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cL and FU's basel adventures

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cL and FU's basel adventures - Page Text Content

S: Basel Adventures 2009

FC: cL and FU Basel September 2009

1: flavio- visiting you in Basel was such a fun and special trip for me. thanks (danke!) for everything you've done to accommodate me.. from letting me stay at your place (and i even got my own room since you snooorrrre), to taking me out (theme parks to night clubs), to meals (home made and fine dining!), showing me 98% of Basel (minus the spot without keys), and introducing me to all your friends (which is half the population of Basel... I had an amazing time. I felt at home while I was in Basel and I know that I would have a home if i ever decide to come back to Basel... especially since your friends probably like me better than they like you. danke for a wonderful trip. I'm so glad we took so many pictures because we made so many great memories - ones that I will relive every time I look at and share these photos with my friends and family. vollgeil! with love, christine

2: Saturday 9/26 ..le highlights.. - the math: 12 hours of flying, 3 sleeping pills, 2 glasses of red wine, and only 4 hours of sleep. fuckmylife - one of the most beautiful sunsets ive ever seen on the Rhine, and a walk into the city of Basel - a power nap before putting on my dance shoes for a 'minimal' party at presswerk. i met friends with hickeys, and drank beers and goose on the rocks with an unshaven winne - 'minimal' dj spinning NOT house.. and dancing with all the guys...too many guys. and actually.. just guys because there were no girls at all! - lying in bed all night on my email and facebook while making voice recordings of flavio snoring at 5am. fuckmylife

3: Presswerk

4: A perfect way to start my trip... on the Rhine with a beautiful sunset...

6: Presswerk

7: Winne... X! | Drinking with Winne

8: Sunday 9/27 ..le highlights.. - a beautiful morning walk to the futbol stadium before jumping in fisher's car to go to europa park in Germany.. even though I didn't have my passport. - germany has no speed limits- or rather- fisher doesn't have any speed limits. aiiite!! - haunted houses, laser shows, pirates, acrobats and break dancers, pizza and popcorn, and roller coasters with Kim, fisher, Lisa and jay.. put your hands in the ayer- ay-ayer!! - dinner at Latini and prosecco at Campari Bar near the stressful fountain - coming home and having late night guitar, piano, and singing sessions with David

9: Europa Park

10: A beautiful morning walk... | Fisher!

11: Europa Park!

13: A million and one pumpkins...

14: Pirates! | Running through the fountain..

15: Rollercoasters - hands up!

16: Campari Bar | Crazy fountain...

17: Late night music with David

18: Monday 9/28 ..le highlights.. - picking up flavios mother from leech town and having Italian sandwiches (piadini) and prosecco!! - seeing where it all began at fu's house. sitting on the balcony and having coffee with his mom - riding bikes (that are too tall) to 'free street'.. trying on 1,000,000 pairs of shoes and not finding a single pair (fuckmylife). - deciding that 4pm is a good time to drink prosecco.. so we drank our way through town at art bar and the a mac-book-too-cool-cafe .. but NOT at don't worry be happy bar - cl gets chestnuts. marroni. life is.. GOOD!! - riding bikes in my high heels into 'small' basel for the best fish in town at winne's and bringing a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of red wine

19: - having what IS the best fish in town and deciding that everyone in basel smokes cigarettes.. so I will, too - being totally facinated at the idea of being able to drink OUTSIDE legally. so we went to a store to get a bottle of red wine and drank it on the Rhine.. but no one got pushed in. darn. - walking through a not-so-ghetto ghetto to bar rouge and having cocktails with fireworks, a million dollar view while on the toilet, and watching FU 'X' his drink. totally wasted! - at the end of the night the right choice was to: 'just say 'no' to friends bar'.. even though they have a great jukebox. did I mention it's called "FRIENDS" bar, named after the tv show?!? - having a semi-unsafe drunken bike ride from small Basel to big Basel - coming home and realizing that David and I lost flavio... or rather... he passed out so quickly we didn't notice. but he didn't pass out with his shoes on - vollgeil!!

20: Leech town | Flowers for your mom | Coffee with your mom

21: Piadinas and Figs | There are no SUVs in Basel

22: Visiting Saal12

23: Church with a beautiful view

24: Marroni! | Prosecco around town

25: Bike ride to 'small' Basel

26: Photos while biking...

27: Bridge between 'small' and 'big' Basel

29: Winne and the best fish in town

30: We hate other cultures

31: We bought a bottle of red wine and drank it on the Rhine

32: A walk through the 'ghetto'

33: At the fountain outside Bar Rouge

34: Drinks at bar rouge...

35: A million dollar view from the toilet

36: elevator fuuun | drinks up!

