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Classic Mixbook

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S: Lincoln starts preschool and Kinsley turns 1

BC: The End

FC: 2011

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

2: For Chad's Birthday my whole family spent a long weekend in Pinetop! The kids had a blast sledding and playing in the snow. It was freezing so we spent most of the time bundled up inside!

3: January

4: Cozy Winter Wishes

5: Winter Memories

6: Kinsley at 9 months old: Weight: 22.1 lbs (95th Percentile) Height: 29 1/4" (97th Percentile) At exactly 9 months she has 4 teeth. 2 on bottom and 2 on top. She's been pulling herself up for awhile now, but just recently started to take steps while holding on. Also she moved for so long by scooting, but just a couple of weeks ago she started actually crawling. She still knows 3 words, Ma-ma, Da-da, and Hi. She's an excellent waver anytime she hears hello or good-bye. She answers to the following names now: Sissy, sister, Kinsley and Kins-Kins. Just last week she had her first ear infection, this is the first time she's had to be on antibiotics. She is such a sweet girl. She loves being around other kids and tries anyway she can to get outside. She is a joy to our family and we feel so lucky to have her in our lives! She is growing up too fast! | All things grow better with love

8: The party's here! | For my 30th Birthday, all I wanted was to go to Oreganos for dinner. So Chad took me. The next day I spent it w/ Brianne,, Lindsay, and my mom going to lunch and a movie. I thought we were coming home to a small party of just my family, but we came home to 80 of our closest family and friends as well! It was quite the surprise, and a great way to kick of our 30's... spending it with everyone I love!

10: Linc's Funny Things January 2011 (2 1/2 Years Old): Linc was standing by Cameron, when Cam let out a cry. I looked at Linc and he looked guilty so I asked him what happened to Cam? He said I sitting on Cameron" as he squatted showing me how he sat on him. The kid is so honest, I tried not to be too hard on him for telling me the truth. Today at Speech Therapy they re-evaluated Lincoln. After 15 weeks he went from 30 words to 150+words. Lincoln just burped at the kitchen table, then said "Excuse Me!!" Linc was spinning his sippy cup and said wee, wee, wee all the way home!" Today at Speech Therapy, Linc's Therapist, Lisa, said that Linc is caught up to average 2 1/2 year old's w his speech. The only thing he is lacking is the s & t sounds at the end of the words. So we only have 2 more sessions, then she recommended starting him in a preschool!I am one happy and proud mom! Today Linc and me were coloring at the table and Linc sang every single word to Row, Row, Row your boat". I was impressed! We went for a walk today and Lincoln pushed Kinsley in the stroller the whole time and got mad if I tried to help. When we got home and walked on the driveway, Lincoln said, "Home again, home again, jiggity jig." I got to watch what I'm saying. The other day I dropped a 5 gallon water container and said shiz nit. Luckily it wasn't worse, because Lincoln was right there and proceeded to say shiz nit, shiz nit, shiz nit! We better watch what we say from now on!!! Linc has improved so much on his speech, but he now refers to water as wado. Which it used to be just wah. I almost hate to correct him, b/c I think it's so cute! Linc is starting to really get an imagination. The other day I let him color and he drew on his hand and kept telling me that it was an airplane. And today at Granny's I gave him a brownie and after every bite he came showing granny what animal the brownie looked like. First it was a sheep, a bite later it was a cow, and after one more bite it was a neigh (horse). Whenever Lincoln gets hurt I always kiss it better. Well this last month if I complain my knee hurts or I stub my toe and Lincoln always kisses it all better.

