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Classic Mixbook

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S: The Forbidden Friendship Crysta Dilley

FC: Written and illustrated by Crysta Dilley Pickle publishing 2010 | The Forbidden Friendship

2: It was the first day of school when I met Amy. It was wintertime and very cold. I was walking into school and saw her sitting on the old rusty bench by the doors. From where I was standing it looked like she was crying. I slowly crept over to her. At first she didn't even notice I was there until I made a coughing sound to clear my throat. She looked up at me. Her face was red and I wasn't sure if it was because of how cold it was or from crying. Her eyelashes were damp and they looked as if they were folded into little triangles. “Would you like to sit here?” She said with a weak shaky voice. When I realized what she had asked me I sat down without answering her. There was a long pause so I had to break the silence. “My name is Sarah.” She looked me up and down as if trying to figure out if I looked like a Sarah.” I’m Amy” she sounded really sad so I thought that if I walked away without asking her what was wrong then I would be rude.

5: “So what's wrong?” “My mom and I could get kicked out of our house and I will have to move again.” I was starting to think she didn't have very much money. Her clothes were torn and too big for her. “Does your mom have a job?” as soon as I said that I regretted it. Of course she didn't. Why else would she be getting kicked out of her house? “Um... no.” Since I already knew that would be her answer I tried to quickly change the subject. “What class do you have now?” I hoped she had the same one as me. “I have Math.” She did. “Oh, me too. Do you want to walk there together?” I really wanted to make her feel better. “Yeah, I think that would be cool.” We got up from the bench slowly. As soon as she stood up she took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. I noticed she probably had to deal with crying a lot.

6: The next day she was sitting at the same old bench waiting for me. I walked up to her faster than yesterday. She didn't look as upset as yesterday but I knew she was still worried. I told her that if it was okay with her mom that maybe she could stay at my house just to get away from her situation. “My mom probably wouldn't have a problem with that.” She looked down to her torn up sneakers. I could tell that her mom probably wasn't around her that much. She probably has to look for a job. “I haven't talked to my parents yet but I will tonight.” I was sure they would say yes. My parents aren't exactly rich but they were very wealthy. They run many charities for homeless animals but not for homeless people. That was one of the few things that was confusing about them because we didn't have any pets at all. | That night when I got home my mom was in the kitchen trying the new oven out to cook a tuna casserole. I would be surprised if it actually tasted good. My dad was in the office working on something to do with a bunch of numbers and paper work. He’s a lawyer and he is good at what he does but he hardly ever gets to spend time with me and my mom. I went in my room and plopped down on my bed. The silky pink sheets on it reminded me of when I got them. I ran up fingers over the soft silky shine. I threw a fit because at first my parents said I had to earn them. I ended up getting them anyway because I was causing a scene. Now as I lay on the softness of them I felt bad. Amy probably didn’t have half the money that they had cost. That reminded me to ask my parents about what we talked about earlier in school today. I decided that I would ask them at dinner time.

7: The next day at school Amy was sitting on the same exact bench as always waiting for me. “Hey, how are you doing today?” she looked happy. Her face was full of color today. “Well, I’m fine I guess.” I was afraid that her mom wouldn't be able to talk to my mom. I mean she was always busy. I told her what my mom said. “Oh” she reminded me of a turtle that slipped back in its shell. Her face went colorless again. “I don't think your mom would like me if she knew who my mother was.” I was confused. ”I’m pretty sure my mom likes everyone.” She didn't look very convinced though. I gave her my address because she didn't have a phone. She said she would tell her mom to stop by there today. | At dinner I was sitting in front of my plate studying the casserole. My mom didn't try it yet. She was looking at me and my dad waiting for us to try a big mouth full. My dad looked at me nervously. I know he felt the same way about my mother's cooking as I did. He looked down at his plate then slowly lifted his fork and got enough for a tiny bite. He stuck it in his mouth and started breathing helplessly and gagging. My mom looked disappointed “hey, I tried really hard.” Yes, I know.” My dad said between breaths. I smiled and pushed my plate way from my chest. “Mom, I want to talk to you about my new friend Amy.” She looked surprised, Usually all my friends were friends of the whole family. “Amy? Do I know her?” She looked confused as she pushed the plate of the horrible tasting stuff she called food away. “ Well, no. But she is really nice.” I tried to push the subject of knowing her aside. “ Can she spend a night or two here with me?” I blurted that out as fast as I could hoping that would make the answer yes. “I will have to talk to her mother.” I slouched down then got up and went to my room.

9: The door bell rang and then there was a loud knock. “I’m coming!” my mom was getting annoyed. She opened the door. There was a skinny, pale lady standing at the front door. “Um hi I’m June. My daughter, Amy , knows your daughter. They are friends.” My mom looked shocked. Amy’s mom was wearing a pink shirt and shorts that looked like they were worn a few days in a row. My mom invited her in. They started talking about their daughter's achievements. My mom was bragging way too much. My mom said it was getting late so Amy’s mom decided to leave. | “Sarah!” I ran downstairs to see what happened. My mom looked very angry. “Did you like her?” My mom looked really annoyed and angry at the same time. She hesitated before she answered my question. “She was ok Does Amy dress appropriately at school?” I was shocked with her question. “Mom she doesn't have very much money!” My mom didn't look surprised. “I don't want you to see Amy again. I will inform the principal at your school about it too.” I felt hotness run through my veins and up to my head. “Why don't you like her?” “Sarah, she is not an appropriate friend.” I felt the urge to start a big argument. “Mom she is my best friend. She is the nicest girl you would ever meet." I ran to my room. I was too upset to even talk.

11: The next day at school Amy looked eager to talk to me. I thought about what my mom said but I didn’t care. “Hi Sarah!” she looked excited. “What did your mom say?” I forgot what my excuse was going to be. “My family is going to be really busy for the next few weeks. “ She looked really disappointed. “ Sorry” I tried to sound sad about letting her down. I really was sad but I couldn’t separate that from the anger I felt with my mom. I planned to talk calmer with my mom that night. | My mom was watching television in the living room. “Mom, can I talk to you?” Her eyes glanced up from the screen. “Sure.” She turned off the television. “Amy is my friend and even though you don’t like her mom doesn’t mean I don’t like her. She is my best friend and if you want me to be happy you would let me be friends with her. Please let me be friends with her.” I would’ve made my speech longer but I started feeling queasy. I really wanted my mom to agree with me. I closed my eyes to wait for her answer. I didn’t even want to see her face expression but I secretly hoped it looked compassionate. She opened up her mouth like she was about to say something but she hesitated. I could tell she was thinking hard about it. “I understand. I really don’t like her mom but if you like Amy then I guess I can’t stop you from being friends with her. I am ok with it.” I felt like a huge load lifted off my shoulders. “Thank you mom!” I ran to my room and felt the silkiness of my sheets. Somehow it calmed me even though the memory of getting them was awful.

12: Amy was sitting at the bench and she looked sad again. She came up to me this time. “My mom and I are moving to another state tomorrow.” She started crying. I felt bad but then a good feeling came over me and I felt good. I felt sort of awkward in all the sadness. “At least we have our friendship to help us through the hard times.” She hugged me and we stood like that for at least two minutes. “You’re my best friend.” She whispered. The End!

14: I am Crysta Dilley. I live in Sagertown, PA. I go to Cambridge Springs High School. I love writing Stories in my spare time. I also like drawing animals and people. I love fashion. | About The Author

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