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Chris and Sharron 2011-2012

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FC: San Diego 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2 | Chris & Sharron

1: Chris and Sharron Camaratta 2011 - 2012 | Hiking | Travel | Kitties | Friends | Ireland | Costa Rica | Adventure | Weddings | Mountains | Sushi | Kisses | Biking | Yosemite | Big Bear | Palm Springs | Married! | Camping | Wine | Pizza | Beer | Christmas | Family | From first date to engaged to married. | Oaxaca

2: Chris & I went on our first hike, together-Tenaja Falls. He claims I tried to kill him, but if I wanted him dead... | ...he'd be dead. What really happened is this: Chris and I went hiking with a group of friends (Marc, Ashley, Fernando and a visitor we decided to call Jersey since his name was also Chris and it was confusing to have two of them). This was our first big hike together and a really long hike for Chris as he hadn't been hiking all summer. We set off on the trail and it was a lovely hike A little hard but nothing lethal. After approx 6 miles, we came to a crossroads and it was decision time...were Chris and Jersey going to go back or continue? Ashley assured them the rest of the trail was much the same and not too far. Yeah, she lies. Most of the trail consisted of a lot of up and down but it was also another 15 miles of up and down. A little farther than Ashley let on. | And we hadn't hit Bluewater trail yet. Ahhh..Bluewater trail. It's evil. 1800 descent in approx a mile. it breaks knees. And at this time of year, all the bushes were overgrown so it was 100 degrees with no air movement. Chris ended up on the verge of heatstroke. Luckily, there was a creek at the end of the descent, and he was able to immerse himself and cool down his core. And through the whole trip, he never once complained. I was impressed. ~Jersey, Chris and Marc at the beginning of the hike ~Lunchtime break with Ashley, Fernando and Audrey, the amazing hiking Golden Retriever ~Chris and I before Bluwewater ~Hiking through the cow pasture. FYI: cows are jerks. ~Chris and Audrey --she loves Chris! ~Marc, Ashley, & Fernando at the creek, waiting for Chris to cool off | Tenaja Falls | May 21, 2011

3: Mt Gower | June 4 2011 | Chris didn't go on this hike but there is a reason it's important--it's the day I knew I was going to marry him. I was hiking with the group and having a tough hike--some days are just like that. I almost turned back but then Chris called to see how the hike was and to tell me that he missed me. It was enough. I kept going and at the base of Mt Gower, I was scaling the hill and talking incessantly, to some some random dude about Chris. And at one point, I turned to him and said, "you know, I'm going to marry him [Chris]." I'm fairly certain that random dude thought I was nuts. Then later, I was driving back with Marc and told him the same thing., He asked what I would do if Chris proposed now. I told him I'd say yes. Marc thought I was insane. But that night, Chris came home and I went over to stay with him. And he proposed. I said, "yes." | ~Ashley and Fernando on Mt Gower ~Kat, Myself and Ashley at the top ~Marc, Fernando and Ashley ~Me at the top

4: La Jolla Beach, Ca | June 5 2011 | Our first day as an "engaged" couple. We started off our new life by kayaking. Perfect! At this point, few people even knew we were dating. We went over to Joe's house (his Uncle and my Boss) that afternoon and broke the news. It took a few minutes to convince his wife, Kim, that we weren't joking. Joe took it with the coolness and calm that is Joe. As for everyone else--it was a surprise!

5: Three Sisters Waterfall | June 11 2011 | Three Sister's is a series of three waterfall's and one of our earlier hikes. Getting to the falls means walking down into a canyon that is hot and dusty as you climb down the trail and then once you arrive at the falls—the area is covered in poison ivy. The payoff is cliff jumping into the upper pool (Chris did that, not me) and then water-sliding down the lower fall. That was a blast! What made this hike even more memorable is the hiker that broke his ankle and had to be helivaced out of the canyon.

6: Three Sisters Waterfall | June 11 2011 | Previous Page; Chris and Sharron underneath a shade tree L-R: Chris climbing into the canyon, me underneath the upper falls, Chris jumping!, Chris, Kat and Mike on the other side of the upper falls, Chris having an awesome time!