12: February

13: I have been taking Lincoln to speech therapy for 4 months. It has made such a difference in him talking it is unbeleivable. He went from saying things like Am, Wa, Jui, and Hor and now he can say Ammy, Water, Juice, and Horse. He had a problem putting the p, and k sound on words and now he never leaves them off. Our last challenge was him putting the s, t, and z sounds at the end of words and I was told they were the hardest, because they were silent sounds and the hardest to hear. But this last week in therapy he said words like please, buzz, bees, yes, and cat. Sometimes it took a cue for him to do it for him to get it right, but he got them right. 3 weeks ago the therapist told me he was caught up to where every other 2 1/2 year old should be. This week she told me b/c he saying all of his sounds, there was no reason for therapy to continue. So next week is our last week. YEAH!!! I'm a proud mom! Today I heard him say, "I want to go see Ammy." He's not just talking, the kid is talking complete sentences! I just smile and am so proud. I am so grateful for his therapist, Lisa, for being so sweet w/ him, being patient w/ him, and for being persistent and willing. Some weeks he was difficult, but it didn't phase her one bit. I'm also glad for the experience b/c she gave me different ideas on how I can work w/ him one on one. My doctor wants me to get Linc tested for being autistic, b/c of his speech delay. She would like to rule out that being the reason for his delay. I think it was because he has had problems w/ ear infections and fluid in his ears for so long. I just got his hearing test done and the lady who conducted it even told me he can hear, but he has a lot of fluid in his ears. So I like to believe this was the reason and nothing else is the matter w/ my boy. Anyways we are going to get him tested for autism, we are just waiting for our insurance to approve going to to the developmentalist. I just want to rule it out to, even though I think he's fine, there's a part of me that is always worried and I would like to ease that. I also want to stop nit picking him. If he lines up his trains, it will just be b/c he lined them up and not b/c he is autistic can't help it.

15: I don't post often enough, so sometimes I think I tend to post only the good things and none of the bad and well that's not life. I don't want my blogged to be only dolled up, I want the bad as well as the good, so it's more real. Life is not perfect and well I'm not perfect. I have to admit February started off to be a hard month. Kinsley wasn't feeling good and I suspected an ear infection, but I put off taking her to the doctor for a day and a half, b/c she wasn't too bad just a little fussier than normal. So I finally get her in and the doctor said she had an ear infection in her right ear. So we got her antibiotics and took her home. Got her started on her medicine, but for 3 days she continued to run a high fever. I was beside myself b/c she was meserable and wasn't happy, so I took her back to the doctor and she then had a worse ear infection in her right ear and an infection in her left ear... so we were given stronger antiobiotics. By that night I think she started to feel better. So that was a whole week off Kinsley feeling meserable. Just when I thought I couldn't take another second off a fussy kid, Linc wakes up screaming that his neck hurt and he wouldn't move it. I got him settled on the couch and had to take a pic of him suffering! I ended up taking him to the doctor, but she thinks it is a pinched nerve or something b/c he usually plays so rough. This is the second time he has had a stiff neck, usually after 3 or 4 days he acts like it doesn't bother him anymore and he is fine. The first time it happened was last June, 7 months ago. I think it is the weirdest thing for a 2 year old to have a stiff neck??!! Anyways I think I learned a lesson these 2 weeks, b/c right after Linc's neck was feeling better I think Kinsley's bad cold was passed to Linc and I had another week of a sick kid. So just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, my other kid got down. I think Heavenly Father really really wants me to learn patience and he's going to do whatever it takes until I learn my lesson apparently!

16: Valentine's Day was on a Monday this year and we celebrated it all weekend. We celebrated it w/ our kids on Friday night. First we took them out to eat at Los Favoritos, one of our favorites, then Marley Farms which is just down the road from us was having a Valentine's Celebrations so we took them to it. They had a petting zoo, games, bounce house, food, and a train ride. The kids loved it, especially Lincoln. Lately he loves trains, so he couldn't wait to go on the train ride. Once we got home, we gave them there Valentine's. New sand toys and pajamas! Were pretty lucky to have such sweet Valentine's! Saturday night we all got babysitters and all my brothers, sister, and mom met for dinner at Outback Steak House. We really got to enjoy dinner w/ no kids who took our attention. After dinner we tried out this new yogurt spot that Bob & Lindsay knew about it. It was pretty good you got to choose your yogurt and put what toppings you wanted on it. It was really fun just going out w/ just the adults for a change. Monday night, actual Valentine's Day, I had to work so Chad and me couldn't go out. But I baked heart cakes for Chad, Lincoln, and Presley (because I watched her all day) and then let them decorate there own. Then I had to close at Old Navy. But my mom was nice enough to watch my kids on Tuesday so we could have our date. We decided on Cheesecake Factory then we went and saw "Just go w/ it" w/ Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. I had no idea what it was about, and even though it was predictable we still thought it was pretty funny! It was nice to have a night out w/ Chad, it seems like we don't do that very often. I feel pretty lucky to have Chad as my Valentine!