37: fu xoxo winne

38: cocktails with fireworks on them | Someone got totally besoffen

39: White wine spritzers and champagne

40: Tuesday 9/29 ..le highlights.. - woke up to move the car to a white space. it was early. i was tired. there were no white spots and it took me 30 minutes. fuckmylife.com. - we walked along the rhine and over the bridge to the tinguey museum. omg. it was interesting and crazy at the same time. I didn't want to push any of the buttons to make the art come to 'life' - we walked to small Basel and picked up a cheesey lunch to eat on the Rhine while sitting in the sun - a short nap and an even shorter workout after FU throws up at JFCB - a happy birthday party on a ferry that didnt go anywhere on the Rhine - cl falls in love with cheese fondue.. and eats wine and kathryn's cake for dinner .

41: - after party in the hotel lobby of ABX where I met half of Basel, or rather, all of flavio's friends (and father!) - got so excited about ordering the special drink of the night- toast! except.. it really was... toast. - wine spritzers and shots of vodka with winne - running to the tram in my high heels with the fanatics.. my brothers from another mother, biatch! - toby says sheesha bar .. but there was no toby. and there was no sheesha. but there was champagne!! - Turkish falafel wrap and I-love-mcdonalds-wifi-for-my-iPhone - the night goes from good to great with jukebox jams, darts, vodka redbull at excali-bar... aka.. BRONX BAR ... aka the best dive bar in Basel - playing the longest game of darts in which Jerome never got better, but it never stopped being funny - tagging outside Bronx bar and thinking.. my god, marcel is really weird! and wow.. hund is seiously besoffen!! - ending the night at flavios spot on the Rhine with the Roche moon shining in the night somewhen after 4am

42: crazy chairs at the museum

43: Climbing on the art | Pressing the button makes the art come to life

44: Cheese for lunch on the Rhine

45: a city map... with the city in the background | Working out!

47: Fondue on the ferry

48: kathryn's chocolate cake! | a special birthday party

49: nike IDs

50: ABX | The special of the night was: Toast

51: i met half of basel at ABX

52: ABX | I got to meet your father! | Winne's sister is way cuter than Winne

53: I met half of Basel at ABX... | Shots up

54: Tram adventures | the fanatics: brothers from another mother

55: Dancing on the tram

56: Sheehsa bar with no sheesha.. but there was bubbly! | turkish food for dinner!

57: The night goes from good to great... when we decide to go to BRONX BAR

58: Dart adventures at Bronx Bar

59: The longest game of darts in the world... Jerome took home the trophy

60: Wasted... we decide to take photos and tag the walls...

62: Wednesday 9/30 ..le highlights.. - waking up early and going to Alsace, or rather, trying to go to Alsace and driving in the wrong direction (going through a toll.. twice), and eventually finding our way while bumping to David guetta.. sexy bitch! - finally finding Alsace, and finally finding a place to drink wine right at noon.. when everything closes from 12-1. fuckmylife.com - jumping on a tram with a fat driver in stunner shades and taking a tour through the town - finding our way into buttery pastry shops with checkered cookies - walnuts and plates of serious ham at a restaurant that is either a tourist trap or a great restaurant and eating a bacon tart and quiche amongst the old people. more cheese, please!!

63: --playing table soccer at cafe del mar, flavio wins!- popping into EVERY wine shop and buying wine at EVERY wine shop.and making flavio hold all the bottles. life is good!! - going to keysersberg for more wine tasting and exploring .. though we would never have found it without following another wanker tourist! - Christine passing out with her shoes on during the drive back - going to the stadium to see off all the soccer fans before they got on the late coaches and drank their way to London.. not 13, but 15 liters of beer biatch! keeping up the level.. pegel halten!! - catching a beautiful and quick sunset before walking down the 'cat walk' to Atlantis restaurant - a wonderful dinner at Atlantis: drinking bubbly, eating fish and steak, seeing Tory, drinking more bubbly, and totally enjoying ourselves - walking to the hooka bar and meeting Toby and Daniele to watch the soccer game and smoke cherry sheesha.. and laughing at flavio coughing - cl takes forrrever getting ready for the club and we have to run to catch the tram. sorrry! - red bull vodkas with Katiana and yonnick outside of Onyx/acqua/coppel - dancing to the worst DJ in the world at coppel, but having the best time of my life - jaegermeister shots for FU since he LOST the bet.. goodBYE! - post-club Turkish food .. mas falafel! - back to cafe del mar where we played a game of darts (katiana won) and cl had a lucky 150+ point round. somehow the DJ at cafe del mar was 100x better than the DJ at the club. wild 94.9! - a long walk home in my socks and passing out at 5am!

64: Adventures in Alsace, France... | Driving the wrong way to Alsace!

65: Alsace was BEAUTIFUL! with cobblestone streets

66: Adventures in Alsace, France... | A tram ride through the vineyards

67: fat tram driver.. in stunner shades

68: Adventures in Alsace, France...

69: Wine tasting | Wine buying

70: Walnuts! | Bacon tarts and quiche

71: a buttery bakery with checkered cookies

72: Seeing off all the soccer fans at the soccer stadium. 4 late coaches, 15 liters of beer for Winne.. pegel halten!

73: Catching a sunset before dinner

74: Walking down the 'catwalk' street | Atlantis restaurant

75: An amazing meal!

76: Christine and Tanja

77: Sheesha after dinner with Toby and Daniele. Followed by... table soccer at cafe del mar. FU won... as usual.

