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Classic Mixbook

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S: Building a Dream in Kenton, Oklahoma 73946 #2 Mesa View Drive: A Home on a Hill PART 2

BC: The GREEN behind the DREAM

FC: Building A Dream: Kenton, Oklahoma 73946 | Part 2 | Mesa View Drive: A Home on a Hill | A dream without action is nothing more than wishful thinking but a dream with action opens the door to your soul.

1: March 13 - March 19 Since the last visit in December, Monty Joe started the electrical work and insulated the north gable. | Spring Break 2011 | March 13 (Sunday) Arrive with a borrowed truck and trailer and the seven interior doors from Norman Door & Plywood. | March 14 (Monday) Prep the master bath with cement board before the plumbers show up for 2 days of work (water, septic, and propane lines). Plan out the kitchen and electrical lines. Break at noon for a new cell phone and trip to Walsh to meet the infamous chiropractor. Joe and Lynn arrive. Finalize the kitchen layout with Joe in the evening. | Introduced to the new mess since the last visit but the purchase of the scaffold proved to be worth more than "its weight in gold". | Screw the cement board down in the master bathroom before the plumbers arrive. | Master Bath Floor | Someone has been very busy over the winter.

2: March 15 (Tuesday) Work on the electrical system, the R30 insulation, and the vent holes. | The stock of R30 insulation and the master bath. | Looking out of the master closet to the pile of insulation in the master bedroom. | The tub-shower unit in the master bathroom. | The plumber's work in the master bath. | The living area and the insulated north gable.

3: The guest bathroom. | The plumbers are making progress in the utility room | The vent holes and double screening are in place for the airflow in the ceiling. | Getting the R30 insulation in place with the help of Joe while Monty Joe works on the electrical system.

4: March 16 (Wednesday) Travel five hours to La Jara, Colorado with Joe and Monty Joe to pick up the Aspen paneling and Douglas Fir beams. | March 17 & 18 (Thursday & Friday) Finish the living area insulation and most of the electrical system, along with securing the voids. | The main electrical box and the plumber’s handy work.

5: The water lines | The guest bathroom | View from the guest bedroom (from the SE corner). | The master closet and the seven interior doors. | The master bathroom. | The master bathroom is plumbed.

6: The insulation mound is reduced in size. | The insulated living area. | The main shutoff valve looking north. | The fine network below of electrical wires, propane lines, and water pipes.

7: Insulation is placed around the boxes and holes leading into the floor. | The insulated living area looking south. | Waiting for a ride home.

8: MAY 2011 Let Summer #2 begin! | May 17 (Tuesday) Let the second phase of construction begin. Arrive around 7:30PM. Good to be back. | May 18 (Wednesday) Up at site by 8AM after getting organized in the barn. Nice to back in the cabin. Install the ceiling hood for the wood stove and the hardibacker subfloor in the northeast corner and in the utility room. Install frame for the attic stairs. | Ceiling hood installed in the northeast corner. | Install hardibacker subfloor for the wood stove. | Install hardibacker subfloor in the utility room. | Install frame for attic stairs and arrange the attic flooring.

9: May 19 (Thursday) Up at site by 6:30AM and spend the morning below with the electrical wiring while Monty Joe deals with the above wiring and boxes. Install the heat and air registers in the PM. Install nailers for the aspen paneling above the utility room. | Electrical wiring completed in the crawl space. | Install heat and air vents (guest bedroom) throughout the cabin. | Install attic stairs in the master closet. | Install attic stairs in the master closet.

10: May 20 (Friday) Install drywall in the utility room. Monty Joe finishes the breaker box wiring and we locate the wiring (where they lead) behind the breaker box. Install attic lights. | Install the PURPLE drywall in the utility room. | Install attic lights. | Light above the utility room. | Behind the gable. | The master bedroom. | May 21 (Saturday) AM visitors!! Put up the cedar siding on the entry way wall and in the master bedroom wall next to the hallway. Install the cedar trim around the French doors. The main floor is almost clear of wood.

11: Breaker box wiring is secure. | Back of the breaker box in the guest bathroom. | String wire for all above lights and fans and switches (master bedroom). | Wiring up the master bath. | Outdoor light boxes installed. | Morning visitors.

12: Cedar siding is up on the entry wall. | Cedar siding on the master bedroom east wall. | Secure the cedar trim around the French doors | Accomplished a lot in FOUR days!! WOW! | May 22 (Sunday) Day off. Scavenger hunt for rocks on a hill behind Mark's place with Monty Joe and Vicki. | May 23 (Monday) AM yard work. Finish off the cedar siding on the west wall of the master bedroom. We made it! Finish up the electrical work. Start on the heat and air duct work and plan out the rest. Figure out the return air system. | Finish off the cedar siding on the west wall of the master bedroom.

13: Wiring up the master bath. | Finish the electrical work into the master bedroom. | Start on the heat and air duct work and plan out the rest. Start the planning in the master bedroom. | Plan out the return air system starting in the master bedroom above and below. | Above hole in the guest bedroom. | Below the guest bedroom.

14: The work table and the Makita workforce. | Homemade mouse trap. | NO MORE CEDAR SIDING ON THE FLOOR. | May 25 (Wednesday) Monty Joe and Vicki leave for Edmond. Breakfast with couple. Duct work, drill holes for venting in outside 2x6 (east and west sides). Lay insulation in utility room, guest bath and closet and bedroom and hall. | Duct work out of master bath. | May 24 (Tuesday) Cemetery and BMBB yard work. Chiropractor and errands in Springfield.

