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Classic Mixbook

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S: USU: Fall 2007 to Spring 2008

FC: Utah State University | Fall 2007- Spring 2008

1: Old Main at Sunset

2: This was my first home away from home. I lived here with Claire Safeer, Angie Goss, and Kate Black. I attempted to learn sign language and obey 'voice off' hours. Here I became friends with Myles Powell and other fun people from the USU 14th ward. I lived on the ASL floor; the first floor. The second floor was housing for business students and the third floor was engineering. Moen Hall was built back when lead paint was still used and I had to sign a release about lead paint to live there. It was right on campus and idea for a first year college student. Every time I drive past the sea-foam green building on 400 S in Logan, I remember the good times I had during my first year of college. | 103 Moen Hall

3: Home Suite Home

4: Claire | Claire

5: Claire and I have been friends since we were 14. We had a blast as roommates. She was always creating and I was always taking her picture. My favorite memories include falling asleep in the hall when we were both laughing so hard we couldn't move and watching episodes of Project Runway while doing our homework.

6: Camera Shy Kate

7: Kate and I shared a room for 1 semester. She was a lot of fun, but for some reason hated the camera. I realized that I didn't have a single picture of her face and had to go looking for some on facebook! | Kate was popular with the boys, loved Gilmore Girls, and changing her hair color. We would often miss out on sleep because we would talk all night long. She'd spent her entire life in St. George and had a lot of adjusting to do when it came to Logan's cold climate. We could always count on Kate for a bit of fun.

8: Sweet Angie

9: Angie & Aaron | Angie was a very thoughtful roommate. She took care of us on many occasions. Whether she was inviting me to Sunday dinners at her grandma's or talking to me when my sleeping medicine made me hallucinate, she proved to be a good caregiver. Angie was from Minnesota and was attending school with her boyfriend Aaron. They graduated in the Spring of 2009 and went back to Minnesota and got married. I remember sitting with Angie and sipping on herbal teas and watching her babysit her friend's son, Sladen. Slade came up with Disney names for everyone. Angie and Aaron were Lady and the Tramp, Claire was Ariel (because of her red hair) and he called me Belle. I'll never forget the time Angie was watching Slade in our apartment while he was potty training. He got away from Angie and ran complete naked out into the lounge. We all about died laughing.

10: J. Myles Powell | I was a little short on roommates my first year and Myles lived in my building. We got to be friends initially because he dated Kate for about 2 weeks. When Kate and Myles broke up, Myles and just hung out without her. Myles and I had many great adventures together. He called me his "brother from another mother" because I thought "sister from another mister" was offensive. I'll never forget the time we all went to Salt Lake together and got separated, when I threw my coat in Myles' face because he mocked voice off, stealing dirt for his plant behind Kmart, and shooting guns for the first time. Myles and I went through a lot together and we are still friends today. He got married about 2 weeks before Brent and I did. He actually ended up marrying one of my friends from Jr. High! On the other page are pictures of Myles playing Miley Cyrus for a fraternity lip sync.

12: Me

13: For my first year of school, my camera was my best friend. Most of the pictures I have of myself are what I like to call "self portraits." Whenever I had free time I'd go walking around Logan taking pictures of the landscape or of my friends. I faithfully wrote to Brent every week and was usually able to keep busy with school work and new friends. I made lots of friends in my ward and in my social work program. It felt so good to know I could be independent. I loved going to class and learning. I learned a lot about myself and grew as a person. | M 'Recia

14: All Around Campus

19: Halloween is Claire's favorite holiday. She usually dresses up as several different things. This particular year she was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and one of the witches from Hocus Pocus. She invited me to a Halloween Party at the Bates' House in Hyrum. The Bates family, as it turned out, bought a church and lived there with their very large family. I dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein. I had a great time at the party and enjoyed that Melissa came up with some friends from Farmington dressed as a secret agent. It took a lot of black hairspray and face makeup to achieve my dead bride look. After one shower the tub water was black and I still have black all over my face and hair. It was quite the challenge to get out.

