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Cell Book

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FC: Cell Book | By: Ashley Dudas Shelby Marken

1: It lets in and forces out selected molecules and to carefully protect the cells internal environment. | Cell Membrane | Found on the outside of plant and animal cells | It is similar to a plastic bag with wholes through it. |

2: Cell Wall | Cell walls are only found on the outside of the cell membrane in plant cells. | cell walls are made of a type of sugar called cellulose which provides a protected framework for the cell to survive. | It is similar to putting a balloon into a cardboard box. |

3: Cytoplasm | Cytoplasm is the fluid that fills the cell | It holds everything in the cell outside of the nucleus. | cytoplasm is similar to a jelly-like substance. |

4: Cytoskeleton | Supports the cell and keeps its shape | It is found in the Plasma Membrane | It is also involved in cellular motility and in moving vesicles within a cell. It assists in the formation of food vacuoles as well |

5: Nucleus | It is found in the center in only eukaryotic cells | The Nucleus controls everything just like the brain | The Nucleus is like the control system in a airplane because it manages and controls the whole thing. |

6: Nucleolus | This structure is found within the nucleus | It produces ribosomes which makes proteins | | It is similar to copy machine that creates ribosomes

7: Ribosomes | They are floating in cytoplasm and can be found on the endoplasmic reticulum. | Produces proteins for the inside and outside of the cell. | Ribosomes are like factories inside a cell because they produce the proteins for the cells. |

8: Endoplasmic Reticulum | The endoplasmic reticulum produces lipids. | The cell is found in both animal and plant cells | It controls the activity and how the cells are formed |

9: Golgi Apparatus | Golgi appartus controls trafficking of different types of proteins | Function - modifies chemicals to make them functional | The Golgi Apparatus is like a post office because they sort mail just like golgi does.

10: Vacuoles | Vacuoles are storage bubble that stores food and nutrients | The vacuoles are like refridgaters in a cell because they store food. | The small bags (vaculoes) help support the cell in general |

11: Lysosomes | Lysosomes help support the digestion of molecules | Lysosomes produce sugars, amino acids, and bases that helps the foundation of many macromolecules that they digest | Lysosomes are like a recycling center because it breaks things down and reuses it |

12: Centrioles | Centrioles produce microtubles in the cell | It supports the cell when it is ready to divide. | Centrioles are barrel-shaped cell structure found in most animal eukaryotic cells. |

13: Mitochondria | The mitochondria helps each tissue to perform its role in the day-to-day operation of the body | Mitochondria converts energy into forms that the cell can use | Mitochondria are like power generaters because it convert energy into something useful |

14: Chloroplasts | Chloroplast captures light energy to conserve free energy into photosynthesis | Chloroplast is the cafateria of the cell because its the part that make the food | | It supports the process of Photosynthesis

15: Cilia/ Flagella | | it is found on the outside of the cell | it is similar to a tail or whip that protects the cell | protects the cell from other prokaryotic and eukaryotc cells

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