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Classic Mixbook

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BC: The End | To my amazing husband. I love you!


1: 8/3/10 Left home at 1:40 a.m. 10 minutes late to say goodbye to Bubby. So far so good. at the airport and at the gate Kieth missed the exit and we had to turn around but small matters. Andrew is a lot of fun this morning. Just bummed to leave Chelle and the girls behind.

2: 8-/4/10 Marshall is the missionary here. He's so laid back. I see now why he doesn't make real solid plans. Things here change so rapidly. There's no reason to. All he wants to do is share the Gospel however he can. ~Caleb Jonathan is their MK. He's 21 and is very eager to communicate. He's friendly and full of life. ~Janice is Marshall's wife. She has gone out of her way to cook and take good care of us. ~Hector is a volunteer here. He speaks a little English and has been saved and working here faithfully for 2 years. He's in college now. ~Marlon is the music guy. Newlywed and can play/teach instruments. I've not played with him yet but hope to soon. It's more basic here than I thought. Most houses are 1 room and have shabby electric connections to them. The roads are dirt and stone just beat down from traffic. There is sewer water crossing some roads but I have a strange attraction to it. Very simple. If this lifestyle is common, I see why they do it at home with 10 in one house. It was cold last night, but I slept well. The agenda today is to build some closets here at the mission. It's called Iglesia Bautista de los Izotes (izotes is a Joshua tree the lot was covered with them). Gonna run. Breakfast smells great....breakfast was great. Biscuits & Gravy & eggs.

3: Praise the Lord! Feeling a little sheltered from the rest of the culture however. I've not left the gate since we got here other than to examine the gate. The locals seem nice. Hoping to go to a school tomorrow to see it. | Began work on a closet in the mission nursery. The last team that was here framed up the walls. We put in the shelves. First we ripped down saw mill lumber into 2x2's for tomorrow's project. It was going to be a while before we got plywood. The we had to make one free-standing bracket for one shelf. We placed in the supports on either side and then we had to cut shelves. The plywood shelves were 3/4 plywood. It's fairly expensive so I didn't want to waste anything. Got it right on the first cut.

4: 8/5/10 Well I didn't get to go to the schools. We needed to get all the materials into the sanctuary before the children got here for VBS at 9:30. 14 sheets and 3/4 plywood and countless 2x2's. We began the closet building but we weren't sure how to go about it. We finally got started but all our lumber was twisted and bound so it took awhile to get the bracing started. Once we got going it wasn't too bad. We had some tension among the team. John kept stripping bits and breaking bits. He would over tighten the screws and strip out the holes. Also Bro. Jack would come in and critique but not pitch in. Bro. Dan was practically in the way all day, but...Jesus sent us to not only preach the gospel but to always exhort the brethren so I feel like I should have been more patient with them all.

5: Then we had prayer meeting. It was nice to see people honestly praying to God. Our "religion" is very similar to theirs in many if not in all way's. We jumped in the truck to take Freddie and his family home. It's pretty close to the church but by road it's a decent drive. The roads are so rutted that we had to use 4 low to maneuver some places. Riding in the back of a pick-up is legal here, as many as will fit around the edges with no one in the middle. We passed a road check point last night taking the translators home (Bianca & Teresa) and with 9 people in back of a 4 foot bed, they didn't care, and it was on a highway. Marshall has expressed the need for more workers here. He has 3 or 4 faithful men that help but the harvest is white but the workers are few.

6: 8/6/10 Today we are finishing the cabinets. We got totally completed. Cleaned up and tools put away when Jack tells us that in Honduras they put a trim strip between the doors and that we can't buy it. So he suggests sawing 2x4's down to 2x1/2's and hand planing them to make trim. I'm seeing red!! Why couldn't he have told us about that 30 minutes ago when he was looking. Tempers calm and Marshall says we can buy trim. the translation was bad that Jack got. So he went and got trim and paint while we lowered some support brackets to give better access to the top of the cabinet. The paint and sealer was like nothing I had ever seen. The sealer was like snot. thick as paste and hard to apply. When we got done Marshall said he mixes 1:1 paint thinner to sealer to make it work. All we could get was oil base paint so that's what we used.