15: Duct work out of the guest bedroom. | Duct work from master bath and bedroom and then to the air unit. | Duct work out of the guest bathroom. | Duct work from gable and bedroom and then to the air unit. | Insulation in the hallway.

16: Insulation in the utility room. | Insulation in the guest bath. | Insulation in the guest bedroom. | Vent holes in the east and west 2x6 for the attic area. | May 26 (Thursday) To Walsh, CO for chiropractic care. Errands in Springfield. Errands in Boise City. Stop by to discuss heat and air with Kenneth. Lunch. Finish putting up the ceiling insulation. Fill gaps in outside outlets on west side. | Ceiling insulation is done.

17: Master bedroom. | Master bath and closet. | Master bath and closet and guest bedroom. | Seal up the outside boxes. | May 27 (Friday) Up at 6AM and get some chores done. Monty Joe and Vicki return today. Put up nailers on vaulted ceiling for Douglas Fir beams. Fix duct work in attic. Fix outside boxes on east side. Put up some wall insulation. Take measurements for drywall and flooring.

18: Nailers in the ceiling for the beams. | Some wall insulation installed (hallway and master closet). | Trimmed windows and doors with rough cedar. | May 28 (Saturday) Sleep in until 7AM! Misty AM. At cabin by 10AM. Trim the windows and doors in the vaulted area with rough cedar. Cut, sand, fit, refit, adjust the yellow pine, sand the styrofoam, chop concrete edges and then mount the trim. A lot of planning. Screw the hardibacker to the sytrofoam in the NE corner for the wood stove.

19: Hardibacker behind the wood stove. | Northwest window. | May 29 (Sunday) Breakfast for guests and get ready for Memorial Day lunch at community center. Morning views with fog. | Where is the Mesa? Perhaps in the fog. | Outlet photos for Ron at Modulog. Possible cedar outlet trim.

20: May 30 (Monday) Help with breakfasts and get stuff done around the barn in preparation for the day's work while MJ runs to Boise City. At site at 10:30am after showing off the place. START ON CEILING! Get a system down and get the first boards on with special cuts. False alarm on lost hiker on the Mesa. Order frig and freezer from Sears with David's help. | Get a jump on the ceiling, east side. | May 31 (Tuesday) To Walsh, CO for chiropractic care with Monty Joe. Stop in Springfield for truck battery, order drywall from Everitt Moore, and some groceries. Back at site at 1pm and almost done east side with 2.5 feet to spare. | looking great!

21: Made great headway on the ceiling after getting a good system going on the scaffold. Could really use another person up top. | June1 (Wednesday) Early breakfast at 6AM with guests. Load wood from the stock pile in the barn into the bed of the truck. FINISH THE EAST SIDE and east south gable. Looks great! Slow start on the WEST SIDE after 1.5 hrs of getting the first two rows done. Got it right finally. Finish 1/3 rd of the west side and stop due to dark skies and RAIN! | Begin the west side after a slow start getting the first two runs in order. | The east side is done. | Two full days on the ceiling and making good strides. | June 2 (Thursday) Amarillo run after waiting for the electricity to come back on. Leave at 7AM and return at 8:30PM after forgetting Vicki's tire. Long day but accomplished a lot: SEARS, SAMS CLUB, WALMART, LUNCH w/ Vicki heading south, LOWES, DEALERS ELECTRIC SUPPLY, PET STORE, SEARS. Drive through rain and sky full of dust. | JUNE

22: June 3 (Friday) Cook breakfast. Roll out 300 feet of wire for the kitchen. Continue DAY 3 of ceiling and finish it!! Break at lunch time to make calls. Monty Joe naps. Finish ceiling at 6:30PM! DONE. | Lay down 300 feet of wire from the cabin.... | The finished spool and makeshift table. | The scaffold. A dear friend for the ceiling! Get going on the west side of the ceiling. | ....and down the hill to the pole. | One of several loads of Aspen from the stockpile in the barn. | One of several loads in the cabin. | Ceiling is finished after three days. | One of several loads of Aspen.

23: The finished ceiling | June 4 (Saturday) Cook breakfast. Finish south gable and put up the first of two 13 foot Douglas Fir 4"x8" center beams. What a masterpiece of engineering done by Monty Joe to handle such a board. Partly finish north gable and install the second beam using the same method. DONE! What a job. Finish the north gable. Get a jump on the walls...the east one. Rain coming. | The first attempt at installing the first of two 13 foot Douglas Fir 4x8 center beams. | The "wedge" technique. | A LOT OF STRESS!

24: Give a man a challenge and he will find a solution. The REVISED method with A LOT of stress!! Added features: truck jack and homemade iron twist bar manufactured by Monty Joe. | Center beam #1 of 2 is up. | Center beam # 2. Same method. | Center beam #2.

25: The east wall almost done. | June 5 (Sunday) Cook breakfast and see our guests off. Clean up and straighten up. School work. Monty Joe and I hang out. | June 6 (Monday) Get things done around the house. Clean out barn for the wood floors tomorrow. Work on finishing the east wall and start the north wall. Quit at 12:30 to go run errands in Springfield and go to chiropractor. Vicki returns at 7PM. | Fires in Arizona making evening and morning skies darker. | The kittens are becoming more active. | The east wall is done and trimmed.

