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Classic Mixbook

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BC: The End

FC: All things grow better with love. | Becky & Derek

1: Our Story | Live, Laugh, Love...

2: About Us... We met in college at the University of New Hampshire and were married a few years later. We celebrated our wedding in Connecticut on July 4th 1998. We have been married for over 12 years and are best friends. We have enjoyed many adventures together. We lived in Tennessee, Georgia and now South Carolina. We love to golf, travel, hike and watch Sports together. We are both from New England and are passionate "Boston" sports fans. We are looking forward to adding to our family and starting a new chapter together as "parents".

3: Dear Birth Mother, We can not begin to understand how difficult this decision is for you. We believe that you are courageous, strong and have a huge heart. We are honored that you are willing to spend time learning more about us. Our hope is that you will understand that we are two individuals that love each other very much and would treasure the opportunity to be adoptive parents. Our decision to adopt was a natural transition for us. We knew that we wanted to have a family and when we made our decision to begin this journey a few years ago we were faced with various infertility issues. We both have extended families including step parents, step siblings, half siblings, and adopted niece and nephew. Our families love one other unconditionally and would welcome your birth son or daughter into their hearts. Our promise and commitment to you is to provide a safe home filled with love; inspire childhood dreams through cultural experiences and education; create family memories consisting of vacations, festive holidays, and playing with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents; provide advanced educational opportunities; embrace challenges as a family; provide a nurturing environment; and live, laugh and love together as a family. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to share our story with you.

4: From Becky's Heart: One of Derek's many strengths is his positive outlook... Derek never lets the "little things" bother him and is always looking forward. Derek likes to have fun. I know he will be a fantastic father and will love playing sports with his children, teaching him/her to play golf, and sharing his love for history. Derek has a kind heart and is always willing to help people. He has shown me how to stop and smell the roses and enjoy all of life's treasures. | About Derek | Derek in St John with his snorkel gear. | Derek with his best friend's son, Brayden. | Mayan Ruins, Mexico | Derek on his birthday, wearing his new Boston sports apparel that he received as gifts.

5: Hi, I was born and raised in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in the town of Laconia. My parents divorced when I was about five years old, but I consider myself very lucky because both of my parents remarried wonderful partners and have been married to them ever since. Additionally, I've been lucky to share wonderful times with a large family including a sister, stepsisters, half-sister and stepbrother. My parents lived in the same town when I was growing up, so I had very tight relationships with all my parents and siblings. I was very active growing up, participating in several sports including alpine ski racing, baseball, tennis, soccer, basketball and lots of neighborhood pick-up ball games of all types. I have several friends that I met as far back as nursery school that remain dear friends even to this day! I attended The University of New Hampshire from 1992-1996. It was there that two of the most wonderful events in my life took place. I met my future wife and best friend Becky and I graduated from college earning U.S. Army Officer commission as an Infantry Lieutenant. Becky and I were married in Connecticut in 1998, and I was able to have a wonderful mixture of family, lifelong friends and new friends from college and the 101st Airborne Division in attendance. Our wedding weekend is an event I always draw on for strength, love and happiness! We left the military in 2000, moving from Tennessee to Georgia and now South Carolina as part of a few corporate relocations. I have been working in the Banking and Finance industry since leaving the Army and am proud of the career that I have been fortunate to build. I am currently a Senior Vice President at a large Bank. Most important to me now is my desire to expand our family and become a great Dad to a little son or daughter, just like my Dad and Stepdad were to me! | I love history and to travel and will share these passions with your birth son/daughter. | La Jolla, CA | Things that I like to do... 1. Going on vacations to new places with Becky. 2. Swimming with the Sea Turtles in St. John...they are amazing! 3. Golfing with Becky. 4. Visiting with family and friends all over the United States. 5 Reading about history and visiting historic places. 6. Hanging out at the house watching Boston sports teams with Becky and our cats, Gus and Ziggy. 7. Dining out with family and friends. 8. Going to Zoos and Aquariums.

6: From Derek's Heart: Becky is a very beautiful and incredibly intelligent woman who has the most warming smile and laugh that I have ever known. Her never ending energy and motivation are two of her most impressive traits. The incredibly strong bonds that she's formed and strengthened with her family, my family and our many friends is an example of how wonderful of a Mom that she will be when given the opportunity to bond with a little son or daughter. I can't wait to see Becky as a Mom. Her love and optimism are a blessing! | About Becky | Becky with Best Friends' daughter, Jenna. | Becky in St. John... Vacation with Derek and his parents in 2007. Family vacations are important to me, many special memories are created on vacations... | Becky graduating with her MBA

