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Classic Mixbook

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S: Clint Edward Layton: Callie and Tessa's Daddy

BC: The End

FC: Written by: All those who love your daddy and who love you very, very much. | Clint Edward Layton: Callie and Tessa's Daddy

1: For Callie and Tessa "Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so...Twas' heaven here with you." -Isla Pascal Richardson May you come to know your father through the stories and memories of those who love and know him well. Your daddy loves you very much and is always with you.

5: Dear Callie and Tessa- I have always wanted to make a book of all the funny photo's we have of your dad. He was always making the goofiest faces or pretending that he was fat. Some day I think I will do that for you to see just how funny your Daddy could be. He was definitely one of a kind!! . We always smile whenever we think of Clint, but we miss him every moment of every day. I remember when he and Kelly just started to become an item. I had flown ahead for some reason and Chuck and Kelly drove out to Utah (I think this is when Kelly was coming to live at Heather and Lances house before she started school). Clint and I were standing out in the backyard watching for them. You could tell Clint was so nervous. He would bounce up onto the diving board and then

6: All things grow better with love. | step down. He would continually do that as he watched the road for their arrival. When we saw their car, he immediately stepped off the diving board and just stood there. I could almost hear an audible breath as if he was psyching himself up for the meeting. When Kelly greeted him with open arms, a soft kiss and a loving smile, Clint immediately calmed down and was his happy self again. You could tell he was really serious about her. Another tender moment was when Kelly went through the Bountiful Temple for her own endowment. Clint viewed this event as a very sacred moment and he was quite emotional about it. After the session we all met in the Celestial Room and when he and Kelly entered he began weeping uncontrollably. All he could do was grab Kelly and hug her tightly as he cried. You could see the love in his eyes and how serious he felt about their temple covenants. That's when I truly saw the serious side of Clint and how strong his love for Kelly really was, and his deep testimony for their eternal commitment.

7: Of course there are lots of funny, laugh out loud moments that we have had with Clint. One day he wanted to help in the kitchen as we prepared for a barbeque. I asked if he would take the shells off of the hard boiled eggs for the potato salad. When I returned several minutes later, he had all the shells off the eggs, but the shells had stuck to the hard whites so the eggs had these pock marks all over them almost like divots on a golf course. Kelly and I took one look at the eggs and at his sheepish grin and we started to laugh uncontrollably. At first Clint acted like he was offended, but then he joined in the laughter. For years later he would always bring up that moment when he would ask if he could help in the kitchen. One of the most endearing things about Clint (as I have mentioned above) was that he would always make the funniest faces or puff out his cheeks or stomach for pictures. We would always be excited to look at the photo's to see what Clint did this time in each of the photo's. He and Kelly were so goofy together and I loved how they would both look so crazy and then crack themselves up looking at the pictures. They were a good team and could really play off of each other. They had the same kind of sense of humor. It was always great to listen to their banter back and forth. In fact I remember asking Kelly what was one thing that she liked about Clint and she said that he was so funny, even more funny than she and Jon were

8: were together. Kelly said she enjoyed being with him because it would always be a fun time and they were sure to laugh a lot. He loved his girls so much. He would act like they bothered him or they were too girly, but you could see the love in his eyes whenever he looked at them. On many of the hikes that we took he was always there to carry Callie when she grew tired after the first 5 minutes. I loved hearing him sing or play with them trying to be silly, but it was a loving father having a good time with his daughters. He mentioned many times that he was glad he had daughters because they were so special and he enjoyed them so much. Finally, I have a lot of memories and they aren't all individual moments that I can remember. I was always impressed with Clint and his ability to make friends and truly be interested in other people. He knew how to be a good friend. He was a good conversationalist. We could talk for hours. I love how he joined our family and embraced everything that we liked. Our favorite foods became his, our favorite restaurants became his, our favorite vacation spots became his. He loved to play "the game" and there was one time that he and Chuck played so badly that their combined score was 600 points away from the combined score of me and Kelly. But he was a good sport and laughed about it all the time. It was so easy to have him become part of our family because he was like an adopted child who joined our

9: family 100%. I always loved hearing him talk about his mission. It was a defining moment in his life and he loved serving the Lord and learning so many things about service and testimony. He will always love and appreciate his mission president

