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Chew on This Period 1

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BC: The End

FC: when working in the slaughterhouse there was an incident that happened at Pilgrims Pride, where the cruelty happened because of poor supervision. | workers use infected cattle, who are dieing off and sick and still use them for our meat which could make us sick as well, because there is E-Coli in our burgers.

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

4: During the 1900s a Hamburger was a food for the poor. | The Pioneers | A farmer gets 5 cents for every pound of potatoes that is sold.

5: In the later days like 1950s people thought that people with cars are lazy but now days thats all we drive | Restaurant owners often painted the drive-ins in loud colors and covered them in flashy neon lights hopping to catch the eye of people driving past. | Society today say that we need more exercise just not sitting around doing nothing everyday.

6: In todays time we have alot of choices of fast food that we can eat and how much ever we want to eat,and something that is fast to get,by going through the drive through or inside to order.

7: The calories are crazy that is in the fast food,depending on what you get. If you eat fast food three times a day like on the movie super size me,you will notice a change in your health , your body how you look and weighing more.My opinion is that should eat fast food once a week,or eating it alot will increase you in size.

8: How are there so many school-drop-out that are trying to get a job but they can't because they dropped out and they don't have a diploma. Although they do have other countries that have so many restaurants than we do but they might make more money too.

12: Organizations like these on the left target children by showing children on the commercial being very happy and having fun. | One of McDonald's main investors Ray Kroc. Him and Walt Disney both came up with the idea to market to little kids after WW2 the child rate when up 50 percent. | McDonald's isn't the only ones to market to kids. McDonald's used th NBA. Pizza Hut,Taco Bell, and KFC use college teams. Burger king uses Nickelodeon and Denny's uses MLB

13: Walt Disney had the idea to use cartoons to sell his product. So Ray Kroc the investor in McDonald's thought it would work for him too so he used a cartoon named speedee but the alkeseltzer person was named Speedy too so they quickly left that idea. One day a Clown named Bozo was at McDonald's because the fair was across the street and the kids loved him and Ray Kroc saw that and thats how they came up with the idea for Ronald McDonald.

16: All this food is giving all these kids over wight problems going out to eat every day or week is bad.

17: Mc Donald's is one of the worst places ever to eat they want the kids there so the build a play house in Mc Donald's they need to stop or all theses kids are going to do is be over wight.

18: I think they sabotauges the kids by putting the toys in the meals so when the kids see the commericals there gonna want that toy cause one its free an it comes with food . | The Food industry has gotten smarter by the years like Mcdonalds know how to get the kids to want there food by simply adding a toy to the meal.

19: Mcdonalds sold Teenie Beanie Babys in 1997With each Purchase Mcdonalds sold about 100 million Happy meals | Many Adult collectors bought the meals, Kept the stuffed toys, and threw away the food | "Mcdonalds is in some ways a toy company, not a food company " says one retired fast-food executive. Indeed Mcdonalds is perhaps the largest toy company in the world

20: Mcdonalds thinks that if they hire teens then they can pay them low wages with no insurance.teens are usually the managers and the workers. | Instead of working on a farm or other ways to get fit and make money they want teens to sit behind a cash register and take orders. and most of the kids that work here have kids or parents that they need to take care of to make money. and the fast food places know this | fast food companies think that if they have an pretty teenager behind the counter they would get more orders.

21: Da Da Da Dada Im lovin it!

24: they higher younger kids because they know they will work for them longer. | this were one of the place were kids work at and were everyone eat at.

25: this what you eat at mcdonalds. | like they say you are what you eat | why do kids work at mcdonalds.

26: The McDonald's brothers came up with an excellent system for making crisp, tasty, French fries, one that was later improved. In the past every morning fresh potatoes were washed, skinned, and sliced in the kitchen. The McDonald's want to make sure that the fries taste the same every time you eat them and there the same no matter what McDonald's you go to, so they did not peel them by hand because the they did not want to take a chance of them tasting better , and if they did not turn out the same they would freeze them. The suffered a number of setbacks, like learning the hard way when they try to cook French fries in a potato chip fryer, the fries would just sink to the bottom and burn. Fat-food chains sell French fries for prices about twenty time higher than what they paid for them.

27: How do they make French Fries? A* They are sprayed with hot water to cook them hot air to dry, divide, and put in brown bags as potatoes. Why do they not make French fries fresh? A* Because they want them to taste the same every time. What is the Secret of Fries about? A* It is about what are in fries, how they are made and where they are from.