78: Thursday 10/1 ..le highlights.. - train station, marco's graffiti, and a tasty yogurt breakfast who's name is a word that I could never pronounce - lucerne adventures with marroni (x2), Asians(!!), walking around town, non-fish-and-chip lunch (sandwiches) and prosecco, and a game of darts with my game face on: a drinking bet on the table (3 shots for me else 1 shot for FU). I WON! FU is TBD.. to be.. destroyed! - more sleeping for cL while fu prepares a home made dinner of pasta and chicken. - we somehow manage to drink three bottles of cremant .. whoooa! - watching the soccer game at saal12 and bringing a salted macarroni dinner for David, drinking more cremant, and being careful not sit too close to daniele while he's watching the game - cl takes forrrever getting ready for the club and we have to run to catch the tram. sorrry! - red bull vodkas with Katiana and yonnick outside of Onyx/acqua/coppel - dancing to the worst DJ in the world at coppel, but having the best time of my life - jaegermeister shots for FU since he LOST the bet.. goodBYE! - post-club Turkish food .. mas falafel! - back to cafe del mar where we played a game of darts (katiana won) and cl had a lucky 150+ point round. somehow the DJ at cafe del mar was 100x better than the DJ at the club. wild 94.9! - a long walk home in my socks and passing out at 5am!

79: Lucerne

80: Railway station... | breakfast at the railway station

81: Marco's grafitti | nice kicks!

82: love is like graffiti on a train..

83: because love ain't easy to explain

84: Adventures in Lucerne | kaki!

85: mas marroni!

86: Darts! cL wins, FU drinks. | cL: 0 FU: 114

87: a very serious bet and a very serious game of darts. I WON.

88: A really special home-made pasta dinner from FU. Three bottles of cremant, xavier naidoo, and later.. a soccer game at Saal12

90: Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 ..le highlights.. - a search to find breakfast and finding (not-prune) jam, bread, and piadinas. then eating our meal at the old city wall - finding marroni and listening to Swiss music in barefeet square then buying vending machine pot drinks and having photo-booth fun - shopping and chocolate shops around town and then heading home - finding a rock climbing gym that was OPEN and playing for a couple hours and getting lessons from a passionate climber - rushing home to start preparing an American dinner of hamburgers and pasta - a four hour dinner with too much wine - FU passes out and cl stays up to have an all nighter so she can sleep on her flight instead. - watching the sunrise from fu's spot and reflecting on a great week. - broiled rocclet cheese for breakfast .. more cheese please - seeing more grafitti - including marco's- at the train tracks - one last stop at the stadium to have seen everything there is to see in basel - the airport with marroni goodbyes ... till next time. hasta! e

91: Piadina bar!

92: jam! | Graffiti store | Lunch at the 'old wall'

93: Swiss sound | cL hearts her iPhone

95: Rock climbing!

96: A home-made American dinner from cL for FU and friends!

97: Facebook highlights... 9/25: Europe in 5 hours. I just realized the first leg of my flight is ten hours.. ten minutes... direct to London. Oof. 9/26: watched an amazing sunset on the Rhine. 12 hrs of flying, 3 sleeping pills, 2 glasses of wine.. and only 4 hours of sleep. hitting the clubs anyway. yeeea! 9/26 Partying in Switzerland.. pro: the clubs don't close and you can drink in the street. con: you can smoke in the club and a bartenders definition of goose on the rocks is a shot with a full cup of ice..?! 9/27 there are no speed limits in Germany. which makes it a very fun to be sitting passenger in an Audi trying to calculate km to miles per hour. 9/28: 4pm is the perfect time for prosecco 9/28:a bottle of wine on the rhine, fireworks on the cocktail, a view of the entire city while sitting on the toilet, cabbies that make you fasten your seatbelt, and a bike ride that made me wonder if I would die in Switzerland. life is good 9/29: when you eat fondue in switzerland you must drink wine to help you digest the absurd amout of cheese you've somehow managed to eat. except if you're starving after doing plyometrics in the gym, and you hate fondue.. well.. then wine for din...ner makes a great start to an evening where there is no such thing as 'last call' 10/1: a napa-like day wine tasting in Alsace, France. cremant is my new favorite bubbly. trying to decide how many bottles will fit in my luggage before I hit the 50 lb weight limit. 10/2: I've eaten more cheese in the last week than I have in the last year... and arguably my entire life. switzerland to London to sfo.. will be back in the bay (trick) tomorrow evening. hollllaaaa! 10/3: decided to pull an all nighter before leaving switzerland and sleep on my 10+ hour flight today. except I couldn't sleep. oh well! I'm in the bay trick! who's out tonight?

98: Flavio, We had so many fun adventures this past week. I look at these photos and I see you smiling. I see you smiling and I hear you laughing in a way I've never seen before. It was amazing for me to see you the happiest I've ever seen you. Thank you for an amazing week. Our adventures and your smile are forever in my heart. Intertwined! christine

99: Love is like graffiti on a train, because love ain't easy to explain...

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