7: Things that I like to do... 1. Going for long walks on the weekends. 2. Baking cookies, pies, or cakes. My grandmother was a fantastic baker and she rubbed off on me. 3. Golfing with Derek. 4. Spending time in Connecticut with my family. 5. Snorkeling in St. John with the sea turtles. 6. Reading a book with my cats Gus and Ziggy on my lap. 7. Shopping and decorating. 8. Celebrating holidays and birthdays! | Hello, I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, Portland. I lived with my Mom and Sister after my parents were divorced. However, my Dad lived nearby and remained a huge part of my life. He was at every school function, important event, and always helped me with homework. Some of my favorite things to do as a child were shopping with my mom, swimming in our pool or at the beach, playing cards with my mom, going to church and lunch with my Dad on Sundays, and spending time with my grandparents and cousins. I also loved to hang-out with my girlfriends. I graduated from Portland High School in 1993 and went to the University of New Hampshire. The best part of college were the friendships that I made, my best friends today were my college room mates. Oh yeah, and I did meet my future husband at UNH. Derek and I met my junior year. I graduated UNH in 1997 with a degree in Health Management and Policy. A year later, Derek and I were married and began our adventures in the South East. I love getting to know a new area and meeting new people and exploring the city. Derek and I have become best pals over the years. I graduated from Georgia State University in 2005 with my Masters in Business Administration. I am currently an Assistant Vice President of Finance at a large health care system. My career has been important to me and I love working in the health care industry. Although, my career has been a passion for me; I am very much looking forward to being a "Mom", which has always been the role that I believe I would be the best at... | Becky at the San Diego Zoo taking a "break".

8: Mom and Tom live in Diamond Springs, CA and spend a month each summer at their lake house in Sinclair, ME. Whether they are at their California home or in Maine, they always have lots of visiting family and friends. Mom has spent her whole life being a nurturing, caring and loving mom to five children and lots of grandchildren while Tom has been an equally devoted Dad and husband to my mom. Tom is now retired but continues his love of music as he spent his career as a music and band teacher. Mom has not retired yet as she still loves her job as a Registered Nurse taking care of all the little newborn babies. Mom and Tom also have a great love for their pet dogs. We always joke that if we were a dog, we would want Mom and Tom to be our owners...those dogs are so spoiled! Mom and Tom are just as excited about having another grandchild as we are to be parents! | Derek's Family... | Mom & Tom | Sister Caryn, Mom, Tom, Neice (Audrey), Nephew (Trevor) and Becky in Maine. | Mom and Tom celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

9: Dad and Tobi live in Laconia, NH and we love visiting them at my childhood home and going on vacation adventures with them. Dad is now retired but spent his career as a finance professional for the State of New Hampshire. He is also a decorated war veteran. When I think of everything that makes up a great Dad, he is what I picture. He is a big part of our lives and we love to talk about how the Boston sports teams are doing! | Tobi has been an incredibly terrific Mom to my sisters and me and continues to be a big part of my life. She is the consummate educator and continues to work as a Vice Principle at an elementary school. Tobi's motivation and energy are are amazing. When we go snorkeling together, she's always the last one out of the water! Tobi inspires everyone around her to be the best person that they can be and her positive attitude is infectious. Dad and Tobi are very excited about having another grandchild! | Dad & Tobi | Dad, Tobi, Becky and me in St. John | Sister Hannah, Tobi and me at the house I grew up at in New Hampshire. | Nana (Dad's Mom)

10: Becky's Family | My mom and Step Dad (Dan) live in CT. They are both retired. They have a RV and spend winters in the Southeast. | I am very close to my family.... My Mom and Step Dad are looking forward to being grandparents. My Step Dad was adopted and they are very supportive of our decision to adopt. The best word that I can use to describe my Mom is "Mom"... She is warm and kind and a wonderful part of my life. My mom is always there for the ups and downs in life... She knows how to make me feel better and celebrates the "wins" with me. Dan is a great step father and I have enjoyed spending time together when they visit us at our home in SC. | Mom helping me plant flowers for Spring... | Christmas with our family is full of presents and fun. | Dan, Mom, Sister and Me. | My sister (Missy), Mom and me in New Port RI. We had a girls weekend for my Mom's 60th Birthday. | Christmas morning

11: My Dad and Step Mom live in CT. They have a beach home and we spend a week with them every summer. | My Dad is a retired Teacher and my Step Mom (Julie) is a principal. Education is valued with my family. | My Dad loves to Golf and it has been fun as an adult to spend time on the golf course together. Although my parents live far away, we talk on the phone all the time and we visit "home" often. My Dad and Step Mom will be excellent grand parents. They will be perceived as the "fun ones". I am fortunate to have numerous cousins close in age and we grew up together and are still very close. My Dad is very close to his brothers and sisters and his Family has shown me how important Family is; they are always there for each other. | Missy, Derek, me Dad and Julie | Cousins | Boston for Dad's 60th BDay | Dad visiting SC | Dad, Missy, Great Aunt Jean and me at the Beach House.