26: One window done as a sample on the east wall. | Start on north wall. | June 7 (Tuesday) Wake to morning haze due to Arizona fires. A red sun through the smoke. Wood floor arrives at 6:40AM from Boise City thanks to Tim, the driver. Stack the boxes in the barn (63 boxes and 3717 pounds). Show Tim the cabin. Tim helps unload some Douglas Fir beams. Work on north wall and finish except for the windows. Larry shows up and runs the telephone/DSL lines. Work on electrical system in the kitchen. Stan arrives at 2PM. this is GOOD news! Glad to have him here. Finish the electrical system, drill a hole through south wall in the crawl space for the wire and install two ceiling beams. Looking great! Drywall shows up from Springfield and unload the 70 sheets into the master bedroom. Put up nailers for the ceiling drywall. BUSY DAY!

27: Take the rest of the Aspen paneling to the site. Larry, the PTCI employee, shows up to install all of the phone lines and boxes. | Wake to morning haze due to Arizona fires. | North wall is done except for the windows. | Phone line on the north wall. | Master bedroom box. | Utility room phone jack.

28: Two beams on the east side done. Getting a system down with Stan. | 70 sheets of sheetrock and the ceiling jack arrive at 3:30PM from Springfield. | June 8 (Wednesday) Put up the sheetrock in the kitchen and then tackle the guest bedroom ceiling, half of the west wall and the hallway ceiling. Put up four more beams. Busted left index finger with a hammer. OUCH! Eddie visits. Going to brand soon. | Sheetrock up in the kitchen first for practice. | Sheetrock up in the guest bedroom (ceiling). Thank you ceiling jack.

29: Sheetrock up on the ceiling in the guest bedroom and in the hallway. | Put up four more beams. | June 9 (Thursday) Another cool AM in the 50s. Up at site by 7AM. Stan starts digging the ditch while MJ and I finish the west wall paneling. Put up the rest of the beams by early afternoon. Got a good system going. DONE! Looks great. Clean up. Plan out the rest of the paneling. Start double walling the bedroom and hallway with sheetrock. Birthday dinner for Diane.

30: Stan starts digging the ditch for the second electrical line. | The west wall is done. | The west wall is almost done. | All of the beams are installed after a good system is established. | All in good order.

31: Start double walling the guest bedroom and hallway. | June 10 (Friday) Another cool AM. Brand cattle at Smitty’s place. Work running the cattle with Trevor. Stan on the chute. Work on the sheetrock after branding (10AM). Finish the hallway and guest bedroom and closet. Start on master bedroom soundproof wall. Run out of silicon. | Finish the hallway. | Finish the closet. | Finish the guest bedroom. | Start on the soundproof wall in the master bedroom and run out of silicon. Work on the other wall.

32: June 11 (Saturday) Another cool AM in the 50s. Brand cattle at the BMBB while Stan works on the ditch. Finish by 8:45AM and run to Boise City for silicon, gas, and groceries. Help Monty Joe with the gas tank at the BMBB. Lunch at BMBB by Eddie and Cerita. Back to site at 1PM and finish up the master bedroom and most of the closet. Pushed it and Monty Joe is tired. Finish 60 sheets of sheetrock with Stan's help. | Master bath ceiling done. | Master bedroom is finished. | Master closet almost finished.

33: June 12 (Sunday) Another cool AM and work on finishing the ditch with Stan before he leaves. Finish digging the ditch in 2hrs and bury the line in 2hrs. DONE! Thanks Stan. He leaves a noon. | The ditch is dug and ready to fill. | The Black Mesa in a drought and last year record moisture at 18 inches. | June 13 (Monday) A slow start without Stan. Finish most of the drywall in the utility room. Hang one piece in the guest bathroom. Finish the drywall in the master closet. Start the Aspen paneling in the hallway. Quit at 1:30PM for the chiropractor. Raton fire in the sky. I-25 closed. | Drywall in the utility room.

34: Drywall finished in the master closet. | Install one piece of drywall in the guest bathroom. | Start the paneling in the hallway. | June 14 (Tuesday) Frame out the guest bedroom doorway and install drywall. Plumbers show up for the day. Finish paneling in the hallway. Propane guy, Wayne, shows up to discuss propane site. Finish the paneling and windows in the guest bedroom. Been here one month and have made great strides!!! | Finish paneling in the hallway and frame out the doorway for the guest bedroom.

35: Finish the paneling on the east wall of the guest bedroom and the two windows. | Full moon rise near the cabin. Big and bright! 8:25PM | Prepare the site for propane tank and start the ditch for the fuel line. | June 15 (Wednesday) Up at site at 8AM after some house keeping. Prepare propane pad and ditch for the line. Work on utility room drywall and one piece in the guest bathroom. Install some Aspen in the guest bathroom along with insulation. Install Aspen trim in the kitchen and hallway entrance. Tack in the final gable for the heat/air system.

36: Install more drywall in the utility room and one piece in the guest bathroom. Closing in on the final pieces. | Start the Aspen paneling in the guest bathroom and put up the remaining insulation. | Guest bathroom paneling and install a few pieces in the master bath for the plumbers. | Guest Bath | Master Bath | Utility Room | Guest Bath | North wall of guest bath.

37: Trim pieces in the kitchen and hallway entrance. | Finish the final gable where the heat/air system will be. | June 16 (Thursday) AM chores and leave at 7:30AM for the chiropractor. Springfield for gas, hardware, groceries. Back to BMBB at noon. Fix the air conditioner. On site at 1:15PM and work on the guest bathroom paneling. Almost finished. Clean up the mess in the dining area and move operations to the master bedroom. | Almost finished the guest bathroom. | No more wires on the north wall!