10: This picture is my favorite of your father. It was taken at Lake Tahoe on June 27th, 2008, at the Wood family reunion. I love this picture of your father because I think you can see in it some of his great qualities, particularly his strength and his love. A few days before your father passed away, I promised him that I would make sure his girls grew up knowing of his great qualities, and I told him how much I admired his strength, his courage, his love and his faith. As your grandfather, and as a great friend of your father, I want you both to know that your father had great strength, courage, love and faith. Your father had great physical and emotional strength. That carried him through his difficult battle to the end. He had great courage. He faced his battle with courage. He was like one of his heroes portrayed in one of his favorite movies, William Wallace, a commoner, who united the 13th Century Scots in their battle to overthrow English rule. Your father also had great love. He loved everyone around him, and people could feel that love. But he loved you two and your mother above everything else in this world. That love was the toughest part of his battle, to know that he might not be able to be here to see you grow up, be married in the temple, and raise a family. However, your father's great faith gave him the assurance that if he could not be here physically, he could see you from above and would be reunited with you some day. Callie and Tessa, with all my heart, I want you to know what I promised your father I would tell you about him, that he is a man of great strength, courage, love and faith.

12: One of the many things about your father that I loved was how he adopted our family traditions like they were his own. My favorite sandwich shop in the world is the Sourdough Eatery in San Jose. Your father adopted it as his favorite, and we would always go there when your family came to California. The owner of the shop had been making sandwiches there for over 30 years, but the last time we ate there she promised me she would still be there in 3 years when we came home from Portugal so we could take your father there again. When we arrived in Portugal and discovered we lived just a 10-minute walk from Dragon Stadium, the home of FC Porto, I told you father that we would go to a soccer game between FC Porto and Chelsea FC when he was well enough to travel here with his little family. We went to a game between FC Porto and Chelsea FC, and I called your father from the game to talk about his being here at the next game between the two European Champions League teams. One of our family traditions was to climb Half Dome in Yosemite. Your father always wanted to do that with us, but we didn't manage to do it before our mission to Portugal because we were at the Wood family reunion at Lake Tahoe in 2008, and we didn't have time to climb Half Dome in 2007 at our short trip to Yosemite with your parents just before Matt and Danielle were married and when Jon got home from his mission in Russia. Your father carried you, Callie, up Sentinel Dome, sort of a "mini" Half Dome hike. I remember hearing two ladies say, "What is that man doing with that little girl up here? It's dangerous." But, you were always safe in your father's arms. Before we left for Portugal, I gave your father a picture of the top of Half Dome that had been hanging in my office for almost 25 years. The picture was taken in 1985 when my grandfather Dahlin climbed to the top just before he turned 80 years old. My father was also on top for his one and only time. It was a special picture for me. (I am in the yellow shirt.) Almost everyone else is covered by the 2 cartoon guys I pasted on top and labeled "Clint and Chuck, August 2012". I promised your father I would stay in shape to be able to go to the top with him when we got home from Portugal.

14: Every time we talked over the phone after we got here to Portugal, we talked of going to an FC Porto soccer game here, and climbing Half Dome and eating at the Sourghdough Eatery when we got home. A few days before your father passed away, we knew that those things were not going to happen together here, so I asked your father to do me a favor. I told him that because of my age, I would most likely be the first member of our family to join him there. So I asked him to find some fun things like a European Champions League soccer game, a Half Dome Hike, or the Soughdough Eatery that we could do together while we waited for everyone one else to join us. He promised me he would do that. I know I will see your father there, and I look forward to seeing what he has found for us to do, starting some new family traditions on the other side. I love your father, your mother and you two with all my heart. Love, -Grandpa Walton

