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childrens book

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FC: History childrens book (:

1: Table of contents | Page 2. introduction picture. Page 3. introduction. Page 4-5. Ancient River valley civilization/Question. Page 6-7.Classical Greece/Rome../Question. Page 8-9.Post -Classical Africa/Asia.../Question. Page 10-11.Post -Classical(Medieval) Europe../Question. Page 12-13. Renaissance/Reformation.../Question. Page 14-15.Enlightenment/Revolutions../Question. Page16-17. World War 1.../Question. Page 18-19. World War 2../Question Page 20-20 . Cold War../Question.

3: There once was a group of kids a long time ago. they wanted to learn about history but their parents didnt know how to teach them. not knowing what to do, the parents bought them a book to help them learn about history. and the book said....

4: Ancient river Valley civilization.. | A very long time ago around 3000 b.c river valley civilizations were formed. There were 5 major river valleys that were formed..called the indus,yellow,tigris, and euphrates rivers.

5: What if people had not learned how to farm..? | Alot of people wouldn`t have jobs. We would have very small amounts of food. Also alot of people would starve.

6: classical greece, rome | in greece the geography is hilly counrtyside.rome did not have naturally hilly areas. they did have mt. vesuvius. both economies were based on agriculture and slave labor.

7: what if athens didnt embrace democracy? | they would have a very unstable govermnent. we would not have democracy today, if they didnt have it back then.

8: post classical africa/asia | this era was also known as the middle ages. it took place in 500-1500. islam had was the most successful religion in this time. asia and african began to expand in trade, migrations, and conquest.

9: what would have happened if the silk road was not made? | trade would be very dangerous. the mongols wouldnt be safe because of the mongul empire. they probably wouldnt be very devoloped without trade.

10: Post-Classical(Medieval) Europe | Begin in the middle ages. it was apart of the dark ages.

11: What if the black Plague did not attack Western Europe..? | If the black plague did not attack the western europe then there would not have been war or any problems.

12: Renaissance/Reformation | The renaissance means rebirth. The renaissance took place in the 14th and 17th century. The Reformation began on October 31,1517.

13: What If Gutenberg hadn`t invented the printing press.? | If he hadn`t invented the printing press then we wouldnt be able to make copies of things we wouldnt have news papers. or even books.

14: Enlightenment, revolutions. | also known as the age of reason, the enlightenment age was a way of spreading ethics, aesthetics, and knowledge. it aslo lead to socialism. it lead to the classical era in music, and the neo-classical era in art.

15: what if enlightenment ideas were not embraced by colonists? | people wouldnt have the same thinking today. we wouldnt have the same ideas about personal fredoms, general thinking, exc..

16: world war l | world war 1 began on july 28, 1914. austria-hungary called war on serbia. soon, germany, russia, great brittan and france were drawn into the war because of a treaty they signed.

17: what if the austrian heir to the throne was not assassinated..? | if the austrain heir to the throne was not assassinated then there would not be war..!

18: WORLD WAR 2 | world war 2 was a long war that lasted for 6 years. the war lasted until the germans and japanese gave in to the allies. over 17 million people lost their lives.

19: what if the US had not dropped the bomb on japan? | if we didnt drop the bomb on japan we would still be in a war with them. the bomb ended world war 2, so it saved us from many more years at war.

20: Cold war | The cold war developed after WW2, between the US and the USSR. the most worring issue of this era was weapons of mass destruction. neither side ever fought each other, they simply refused to trade goods.

21: what if the soviet union landed on the moon before the united states? | the united states would have bee very angry with the soviet union because it was our mission to land on the moon. their probably would have been a war.

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