7: Mt. Woodson is a training hike that is short (1.5 miles) but brutal in that there are really no switchbacks. What makes it worth doing (besides the workout) is the view at the top. There are numerous cell towers but once you get past them--gorgeous! And everyone has to stand on potato chip rock. It's thicker than it looks but when you are climbing up, you realize that that rock beneath you is hollow. One day, it's going to break. I feel sorry for the person standing on it. -Chris on potato chip rock, views from Woodson, a sweaty Sharron | Mt Woodson | July 31 2011 | After we bought my engagement ring, we had to get it re-sized. It was supposed to take approx 2 weeks. I come home one night and there was a vase of flowers on the counter. This is the conversation that followed Me: "I love them!” I smell the flowers then give Chris a kiss Chris looks confused: "Look closer" Me: clueing in that the ring might be around, I peer into the flowers, wondering if he tied it to one of them. But nope, nothing. Now I look confused Chris:, "Look at the vase. I pull the flowers from the vase. Chris walks over and points out the ring on the counter. Right. There. I actually jumped in surprise How the hell did I miss that? | The Ring | June 11 2011

8: PCT Camping Trip: Chris didn't attend this trip--he is not a camper. But I went with Marc, Vanessa, Ashley and her many dogs. It was freezing that night! We spent the evening in Ashley's tent, with the dogs for warmth, and played Apple-to-Apples until we finished the deck. It was a cold sleep when I managed to sleep at all. L-R: Me on trail, Ashley with Dogs, Marc and Vanessa, Vanessa with FLoyd (hiking out), dogs waiting for Marc to get up | PCT Camping Trip | January 28 2012

9: Weekend getaway to Palm Springs | We hiked, Had a massage. Sat in a hot tub. And learned that Google Maps can be a jerk. We wanted steak. Found a steakhouse listed. And ended up in a trailer park. Thanks Google! The hiking was stunning. We didn't expect snow. At one point, we thought we were lost and with the sun dropping, I was nervous. Okay, I was a little panicked. But we weren't lost and an hour later we were aboard the tram back down the mountain.

11: San Jacinto | February 4 2012

12: Morena Butte | March 11 2012 | A day hike with our friend, Marc Lopez, and NO ONE got heatstroke, poison oak or fell down the mountain

13: Mountain Biking | Blackmountain Trail | March 13 2012 | For a change, I didn't go over the handlebars. Yay!

14: Wedding Day | April 1 2012

15: Both the wedding and honeymoon have entire photo albums for them, but they were too important to not add at least a page. | Oaxaca Honeymoon | April 3 - 17 2012

16: Lawson's Peak | June 9 2012 | Boring hike up a dirt road made even more boring when your husband has super-long legs and out-paces you. He ended up walking ahead of me until I yelled for him to come back because I was bored hiking by myself. One of the perks of marriage! Luckily, the road leads to an awesome climb and a very large rock. There are two ways to reach the top: 1) up the side of the rock if someone is kind enough to leave a rope. There wasn't one. 2) Worm your way up through a crack in the rock and into a small cave. From there, it's a bit of a climb to the top but not too painful. We took the cave. At the top is a wonderful view. On the way down, we went down the ropeless rock face, made possible by my extra-tall husband who was able to slide as far as possible and then stretch out and touch the ground. From there, he could help me. A little scary but fun! Current Page -Lawson's Peak -Me at the top -A weird marker that is at the bottom of the hiking path -The view that makes the scary-climb worth it Opposite Page -View from the highpoint of Cuyamaca West Loop -Kissing the husband -Chris at the hightpoint -Me at the highpoint -A marker where a plane crashed -fields of purple

17: A nine mile hike where Chris stepped OVER a rattlesnake...didn't even see it as he was looking at the view. Should have taken a picture of the snake, but I was freaked out at thinking what could have happened. I used a walking stick to "coax" the snake off the trail. Other than the potential dying part, a lovely hike. | Cuyamaca Park-West Loop | June 16 2012

18: Sushi Night | June 16 2012 | Chris had an urge to make BBQ sushi so we went for it. It didn't turnout exactly like we expected but it was fun to make. -Chris cutting the chicken -Getting ready to roll -Chris making sushi! -The end result -See what I did?

19: Wilson Creek Winery| June 24 2012 | Horseback riding and brunch at the Wilson Creek Winery with Ashley and Fernando Steffey. She's getting her PhD in atmospheric chemistry and he owns Canine Education San Diego. -Chris on Horseback -Chris & Sharron at Brunch -Ridem Ashley -Sharron on her pinto -Ashley & Fernando at brunch

20: San Pasqual Hiking Trail, South | July 1 2012 | A beautiful day for hiking. The sky was saturated and we started early enough that the air was cool. What we didn't expect to see at the top of the climb were two chairs cemented onto a boulder. A wonderful, unexpected surprise!