21: Winter | Wonderland

22: Home for Christmas | My first Christmas home from school was an interesting experience. I was used to having more homework than I had time for and people all around. During my three week break, I read a LOT of books. I enjoyed time with my family and especially the maiden voyage of Rock Band! I didn't appreciate it at the time, but it was my last Christmas before Brent came home and my last Christmas in the house I grew up in

23: Temple Square 2007

24: This, hands down, the most fun I've ever had on Valentine's day (sorry Brent). Wendy came to Logan to visit and stayed over Valentine's Day weekend. Wendy, Claire, and I all got dolled up and went to Olive Garden for dinner. Since it was Valentine's day, there was a 90 minute wait to get a table. The three of us headed over to the mall to kill time. The buzzer they gave us was out of range at the mall, so everywhere we went, we had the buzzer playing a little song. Everyone was looking around trying to figure out where the sound was coming from and we just looked around with them. When we finally got a table for dinner, we all laughed so hard we cried. After dessert, we went back to our apartment and watched videos.. Claire had seen some pictures of lips that had a heart done in lipstick and she wanted to recreate it for Valentine's day. We had great time doing each other's makeup and taking pictures. After a little editing in photoshop, they were to everyone's satisfaction.

25: Valentine's Day

26: Since we were visiting Lava in the winter, the hot water mixing with the cold air made a very thick fog. Up on the cliff face, we heard cat calls and I looked up to see three pointy white hats in the fog. My first reaction was "oh no! It's the KKK!" It turned out to be 3 boys in white hoodies, but that didn't stop us from laughing about it the rest of the weekend.

27: Brittani, Wendy, and M'Recia's epic weekend! | After getting together over Christmas Break (above), the three of us decided it was high time to spend a weekend together. Brittani was in Pocatello, Wendy was in Farmington, and I was in Logan. Wendy came to Logan for President's weekend and then went to Pocatello to see Brittani. We went to Lava Hot Springs, were I thought I saw the KKK, back to Logan for shopping and movies and much much more. These girls were my best friends and Wendy and I were really heartbroken when Brittani moved away. It was so much fun to be together again.

28: AboAbout Half Way | About 10 months into Brent's mission, I discovered the MGs. Another girl that was waiting for a missionary created a website and then a facebook group for other girls who were waiting. These girls were a dream come true! I finally found people who understood what it was like to wait for someone and who didn't mind hearing about my boyfriend over and over. There were a few girls in Logan and a bunch of girls in Salt Lake I got together with on a regular basis. We also shared ideas and support on the facebook group. In the picture above, 7 out of the 10 girl married their missionaries. I think I can credit the support of these girls to my ability to wait for Brent. On the right page are pictures of Stephanie Maxwell and Danielle Jarman (now Joseph). Stephanie and I both lived in Logan and we would get together all the time. Danielle's missionary lived in Logan and Danielle would spend a lot of time with us when she was visiting Kimbal. I loved these girls and still keep in contact with most of them.

29: I love my MISSIONARY | MG | missionary's girl

30: Fire in the parking lot dumpster <-------- ------------> Onion rings.

31: Everyone who set foot in our apartment had to be measured in my door frame.

32: Lily the Pug | Party at the Retro House | School Bus Boy! | Hockey Games!

33: FUN AT USU | FHE | Dances | Steph & Me | Steph's Place | Danielle's Dream Date

34: Festival of Colors

35: One March weekend I was in the SLC area for my mom's birthday and had a grand old time with my family. And, since I was in town, I decided to attend the annual Festival of Colors in Spanish for Utah. From what I could tell from reading about the HOLI festival was that an aristocratic King decided that his subjects should worship him instead of God. Prahalad worshiped God anyway and so the King's aunt, who was supposedly not able to be killed by fire, volunteered to take Prahalad to the flame. Turns out that God saved his follower and Holika was killed. I'm not sure what that has to do with colors. But, I heard that it was to welcome in spring. Anyway, this festival was a LOT of fun and I will be returning each year. I enjoyed the "clean" fun and the culturaal experience!

38: I spent my first spring break dog sitting Indy while he recovered from his surgery. The poor puppy was so confused. | Indy's Owie

39: She's 92! | I want to be like this lady when I grow up1 | Half time with the Golden Girls

40: Kick the Curve

41: I watched General Conference with my soon to be roommates the end of my first year. When the boys went to priesthood meeting, the girls were bored. Suddenly, my hair was of great interest. 2 flat irons and 1 movie later, my hair was transformed. No one recognized me. It was a fun change, but it was really hard on my hair.

43: Logan Cemetery | Logan's Cemetery is located right off campus. I'd go there any time I need peace and quiet or just needed to think. It was a beautiful place and I loved reading the headstones and imagining what the people must have been like.

45: I took these pictures a few days before I moved out of my first home in Logan. I wanted to remember how beautiful it was over the summer

46: Campus at Dusk

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