38: The last of the Styrofoam showing (master bath). | Master Bath | Guest Bath | June 17 (Friday) Up at the site by 7AM. Finish the Aspen in the guest bathroom. Finish 90% of the Aspen in the master bath. NO MORE STYROFOAM showing and the Aspen paneling is almost gone. | Master Bath | Guest Bath

39: June 18 (Saturday) To the site w/o Monty Joe. Melissa is in town. Sand the guest bath. Monty Joe shows up and we finish the dining room window, two north windows, and kitchen window. Barely enough Aspen. Just two windows short in the guest bath and utility room. Sand master bath. Sand two cedar walls twice in the master bedroom. Sand the wall in the guest bedroom. Sand hallway. Tape the walls off for drywall. Michael (Mr. Drywall) and family arrive. | Four more windows are done and the aspen is gone. | Sand and tape off the master bedroom. | Sand and tape off the master bath. | West Window | NW Window | NW Window | Kitchen Window

40: Sand and tape off the guest bathroom. | Sand and tape off the guest bedroom wall. | Sand and tape off the hallway. | June 19 (Sunday) Church with Micheal's family. What a nice time. Lunch. Hit the DRYWALL with Michael. What technique! Learning a lot. Work from 12:00 to 7:30PM. Sunset shots. Dinner. Then work from 8:15PM to 1AM. | June 20 (Monday) Up after 4.5 hrs of sleep. A cool AM. Hit the hill by 7AM. More drywall with Michael doing a lot of the work. Sand and fill screw holes. Monty Joe and I do some of the first stage. Lunch at noon. Sand the entrance wall. Dig the propane ditch. Work the drywall in the guest closet. Work until 6PM. Michael is coming back since he is not finished. Good news. | Michael mixing the mud and a finished wall in the kitchen.

41: The guest bathroom after two stages. | The master bedroom and closet. | Master Bath | June 21 (Tuesday) First day of summer. Sand and fill wood seams. Finish vaulted ceiling and walls in the living/ dining area. Monty Joe works on the dirt pile. Rake in the west and north sides on and off all day. | Dirt work on the west and north sides. | Sand and fill seams on and off all day in the living and dining area. | Dirt work started on the east side. | Dirt work started on the west side. | Dirt work on the north side.

42: Start taping off the windows. | All vertical wood sanded. | June 22 (Wednesday) Rake the south side and now the dirt pile is gone! Work on sanding all the vertical wood in the living area. Start taping off the windows. Had my first visitor at the door that knocked. The electric company was updating the meter to an online system. First time the guy had to hike to a pole! | Dirt work on the east side complete and the dirt pile on the north side is gone after 15 months. | The Site | June 23 (Thursday) Monty Joe and Vicki to Amarillo. Tape off all of the windows and doors and sand some high points on the floors. Patch holes in the outside cedar due to the woodpecker. Start installing outlets. Unload supplies from Amarillo on site, especially the knotty pine to finish up two windows and the linen closet.

43: June 24 (Friday) Sink two posts for the entrance. Finish taping guest bedroom for Michael. Finish the knotty pine wood in the utility, room, guest bath, guest bedroom, and linen closet. Out of the aspen wood. Just finished when Michael arrives at 4PM. Day three of drywall. Quit at 2AM. Need one more day. He will return. | Posts cemented in at the entrance. | Finish utility room window using knotty pine. A much harder wood but easier to install. | Finish guest bedroom window using knotty pine. | Finish guest bath window using knotty pine. | The first door hung. What a look! | Michael’s handy work until 2AM. Not finished. Need one more evening. Smooth as glass. | Master bedroom. | The linen closet using knotty pine. | Hallway | Guest Bathroom | Master Bathroom

44: June 25 (Saturday) Up at 7AM and not in any hurry. Bryan visits and delivers the heat and air unit. FINALLY. Texture the kitchen and two bathrooms. Over spray on the wood so sanding required again. Put up some Aspen trim and then hang all of the doors. They fit well and look great. Joe and Lynn arrive. Excited about spraying the wood and the doors. | Textured kitchen wall. | Textured guest bath ceiling. | Textured master bath ceiling. | Trim up on the north wall, kitchen, and hallway. | Doors are hung and fit snug. | Guest Bath | Utility Room | Guest Bedroom | Master Closet | Master Bath | Guest Bedroom

45: Master Closet | June 26 (Sunday) Sleep in until 7AM. Up at site at 9AM and already 90 degrees. HOT. Got up to 106 and only 86 inside. Monty Joe frames the doors in cedar in the hallway. I sand all the wood with textured over-spray, then vacuum each room, air gun off the dust, and wipe the walls. Bryan visits with root beer bet. Quit at 4:30PM. John Ensworth and family arrive. | Outside | Inside | June 27 (Monday) DAY TO SPRAY!! A much cooler AM and day. Joe and I spend the day treating all of the wood. Apply the first coat of Cetol UV protection, sand, and apply the first coat of water-based lacquer (vaulted ceiling and east wall). The wood looks outstanding!! | Joe putting on the first coat of UV protection. | Where did I start and where did I end?? | Joe on the ceiling and in the master bedroom.

46: June 28 (Tuesday) Head out to finish the wood and complete the living area and utility room when THE COMPRESSOR QUIT. No more spraying. The unit is dead! Not good. Joe will have to return in two weeks. Switch gears to the utility room and taping off for the drywall. Argh! Propane tank arrives. Install outlets. | Finish the living area and utility room when the compressor quits on the spray gun. | Wayne arrives with the propane tank. Very large! | Getting it in place. | It has a home....forever | Tape off for the dry wall .... AGAIN. | Work on installing the 40 outlets.

