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Classic Mixbook

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S: Michael's First Year - 2009 - 2010

BC: one wild | and precious life

FC: MICHAEL ZIGMUMD GOSSMANN | The First Year | 2009-2010

1: FOOTPRINTS | October 29, 2009 8:21 p.m. 9 lbs, 21.25 inches Northside Hospital Atlanta, Georgia

2: Preparing for Baby | 6.5 months | 6 months | 7 months

3: We found out we were expecting in late February, 2009. When we found out, Daddy high-fived Mommy. We were excited, surprised, and yes, a little nervous. The first person Mommy told was Auntie Jessie (who was also pregnant with Cousin Ben). The first person Daddy told was Nana Gossmann. He had to make sure that she was not driving at the time so she would not get into an accident. Picking out your name was easy. We knew we wanted to incorporate your great-grandfather's name, Zigmund 'Ziggy' Zaczek. We picked your name before we were even married. | View of the belly from above

4: The first time Mommy felt you kick was on her 34th birthday. Daddy and Mommy went to dinner at Buckhead Diner. Right after her first bite of James Beard Award-Winning banana cream pie, you gave the BIGGEST kick-punch-roll. It scared Mommy at first, but it was also very, very cool. | UL

5: We found out for sure that you were a boy on June 9, 2009. Daddy was SO excited - he teared up and was practically bouncing off of the walls. Mommy was excited too, but she knew you were a boy, so she was not surprised. Daddy said 'will he be a Vader or a Storm Trooper...' (June 9th is also the day Cousin Ben was born) | our first glance

6: October 29, 2009

7: "So tell me, what is it you intend to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

8: Visitors in the Hospital The first people to meet sweet little Michael... they waited and waited and waited at the hospital for your arrival.

10: Leaving the hospital . . . | First family photo

11: . . . and Welcome Home | "Home is not where you live, but where they understand you." - Christian Morganstern

12: Meeting Yoda & Josie Vader

13: Our Family

15: lunch with RJ & Leah | first cast

16: a few pictures | of the many people | who love michael

17: The | First | Days

18: First Bath

19: We started your bedtime routine when we returned from Wisconsin at Christmas (you were 2.5 months old). We play with you on your changing table (and do a little physical therapy), and then you take your bath, which you love, love, love. When you were teeny (2 months), you loved to watch us pour the water out of a cup. When you were 3 months old, you would put your hand out and feel the water run over your hands and feet. At 4 months, you would grab the cup and try to drink out of it! You splash around in the baby tub like a little otter and laugh and laugh.. You like to hear your voice echo in the bathtub. Then we dress you for bed and sing he ABC's a few times while Daddy puts on your Mitchell Brace.. Then Mommy and Daddy feed you your last bottle and read you a few stories. Daddy kisses you goodnight, and Mommy and Yoda bounce you to sleep (you were always a fan of bouncing instead of rocking). You fall asleep fast! (note: Josie leaves the room with Daddy - she snores too loud ) | Bedtime


21: First held head up - 3 hours old First babysitter - Nana Gossmann First overnight babysitter - Grandma & Bumpa First smile - 2.5 months old First laugh - 3 months old First time sleeping through the night - 3 months old First rolled over - 4.5 months (back to front) First rolled over - 5.5 months old (front to back) First sat up alone - 5 months old (5.5 months consistently) First held bottle alone - 5.5 months old First solid food - 4.5 months old (rice cereal due to reflux); first "real" food - avocados at 6 months old First tooth - April 24, 2010; second tooth May 3, 2010 (6 months) First crawled - Fathers' Day (7.5 months old) First feeds self - July 10, 2010 (banana-flavored puffs) First sat alone - June 25, 2010 (7.5 months old) First pulled self to standing - July 25, 2010 (9 months old) First stood alone - September 30, 2010 (11 months old) First step - August 2010 First started walking alone - October 30, 2010 (1 year!) First word - November 6, 2010 (1 year) - "Dada," and "ball"

22: One Month

23: Weight: 11.4 lbs Height: 22 inches You love looking at your room and at people's faces. You had your first cast put on for your clubfoot. You did a great job, even though you did not entirely enjoy the experience. You sleep 3-4 hours at a time, but only when held. You like to be bounced and "shushed" to sleep and white noise.

24: First time meeting Grandma and Bumpa Wysocki! They love you so much. You wore a special outfit for Bumpa that Grandma bought - it was camo pants with a onesie with a monkey on a motorcycle that said "Grandpa's or Bust!"