12: My older sister is my best friend. She lives in Connecticut where she teaches third grade. She loves spending summers at the beach and with her girlfriends and their children. She is the most giving and generous person that I know. She opens her heart to everyone. She will be an amazing Aunt. | Becky's Sister | My sister and I visit each other frequently. She spends many of her school vacations in SC visiting us or we go on vacations together. | Missy, Mom and me outside our home. They came down to celebrate my birthday.

13: Derek's Siblings | I am the youngest of 4 on my mom's side and thus, learned how to fight for attention and airtime. I have 4 sisters which has taught me more than I ever wanted to know. I enjoy being an older brother to my younger half sister, Hannah. I love spending time together reminiscing about old times. | Step brother Tom, Step Sister Nikki, Step Sister Loren, Sister Caryn and me in Maine for my Mom and Tom's anniversary party. | Caryn, Nana and me | Caryn and Denise | "The better half" | Half Sister, Hannah, visiting us in SC and meeting me for lunch.

14: Playing Monopoly, Reading American Girl catalog and learning how to use the iPad over Christmas vacation. | Uncle Derek & Aunt Becky

15: Our Cats, | Gus and Ziggy hunting birds from the inside | Meow, Meow, Meow | Gus | Ziggy | Gus and Ziggy are 10 years old and a huge part of our family. They will love a baby... | Gus giving Ziggy a bath.

16: My family has a summer home in Sinclaire, Maine on Long Lake, which is in northern Maine. I always looked forward to vacations here in the summer as a kid. My favorite thing to do was to explore the streams and brooks and fish for brook trout. I look forward to taking my child here and teaching him/her to fish. And or course, showing him/her how to eat a Maine lobster. Written by Derek | Summers in Maine | "Camp" | Denise on the lake with the kids... | Never too old for fun... Mom and Tom on a jet ski... | 5lb lobsters... | Derek, Becky, Caryn and Denise vacationing together.

17: & Connecticut | My family has two cottages in South Lyme, Connecticut at a beach community, "Point O' Woods". I was so fortunate as a kid to have been able to spend my summers here. My sister, cousins and I stayed in the "Stone Walk" with our grandparents. I have so many special memories from summers here... crabbing by the rocks, swimming to the raft, eating ice-cream from the good humor truck, building sand castles, board games on rainy days and just being "kids"... We go to Connecticut every summer and spend hours reminiscing about our childhood here. I would love for my children to spend summers here with their cousins and grandparents. And I would love to teach him / her how to crab by the rocks and my Dad (grandfather) will be anxiously waiting from him/her to be old enough to swim to the raft... Written by Becky | Missy hunting for seaglass | Uncle Scott and Aunt Daria relaxing in the ocean | Hanging out on deck at Dad's place | Derek and Missy relaxing at the beach... | "Monster Rock" | Dad's Cottage: "Bud's Folly" | Family Cottage: "Stone Walk"

18: Mexico | St John | Hilton Head for our 10th Anniversary... Watching fireworks from a sailboat... | Charleston, SC... Derek in front of the USS Yorktowne. | Vacations | San Diego Zoo | We love to vacation together and with family. We enjoy relaxing vacations on the beach, exploring history, and seeing animals. We like snorkeling and especially love swimming with the sea turtles. We will share family vacations and create memories. | St John

19: We love to spend time with friends and family and with each other. The greatest gift is spending time with someone you love. | Life is Good...

20: Our Home | "Summer" | "Fall" | We have a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in a family friendly neighborhood in a suburb south of Charlotte. We are ready to make one of the bedrooms a nursery. We have a fenced in backyard that is perfect for a swing set in a few years. Our home is ready for a new addition to the family. | Dining Room will be used to celebrate Holidays and Birthdays

21: Our neighborhood is a planned community with numerous amenities including parks, community pools, YMCA, library and one of the town's elementary schools.. It is a perfect neighborhood to raise a family. | Our Neighborhood | We live on a dead end street and thus, it gets minimal traffic. There are sidewalks on all streets in the neighborhood. There are many little ones on the street and we are looking to add one more... | Library | YMCA | Elementary School | Our Street

22: Our Values... | "Family" We value spending time together as a family and with each of our families. | "Work Ethic" We both have a strong work ethic and believe in success through hard work. | "Kindness" Having a warm hearted spirit is important us. We value relationships with friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

23: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and our families better. We hope it gave you insight into who we are and how we would bring our family values into raising a child. We would be honored to be parents to your birth son/daughter. We wish you peace as you make this decision and after. Regards, Derek and Becky

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