20: Dear Cal and Tess- I don't want you to think your father failed you by leaving. It would have been terrible to see him weak and sick anymore because that was not him. He will always be your dad and he will never stop loving you. He was the strongest man I knew. I used to think he was a superman and he was and is. We had a unique relationship. How many people can say they have known someone very closely for over 30 years? Sometimes through pain and hardship we become the people we need to become. Your father helped me to become the person I needed to become. It is because of him that I have that brotherhood loyalty and commitment in my heart. He taught me what it means to be a true friend. To give all you can even when you don't get anything in return. Your father was my best friend. As long as I can remember I have been friends with him. He used to always introduce me to people as his cousin. I wasn't related to him but we were so close we thought we were related. I always knew I could count on your dad to be there for me. He disapproved of most everyone I dated except Rachel. He was always there when I had a problem with women, life, etc... When I was in junior high and high school I had dyed my hair and done everything I could to fit in with the school crowd. Your dad used to tell me to stop being someone your not. Just be yourself. He was always there when I was trying to find myself. He was always himself and never tried to be anything but the great man known as your father. He was true to himself. Your dad could always tell when I was lying to him. Over the years we got pretty good at reading each other thoughts. Your father liked to have fun and was crazy at times but when things needed to be serious he was always at attention. Later in my life

21: he married your mother and had Callie, I really messed up my life and almost lost everything including my beautiful wife Rachel. Your mom and dad were there for me to help pick up the pieces and not judge me. They made sure I was taken care of on the weekends and always invited me up. Even though I was the 3rd wheel, I didn't mind and I was grateful to have such friends. I learned a great lesson at this time in my life about the true value of friendship, loyalty, commitment, and brotherhood. He wrote in my scriptures before I left on my mission, Bros 4 life near the scripture in the bible "greater love hath no man than this,that a man lay down his life for his friends". It took me years to understand this type of love but your father always had it in him. He was blessed with it. When your father first got sick in the hospital, I stayed with him the first night. I remember your father pleading with the doctors to tell him he would make it through the sickness and have a long life with his wife and kids. That night he expressed to me how much he loved your mother and you two little sweethearts. He cried as he shared the very special bond he has with your mom and you two. Even death cannot take away that bond. Clint was afraid that Tessa would never remember him. I told him that no matter what Tessa would know her Father. He fought so hard to stay here. His fighting was for the both of you and your mom. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. This is one of those stories. Your father will never leave you. He will see you both grow through his spiritual eyes. As you remember him his strengths will become yours. Your father always said "life is about creating memories". Go make some great memories in life that he will always smile about. Love, Uncle Todd

25: When I think of my brother Clint, it's hard to stop at just one memory. He means the world to me. Here are a few memories as it was too hard to pick just one: The summer after Kelly graduated from high school, Kelly and Clint were first starting to date and really get to know each other. Before Kelly moved out to Utah for school, Clint decided to surprise Kelly with a visit to California. He told her that she would be getting a big surprise on a specific date, but refused to let her know what it was. When that day arrived, I picked him up at the airport and while we drove home, we came up with a great scheme to trick Kelly. The plan was to make her think that her surprise was a package from Clint and then to have Clint walk into the room while she was opening it. Clint and I got home while Kelly was still away and we packaged up something heavy in a big box. We then wrapped it up like it had gone through the mail system, even taking the time to cut the used post mark from a package we had received earlier that day to make it look more authentic. When Kelly finally got home and saw the package sitting in the living room, she was a bit disappointed because she had secretly hoped that the surprise would actually be a visit from Clint. As she picked up the package and felt the weight of it, you could see her spirits sink even further as she realized this brown box probably contained the actual surprise. Her spirits sank to a lower low when house phone rang and Clint was on the other end of the line (calling presumably from Utah, but actually calling from my cell phone in the other room). Over the phone, Clint asked her excitedly if she had received the package. He then asked her to

26: open it. While she was opening the fake package, Clint walked into the room. After I had seen Kelly visibly saddened by the realization that she would not be seeing her man in person, it was so fun to see her eyes light up and then watch her jump into his arms. It was pretty obvious at this point these two were smitten with one another. They were head over heels in love. You could see it and actually even feel it in that room as they embraced. Late one night, our family knelt down around a coffee table upstairs to say our nightly prayer. I think Jon had just gotten back from his mission to Russia and so Mom and Dad asked him to pray in Russian. As a joke, someone then suggested that I pray in Japanese, and then after that dad could say one in Portuguese. After a small chuckle from the family, Clint then chimed in “and then I can pray in hick,” referring to the language he learned serving in South Dakota. He then started a fake prayer . . . “Dear Jesus” The way Clint could deliver a line like that made it so much more humorous than it would’ve been if anyone else had said it. We all started laughing so hard that we physically could not stop. Dad actually had to leave the room so that we could have a family prayer because even after several minutes he could not gain control of his laughter. Clint always knew how to make you laugh and smile. The week before our wedding Kelly and Clint came out to California and went with us to Yosemite. So that everyone could join us, instead of climbing Half Dome as usual, we decided to do a much shorter hike and climbed Sentinel Dome. As Callie was still really little at the time, she pooped out long before her little legs could carry her to the top of the mountain. I watched Clint scoop her up

