering to both laughter and tears...knowing and showing us one more way to love... I know where to go when I need to be loved...when I need a place to land...when I want to remember my heart and who I really am....I love you both beyond memories or words... ~Suzanne

22: There are so many memories...

23: There are so many memories. Two personal stories that I recall vividly was when we all went over to Uncle George and Aunt Marion’s house to prepare the in-ground pool for summer. The pool was empty and Uncle George was standing in the 8 foot section sweeping up some leaves. We kids were all around the top cleaning whatever we could. The hose was on and a few of us “lost our grip” and slid down to where Uncle George was standing or attempting to!! We slid like bowling balls and took the “king pins” feet out from underneath him! It was hysterical to all of us and of course, he was not very happy with us! He took the broom, hitting our butts and started saying get up there, get up there! Did you ever try and climb a wet pool liner?? No chance! | Another time, Uncle George and I were taking a drive in his truck to a gravel bed. He gave me the directions to read to him. As we drove on our journey, he asked me about the directions. I began to read them until I got to the part that said, take the “SCURVES” which I pronounced scurvies. He said, what does that say?? I said, take a left on the SCURVIES road. He started laughing the famous laugh he has and said, it’s supposed to be “take a left at the “S” curves~ Needless to say, I was very embarrassed and of course he blamed it on his spelling, not my lack of proper English! ~Allynn Toney

24: One of my favorite memories growing up was when I used to go spend the night at Aunt Marion's and Uncle George's...... Uncle George used to wake Kelly and I up and take us to Friendly's in our pajamas.

26: Growing up I spent a lot of time on Loma Avenue with my partner in crime, Liza- aka Johnny Joe, aka Tonto, aka Liza Mae Jones. We must have driven our parents crazy with all the trouble we would get in, but you would never know. Even when the Lemoyne football team chased us from the park to the front porch (that cheerleader deserved it when Liza pushed her off the fence) Aunt Marion and Uncle George took it well. I think Uncle George may have said, “what the hell is going on here” while Aunt Marion simply responded, “now you kids run along now.” The sound of 15 pairs of cleats chasing us down the street was concerning, but safety was just a few houses down on the left. Pool parties while the parents hung out in the garage, rides in dump trucks, even though it required some encouragement for me to go, lots of love and lots of laughs embody every memory of Aunt Marion and Uncle George. The greatest memories of my life so often include them. Like the example above, they consist of a series of moments, sometimes just an expression that I will never forget. Those feelings are also felt by Joey and Vinny. Aunt Marion and Uncle George have an amazing ability to connect with children. When Joey asked me why some trucks use diesel and I had no idea, he immediately responded, “I'll just ask George,” and he did! Because of Aunt Marion and Uncle George, Joey and Vinny are into bird watching, they have a treasure box and have gone for truck rides. Nothing makes me so happy than knowing that the boys realize and appreciate how awesome Aunt Marion and Uncle George are. They are a true blessing and I love them a ton! ~Joey Capria

27: I will never forget my first time meeting Uncle George and Aunt Marion. It was only my second time over Joe's house. Mom and Dad were having a dinner party and I was going to meet some of the extended family for the first time. Joe was nervous and so was I! At dinner I sat next to Uncle George and across from Aunt Marion. Aunt Marion was so sweet and Uncle George made me laugh. We shared the same humor and they made me feel comfortable immediately. I felt as if I had always known them and, like Joe's parents, they made me feel right at home. There have been so many parties and get-togethers since and I (as well as Joey and Vinny) are always delighted when Aunt Marion and Uncle George are with us. ~Jennifer Capria

32: I came across this photo of my daughter, Shannon, when she was 3 years old making eggnog with Mr. Capria on Christmas Day in 1994. I thought it was pretty funny when I found it as Big George looks like an Indian Chief with his long hair and bandanna! Eileen Corsette

33: To My Dear Friends: Marion and George Where do I begin...I've known you both for 50+ years. That's a long time to have such loyal friends as yourselves. | Your friendship has been so comforting to me over the years as I've had to struggle with several personal losses. I will never forget all of your compassion and kindness. Please know that. You have been such wonderful parents to your four children and now amazing grandparents to the grandkids! I hope you know you are so blessed and lucky to still have each other to share all of this together. May God continue to bless you and your family and may you have many more years together. Take good care of each other and please stay in touch. Your friendship is very precious to me. Much Love Always, Anne Dalton

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