25: Nana's family also visited over Thanksgiving. You met Aunt Jane, Uncle Don, Erin and David, Aunt Arista, Uncle Johnny, Allison and Amy. We also did a little "pre-Christmas" where you got a giant elephant pillow pal. Yoda started barking at it! When you got older, you would run and jump onto that elephant and have so much fun.

28: Visit with Aunt Lynn, Jodi, Aunt Karen, Uncle Wayne and the rest of the crew Milwaukee, WI | Katzfey Christmas Plymouth, WI | Sleeping on Bumpa Plymouth, WI | Visit with Tim Mucci Milwaukee, WI

29: Christmas at Grandma & Bumpa Wysocki's with Aunt Becky, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Agustin, Nicco and B! and Yoda and Josie Vader

30: Plymouth, Wisconsin | Atlanta, Georgia

31: fun and funny faces

33: (note the crazy look michael is giving to Bumpa - probably because he's wearing that terrible t-shirt) | (first brace)

34: Two Months

35: You love to look out windows and at people's faces, especially Daddy's. You intently watch everyone's mouths move. You had the typical six-week fussy period a little early - at four weeks. It was wonderful that Bumpa and Grandma were here to help over Thanksgiving. Josie Vader's snoring would calm you down, as well as a song Mommy made up "Mr. Fusspot." You started wearing the Mitchell shoes and brace for your foot. The first three days were VERY rough for you. , but you powered through like a champ. You were also diagnosed with torticollis, so we started in physical therapy.

36: Michael & Nana

37: Check out that head control!

39: mommy & michael's hands | daddy & michael's hands | physical therapy

40: Three Months

41: You love the ABC song! No matter how fussy you might be, you will always stop and listen when Mommy sings VERY loudly. She even does a dance when you need help calming down. We think you are so surprised that you forget you are upset! You were put back into casts, and Mommy and Daddy decided it was time to see a doctor who followed the Ponsetti method exactly, Dr. Schrader.

42: Four Months

43: Weight: 16.1 lbs Height: 26 inches You love to go for walks in your Baby Bjorn carrier, with the wind blowing through your hair. You still love the ABC song the best. We have the Mitchell Shoes on again with the new doctor. It was tough again for the first two days , but you did a great job! You are such a smart boy - you even learned how to sleep with the bar sticking straight up in the air - you wedge the bar in-between the slats! You have learned to roll over onto your tummy. Sometimes you get a little scared, and Daddy comes in and flips you over like a flap-jack. You are so close to sitting up all by yourself!.

44: Ready for Solid Food | You started eating solids (rice cereal) and you LOVE it! It only took three spoonfuls to get the hang of it. No question - you were ready to eat like a Big Boy!

46: Georgia | Aquarium

48: Five Months | April 2, 2009 This morning I went to Daycare with you and hung out for about 30 minutes like we do every morning these days. Your friend Asher came into the classroom, and you watched him play with his mommy. You even stopped playing with your ball, you were so intent on watching him. Then he crawled over to us to paw at you, and you reached out your hand and touched his arm, then you touched his face, and giggled. It was the first time I saw you interact with another kid. I was so proud of the way you "patted him gently" and made your first friend!

49: Favorites Books: Sam's Speedy Firetruck, Mommy's Best Kisses, I Love Daddy, All of Baby - Nose to Toes, I Love You, Goodnight, The Belly Button Book, What's in the Ocean Songs: ABC's, If Your Happy and You Know It, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Toys: balls, blocks, books, bags of socks, drums, piano, tambourine Food: sweet potatoes, bananas, blueberries, applesauce, milk, Cheerios, waffles, pancakes Things to Do: swim, dance, go for walks, play on playground, play music, play ball, read books

50: BABY | . . . in a box!

51: April 24, 2009 This month you went on your first charity walk - The March of Dimes "March for Babies." It was pouring rain, but you stayed nice and dry (Mommy and Daddy were soaked!) It was your first time in a forward-facing stroller and you LOVED looking at everyone. Then we drove up to Tennessee to surprise Nana for her birthday. and you got your first tooth!