27: off the ground, love her and then put her on his shoulders. He carried her the remaining mile or so to the top. When he arrived on the summit, he was sweating like crazy and was huffing and puffing because of the altitude, but he still took the time to cradle Callie in his arms before setting his little girl down to play with Danielle’s brothers. To this day, I still remember sitting there and watching the way that he treated this little girl . . .and thinking “Wow! He loves this little Callie so much. He would literally do anything for her. I want to be like him someday.” When Tessa was born in late 2008, Danielle and I had the opportunity to visit the new little family of four at Lakeview hospital. We watched and admired Tess from a distance, but after a few minutes (despite my fears) Clint wanted me to admire her up close and hold the beautiful little girl that he had created with Kelly. As Clint went to hand Tessa to me you could see the love and pride in his eyes and you could actually feel the protective instinct that he had for this little girl as he hesitatingly passed her to me. I remember thinking, “Wow! I really hope that I can be a father like Clint is. I really hope that someday I can love someone so much and have the desire to protect her so much.” I felt that feeling again as we all held Tessa in our arms in early January of 2009 at Dave and Kathy Layton’s house in order to give her a name and a blessing. It meant the world to me that Clint wanted me to be there and that they had decided to perform the blessing much earlier than anticipated so that I could participate when we were already out in Utah for the New Year. I think Clint wanted me to be there to show me a great example of fatherhood in the priesthood and to demonstrate to me that I was also capable having my own children and raising them in the Gospel.

28: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

29: I remember when we were all in California for Matt and Danielle's wedding. Everyone was there and Callie was just little. We were sitting at Vasona Park and Callie was running wild around the grass. She got a fair distance away from where everyone was and I asked Liz if someone should go get her and bring her back. She said not to worry because Clint always had an eye on her. Sure enough, when she started to run beyond the bathroom building where we could no longer see her, Clint went to get her. That was how he was. He was always aware of Callie and he was a great and watchful dad. But, he also let her go as long as it wasn't a problem. Later at the reception, Clint was holding Seth and playing with him and having fun. I said to him, you need a little boy. He replied that he loved little girls and would love to have another girl. He got his wish with Tessa. I also remember going to Callie's blessing at church. I guess since Clint is kind of burly I thought he was just a rough and tumble kind of guy. But when he got up to say his testimony, I was struck with what a sensitive guy he was. He cried because he was so happy and humble with his feelings about being a father and the love and responsibility that required. I definitely saw a side to him that I had not known, but also one that was very deep inside of him and absolutely genuine. I also have seen several times how Clint never complained. We were mountain biking in Lake Tahoe and he fell and scraped his knee. He hadn't biked a lot, but he hung in there and just had fun, inspite of being injured and the ride being challenging. Then, when he was in the hospital, it really stuck out that he didn't complain. I never heard him be negative about having Leukemia or having to go through all the rough treatment. Whenever I would walk in the room and say how are you, he would always say he was fine, even though I knew he wasn't.

30: The last time I talked to him was before they went to Disneyland. Carrie and I had taken some ice cream up to their house. We had heard he had some difficulty eating and didn't think he would have any. But he dug into it and really enjoyed eating ice cream at that time. I know that is a little thing, but I'm glad I got to share something that made him happy, however briefly. He was always gracious and made a point to say thank you; for ice cream, for money, for little things. That is the kind of guy he was. I will miss him. -Aunt Lisa

31: One of my favorite memories of Clint was when Callie was a little baby. I was sitting with Clint on their couch in their first condo and he was holding her so tightly. She had her little head nuzzled up to his neck and he turned to me and said, "This is the best part of my day. I love this!" Clint loved his daughters so much! Two things Clint used to tell me and I will never forget was that I should never skimp on toilet paper and laundry detergent. I haven't skimped on either of those two things since and life has been marvelous! :) -Love, Uncle Jon

