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Childeren Book

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FC: Children's Book By: Zaid Nowar Olivia Dicaprio

1: Table of contents | 2...Ancient River Valley Civilization 3...What if 4...Classical Era 5...What if 6...Post-Classical Asia/Africa 7...What if 8...Medieval Europe 9..What if 10...Renaissance/Reformation 11...What if 12...Enlightenment/Revolutions 13...What if 14...World War I 15...What if 16...World War II 17...What if 18...Cold War 19...What if

2: Ancient River Valley Civilization | These cilvilizations would build their cities around rivers or any other places by water, Because water was there main way of farming, cleaning, and doing everyday things.They built them long the Indus, the Nile, the Tigris and Euphrates, and the Yellow Rivers. They became famous for how they set up the government and they brought a new way to farm and trade.

3: What If..? | If people had not learned to farm in the Ancient River Valley Civilizations, this would affect the world majorly today. All of the people in the world rely heavily on vegetables, fruit, and grains. Also, most things across the world revolve around agriculture. If we did not know how to farm and grow crops, a lot of things in this world would change. We would have to find another primary source to consume, as plants are the only one.

4: Classical Era | The classical era lasted about 70 years and had a big impact on the music and art. Opera and insturments were made broader. In orcastras they made the clarinets, flutes, oboes, and bassoons permanitly in them. Very well known artists like Mozart and Beethoven were very influenal to many new artists.

5: What If..? | If Athens had not embraced economy, that would have affected the entire world leading up to today. Many of the very good countries across the world have democracy which all began in Athens. Most likely these countries would not have democracy as their government today. The Athenian democracy has affected many countries worldwide, and without it the world would not be as free as it is today.

6: Post-Classical Asia/ Africa | In this period Islam spread all across europe and the Untied States. Buddhism also becomes popluar. The Sui and Song Dynasty are made. The fourth crusade came near the end of this era but still made a big differnce

7: What If..? | If the Mongols hadn’t opened the Silk Road for traveling, Asia would have been a lot less populated. Also, there would be a lot less trade involving Asia. If the Silk road wasn’t opened, then much of Asia would have become much isolated. This road was a way of transportation of people, things, and most importantly many useful ideas and inventions at the time

8: Medieval Europe | Also known as the middle ages. To be able to help make the rural conditions the church built religious communities called monasteries. The monasteries needed a pope so Gregory the great.He made the popes office think more outside the box, it became known as secular . Which also started the Carolingian Dynasty.

9: What If..? | If Pope Urban II didn’t launch the crusades, then most likely Jerusalem would have been in the muslims hands throughout most of history. The crusades were fighting over a very holy place for both Muslims and Christians, which means that both of the religions LOVED this place. It had a very important meaning to them. So basically, if the Pope didn’t launch the crusades, there would have been much more stability in the region.

10: Renaissance/Reformation | Renaissance was a period between World War I and the Great Depression when black artists and writers flourished in the United States. The movement came about for a number of reasons. Between 1890 and 1920, the near collapse of the southern agricultural economy, coupled with a labor shortage in the north, prompted about two million blacks to moved to northern cities in search of work. In addition, World War I had left a big group of African Americans asking why, when they had fought and many had died for their country, they were still afforded second-class status. This was when the African Americans became more than just slaves

11: What If..? | If Gutenburg hadn’t invented something that printed things quickly, the Reformation would have been much harder to occur. There would be a need of people to spread ideas through some sort of medium, which the Gutenburg printing press did. The Reformation relied a lot on printing many copies of papers, to spread ideas through a society. Without this printing press the Reformation would have been much harder to occur.

12: Enlightenment/ Revolutions | The Protestant movement successfully challenged the Roman Catholic Church and made changes in all parts of European life. . The government made the social contract because people acted in their own favor, but this guy named Thomas Hobbes thought it would be best if the government had total power. This other guy named John Locke made the natural rights which were life, liberty, and property. In order to keep the people happy the government made the separation of powers to make sure no one got too powerful.

13: What If..? | If the Industrial Revolution had began in Germany, many things would have been different. First, Germany would have many other priorities. Other things would be invented instead of the things that were really invented. For example, the cotton gin would have maybe not been invented because that might have not been one of Germany’s priorities. The Industrial Revolution relies on the countrys’ need and wants.

14: World War 1 | To most called the Great War, was a major war centred on Europe that began in 1914 and lasted until 1918. The two sides against eachother were called the Allies and the Central powers. When Furhand was killed the war started. The war was about who had the most power and who could domonate. Both sides kept trying to out do the other with bombs and nuclear weapons. No one really ended up winning, which triggered WW2 a few years later.

15: What If..? | After World War I, Germany was blamed for the whole entire war, in something called the Treaty of Versailles. Because of this treaty, Germany became very very angry. Their anger at other European nations was what lead to the World War II. If Germany was not blamed for the World War I, then most likely World War II would not have occurred. One of the main causes of WWII was that Germany was angry because of the Treaty of Versailles. However, with Germany not being blamed, WWII would have probably not occurred.

16: World War II | Hitler took over Germany and war started. Countries sided with each other to fight against Germany because Germany was trying to take over the all the sides of Europe. The two sides were called the Allis and the Axes. It was the turning point how most thought of different religions, races, and ideas.

17: What If..? | During World War II, the America dropped a very bad thing on Japan , that killed very many people. It was called an atomic bomb. A bomb is something that is huge, and kills a huge amount of people. After this bomb was dropped on Japan, this ended the World War. Because of this bomb, the U.S. caused Japan to surrender, which means give up. After Japan surrendered, the U.S. won the war and the war with Japan ended. If these bombs had not been dropped, the war with Japan would have gone on and on and wouldn’t haven ended so quickly. These bombs made the U.S stop the war with Japan.

18: Cold War | The Cold War started soon after World War II. The two main countries that were so-called enemies were the United States and the Soviet Union. The war of the communist world vs. the non-communist and democratic nations. The tensions only mounted and both the United States and the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons. They were both scared of each other’s power so they kept trying to out-do the other which left them with big strong bombs that would take out each other. The fall of the Berlin Wall named the end of Soviet domination in Eastern Europe, and two years later the Soviet government itself fell from power.

19: What If..? | If the Soviet Union landed first on the moon the cold war would have changed greatly. During the cold war each countries goal was to undermine the others accomplishments. There was a competition between these two superpowers, of who could get the most worldwide fame. If the Soviet Union had landed on the moon before the United States, the United States would have suffered from a huge blow...the Soviets would have taken the lead in the Cold War. The U.S. would have been very upset.

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