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BC: Thanks For Watching!

FC: Here | We | Go!

1: CellsRus! | By: Sereena, Katie, and KK Mrs. Parker-2B

2: Contributions of Four Scientists: | Schleidan: A German botanist who co-founded the Cell theory. He discovered that different parts of plants were created by different cells. He was also one of the first German scientists to accept Darwin's Theory of Evolution. | Schwann: A German physiologist that co-founded the Cell Theory. He proved the cellular origin and development of various tissues. | Hooke: An English scientist who discovered plant cells while looking at cork under a microscope. | Virchon: A German scientist who co-founded the cell theory. He proposed that all cells came from preexisting cells. | 15 MORE SECONDS OF FAME...

3: Prokaryotic vs. | Eukatyotic Cells | <---- | Prokaryotic: Don't have a nucleus or any organelles. | Eukarotic: Larger than Prokaryotic Cells. Contain organelles. | Similarities: -Contain Ribosomes -Have DNA -Filled with Cytoplasm

4: Plant vs. Animal Cells | Plant: Everything the Same Except, Plant Cells Have: ---------------------------- Chloroplast ---------------------------- Cell Wall ----------------------------Central Vacuole ---------------------------------- Rectangular Fixed Shape | Animal: Everything the Same Except, Animal Cells Have: -------------------------------- A Round Irregular Shape -------------------------------- 1 Or More Vacuoles -------------------------------- Lysosomes Occur in Cytoplasm

5: Ten Cell Structures: | ----->>> | 1) Nucleus: Controls The Cell | 2) Rough ER: Moves Proteins and Other Substances Through Cell. (Has Ribosomes) | ----------------------------------------------------- | ----------------------------------------------------- | 3) Smooth ER: Makes Lipids and Breaks Down Toxic Substances. (No Ribosomes) | 4) Chloroplasts: Uses Light Energy to Make Carbohydrates From CO2 and Water | 5) Lysosomes: Helps With the Production, Packaging, and Distributions of Proteins | --------------------------------------------------------- | -------------

6: 6) Cytoskeleton: Provides the Inner Framework of the Cell (Like How Your Own Skeleton Supports You) | 7) Vacuole: Stores Water for the Cell and Contains Many Substances Such As Ions, Nutrients, and Wastes | 8) Transport Proteins: Helps Substances Move Across the Cell Membrane | 9) Cilia: Propels Cells Through Their Environment ***ALSO Removes Debris From Air Passages When Lining the Respiratory System | 10) Flagellum: Enables the Cell to Move | ----------------------------------------- | --------------------- | --------------------- | -----------------------


8: Cell Membrane | The cell membrane acts as a barrier between the interior of a cell and it's outside environment. This helps the cell with...

9: Homeostasis | The cell is able to hold equilibrium thanks to... | The cell must remain stable in order to function properly...

10: Mr. Owl, what are the 3 cell theory principles? | cell

11: Ah 1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells Ah 2. The cell is the basic unit of life Ah 3. New cells arise only from cells that already exist. | CHOMP!!!

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