47: An evening storm passes to the south and east. | June 29 (Wednesday) Tile the master bathroom with Monty Joe cutting and I laying. A good smooth system and done in the morning. Let dry and only I head to Walsh for the chiropractor. Decide on laser surgery. Family dinner. Joe and I finalize the kitchen. This is going to be good. | The work area and the tiled master bathroom. | June 30 (Thursday) Monty Joe to Amarillo for Vicki and then some supplies from Lowes. Leaves at 4AM and returns at noon. Collect rocks south of the mesa for the rock wall. On site at 9AM and grout the master bathroom. Clean and sort rocks for the rock wall. Unload aspen trim. Tape the vertical seams in the utility room. | Grout the master bathroom.

48: Clean and sort rocks for the rock wall. | Tape vertical seams in the utility room. | July 1 (Friday) Lay tile in the guest bathroom. Clean up the work area. Clean and seal the grout in the master bathroom. Discuss the return vents and new ones to install. Back to the BMBB to install the new dishwasher and clean rooms. Modulog outlet boxes arrive. Back to site to sand boxes, install outdoor and some indoor outlets. Bring in and sort rocks for the rock wall. | Tile the guest bathroom. | Grout cleaned and sealed in the master bedroom. | Modulog outlet boxes arrive and then sanded.

49: Rocks sorted and ready for the rock wall. | Install outdoor outlet boxes and then some inside. | July 2 (Saturday) Put the grout in the guest bathroom. In between two grout cleanings, install rocks around the water pipe outside. Tired of the mud. Monty Joe up later to frame in the heat and air unit. Start on the rock wall before lunch amongst many problems keeping the rocks in one place. Finally come up with a system that works. Slow going. Knees are really sore. Merits and Judy arrive for a visit. | Grout the guest bathroom. | Monty Joe frames the heat/air unit and puts the unit into place. Now the tedious part of getting all the lines right.

50: Small rock patio around the water hose. No more standing in mud. | Start the rock wall and lots of trail and error with the right mud mixture and system using screws and glue. Sore knees since on them all day. | Clean the floor three times and seal the grout in the guest bathroom. | July 3 (Sunday) Finally got a full 8hrs of rest and an off day. School work in the AM. Church in Kenton. More work and calls. Community lunch in Kenton. Walk to site to clean and seal the guest bathroom. Second coat on the master bathroom. Clean up inside and especially outside. Walk back. Make calls. Show off cabin. Make calls. | Second coat of sealer in the master bathroom. | July 4 (Monday) Leave for Walsh, CO at 8AM for laser treatment #1. Aligned without adjustment. Walk around the block. Store in Walsh. Back to BMBB at 12:15PM. Lunch. Judy and Mertis head out. To site at 3PM. Work on rock wall while MJ trims out the bathrooms. Second coat of sealer in the guest bathroom.

51: Almost a third of the way up the rock wall. One full day on the wall so far. | Trim out the master bath. | Trim out the guest bath. | July 5 (Tuesday) Leave for Walsh, CO at 6:30AM for laser treatment #2. It stayed in! Errands in Springfield. Collect rocks on the way back. Help Vicki at BMBB. To Mark's place. Monty Joe working on floor. Supposed to help but plumbers decide to show up. MJ and I chat with them. Redo the heat/air cabinet. Rock wall for me. Floor for MJ. Work until 6:15PM. Plumbers not finished. A lot of loose ends :( | The hot water heater and the larger closet for the heat/air unit. | Almost halfway up the rock wall. Day 1.5 on the wall.

52: July 6 (Wednesday) First night and AM in years without stiffness or pain! Rake BMBB yard. To site by 8AM. Rock wall until 1PM. Second full day on the rock wall. Monty Joe works in utility room. Plumbers finally finish up! Cost? To Walsh with Monty Joe at 2:30PM. Treatment #3. Still in and feeling good. Springfield errands. Back at 6:15PM. | Almost halfway up the rock wall. Full day 2 (4th day) on the wall. | Water heater and heat/air unit secure after the plumbers finally wrap it up. | Toilets set in both bathrooms. No more outdoor toilet. | Monty Joe levels the propane tank.

53: Work on the plenum and eight duct lines in the attic. A tight squeeze and very, very warm in the attic! | July 7 (Thursday) Leave for Walsh at 6:30AM for treatment #4. Still in and the hamstrings are reawakened. Errands in Springfield. Early lunch with Seattle couple. To site by Noon. Rock wall (2.5 days by hours or day 5) until 6PM and Monty Joe works in the utility room. | Making progress. Three days on the wall or Day 6 working on it. | The heat/air system is in place | July 8 (Friday) Yard work for the wedding in the AM until 9:30AM. Looks great! Work on plenum for the heat/air unit. In the attic for three hours. Hot but air by fan pumped upward helps. DONE! Eight ducts installed. Close up the gable. Monty Joe works in utility room. More rock wall. Just about there. Three full days on the wall or day 6 working on it.

54: July 9 (Saturday) Country wedding off the west porch at 9:30AM. Nice ceremony with small gathering afterwards. Gather rocks for the rock wall behind Mark's at 11AM. To site at Noon. 3.5 days on the rock wall and Day 7 on the job. Monty Joe works on the heat/air unit. Quit at 5pm. Walk back in a sprinkle of rain. Thank you. Reception at Mark's at 6PM. | The rock wall is a day from being done. | July 10 (Sunday) To Amarillo at 7AM. Sams Club, Home Depot, and Lowes. A $1300 bill and now can fill in the gaps. A good day. Return at 5:30PM. Still VERY HOT. | July 11 (Monday) Up at the site by 8AM after no guests in two weeks and a bit of extra rest. On the rock wall all day. Lay the last rock by in the mid morning and work on the second layer of mortar (4.5 days on the rock wall and Day 8 on the wall laying rocks). Monty Joe still working on the heat/air unit. Run the condenser lines and set up the return air ducts. Hot! | The rocks are in and all the mortar in place and ready for the grout.

