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Classic Mixbook

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S: Family - Past and Present!

BC: The End

FC: My Family

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories.

2: This all began in the middle on the 19th century! A man named David Roulston married Elizabeth Elliott. They had 11 children. The oldest were the twins William and Margaret, then came Jane, Martha, Mary, James, George, David, John, Dorcas and Thomas. George died at birth, but most went on to have their own families. Their eldest daughter Margaret married a respectable man named John Bates in 1884. They had 6 children. | David Roulston with his daughter Margaret standing, his grand-daughter, Janie sitting and his Great grand- daughter Gretta on his lap

3: 4 Generations

4: “There is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his own works, for that is his heritage” | Margaret and John had 6 children together. When Margaret died some years later, her lonesome husband went on to marry her younger sister Jane. The family frowned upon this so deeply that they disowned both John and Jane. They later moved to U.S.A where they are now buried. They had no children together. | John and Margaret

5: Ena- Married a man named Albert Ross. They moved to the US and had 3 children named Ramsey, Jack and George. They had 6 grandchildren . | George- Married a woman named Tilly Thompson. They moved to New Zealand and had 5 children named Stella, Audrey, Gertie, Desmond and Isobel. They have 11 grandchildren.

6: William- Married a woman named Verna Bates.They moved to Winnipeg, Canada. They had one daughter named Evangeline. They have no known grandchildren. | David- Moved to Ballygowan after WW1, with his new wife Jean Millar. They had 3 children, Aubrey, Stanley, Marie. They went on to have 5 grandchildren. | Albert- Moved to Antigua, West Indies. He had 2 children in his 1st marriage with Enid Bates. They had 2 boys called Terrance and David. In his 2nd marriage he married a woman called Bobby bates, they had a daughter, Kathleen. | Janie- went on to marry a man Named John Alexander Colhoun. They had 10 children, 7 of whom went on to have a family of their own. For the other 3 life was harsh and they didn't make it past their teenage years. They moved to Canada during WW1 and stayed their till their time was up. They have 18 grandchildren, all of whom still live in Canada, apart from 3 who live in the UK.

7: Ena | George | William | Janie | David | Albert

8: Janie Colhoun. | Janie ended up with 10 children. First she had Allison in 1905, then came Gretta, Norman, Jack and Harry. When Harry was only a baby the family decided to move to Saskatchewan, Canada. They moved in 1915, but they only brought Allison, Norman and Harry. Gretta and Jack stayed and were looked after by their grandparents. Gretta and Jack where meant to join their family a few weeks later, but as war ravaged the world, the passenger ship that moved across the Atlantic Ocean was blown up. The family left behind were told that it would be a few months before they could re-join the rest of their family in Canada but it was not until the end of the war until that Gretta and Jack could re-join their family. When they did eventually move out it was a huge shock not having seen their mother and father for 4 years and having new brothers they had never see before. Gretta and Harry sent letters back and forth to keep communication strong. The second son Jack was always looked upon by the rest of the family as different. It was thought that he was profoundly deaf and was never diagnosed. Saskatchewan is know for some of the harshest winters in the world. One night Jack ventured out and was caught in a snow blizzard. He froze to death and was not found until the spring of next year when the ice and snow melted. The eldest daughter Allison was training to become a nurse when she became extremely ill. She died and was buried with some of her siblings unable to attend the funeral because they too were sick. The family was so big that the older children looked after the younger children. Allison always looked after Mel, and when she died he was too sick and was not allowed to go to the funeral. He cried for weeks to follow and found it hard to come to terms with her death as he was still young.David Stanley (Stanley) was was the youngest child and died only 9 months old. In all there was Allison - Gretta - Norman - Jack - Harry - Roy - Bill - Mel - Phyllis - Stanley.

9: This photo was taken just before Harry left for Ireland. During the great depression of 1929 he had to come to Ireland to make money as there were few jobs in Canada. | Bill William Albert. | Roy Robert Alexander | Mel Joshua Melville | Norman Charles | Henry George (Harry) | Phyllis Muriel | John Alexander Colhoun | Gretta Margaret Roulston | Martha Jane (Janie Bates)

10: This photo was taken just before they left for Canada. In the photo is Janie Colhoun with her 3rd son Harry. | In the photo below is a picture of Allison and Mel playing. When Mel grew up he joined the army along with all his brothers during WW11. He Later went on to marry Evelyn Byrd. They had 5 children in Canada called Byrdene, Norman, Mavis, Audrey and Keith. He had 7 grandchildren before his death in 2007. | During WW 11 both Gretta and her sister Phyllis were nurses for the Canadian army. She married and had a daughter with Albert Wilson called Maureen. They also adopted a son named Bill. She had one grandson called Gregory. | Allison, Jack and David were the only children to not marry or have any children.