21: Gratuitous baby kitten pictures | Tiny, Nick and Snugs

23: Costa Rica| July 28 - August 3 2012 | A trip top Costa Rica with Chris's family. Chris and I went early so we could get into trouble i.e. hike, zipline, etc. We had an amazing time! I found a wonderful hotel in the Guachipelin area that was next door to an Adventure Company and just 5 km from Rincon de la Vieja National Park. A beautiful location, we hiked 13 miles through the park on our first full day. The first jaunt was to a waterfall. A long hike but we saw Capuchin monkeys, a agouti, giant toad and tons of ants and butterflies. The monkey are the most memorable., The Capuchin weren’t friendly and tended to ignore people. The spider-monkeys were total jerks. They tossed sticks at us and tried to pee on us at one point. They are best avoided. We reached the waterfall and it was well worth the hike. Falling into in a large grotto, the water was an amazing blue-green. There were two families there by the time we arrived but not so many that the place felt crowded. By the time we left, the place was starting to fill up! It's wise to leave as early as possible if you want a waterfall to yourself. Hiking back to the main gate, we decide to take another trail and this one took us through the more volcanic areas. There were sulfuric pools, boiling mud pots and more monkeys! | Opposite Page -Capuchin Monkey--cute and not jerks -Chris swimming in Sendero Cangreja Current Page -Taking a break as we hike through from Rincon de la Vieja National Park -The restaurant at Hacienda Guachipelin

24: Rincon de la Vieja National Park | July 29 2012 | Current page: -Giant Toad -Chris next to one of the many giant trees -A Spider money (jerks) -Me! -Hiking through the forest -Chris swimming in the grotto | Opposite page: -Crossing a stream via giant log -Me next to a tree -Poser! -Sulphuric mud pit


27: Canyoneering, Guachupalin | July 30 2012 | An amazing day that included: -zip-lining, -climbing -rappelling -horse-back rising -bing down a rive Most of these picture s speak for themselves.

28: Out last morning in the mountains, Chris and I hiked to a local waterfall, Oropéndola. For once, we were early enough that we had it all to ourselves! Chris jumped in and lost the go-pro but recovered it from the bottom so it was all good. We had a wonderful swim and even climbed behind the falls. After our adventure in the mountains, we headed to the coast to meet the family. It was more low-key there, and we spent most of our time with Frank and Gwen. A nice condo but I think a number of family members were wigged out that you couldn't flush the TP. Eh—third world countries! Chris and I were cool with it. While we were all there, we drove out to the middle of nowhere to look at some property. And when we say middle of nowhere—I am not exaggerating. The road was a muddy mess and we had to walk and ride horses most of the way. Frank, Gwen and Kim ended up in a jeep that looked as if it would get stuck as it fishtailed through 2 feet of mud. The land was quite lovely and had waterfalls but was much too far from the city. A little aloneness is great but this was about 2 hours from everything. We also hit a police checkpoint on the way that was hell-and-gone from the road. No idea what they were looking for. | Oropéndola Waterfall | July 31 2012

29: With the Camaratta Clan | August 1-3 2012

30: Ashley & Fernando's Wedding | September 1 2012 | I officiated my first wedding (and only one so far). A bit nerve-racking but a privilege. The hardest part was that Ashley thought elves were going to put everything together so Chris and I ended up hanging the lights, getting the music ready, putting out appetizers, setting tables, etc. A ton of work and I was a little annoyed but when I saw Ashley and how happy she was—worth it! The reception was gorgeous, but with a location right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, it had to be pretty. The party ended around 10 but everyone was so drunk Chris and I ended up taking down everything as well. I just tossed things. A great day and at the end, Ashley and Fernando were married! The Ceremony Welcome. We have come today here under this great blue sky, before this magnificent ocean to witness the joining of two lives in marriage Fernando Steffey and Ashley Corrigan have asked us to be with them and celebrate with them in the making of this important commitment. It is a decision which is not entered into lightly, but rather undertaken with great consideration. Ashley and Fernando, why two people who were once strangers to each other are now brought together to become one in the most intimate and unique of relationships, we do not know. I do know that you have already undergone challenges that tear down most relationships. You spent two years and a thousand miles apart, seeing each other only on holidays. Bur instead of giving in to the frustration, you saw your forced distance as a challenge to take on together and found ways support each other's endeavors—Fernando with his desire to become a teacher and Ashley as she continued onward with her degree. And you used the time you did have together to find commonalities, to share not just moments in time but your hearts, your mind and your soul. And it wasn't long before love grew, and you found those simple moments were not so simple and they had, in fact, created a bond between you bringing you to here together. Today. Now, you are a team, waiting to embark on the next great journey that is marriage. There will be many wonderful times ahead of you. Hikes that you share and vistas that you, alone, will view, hand in hand. And yes, still the occasional struggle. But now there will be a partner besides you. The one person in the world who you know will keep you safe. And .at the same time, give you the strength to stand apart, to seek out you own unique destiny. The it was the usual; ring exchange, vows, etc. And after that...the dancing!