55: The heat/air unit with the condenser lines. | The condenser lines below. | The condenser line outside on the south wall. | The four intake holes above and the elbows below. | July 12 (Tuesday) Grout all day and figure out what finally works. Monty Joe works on the condenser and other things. A little bit of rain and cooler air. Welcomed relief. Michael and family show up. DRYWALL is finished at 3AM. Work on the rock wall at the same time. Bed down late. | The grout is almost half done. Looking sharp! | Clouds and a little rain.

56: Monty Joe gets the unit hooked up and ready to test. | Almost done the grout on the wall. | July 13 (Wednesday) Up at 8AM and Monty Joe already up at the site working on the condenser. Amber and crew show up by 9AM and show them around (cabin, dino tracks, tri-state marker, a little on road 8). Up at site at 11:30AM. Help Monty Joe with the condenser. Tape off for texture. Sponge and sand drywall. Prep the walls and ceiling. Lay down bug killer. Work in attic. RAIN AND A GOOD 1/4 inch! Clean bird poop. Watch the rain. Work on the grout 2hrs. Almost done. | Amber and REU crew stop by on the way to Boulder. | July 14 (Thursday) Time for the texture!! All walls sprayed and ready to prime and paint. Finish the grout on the rock wall in the AM. Three days on the grout. Afternoon spent painting the grout with a 1/4 inch brush where the color of the mortar showed through. NO WAY! What went wrong? Guest bathroom vanity delivered. | Texture done! | Texture in the master bedroom.

57: Texture in the guest bedroom. | Rock wall grout finished after three days. | Trim out the master bathroom. | July 15 (Friday) Tile the rock wall corner with slate. Very tough job with irregular edges and widths. Stop half way for a heat/air check up. All in good order. Finish up the slate and what a mess. Clean up. Trim up the master bath and finish that wall behind the tub. Sand. Clean up. Wendy and Kathy arrive at 5:30PM. Good to have them here. Good dinner. PIE from Wendy. Walk. | Slate floor is down and ready for grout. | The rock wall is ready to be sealed. | Heat/air check up by Kenneth

58: Finish the wall behind the tub in the master bath with trim. | July 16 (Saturday) BIG DAY!! Start on the cutting in and priming while Monty Joe works on the electrical, heat/air, and backhoe acquisition. Wendy & Kathy on the cutting in and me on the ceilings. Use all 6 gallons and one short. Grout the slate floor and four washings in the afternoon. Get all the black off with a lot of scrubbing. Paint the hallway and master closet while girls cut in with the paint. HOT. HOT.HOT. Dinner with great conversation and laughs until 10PM. Good times. A LOT DONE!!! | Wendy and Kathy trimming out the guest bedroom. | Marco priming the ceiling in the master bedroom. | Monty Joe and Kathy on a break. | Wendy “Marilyn” cooling off.

59: FINISHED ! | The first of FOUR cleanings on the slate floor. | Work on some trim. | Master closet being painted. | Getting it done in the master bedroom and closet. | Kathy and the primer. What a pro!

60: Master bedroom primed. | Master closet painted. | Guest bedroom primed. | Hallway painted. | Kathy cleaning up the brushes. | Monty Joe inspects Kathy's clean up methodology. | What's up with that? | -------------->>>

61: July 17 (Sunday) Paint the guest bedroom closet white. Wendy paints the ceiling lines in the both bedrooms. Kathy trims and paints the guest bedroom and trims the master bedroom. I paint the guest closet and master bedroom walls. WE DID IT. ALL DONE. Monty Joe cuts the gutter line with the backhoe. Quit at Noon. LUNCH. Wendy and Kathy leave. Great visit and lots of help. This puts us back on track. Back to site at 1:30PM. Put second coat on red wall. Sand all cedar wood for door frames. Clean both bedrooms and closets. Start clearing out the living area. A lot of cleaning. | Kathy trims out the guest bedroom and Wendy paints the ceiling line. | Wendy and the ceiling line | Wendy and the SPILL trying to cover it up. | “Michelangelo ” on the master bedroom north wall. | Kathy finishes the guest bedroom. Looks great. | Kathy trimming the master bedroom north wall.

62: Marco painting the north wall in the master bedroom. | The north wall and the second coat. | Monty Joe works the gutter line with precision. | The guest bedroom is cleared and cleaned up. | The hall way is cleared and cleaned up. | The master bedroom is cleared and cleaned up.

63: Install dyer vent in utility room, attic, and porch. | July 18 (Monday) On site at 6:15AM for some outside work. Install dryer vent and secure it to the porch. Put up air vent for the heat/air unit. Put up the down spout on the northeast corner and fill the ditch. Reorder the rocks around the water valve. Seal slate. Sand Aspen trim. Quit at 12:30PM to go to Walsh, CO. | Install heat/air pipe through the roof and seal. | Reorder the rocks around the water valve. | Slate is sealed! | Install downspout on the northeast corner and Monty Joe fills the ditch while I smooth the line. | July 19 (Tuesday) Monty Joe and Vicki to Amarillo and me on site by 6AM. Work in the attic and put up extra insulation in rafters. Seal rock and grout and then clean the rock | wall and slate floor. Clean master bath, sand trim, UV protect trim, sand trim. Tape off the window and floor. Hang door and sand. Cover the dryer vent in guest bath. Clean it, sand the trim,UV protect the trim, sand the trim, tape off the floor and window. Hang door. Install trim piece in guest bedroom, UV protect it, sand it,and start taping off the painted walls.