17: Valentine's Day | XOXO

18: Arizona Museum of Natural History

19: I have been checking out books and teaching Lincoln all about dinosaurs. Then at the library I saw that they had cultural passes to the Museum of Natural History. I remembered when I was a kid it had dinosaurs in it. So I checked out the pass and invited Ryan and Cameron to come with us. We had a lot of fun there. There was a lot of things for the kids to do. There was a dinosaur you could interchange; a whole room where you could color, do puzzles, play w/ dinosaurs, and other crafts; there was a flash flood you could watch; lots of buttons to push and things to move through out the exhibits; and an area to pan for gold. When we were leaving Lincoln told me he wanted to go back again! He had alot of fun.

20: Kinsley Kelly At ten months Kinsley is quite the character. She has become pretty independent. She wants to feed herself her bottle all by herself and doesn't want you to carry her anymore. She has learned how to give kisses. She's picky about when and who gets them, but I can usually get a couple from her when she's in a good mood. She also can blow kisses as well. It is so cute. Her and Lincoln went back and forth today blowing kisses to each other... I was loving every second of it. Just this last week I have seen her point to things. She's really noticing every thing. Today we got 24 baby chickens and she kept pointing to them. If that weren't enough she also today took her first step this morning. Then this afternoon she took another step. And I was told this evening, while I was gone she took two more steps then fell down. She's definitely trying to walk. I am so ready for her to walk... so I don't have to carry her the whole time where outside, because she refuses to crawl on the concrete or grass. Also because she is ruining all of her pants/outfits on the knees.

21: it's always spring in a mother's heart | I love her to death, but I think I'm going to have my hands full when she is a teenager. She's not even 1 yet and she has more attitude than any other kid I have met. She can be bossy, tempermental, and a little stink pot. My mom babysat for us so we could go out on a date night and told me that Kinsley cried as soon as we left. She finally took her outside to make her happy. But as soon as she came back in she started crying again and wouldn't let my mom hold her, she preferred crying on the ground. So my mom finally made her a bottle and tried to feed her but the whole time she was throwing a fit and bowing her back. So my mom put her down, gave her the bottle, and Kinsley stood up the whole time and feed herself. She is too funny; stubborn already! We love her anyway, good and bad! It seriously makes me laugh that she is 11 months and has so much already figured out! Wish me luck as she gets older... I'm going to need it!

22: “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” ~ Anthony Brandt | Train Park Chad took the day off of work, and we packed a lunch and took the kids to the train park. Linc was looking forward to it all morning... But when we got there they said the train was broken :( But we let them ride the caroussel and they forgot all about the train! Oh well! We'll have to take them back soon!

23: March

24: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | Lincoln is a sorry case. Not only was the kid born with webbed toes, a hernia, crossed eyes (known as Wayne's Syndrome), a disorder w/ his teeth, bad ears that required tubes twice, a speech delay... to add to all that we just found out he also (more than likely) was born with Torticollis. Torticollis is a twisted neck in which the head is tipped to one side, while the chin is turned to the other. More than likely it happened when he was a fetus and his head was in the wrong position while growing in the womb. Apparently the treatment in toddlers is stretching the shortened neck muscles (physical therapy) and hardly ever is surgery needed. My poor son has definitely been having neck problems. I finally told Chad we were going to have to take him to the chiropractor and adjust him, b/c I didn't know what else to do. (At $80 a session). Luckily Megan came over for lunch today and I mentioned we had a chiro appt today for Lincoln and I asked her what Jon, as a physical therapist thought of chiropractors. She said that chiropractors were usually a short term fix, for a long term fix you needed physical therapy. So I cancelled my appointment at the chiropractor and sent my X-rays home w/ Megan for Jon to look at. He called me a few minutes ago with the news of Toracallis. The good news is that since it's far and between of Lincoln's flare ups that it is not a severe case and Jon said he could show me some stretches for Linc to do at home that should help in having no flare-ups at all! Anyways the poor kid, I swear it's doesn't seem possible that there could be one more thing that could go wrong with him, but he keeps suprising all of us. Even with all of his "defects" I wouldn't change a thing about him. I just hope his neck feels better; 2 year olds especially should not have to deal with a kinked neck! | To the right: In February we decided it would be fun to have baby chickens so Chad turned a horse stall into a chicken coop. He worked hard and my Aunt Debbie so it was a chicken mansion after it was finished. It turned out great. All the kids have loved coming over and holding all 24 baby chicks!