11: All the Colhoun brothers and sisters that were in Canada at the time joined up to the Canadian Army. In the picture is Bill to the left and Mel on the right. Bill married Louella Froats and had 5 children. Sherene, David, Carrol, Douglas, and Norma. Together they have 8 grandchildren. | In later years Bill and Mel started a transport company called Colhoun transport bros. It was sold in years to come. In the picture is Bill with one of his trucks. | The picture to the left is Mel when he joined the Royal Air Force. | The man on the right is John Collhoun, taken in Canada. | Bill | Mel

12: On the left are Phyllis and Mel. Phyllis married a man called Stanley Scott. Together they had 2 daughters called Allison and Kathy and between them had 5 grandchildren. | The picture on the right shows Phyllis beside Mel and sittling are Harry beside Gretta. | The 4th boy Roy married a German woman called Vi Valdenaschultz. They had a son, Bob who gave them 2 grandsons. | Mel | Harry | The 3rd child Norman had no children but was happily married with a woman named Edith. | Mel & Evelyn

13: Harry Colhoun. | When Harry first came to Ireland life was very tough as he knew no one. It was the land he left behind as a young baby in his his mothers arms in 1915. He returned to Donegal in 1933 at the age of 19. He ended up on a distant relation's (Joshua) farm, in a small farming comunity. Life was not easy as he was made to work hard manual labor for long hours. Joshua himself had a son called Alexander, who died in a fatal accident on the farm when he fell off a bike and hit his head. Some years later when Joshua died, he left the farm and all its possessions to Harry. | This picture was of Harry standing on the road opposite his farm. | In years to follow Harry met Kathleen McCandless. Her father was a Presbyterian Minister, who was the minister of a small church only 400m from the farm. | Kathleen | Harry

14: Kathleen McCandless | Kathleen was born in on 1st August 1914.Her mother died when she was a very young n baby and her father was left to raise her on his own. When Kathleen was only 4 years old, her mother's cousin was going to adopt Kathleen as her father thought it was best for her. This failed because the young parents to be died of the 1918 flu pandemic. Kathleen spent the rest of her unmarried days with her father in the manse of the church. Kathleen was blind until she was 6 years old. When she undertook an operation to fix her infantile cataracts. The operation was successful but as a result Kathleen had to wear thick glasses for the rest of her life. She ended up marrying Harry Colhoun. She moved into his farm and fitted in straight away. Their first daughter was Stella Jane (Jean), born on 28th November 1945. It was another 5 years before their second daughter Sheila Margaret on the 31st May 1950. Their last daughter Helen Louise was born on 16th April 1957. | Kathleen

15: Kathleen fitted in well and helped Harry around the farm. She usually cooked for all the workers on the farm and made them their lunch and dinner every day. | Kathleen | Harry | She still made time for her father. This photo shows Kathleen with her father and Jean | In this photo Kathleen is sitting with Jean on her lap. Her fathers brother is to her right and her father on on the left. | These photos were taken in the summer of 1951 when the family went to Canada. This was the 1st time Harry had been home since he left 18 years before.

16: Jean Fulton | Micheal | Joshua | Lorraine | Jean married John Fulton on his 23rd birthday, on 10th May 1966. He came from a farming background in county Derry. A full 9 months passed and they had their first son Shane on 22nd May 1967. Seven years later their second son Michael was born on 30th October 1974. They have 2 grandchildren from Shane. Their 1st was born on 29th December 1998, her name was Lorraine. Their second Grandchild, Joshua, born on 13th April 2000. Jean and John still live in the farm house she grew up in. She moved back into it in1981

17: Shane | Lorraine | Sheila Green | Sheila went on to marry John Green. He too was from Donegal. He was an engineer in the army. She started a course in history, philosophy and economics at Trinity in Dublin but had to drop out because she became too ill. They moved to England in 1972 and got married that year in London. They set up a life with their two children. First was Nicholas (Nick) born on 30th December 1978. Their second son was David who was born on 9th October 1980. Their first son Nick married in 1st September 2007 to Caroline Scott. They all still live in England. Sheila and John currently live in Wiltshire, near stone henge.

18: Helen trained as a nurse in 1975 and worked in a plastic surgery theatre. She became a midwife in 1980-1881 and during this time delivered 30 babies. She then went on to become a drugs rep in 1985 after being a health visitor for 3 years. She married her partner Gregory Hannon on 28th May 1983 in the church her mother grew up in. He was originally from Belfast, and when she met him, he was training to go to his second Common Wealth Games. It was not for another 9 years until their first child Marcus came on the 12th March 1992. It was just over 2 years after Marcus that the twins came on the 10th December 1994, 5 weeks premature. James was born first and then Sophie. They currently live in Belfast. | Helene Hannon

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