52: Easter

53: Happy

54: Six Months | Height: 27 inches Weight: 19.9 lbs

55: Your first "real" food was avocados, and you did not love them right away. You made an "icky" face and would not fully open your mouth. Next we tried sweet potatoes, which you loved. Mommy even makes your baby food herself. Your first tooth came in right before you turned 6 months (front bottom left) and the second came a week later (front bottom right). Teething hurt, but you were very brave and slept very hard. . (And honestly, you had it easy - some kids at school had it rough). | When you want something, you do not point yet or whine. You just STARE at it. Daddy said it perfectly - you aren't very subtle about it. You STARE at things, and then get very excited when we finally figure out what you want. Especially with the jumparoo. You LOVE that thing. Your hair goes flying everywhere , and you giggle, talk and scream. It's hysterical! (It's also very good flexing for your foot). What a great medical month - once a month for physical therapy and only 8 hours per day for the brace!

56: Texas A&M | Class of 2031

58: May 22, 2009 Houston, Texas

59: We took our first family plane trip for Cousin Amy's graduation from Texas A&M. Nana and Grandpa treated us to an upgrade to Business Class. Nana's whole family was there - her brother and all her sisters. We had so much fun! All of the aunties love to see you. You loved Aunt Jane's painted nails and necklace. You cuddled right up to Aunt Karen.. You watched Aunt Arista run around, and Aunt Lynn wouldn't let you go. You took baths in Aunt Arista and Uncle Johnny's kitchen sink. (oh Mommy, you are embarassing me!) You stayed in a hotel for the first time. The first night was rough , but that was because Mommy moved you from Aunt Arista's house to the hotel at 11:00 p.m. (silly Mommy - what did you expect?) But you finally fell asleep in the big bed with Mommy and Daddy. It was so sweet! to watch you sleep Then in the morning you woke up, and started rocking back and forth on your hands and knees (Aunt Jessie calls this "revving your engine."). You'll be crawling any day now! You also love to stand (with some help).

61: MZG and Nana | "I can't wait to have one of these, Kyle!" | "Thanks for the beer, Aunt Lynn!" | Cuddling with Katherine

62: Seven Months

63: Every stage you are currently in is our "favorite" stage. We loved when you were a teeny baby and were so cuddly; we loved when you started to smile at every little thing; we loved it when you started to sit up and were amazed by everything around you. You still do all of these things and are learning to crawl. You'll be mobile soon, and we are so excited to see what the next stage brings! (and we have babyproofed - we are ready!)

64: i love my cousins

65: Happy 1st Birthday Ben!

66: First Father's Day June 26, 2010 Gwinnett Braves Minor League Game

67: You woke us up by laughing in your crib. Daddy fed you your bottle, then we gave him his presents for his very first Father's Day! You gave him three pictures of you holding up letters which spelled "DAD." Then you gave him the present for our Big Plans - tickets to your first baseball game! It was HOT - 97 degrees - but thankfully it was not humid., and we were in a covered area in the breeze. You did a great job! That night you did something amazing. You put one hand in front of the other, and started crawling! After moving your hands, you would roll onto your back, giggling up a storm, but you did it! But you weren't done yet - then you tried to pull yourself up into a standing position!

69: Me & My Daddy

70: Eight Months

71: You love songs! You smile and laugh when we sing to you. You still like the ABC's, but you also like many other songs as well. We started swim lessons, and Mommy became your teacher! You love to play with Daddy in the water. You are crawling around so fast! You do this really fun fast turn. You love to feel different textures as well. You have been sleeping very well at night. You choose not to nap at daycare (too much fun to be had!), but at home, you nap like a champ. You are such an easy baby. You are eating table food now. Your first "big boy" meal at daycare was BBQ! We love that you are experiencing so many different foods. You love sweet potatoes and squash, as well as fruit.

72: first swim

74: Happy Fourth of July!!

75: Daycare Parade & Neighborhood Parade | first haircut

76: Nine Months

77: You are standing with ease, and did not experience the dreading "trouble sitting down" issue that some babies have. You just pulled yourself up one day and ever looked back. You are starting to creep as well. | You are developing such a fun, vibrant personality. You love to laugh, but you also know what you want. When you are hungry, or need a diaper change, you let us know. Your sleeping continues to amaze me. This month you started to reach for your bed. Our cuddle time has been cut short, but I am so happy you look forward to going to bed to "recharge your batteries.," because one must have full batteries to enjoy another fabulous tomorrow. Grandma and Bumpa Wysocki came to visit. You played, and played, and warmed their hearts when you reached up to them and smiled when they said "good morning." Good job, kid!