33: Things we remember most about Clint: He has a very manly handshake He has perfectly straight teeth He called Lance "Chief" He is so strong and took care of his body Strong testimony of the gospel and unwavering belief in the teachings He always asked Lance about his military experiences and would listen intently Fiercely loyal to his family and friends A great laugh Very nice looking with wonderful freckles Total "man" nothing feminine about him I remember Clint coming over for a July 4th swimming party at our house. He put on these hilarious mermaid swim goggles and swim fins and kept those on the entire day. He was so funny and kept us laughing the entire time, swimming and doing fancy dives and synchronized swimming moves - and Clint was not very fond of water. The first time Clint met Kelly was at our house. Todd Crane was dating our daughter Rachel and Clint was up visiting. Kelly came up from CA for a visit and I can still remember- very vividly- the look on Clint's face when Kelly walked into the room. His whole face lit up! He was very nervous but he seemed excited to get to know her better. I also remember the night that Clint kissed Kelly for the first time. Kelly and Rachel ran into my bedroom and told me. Kelly was so excited!!! Kelly is a lucky gal! I remember once before Clint and Kelly had been introduced. I was grocery shopping at the Dicks in Centerville and was waiting in line to pay for my groceries.It was very busy and the lines were all long and the store was packed. I happened

34: to look over to another waiting line and there stood Clint.He looked so handsome in a green sweater, jeans and his big boots. He had a bottle of juice and two of those famous Dicks eclairs that Clint loved so much. I called over to him to say hello and instead of just waving back, Clint stepped out of line to come over and give me a hug and to talk awhile. He totally gave up his place in line, but he took the time to come over and hug me and chit chat. Then we went and got back in line- at the end of the line. This was so typical of Clint. So kind and gracious and caring. Always willing to lend a hand and to cheer somebody up or just ask how they were doing. It is very obvious that Clint loves his family. He adores his mother and father and spoke of them with such devotion and respect for how they had raised him. Not only to his immediate family but his love and devotion to Rachel and Todd has been amazing. Todd and Clint are "brothers" and it showed in every aspect of their lives to include being each others best men at their weddings. (We even have video of Clint dancing a little jig at Rachel and Todd's wedding

35: and giving a wonderful- and slightly hilarious Best Man talk at their wedding luncheon.) But most of all, Clint loves his wife Kelly and his adorable daughters Callie and Tessa. It showed in everything that he did. He worked very hard to better himself by going to school and working at his jobs. We think that what impresses us most is that Kelly and Clint never lost their attraction and love for each other. Even after settling down and having their children, Kelly and Clint remained faithful and true and we often witnessed them hugging, holding hands and stealing sweet little kisses. They only had eyes for each other. Clint Layton is a remarkable man and he has left a wonderful, honorable legacy of faith, commitment and love. Love-Heather and Lance

36: RYAN: Clint taught me that shoes can be washed in a dishwasher! :) He kept very meticulous care of himself and his clothing. Clint liked a tidy kitchen. I picture Clint in the kitchen cleaning the sink with a dish towel over his shoulder. He would often be doing dishes before everyone had even finished eating dinner. On a serious note, Clint treated each member of my family with respect and genuine interest. He cared about what each person--the very youngest and the very oldest--was up to. Clint would ask about Reed's favorite football team, about what Molly was studying in Kindergarten, and about Megan's friends. I truly admire how he reached out to young people and I want to emulate that in my life. BECKY: I loved Clint's ability to laugh at himself. He was not ashamed to make a fool of himself. He was not ashamed to not know the answer. Clint also had a way of making others laugh at themselves. I've never known anybody who could tease me, and by doing so, make me feel appreciated and loved, rather than embarassed. Nobody else could have gotten away with calling Grandpa Wood "Old Man." When Clint joked around with you, it meant he liked you! Clint made up nicknames for people. My kids will never forget the nicknames he came up with for each of them. His memories will always put a smile on our faces and put a spark in our lives that comes from his energy, contagious optimism, and wonderful sense of humor... Love, Becky and Ryan