31: Oceanview Mine | September 22 2012 | We did this for both Chris’s birthday and mine. You arrive in the morning and they have a giant pile of dirt from the mine and you screen like a crazy-person for 4 hours. We found tourmaline, aquamarine, and quartz.

32: Big Bear | October 13 2012 | A weekend at Big Bear (a skii resort). We used "looking at rental property" as an excuse although we did look. Mostly, we hiked and goofed off. -Hiking in Big bear: the day was perfect. Blue skies. A little cool. And very people people. -The view -Chris with the lake in the background -Us in front of a very large tree -Me doing my "No Want" pose when faced with a steep hill -Our room. Nothing too exciting but nice enough -On the way home

33: Big Bear | October 13 2012 | Camaratta Halloween | Oct 31 2012 | No Haunted House this year but there was gambling! | -Michelle Ketcham -Papa: He ran the gambling cause that's what he does -Decorations.. There's an entire storage unit filled with this stuff! -Sharron as a sugar skull -Kim, playing blackjack -Chris and Sharron: very Day of the Dead

34: Yosemite National Park | November 22 - 25 2012 | “When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

35: “The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir

36: We had purchased a coupon for a hotel in Yosemite and decide to go for Thanksgiving since it seemed like it wouldn't be as crowded. As it turns out, it was a great idea! I purchased a Thanksgiving to-go dinner from Sprouts and we drove out Thanksgiving day. The hotel was lovely (had a Jacuzzi tub big enough to fit us both) and just outside the park. It was evening by the time we arrived but we walked around, took pictures and relaxed. The next day, we hiked up the south rim, took pictures and explored an old road that was no longer in use. In fact, we followed it around the mountain, Saw some bear scat and decided to make as much noise as possible as we explored. We figure that the old road used to connect to Inspiration point. Now, it's just cracked tarmac. After that, Bridalveil falls where we bouldered to the falls and I yelled at some dude who kept screaming how awesome everything was..and screaming it right in my ear. What an ass. After that, we went back to the car where a deer tried to crawl in my window. When we got home, it turns out, the hotel also is next door to the Best. Pizza. Ever.

37: The South Rim | November 23 2012 | Opposite Page -On the South Rim looking down at the road -First break Me having too much fun -Husband! -Best view in the valley Current page -Standing in the burned out area after we rounded the mountain on an old, abandoned road -Chris at Bridal Veil FAlls -We found a great place to build a house -Me rock skipping to Bridal Veil Falls -The steps that lead to the South Rim -A deer that tried to get into our car, Seriously -Chris on South Rim

38: Yosemite: Vernal Falls to Nevada Falls | November 24 2012

39: The third day, we hiked the Mist Trail to Vernal falls and then Nevada Falls. It was a helluva hike--rated strenuous) and consisted of a lot of stairs that went straight up. It wasn't as brutal as it could have been because we took our time, stopped a lot, took pictures,etc. We had a lovely woman tell us we were an adorable couple and took some pictures for us. By the time we got back to the car, the entire hike was 9 miles round trip. So glad we had Camelbacks. Dinner. Pizza. And beer. The pizza was that good. | Opposite Page -Chris and Sharron taking a break at the top of Nevada FAlls -In front of Vernal Falls -CHris tempting fate at Nevada -Chris on the trail to Nevada. Already the view is stunning!! -Nevada Falls in th distance -Chris and I at the top Vernal Falls -Chris taking a break on the way to Nevada -Myself on the bridge--right before the hike Current page -Chris at t the top of Nevada Falls -The Nevada Falls crowd, which was a surprise -Chris at a giant tree as we hiked to Nevada -Us on the bridge at the start of the hike -On the Muir trail-heading back to the car.