64: Put up extra R30 in the attic rafters. The coolest place around! | Work in master bath: sand trim, UV protect it, and sand it again. Tape off window and floor. Hang door again. Clean up. | Seal rocks and grout and then clean rock wall and slate. | Work in guest bath: sand trim, UV protect it, and sand it again. Tape off window and floor. Hang door again. Clean up. | Put up one piece of trim over large window: sand, UV protect it, and sand. Start taping off the walls. | UV protect the extra Aspen trim. | July 20 (Wednesday) Day two of prepping the cabin for spraying the wood. Tape off, trim, clean,UV protect, lacquer, sand, etc. DONE! Joe arrives and ready to work. The turbine is very quiet now. | Monty Joe gets the air conditioning running. | All clean and ready for spraying.

65: The rock wall is taped off. | The hallway is ready. | The master bedroom is ready. | The red wall is taped off. | The guest bedroom is ready. | July 21 (Thursday) To Walsh, CO for the 6th laser treatment. On site at 10AM and Joe has the 2nd coat finished. Wayne arrives to finish hooking up the propane line. Sand and prep for the 3rd coat and finish after lunch by 4PM. Save the ceiling and fourth coat on the doors for tomorrow morning. | The staging area for the spraying and the doors open and fans blowing out the over spray. | Wayne arrives to hook up the propane line. | The propane line and shutoff valve. | The propane line in the ditch. | The turbine and water based lacquer. | Joe priming the system.

66: Joe making an inspection of his work. | Open up all the rooms... FOUR weeks later. | Joe back at work....on the ceiling. | July 22 (Friday) Help Joe finish the second coat of lacquer on the ceiling, doors, and windows. Done at 11AM and open up the living area. Let there be LIGHT since June 26th. The windows are visible. Tape off the bedroom and bathroom ceilings. Cut in and prime the bathrooms. Paint all of the ceilings. DONE! Tear down all of the paper and plastic and clean up. All looks great! WOW!!! | The guest bedroom. | The hallway. | The guest bathroom.

67: The pile of “protection” for the walls and windows. | The master bedroom. | The guest bathroom. | July 23 (Saturday) Joe and Lynn leave. Joe helps load light fixtures in the truck and helps transport the vanity,the first piece of furniture in the cabin. Thin out the tools and clean up. Back to site at 10AM. Collect data using the Trimble. Paint hallway, kitchen, and master bedroom wall. DONE! Paint master bed ceiling again. Install and paint heat/air vents. Monty Joe frames out heat/air and makes the door in the utility room. Install 18 outlet plates. Install first two lights over the bay windows. Bury propane line. Hose off north and south sides for staining. | Install face plates and paint kitchen wall. | Paint master bedroom south wall. | Paint hallway. | All registers installed. | Install 18 wall plates.

68: First piece of furniture into the cabin....the 300 pound vanity. | Master bedroom, bath, and vanity. | The propane line buried. | July 24 (Sunday) Stain north & south gables. Dry, dry, dry wood. Monty Joe works on electrical switches. Install wagon wheel light. Install two outdoor lights. Install bath lights in master bath. Install one ceiling fan in dining room. Ruth & David arrive in time for dinner. | The first light in the cabin. | The north gable stained. | The south gable started. | The wagon wheel light installed. | The ceiling fan in the dining room installed. | The master bath light installed.

69: July 25 (Monday) On site at 7:15AM with Ruth & David. Get them both lined out with jobs. Work on ceiling fans in the living area. David sands cedar base boards outside. Ruth cleans windows, doors, & bathtub/showers. Monty Joe on the electrical boxes and bath ceiling fans. Wayne arrives to fill the propane tank. To Walsh for 4PM appointment.Treatment #7. A lot going on. | Ruth cleans all of the windows and doors. Looks new! | David’s finished sanding job on all 15 boards. Now ready for the three coats of lacquer. | Ruth’s handy work on the indoor cedar face plates | July 26 (Tuesday) Change oil & up at site by 7:15AM. Ruth and David stain N, S, & W sides while I clean the wood off for them. Install the rest of the ceiling fans and fix the living room wobble. Monty Joe balances all of the fans & cuts cedar for some of the door frames. Ruth puts lacquer on 252 rocks on the rock wall. Mount the Black Mesa emblem as the rock wall is officially finished. David finishes all three coats of lacquer on the baseboards while Ruth puts four coats on the door frames. Install cedar face plates. Install west side outdoor lights. A busy, productive day. | Ruth and David start the staining on the north side before the 100 degree heat gets cooking.

70: Ruth and David on the west side and almost done. | West side is finished after the south side was completed in shade. | Ruth puts the shine on the 252 rocks with a coat of lacquer. | David’s two days of work are done on the cedar baseboards; sanded and protected. | Ceiling fans installed and then balanced patiently by Monty Joe . | Ceiling fans installed in both bedrooms (master bedroom shown here). | The rock wall is officially done and the Bench Mark put into place.