26: Todd & Kristin met us at the ostrich festival. The kids loved the rides and the food. | Linc passed by the tramp and said he wanted to jump. Chad said ok. I didn't think he really would. But the kid jumped and jumped. It was my favorite part of the night watching him have so much fun.! | Ostrich Festival

27: Way to go Lincoln

28: Stinky Lincy

29: For the past MONTH Lincoln has thought it has been fun to lock the door on people. At first it wasn't a problem; because he would instantly unlock it. Also because someone else was inside w/ him and reminded him it wasn't nice to lock people out. Well lately it has become a problem. Yesterday he opened the door and Kinsley crawled outside, so I stepped out to get her and he shut the door on me and locked it. So I start knocking and asking him nicely to open the door. Knock some more. There he is inside playing with a toy ignoring me all together. So I start knocking harder, he looked up and went back to playing. Well it was a good 5 minutes and I was threatening time out if he didn't open... and finally he opened. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson... wrong. 4 hours later, after naps, Fed EX dropped off a package and I was holding Kinsley, so we stepped outside to get it. LOCK! Linc is a quick little stinker. Needless to say we went through asking nicely, to pounding the door, to nothing, to pounding the door again. There he is inside trying to ignore us. 10 minutes later, after I was screaming to let us in, he finally did. I was fed up by then and spanked him and told him he was going to have his time out, out back... with the door locked! Cruel... yes. Do I regret it?... no. I might even have to have time outs outside in the near near future, because he didn't learn his lesson, later that day he tried locking me out again... I was ready for him that time though. But I learned my lesson... that night I got my mom's 1 and only house key and I sent Chad to Home Depot and had him make a couple copies, so we could hide them outside, so there would be no 3-peat of me locked out again!

31: I decided to go green in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day... I started by dressing both of my kids in mostly green! (I even wore green socks). (Chad choose not to wear green, so periodically through out the day, I reminded Linc that daddy was not wearing green if he felt he should give daddy a pinch then he should go for it :)) That night we even had an all green dinner down to the green Kool-Aid. And what green day/dinner would be complete without green cupcakes! I think we will have to make this a new tradition!

32: Just Cheeky

33: To the left: since i started putting linc down at 1 p.m. for a nap, he usually goes right to sleep. not today. for a half an hour i could hear him playing and things moving in his room. a couple of times he screamed out for me and said, "mom wanna watch tb." (tv). i thought i was going to have to go in there, but he finally calmed down. fast forward to when he wakes up. he screamed out so i opened the door and didn't wait for him to get out of bed and walked into the kitchen. the next thing i noticed was lincoln laying on the couch like this- as soon as i noticed, i asked linc what happened to your diaper and shorts??? i asked if he peed on the floor. he didn't luckily. the funniest part was when he stood up both of legs where in the same pant leg. (i should have gotten a pic of that). i don't know why he decided to wear his boxers to bed, but next time i hear him banging around in his room... i definitely will investigate. | Linc's funny things: February 2011: We were in the parking lot at Walmart waiting for Chad to do a quick return and Lincoln was getting impatient. So I said Linc count to 10 and by the time you are done, dad should be here. (Thinking he couldn't, cause I have never heard him count past 2.) Sure enough he suprised me by counting to 10, then was mad dad still wasn't there. Me: Linc do you have one cute sissy? Linc: YES! Me: Are you one cute brother? Linc: No, I'm big! Linc: Tate Mace come here, daddy blow up jump house. Me: You want Tate and Macie to come over and have daddy blow up your jump house? Linc: Yes! Me: Okay, I'll have to call there mommy and tell her to bring them over so you guys can play. Linc: Call now! (As he hands me my cell phone). Lincoln likes to run around saying Na na boo boo! | March 2011: Chad was trying to feed Kinsley dinner and Linc kept wanting Chad to give him a bite of Kinsley's peas. I could tell Chad was getting frusterated w/ feeding them both, so I told Linc to come and let me help him take a couple bites. He then said, "Thanks mom, dad was bugging me." I'm still laughing! I gave Linc half a glazed doughnut. A little bit later he waid he wanted more. So I started to give him the other half and he said... Linc: No that has poop on it. (I looked at it and it has chocolate smeared on it from another doughnut.) Me: Linc that's not poop it's chocolate. Linc: No way. Me: Do you want mommy to eat that part. Linc: Yes. (I eat the little part w/ chocolate.) Linc: Mommy ate poop. Linc wanted a second doughnut and I told him no. So he was whinning at me. Me: Linc are you being a stink pot? Linc: No Mommy being a stink pot!

