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FC: Cinderella and Co. | By: Ashleigh Janda Period 8

1: Table of Contents: | ~Page 1: Synopsis of the story ~Page 2: Archetype analysis (Hero) ~Page 3: Archetype analysis (Mentor) ~Page 4: Archetype analysis (Threshold Guardian/s) ~Page 5: Archetype analysis (Shape shifter/s) ~Page 6: Archetype analysis (Shadow) ~Page 7: Overview of the Heroic Cycle ~Pages 8-14: Stages of the Heroic Cycle ~Page 15: Cinderella Allusion ~Page 16: "The End"

2: Story Synopsis: | The fairy-tale story of Cinderella has been around for quite some time. It starts out when Cinderella's (the main character) mother dies; her dad gets remarried and then leaves her with her new evil stepmother and two ugly stepsisters. Her stepmother and stepsisters use her as their maid and make her do all their cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. One day a letter comes that announces that there is to be a ball at the castle to celebrate the homecoming of the Prince and at this ball, where he was to pick a bride. The stepsisters and her stepmother knew that she wanted to go to the ball and they didn't want her to go so they gave her lots of chores and laundry and cleaning to do and told her that if she could get it all done in time and find something to wear, then she can go to the ball. So with the help of her little mice friends, she gets all her work done and they make a dress for her and just as she is about to go to the ball, her stepsisters rip her dress apart.

3: Hero: | The hero of this story is Cinderella herself. A hero is someone who constantly faces enemies, and despite those enemies and obstacles. A hero is a person of action because they never give up and have lots of determination. Cinderella is just that because even though her evil stepmother and two evil stepsisters give her all these chores and obstacles, she still finds the strength and determination to pull through and get it all done and go to the ball.

4: Mentor: | The Mentor here is the fairy godmother. Traditionally a mentor is someone who, throughout the whole story, aids and trains the hero, gives them gifts and is full of knowledge. The fairy godmother isn't exactly that because she isn't there through her whole life. But when she does come along, she gives Cinderella her dress, the glass slippers, and the coach that takes her to the ball. She gives Cinderella all the tools and knowledge that she needs.

5: Threshold Guardian: | The Threshold Guardian/s are the evil step sisters. Usually this character (these characters) stand in the way of the hero on their road to adventure. Here, when Cinderella is given the opportunity to go to the ball (IF she gets all her chores done first), the evil stepsisters give her more chores. They are trying to stand in the way of her going to the ball. They test her determination and strength as a hero.

6: Shapeshifter | The Shapeshifters here are the mice. Later in the story, after the fairy godmother blesses Cinderella and sends her to the ball, they physically change into the driver, doorman, and horses for the carriage that brings her to the ball. They also provide some help and positive guidance for her (what shapeshifters are supposed to do, traditionally).

7: Shadow | The shadow is represented by Cinderella's evil stepmother. She represents the dark/evil side of things, she is VERY rarely nice to her, and she is the antagonist. She is the one that tells Cinderella that she can go to the ball if and only IF she gets all her chores done and then proceeded to give her many more chores that she could not possibly get done in time.

8: Overview of the Heroic Cycle: | The Heroic Cycle is the cycle that a story follows if it has a hero in it (usually). It starts out with the call to adventure, where the hero has a problem, is sent on a quest, etc. Then it moves to meeting the mentor (usually, but in this story, this comes a little later). Next, there is the threshold crossing where the hero realizes that they need to accept the challenge presented to them in the call to adventure. After that, they meet/become aware of the allies and enemies (also encounter some minor tests). Then comes the supreme test, which is the hero's final test of determination or will. Next, there is the reward for the completion of the supreme test. Finally, there is the return where all the allies of the hero and her friends celebrate with them.

9: Call to Adventure: | The call to adventure in Cinderella is when they get the letter to the ball and her evil stepmother tells her that she can go if and only if she gets all the chores done that she has given her. This is the call to the adventure because this is the event that will lead to a test of Cinderella's determination (to go to the ball).

10: Meeting the Mentor: | In this story Cinderella doesn't meet the mentor until much later so it doesn't perfectly follow the heroic cycle, but she still meets her mentor, it just happens a little later in the story. This takes place after her stepsisters rip her dress apart and she can't go to the ball after all the hard work she did to try and go. Then, her fairy godmother appears to he and gives her physical gifts including her gorgeous dress, the stage coach that takes her to the ball and the infamous glass slippers.She also gives her knowledge and encouragement, all of which are things that mentors do for their heroes.

11: Crossing the Threshold: | The crossing of the threshold takes place in Cinderella when all of her work is assigned to her and she sees her ugly stepsisters getting ready for the ball. That is when Cinderella realizes that she needs to get all her chores done in time so that SHE can go to the ball to and at least have a chance to meet and dance with Prince Charming!

12: Tests, Allies and Enemies: | Cinderella faces many tests because of her enemies but wouldn't have been able to complete them without her allies either. Most of her tests are chores, cleaning and laundry for her stepsisters and stepmother. Her enemies are clear: her stepmother and two evil stepsisters. Her allies are just as clear too: all of the animals except for Lucifer (her stepmothers cat).

13: Supreme Test: | CInderella's supreme test was to not only complete all her assigned chores, but to find something worthy of wearing to a ball where she might have the chance to meet and dance with Prince Charming! Thankfully,all of the mice pitched in and helped her! Even though her step sisters ripped her dress to shreds (this is, chronologically , where the step of meeting the mentor in the heroic cycle comes into play). So, the fairy godmother comes alone and she still gets to go to the ball!

14: Reward: | Cinderella's reward for all her hard work to get to the ball was dancing with Prince Charming all night long! Even though she lost her glass slipper on the steps on her way out, they found out in the end that it was indeed hers which meant that she was to be Prince Charming's bride!

15: Return: | Not only did she get to dance all night long with Prince Charming and make her evil stepsisters jealous, but she got to marry Prince Charming! The return in the story "Cinderella", was when Cinderella and Prince Charming got married.

16: Allusion to "Pretty Woman": | There are some allusions between the classic story of "Cinderella" and the 1990 movie "Pretty Woman". In "Cinderella", she starts out pretty poor and she has to work very hard and her life just isn't very good. In "Pretty Woman", Vivian Ward is working as a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard and she too is poor, works pretty hard to pay bills and tings and has a hard life. Another would be how they both end up. Vivian spends quite some time with Edward, who is very wealthy and treats her like a princess. Cinderella ends up marrying Prince Charming and he too treats her like a princess and is very wealthy. Both girls are almost "rescued" from their poor and harsh lives and swept off their feet by a wealthy man who treats them like princesses.

17: And they all lived happily ever after .......

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