37: Dear Callie and Tessa- Grandma and I have some thoughts to be included in your memory book about Clint. Grandma knew how much he loved oatmeal cake and made it a point to always have one whenever he came to visit at Brighton. One piece was never enough so she always sent the rest of the cake home with him. This was an important thing to Clint and grandma always accommodated him. Another thing we both noticed was how Clint handled Callie. That sweet little girl is quite strong willed! Clint would gather her up in his arms and say, "come on, we've got to have a talk." He'd take her into another room, they would have their "talk" and things would return to normal. He was a good discipliner. When Tessa was born, we all said we had hoped for a little boy for them, but Clint lovingly responded, "That's all right. I love little girls." We noticed that when Clint came to the cabin or our home, he always picked up our copy of The National Geographic magazine which is a unique magazine about nature and the world, and read it. We finally gave him a subscription to the magazine which he much appreciated. Even today, we continue to subscribe to it for the family for their benefit. I was also impressed with Clint's frequently asked questions about the gospel. He often would come to me, one on one, and ask about a particular doctrinal subject, making his own observations, but also receiving my thoughts and explanations willingly and with thanks. We love Clint and are happy he will always be a part of our family! -Love Grandma and Grandpa Wood

39: Dear sweet Callie girl and Tessa-rooni- I have had trouble narrowing down one or two stories to tell you of your father because I have so many great memories of him but I finally have decided on a couple I feel really describe your father well. As you know, the last days of his life here on this earth were spent in Disneyland. It is hard for Uncle Todd and I to look through the pictures we have of him during that trip because those were our last happy memories with him but as I have reflected upon things to write, I feel there are some very significant things to point out in those pictures that your father would like for you to know about him. When your daddy passed away, he didn’t have a job and he didn’t have a lot of money but what he did have was his family and therefore, died with everything. When he called Uncle Todd and I to tell us he was not going to live for very much longer, he requested that we join him along with you and your mama at Disneyland. He said he wanted to watch his little girls have a good time and enjoy his loved ones around him. I think that fact alone tells you much about his character. Clint loved his family, loved spending time with us and chose to spend his last days surrounded by those who loved him most. Family has always been an important aspect of his life and he has always been loyal, loving, and honest to those he loved. He fought hard to stay here and if he could’ve stayed, I know he would have in a heartbeat. As you look through some of the pictures I have chosen to go along with my memory, look at the love in his eyes he has for you two. When Callie was made into a princess at the “Bippidi-boppity-boutique” Clint watched her so intently and you could just see how much he loved her and how very proud he was of her. Although at the time Tessa was quite young, I also caught him looking at her as she sat on his lap with much adoration and as much love as a father could ever have for his baby girl. There was one each

40: moment I will never forget with Tessa and your daddy while we were at Downtown Disney and he had Tessa on his lap at the Lego store. He held Tessa as she played with some legos and he gazed at her as she stacked lego upon lego on top of each other. It was so touching to watch him love the two of you as much as he could during his last days. He wanted your last memories with him to be good ones and I hope as you remember him, you will think on those days in Disneyland with love and respect towards your father. We (me, uncle Todd, your mom and dad) had always talked about going to Disneyland together when all our kids were older and the time came for us to go together way before we had planned but I am very grateful and touched that your dad invited us to share those last days with him. Although he was very sick, it was such an honor to have those last memories with him. Your dad went on many rides with us and he was determined for you two to have a wonderful time. Nothing else mattered to him at that time but his loved ones and when I reflect upon those 5 days, my heart is filled with love for him and all the great memories I have with him. He has always been an incredible friend and example to me and I will never forget him for the love and friendship he always showed to me. He loves you so very, very much and you and your mommy are the reason he fought so incredibly hard to stay. Someday you will be reunited with him and that day will be a joyous one. In the meantime, listen for him as he is always around. Counsel with him during the hard times in your life and he will listen and guide you as good daddy would.