34: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

35: Happy Anniversary | March 22 was Chad's and mine 4 year wedding anniversary. Chad suprisingly had the day off. So in the morning Chad suggested we go out to eat. I then of course said Joe's Farm Grill! Then we had to hurry home because I was hosting a play date at our house. That night my mom offered to babysit so we could go out. Of course we went to Oreganos. Our favorite place to eat. Chad ordered a new dish we had never tried and of course it was delicious. I've never got something there I didn't love. After dinner we were off to Kohl's to look around. And we bought each other new tennis shoes! I love them! Anyways it was a fun night. I woke up this moring and the first thing I did was put my new shoes on. I can't wait to wear them to work later today. It has been a challenging 4 year's. But worth it. Chad is a great husband and father and I feel lucky to be married to him. We don't always see eye to eye... but you got to admit it, we have good taste in shoes! Happy Anniversary Babe.

36: Kinsley will be 1 this weekend. I can't believe she is a year old. I don't know how the time flew by so fast. I remember delivering her like it was last week and then finally getting to hold her in my arms and thinking she was just perfect. She is perfect. Since she was born I had a feeling I knew Kinsley my whole life and we were finally together again. My friend Nikki said the same thing when she first met Kins; that she must have known Kins in the preexistence, b/c she had that feeling. She is my sweetheart. My sweetheart has been walking now for a couple of weeks. She started taking steps at 10 months old and a couple of weeks into that, she decided to step everywhere and has pretty much been walking everywhere at 11 months old. She now has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. This last week I taught her how to give high five's and she loves it. She can even do a double high five w/ both of her hands (impressive). I also taught her to stick out her tongue... which I'm hoping she doesn't use against me one day. I feel like she's understanding alot. The other day I told her to walk to the back door and we will go outside, and then I put her down and she walked to the door. She's points at everything. She's not much of a t.v. watcher. She doesn't want to sit still for me to read her books. She loves being outside. She loves Lincoln... if he's in the room, she is watching what he is doing. Which isn't fun when I'm trying to feed her and she's looking at him instead of lunch :) She is just a joy to our family. We truly feel blessed to have her in our lives, she makes us smile constantly, and makes us feel closer to our Heavenly Father. We love her so much! Happy Birthday Kinsley.

37: 1 Year Old Pics

38: "You are never far from thought and always close to heart."

39: You Are Always in My Heart

40: "If I didn't have you as a MOTHER I would still choose you as a friend."

42: Your smile brightens my day

43: "A mother holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever."

45: EASTER | happy | Spring Time

47: "You'll wake up on Easter morning, And you'll know that he was there, When you find those chocolate bunnies, That he's hiding everywhere" ~ Gene Autry

49: "The Easter Bunny came by today and left surprises along his way. Colorful eggs are all around. With baskets in hand we search the ground. Hiding in places here and there Easter eggs are everywhere."

51: Happy Mother's Day

54: Fun at the Beach!

57: "A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken" - James Dent

58: Summer Time!

60: so many

61: Happy Father's Day

62: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share.


64: Fright Night

65: Happy Halloween

66: Trick or Treat

69: J O Y


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