40: Cork Ireland | December 1 - 7 2012

41: The Blarney Castle| December 2 2012 | First: Cork isn't named for wine. Cork comes from "corcach, meaning "marsh" Chris’s company sent him to Cork, Ireland right before Christmas and lucky me—I got to go! Cork is a lovely town but as it turns out that the name has nothing to do with wine bottles but used to mean “marsh: which makes sense when you consider the city is between two rivers. We arrived on Sat . Went to a local bar to meet the boss (Jeff)but didn't find him. What we did find was a bunch of locals giving us the “stink eye”. Turns out, they weren't. Jeff had described Chris and had asked the bartender to look for him and send us to the next bar. He didn't do that but we think that's why they might have been looking at us like “Who are you and why are you in our bar. Sunday: Blarney Castle, home of the Blarney Stone.. A bit of a tourist trap but worth visiting. Things to remember: I fell down the dungeon stairs Chris and John (his co-worker) kissed the Blarney Stone. I declined | Opposite Page -The Blarney Castle -Sharron in the dungeon--very sad as she just fell down the stairs -Sharron being cute -Chris demonstrating just how small the doorways are Current page -The Castle -Sharron at the top -Tower outside and near the river -View from above -Chris kissing the Blarney Stone -The Ramparts

43: Food and Drink | December 2012 | Opposite Page: -Inside Barney Castle -Sharron under one of the massive trees outside the Blarney house -Chris and John on the "Wishing Stairs" -Riding Coach! -Castle View cause there aren't enough of them already -Chris and Sharron outside the Blarney House -The treacherous stairs | Current page: Some of the food and drink we experienced during our trip One of the best things about Cork was the beer! I can't prove it but I think Guinness in Ireland is different from the Guinness in the US. WHat it all boils down to is that beer in Ireland is better. The food isn't bad either. They serve mayonnaise with everything, which made Chris happy!

44: Cork at Christmas | December 2012 | Opposite Page: -Chris in St Finbarres Cathedral -Ceiling of the Sanctuary -The Stained Glass (front) View from the back -Example of the carving that decorate the front of the Cathedral -Sharron in front of St. Fibarres Current page: -Cork at sunset -View of Cork from St. Finbarres -Ugliest fish ever -First night hanging out with the boss and drinking. We met a drunken Welshman who gave Chris and Jeff a math problem on a napkin, IFor about five minutes, I had no idea he was speaking English, his accent was that thick! -More fish in the English Market -Bacon Jam! (found in the English Market) -Cork at Christmas

45: St. Finbarres Cathedral | December 7 2012

46: Current Page -St. Finbarre from the front -Lighting a candle for Maria -Sharron wandering through the graveyard -One of many gravestones -The Holy Trinity Church --down teh street from Finbarres -Heathrow | The rest of the week, Chris had to work during the day but we went out at night with his co-workers and his boss, Jeff, and his wife, Nicola. She is a hoot! Every evening was food and excess. Friday: Chris came home early and we walked around Cork during the day. Visited St. Finbarre’s Cathedral the English Market, and did a little exploring. Nothing too exciting but it was nice to see the place in the daylight. There are quite a few churches and the history of the town is quite rich. I have to say that in going home—Heathrow was horrible! There was a line to get to a line to get to the security line. Every bag was opened and searched. It took three hours to get from our plane to the connecting flight...and I was worried the layover would be too long. declined

47: A hike made memorable by the fact that the husband (Chris) left the lights on in the car. So we came back to a dead battery. Luckily, we had food and AAA. -Chris and Sharron -Ashley -Chris at the lower part of the falls. -Ashely's hiking dogs -Chris showing a hole in the fence where people come through when they're crossing the border from Mexico -Snacks while we waited for AAA | Kitchen Creek Hike| December 15 2012

48: Christmas| December 22-31 2012 | First leg: San Diego to Huntsville where we stayed with Frank and Gwen. Gwen’s daughter (Becca) and Son (Sheppard) came up with their families ,and her younger (Arnett) came and stayed the entire time. We drank wine, played games and had fun with the kids. Very Christmassy. Gwen bought chairs for all of us so we could sit on the deck and look at the lights. I saw Lou Ann and she surprised me by having Al Smallwood there—an old friend from High school. He was just like I remembered him! I also got to meet her fiancé, Ian. Second leg: Texas to visit my family. Also low key. We hung out with Mom, Dad, Heather and family. The first night, we stayed in the scariest hotel ever. Yikes! We spent our days with Heather, John and the kids, Chris cooked a number of meals and we caught up.

49: Opposite Page -Becca and Family -Lucy being silly -THe tree -Stella and Lucy --Chris! Chris and Arnett putting together a doll house Current Page -Frank and his cold water coffee maker -Lizbeth, still ion her PJ's -The Christmas Morning Chaos -Lucy and Ferris opening presents -Rumy Louise, a serious child -The chairs -Gwen and Frank, all smiles

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