41: Another thing I have always admired about your dad is that he loved your mom very, very much. I always loved the way he looked at her and how she looked at him. Their love for one another was always so evident and I loved how neither of them felt embarrassed to show their love in public by sweet little kisses, hugs and the constant holding of hands. They definitely only had eyes for each other and it was the most endearing thing to witness. Your father never spoke ill of your mom and always stood up for her. He was never unkind or disrespectful to her and when he spoke of her to us, all he ever had to say was with love, admiration and respect. Both of your parents understood what real love means and I loved witnessing the sweet love they shared for each other during the many years I got to spend with them while they were together in this life. When it is your turn to choose a husband, keep in mind the kind of man your daddy is. Choose someone who will love and respect you and will always be loyal to you as your dad was to your mom. Clint was an excellent husband and made your mama very happy! Love always and forever-Auntie Rachel

42: In his youth, I often reflect on our family trip to Hawaii to pick-up Chad who was staying with the Lambs. On his 4th birthday, 7 July 1981, we were at the beach. There were a number of Chinese tourists who all wanted to have their photograph take with a “red head”. He was the hit for all and I know his picture is in many Chinese homes. As he was growing up, he wanted to do everything his brothers did and that meant playing soccer. When he was running he always looked at his shadow. He was always faster than his shadow. Love- Papa “Pops” Layton

44: My favorite memory of Uncle Clint is when he called from the hospital one day. I assumed there was something wrong or important he had to tell me and answered with caution. In the midst of his cancer, Clint had called to ask me if I had seen the movie “Wolfman” and if I had seen the preview for the “Green Zone” with Matt Damon. He told me to call him after I saw Wolfman and that we would go see Green Zone together. His love for movies is something I will never forget. -Grayson Layton | When Chad and I got married Clint was only 12 years old. He was a funny and outgoing kid with a big smile. At the end of the evening, Clint danced the “MC Hammer” dance in his tuxedo. His best friend Todd Crane joined in the show and they really worked it. But the best memory of that day was when Clint told me that he was glad I was his new sister. -Wendee Layton

45: My favorite memory of Clint is when the whole Layton family went to Yellow Stone National Park in 2007. We stayed in a nice cabin and the whole family stayed in the same as us. Clint had a full head of hair and he didn’t have cancer and he was happy. That’s how I want to remember Clint. Cancer free and Happy. -Cade E. Layton

46: We left December 26th for California to attend Clint’s wedding in Oakland. After literally a 12-14 hour drive that can only be described as HELL, we finally arrived at our hotel. We were bringing all the tuxedos with us. I called Clint to tell him we had arrived and let him know he could come pick up the tuxedos. He proceeded to ask me if we could drive them over to him because he did not want to leave Kelly’s house. The conversation went bad very quick and I threatened to harm him if he did not come pick up the tuxedos. I wanted to kill him that night, but we laughed about it often years later. Another memory I will never forget is Clint and Todd taking over the dance floor at my wedding. I will never forget that 12 year old bringing down the house to MC Hammer’s “Hammer time”. -Chad Layton I remember Clint when I was diagnosed with diabetes and he came to the hospital and gave me a dora coloring book. -London Layton I always spoiled Clint but I told him it was okay to be spoiled as long as you’re not a BRAT about it. Whenever he wanted something he would say, “I’m not a brat, but look at this face” as he would stick out his lip and pull a sad face. Sohe would get what he wanted. I always caved! -Nana Layton

47: The Halloween before Clint got sick, he put on a batman mask that was Callie’s. It was too small for his head! I’ll never forget how hard he made me laugh! In 2007, we went to Yellowstone for a family trip AKA, “The Maggot Hotel”. I used to get really homesick when I was younger. One night I was crying because I was so homesick and Clint kept telling me it was going to be okay. He took me onto the porch of the cabin where we were staying and he pointed to this red farm that was across the way. He told me a story about he had stayed in that farm one time and how some of his family stayed in a cabin nearby. He told me he would worry sometimes about his family but he would look at the window and look at their cabin and he knew they were safe. He told me that I was safe with my family around me and that I shouldn’t worry. I’ll never forget how safe and how much better he made me feel. I love him so much. -Shae Layton

48: Clint loved pizza. In fact, he had a sixth sense about it. Whenever there was pizza nearby, Clint was there eating most of it. It was awesome! Clint missed a field goal attempt that would have won the game against Davis. The fame went into overtime and Viewmont won the game. Clint was lucky that they won because Davey never would have let him live it down. Although, Davey still made fun of him everyday from then on. | Our favorite memories with Clint: Nine innings St. George Dairy Queen and Cold Stone Cockroach boy Stinky’s forever Ride you all the way to China! William Wallace -Anna and Davey Lund