7: Then we went into town to the cancer center. We met kids with cancer and elderly. The center is like a Ronald Mcdonald house. People who live far away come an stay while they take treatments. They come Monday and go home Friday. We met this woman who does needle point and Yolanda ordered one from her. She has some kind of hand disease :(. The we came home to a feast! Steak and rice and beans and peco and fried plantains, but the women went all out with table cloths and candles. After dinner we went up stairs and played music praising god for a couple of hours. What an awesome time in the Lord! Water ran low today but the valve is supposed to be open in the morning.

8: 8/7/10 Today we got to go shopping. We first went to the market downtown. it's like a flea market/farmers market. There are tarps help up by sticks covering the entire area. Fresh fruits and vegetables everywhere and fresh meat and seafood. I saw a meat store with the meat hanging up in the window. I got the souvenirs here. Marshall bartered the price down for us. It was amazing. Our bus driver was friendly. We talked about our kids and he showed me a picture of his 3 month old baby. Gabriel was his 7 year old. He was with us and I would talk to him. I would say "we're watching out for everyone" and he would laugh. I did walk last in line so I could watch the group. Marshall asked us to walk men between women for their safety, so I got behind Elaine and Yolanda. This made me very nervous at first but as it went on I became easy.

9: It seems less dangerous than most U.S. big cities. The we went to the park. It over looked the entire city. So beautiful. I was stunned at the size of it. There is a huge statue of Jesus at the top looking out over the city with his hands out to it. the nail scars were apparent and it and it stood at least 100ft. high. Then back for lunch and off to the valley of Angels. It was like a mini Gatlinburg with all the shops but behind the scenes they do all the woodwork that you can buy right there. Then off to the mission for Youth service.

10: A | A young man came in with his guitar and amp and girlfriend. We set up the PA for him and when he played, I knew the songs. He played I can only imagine, amazing love, yes Lord, and Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord. He did a wonderful service and message on the prayer of Jabez. that God will bless us in big ways as long as our attitude in asking is right. Marshall translated the service just for me. Then after service I asked him to play one song with me on the drums. We had a blast. Music is definitely the international language. After service we talked for an hour and I rode with Marshall up the hill to drop off Julia and Jonathan rode with. My wallet fell out of my pocket somewhere along the way. It was on the bumper of the truck!!!! God is so good. God is so good. | 8/8/10 It's Sunday. We have church service. Worship is about 1 hour long. so much life. the hymns are familiar to me and the children sang Father Abraham and The Lord's Army. There's no sermon, just break off into Sunday School.

11: 8/9/10 Today is my last day here and I got to visit the elementary school and High School at the high school Marshall challenged the students to be men not animals; to be abstinent. He taught on that for 30 minutes or so then he turned it over to me by telling them I spoke very little Spanish. I shared how I was raised and how Michelle showed me the truth in the Bible and how after accepting Christ my life changed. Then I shared FAITH with them. Marshall then help up 2 20Lps bills and asked which was worth more. They were equal. Then he said that the first to come get it could have it. A young woman came forward and he gave it to her. The point was that she heard the offer, she believed the offer when no one else did, and she received the offer and then she could enjoy the reward. Then in a way such as way of the master, he showed them their sin and need for forgiveness. He then prayed and led a sinners prayer, 5 prayed to receive Christ! What a blessing, speechless. We taught 2 sessions and the teachers asked us to stay for 1 more but time was out. This morning we visited the elementary school. The kids were excited to see us and I was hugged by countless little girls. I cannot express how it feels to be so eagerly accepted knowing we're there to share Christ.

12: We had a little boy throw something at us on the way up. I tried to explain to Andrew how he didn't mean anything and that he didn't even know why he didn't like us. On the way down I saw him again but this time I said hi to him and he smile. Maybe a barrier broken down.

20: HONDURAS 2010

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