78: Ten Months

79: What a month it's been! You enjoy swim classes every Saturday. You are already putting your mouth and nose in the water, and are really starting to blow bubbles (as opposed to just drinking the water) . You are even starting to kick for real (instead of a bicycle kick). Daddy and I are soooo proud of you every week. You even practice your bubbles and splashing in the bath tub sometimes! You are not really interested in walking yet, but you are cruising up a storm. I know walking is just around the corner. You love songs and to bang on things like a drum. You are an excellent eater (everyone compliments you on your eating). You love pancakes, french toast, sweet potatoes, ravioli, pizza, and especially bananas. The only thing you don't like to eat right now is broccoli. Your molars are starting to come in, which is throwing off your schedule, but we are all helping you work through it. You are a total joy to be around, Little Man.

80: Labor Day Weekend 2010 | FIRST DRAGON*CON Atlanta, Georgia

82: Eleven Months

83: You are such a big boy now! When we come into your room to get you in the morning, you are jumping up and down, so eager to start the new day. We want to jump and down to see you as well! You have started standing on your own - without holding on to anything! You took your first step on October 2nd . You have also started playing with Josie Vader. She barks, and then you yell at her. You follow her around, yelling at her. It''s really funny! You also like to lay in her dog bed. Josie is learning how to share as well. You are still such a great eater. You will eat an entire grilled cheese sandwich (2 pieces of bread), as well as fruit, water from a cup, and some puffs in one sitting. You need all the energy you can get, Little Active Guy!

84: You had so much fun visiting your cousins! We played, and went to the park (it was a Saturday miracle that everyone was awake from their naps at the same time), and had some great food and great times.

85: Manassas, Virginia - October 8, 2010 Visit to Casa de Lopez

86: O N E

87: Y E A R

88: Happy First Birthday!

89: O N E

90: menu bbq chicken bbq pork dorito salad (made by Nana) oriental salad (made by Nana) teriyaki chicken meatballs with pineapple (sauce made by Daddy) dessert banana split bar monkey-faced cupcakes

91: Aunt Leah & Uncle RJ – a big riding fire truck and a great book Russ – Chewbacca doll (or was that for Daddy?) and a piano that you ROCK out to Nana & Grandpa Gossmann – cellphone (which was a huge hit with you and Ben), maracas from Puerto Rico (where they came from – they are living there right now), clothes and a great winter coat and a very generous donation to your savings account MaryAnn – handmade monkey, bib and donation to savings account Aunt Becky – piano, Halloween sippy cup with a straw Kelly Lawrence – toy cars and keys (the keys are great because they are like real keys – then maybe we won’t set off Mommy’s alarm!) Kim Lawrence – hoody towel (so cute!) Lynn, John, Kyle & Kathryn – cute outfits Cara – “Eye of the Tiger” onesie Carol & Gary – overalls (aw!) and clothes Grandma & Bumpa Wysocki – Red Radio Flyer Wagon (so fun!), homemade book about you (so awesome!), monkey plate and spoons Nicco – green train (which he kindly left at our house, even though he really wanted to take it home with him – he picked it out all by himself!) Ben – his favorite book “I can do it, can you?” (so fun!) Aunt Jessie & Uncle Agustin – “I’m with the band” t-shirt, generous donation to savings account | GUESTS

92: Halloween

93: Michael, in his first appearance as the Cutest Darth Vader ever. Ben, as the Best Munchkin ever, even better than the movie. He kept trying to give the candy to the people handing it out. Nicco wore a pumpkin costume that Aunt Jessie made out of orange duct tape. Sometimes he would yell 'too tight' and we would have to stop to reposition him. He was OK, but it sure was funny. (we never realized how many steps there are in our neighborhood until we went Trick Or Treating)

95: This is an email from one of our neighbors: "Don't believe I have ever been more in love with our neighborhood than I was last night. Watching all of your beautiful children enjoy trick or treating made for one of the happiest nights of our 14 years in Howell Station. Will never know how you managed to coordinate your timing to ALL have toddlers at the same time. When Jeff and I moved to HS there was only one family with children. Never thought much about it until the babies started showing up. Now I realize that a neighborhood without children is like a tree without birds... one needs the other to make it 'sing'. Thanks for giving ours such a beautiful song. p.s. And keep up the great parenting so the song is as sweet when we have a neighborhood full of (shudder) teens. Mac...and Jeff."

98: you | are

99: loved

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