49: My favorite memories with Clint- Hanging up Christmas lights Sunburn in his kiddie pool Big boys don’t cry birthday GI Joes Belly shirts Playing basketball/soccer and kicking his famous field goal Fremont high state field goal Watching him take state PK against Highland in finals Writing his football holes on his hands Powder jelly doughnuts Teaching him to shoot guns Shoveling snow MTC His red and green trucks Butch wax Dancing with Todd Crane Love-Uncle Casey Layton

51: Clint, Our “5th Son”, by Rock and Mary Lou Crane Clint has always called us his “2nd parents” and that has been a great privilege for us. We have known Clint from the time he arrived here on Earth. He has always been a part of our lives. We would love to share with you just a few things about Clint. COURAGE, OBEDIENCE AND SMILES are three words that come to mind when we think of Clint. COURAGE: We have a picture of Clint when he was 5 yrs. old on the 4th of July. He was posing with Todd and Alli, and he has both fists up in front of his face in a fighting stance. He always loved to show his fighting spirit by flexing his muscles and saying” Bring it on!” This courage and fighting spirit helped him achieve a lot of success in playing football, soccer, with his mission, and facing life's challenges. Our house was the only place where he would sleepover when he was young. He had a favorite blanket called his 'woobie” that he would bring with him. By the time he was 8 or 9, his woobie looked like a shredded rag. Once Rock found the woobie on the floor and thinking it was a rag, threw it into the garbage. Needless to say, we had to quickly retrieve the ragged woobie from the garbage, wash and dry it, and get it back to Clint before bedtime. OBEDIENCE: Clint was obedient throughout his life to his parents, friends, and most importantly to the teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ. You could always count on Clint to do the right thing and follow the rules. We felt better when Todd was hanging out with Clint because we knew Clint would always choose the right thing to do.

52: We spent a lot of time with Clint on holidays, family events, and vacations. One summer we went with Dave, Kathy, Clint and Todd to the National Parks in Utah and the Grand Canyon. Rock had made reservations at the Kaibab Lodge outside the Grand Canyon. When we drove up to the place, it was pretty run down. Clint saw a hot tub and said enthusiastically “Well we can at least sit in the hot tub!” The first thing Todd and Clint did was make a beeline over to the hot tub which was full of junk and not working. The owner told the boys that in the morning they could look out their window and they would see deer everywhere on the grassy field. Todd and Clint had their own room and spent an interesting night there with walls so thin, you could hear the people in the next room. The next morning “What to their wondering eyes should appear? Not even one deer!” The rest of the trip we laughed continually about the “deer everywhere”. SMILES: Clint had plenty of these for everyone. His red hair, charming smile and sense of humor made Clint fun to be around. We love Clint and always will. We want you to know that Clint's greatest joy that gave him the biggest smile is his love for his three special girls: Kelly, Callie and Tessa. You will always be loved by us and will always be a part of our family. “COUSINS FOREVER!'

53: Clint, Todd, and Alli were always together whenever the Crane’s, Layton’s, and Gledhill’s got together for holidays, picnics, and short vacations. They had great times swimming, jumping on the tramp, and taking advantage of the opportunities to be together and play hard. One time when we were celebrating a holiday at our home, Alli dared Clint to touch a wasp nest under our mailbox. He did get stung. Everyone went into panic mode, and Clint ended up covered in gooey mud from our garden. Because Cassie was four years younger than Clint, Todd, and Alli, we often took a friend for Cassie. This friend was usually Andy Druk who lived across the street. She was truly Clint’s and Todd’s nemesis. She was always trying to do something that would irritate the two of them. Whenever we were at Crane’s she would sneak into Todd’s bedroom and look for something to take or ruin in some way. One time she found their trading cards and stood right in front of Todd and Clint and crumbled several in her hands while Clint and Todd tried in vain to wrestle the cards from her hands all the time yelling for help from the oblivious grownups. Love-The Gledhills

54: Callie and Tessa, never forget your daddy and the man he is. And always remember as he taught us that you are always the "master of your fate and captain of your soul." We love you and your daddy will always love you!

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