30: the potato farmer gets 2 cents for every 1. 20 | in the old days every fry was hand pilled in the back of kitchen

31: people like fries the best because they can be eating behimnd a whee2l easy | they buy them frozen for about 25 cents a pound then reheat them and sell the back for 6 dollars a pound

32: If they keep eating like this it could give them bad health problems. Little kids need to stay healthy and have fun instead of not having fun and living a horrible life because they made the wrong choice. | If kids eat healthier at a young age and not eat bad junk food when they get older they will be healthier and be stronger. Kids needs to understand they could ruin there future on there eating habits. | How did the Yupiks get there food? How could the Yupiks be so much alike American's in such little time? | Stop the Pop

33: The American's wanted to build a McDonald's by the schools.The first McDonal's was opened inside school in Benton, Arkansas. In California different days of the week they eat at different places they try getting there parents to pay a higher taxes. | The Yupik kids are drinking to much soda and eating out all the time. They need to stop drinking pops because there is to much sugar in it. Instead of drinking pop they could drink diet drinks or water or something that doesn't have that much sugar in it. The people don't have to eat out all the time they could eat healthier.

34: If we didn't have any restaurants we wouldn't be over weight. | The advertisements on T.V makes little kids think they need more food than they all ready eat.

35: People don't want to get exercise or even get out of their house. | Get about 4 hours of exercise a day after you eat a meal

36: Burger king has good food but it is not good for your health. | Mcdonalds is one of the largest and fastest growing food joints in the world | Fast food is good sometimes but no all the time cause you will get fat

42: If there wasn't any fast food Restaurant then there wouldn't be very many that are fat and can not help it but we got all these fast food places serving greasy hamburgers and fries and they are not healthy for us at all. | One other bad thing about fast food Restaurants is the advertisement they have on T.V. and radio stations and and bill boards like this picture here of the golden arches that says I'm Lovin' it but not everybody is loving it because it is making a lot of people fat with all the greasy foods they serve people it's all unhealthy

43: In the U.S. in 2006 about 9 billion chickens were slaughtered and then eaten that many makes up to 30 chickens for every man, woman, and child in the country and thats to many if that would of been healthy food then it would of been ok but it was chickens and they are not that healthy

44: Mcdonalds has good food but it is not good for your health and if we start eating at a young age then all it does is progress when we become adult's

45: our new generation could not go any were with out seeing a fast food place so that is why it is so important to get exercise in.

46: BIG | In this paragraph Sam is 14 years old and he is overweight because he eats out all the time. His favorite fast food is Mcdonalds. His twin brother and his mom got gastric bypass surgery so they use to be overweight before they got the sergury. Bypass surgery is very dangerouse they take your stomach and make it smaller so you can not eat as much. Sam is depating on wather or not he wants to get this surgery done or not because he could die in the middle of surgery if anything goes wrong. The problem is the school that Sam goes to has a Mc Donalds across the street from it and kids are aloud to leave campas and get it for lunch. but the problem is there is a main highway the kids have to cross to get to it so the problem is they are not only dieing from fast food but from cars hitting them also. What really got me was when they said

47: that a kid got hit by a car and was in the ambulance and asked if someone would bring his hamburger to the hospital. | I think Sam should not get the surgery because what if something goes wrong and he dies. Do you think bypass would be worth it yeas you will be skinny but what if you die during it then will it be worth it?

48: this chapter is mostly about kid or people in that matter that is obese often feel bad about them selfs and with celebrates look thin make the feel unattractive and the chapter also talks about the link in heath problems such as heart disease ,colon cancer and stroke and this leads to about 110,000 deaths a year and one the most deadly is type to diabetes and i think the problem is that people do not like to work off the wight they put on because they watch t.v and stay in all day

50: sup

56: in iraq military people are getting fast food restraunts and the soliders are getting to be a weight problem. | Mcdonalds is a fast food place an sells fast food to people an fast food is whats causing obesiety and lack of excersise | alot of people dont like fast food but still they put down other people for eating it thye dont know them enough to critasize them

57: excirese helps people form obisety alot of people are obese and some of them obese people work on getting that fat off and keep it off with working out walking

58: Your Way | In April 9, 2003 a U.S Marine armored vehicle pulled down the statue of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad showing the world that America rocks and they also rock the gut.Nine weeks later the first burger king opened in Iraq. American solders waited as long as two hours to buy whoppers and chicken. Now you can find pizza huts and subways in the Iraq area.And now you see how fast food chains travel through the united states.

59: McDonalds is one of the most favorite food place to eat in the united state 86% of most Americans chose McDonalds and even pour people can buy a good meal but not a healthy meal.Americans NEED to start exercising!!!! Even American dogs get get fat off fast food.

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