71: Outdoor lights installed. | Cedar face plates installed outside and inside. | July 27 (Wednesday) On site by 7:15AM. Ruth cleans living area while David paints the propane tank, Monty Joe puts up door frames, & I clean the east cedar outdoor wall for staining. Ruth & David stain east wall. Monty Joe and I cut cedar for door frames and then I sand the wood. Clean up both porches & clear out the utility room. Quit at 11:30AM. Ruth and David leave. Lots of work done and days saved. Monty Joe & I plan out wood flooring by starting on the east wall near the door. I finish taping the utility room & put a 2nd coat on several seams. | Cedar faceplates in the master bedroom installed and Ruth puts four coats of lacquer on the door frame wood. | Ruth and David’s handy work on the east porch. Ruth’s clean door and just out of the box look.

72: David’s paint job on the tank and subsequent shadow puppets follow. | Three boxes of flooring planned out with the start point on the east wall at the front door. This will work. | Resume the taping and mudding in the utility room. | July 28 (Thursday) To Walsh, CO for treatment #8. Back at 9:45AM and help Monty Joe unload the wood pile into the burn ditch. Load up truck for next phase and get organized. Finish mudding the utility room while Monty Joe works on the door frames. Guest bath vanity arrives. Work on the low spots on the floor from below and the sand the high spots above. Ready to start the wood floors tomorrow. | Finish with the mud in the utility room. | Fix the low spots from below and sand the ridges above.

73: July 29 (Friday) Day One: Wood Floors. Up at site at 8AM after loading up some wood and the necessary tools in the truck. Start planning out the planks on the east wall. Here we go! Up to the hallway in the living room and almost there in guest bedroom. | The wood floor is in up to the hallway. | The wood floor has begun. | Almost to the hallway in the guest bedroom. | July 30 (Saturday) Day Two: Wood Floors. Load 16 more boxes into the truck. Strike the 50 foot line down the hallway to perfection. Not attempted often but we now have one direction going. It worked! Hallway done, guest bedroom done and made it into the master bedroom and closet and halfway into the kitchen. | The long 50 foot run that worked to perfection.

74: The living area. | The tool that made this easy. | The guest bedroom is finished. | The master bedroom and closet started. | July 31 (Sunday) Church in the AM. Vicki and Monty Joe to Amarillo for a new AC and few supplies for the cabin. On site by 1PM. Install all door knobs. Install hall light. Sand and lacquer remaining door frames. | Install all the door knobs. | Install hall light. | Sand and lacquer remaining door frames. | The cabin and the dogs. | Loco finds a cool spot. | Sunset colors to the east.

75: August 1 (Monday) Day Three: Wood floors but work without Monty Joe due to back problems. Monty Joe installs light fixtures and wood door in the utility room. Almost finish living room floors. Half day. To Walsh. Tape off utility room during night session. | Almost there in the dining area. Still have the master bedroom to finish. | Lights installed in the closets. We finally have light. | The door is finished in the utility room. | August 2 (Tuesday) Day Four: Wood floors (Finished) On site early and texture the utility room. Monty Joe to Walsh. Finish wood floors in the dining area. DONE! Vicki helps with finishing the wood floor in the master bedroom. DONE! Work on baseboards and facings. Cut in and paint ceiling in the utility room during evening session. | Texture utility room and cut in and pain ceiling. | Wood floors finished in the dining area. | Wood floors finished in the master bedroom.

76: August 3 (Wednesday) Work on baseboards and trim pieces for guest and master bedrooms. Custom make the curved trim pieces for the master bedroom with Monty Joe's scribe instrument. IT WORKED! Sand and lacquer all the pieces and finish up both bedrooms. Paint the master closet. | Monty Joe’s homemade scribe and custom trim pieces for the master bedroom. | Baseboards done in the open area and hallway. | Master bedroom trim done. | Guest bedroom trim done. | August 4 (Thursday) To Walsh for treatment #10 and all is OK. Springfield for errands. Prime utility room. Baseboards and trim with Monty Joe. Paint utility room. Kenneth and Margaret visit. Fried chicken. Harold visits. Clean up utility room and clean.

77: Utility room painted and ready for floors. The purple room prevailed. | Evening sky on the heels of completion for the summer. | August 5 (Friday) Install wood stove pipe through the roof and set stove in place. Fix east and west doors and install thresholds. Clean up tools and load up the trailer. Install the heat/air ducts below for the return air. Clean. | Stove pipe installed and wood stove set....finally. | August 6 (Saturday) Up at site by 7AM to caulk north and south side seams with 17 tubes of cedar tan. Grout transitions for both bathrooms and seal. Load up remaining tools with Monty Joe. Clean inside and outside. Pack it up by 5PM. DONE! | The entrance and utility room. | The dining area.

78: The living area. | The wagon wheel light that will be over the island. | The fans and ceiling. | The wood stove and rock wall and slate floor. | The utility room. | The guest bath and vanity. | The guest bedroom. | Down the hallway from the guest bedroom.

79: The cedar baseboards. | The master bedroom entrance and French doors to the million dollar view. | The master bedroom and bath. | The east porch. | The north side. | Leaving the cabin after a productive summer #2.

80: August 7 (Sunday) Pack up remaining items and close up the 5th wheel one last time. Enjoy last moments with Vicki and Monty Joe in the 75 degree morning air. Head out at 6:30AM and greeted with 110 degree temperatures in Ada. | $ Million Dollar View $ | #2 Mesa View Drive Kenton, OK 73946

81: Fall Break 2011 | October 20 (Thursday) - October 23 (Sunday) | October 20 (Thursday) - October 21 (Friday) Arrive in the early afternoon on Thursday and spend through Friday working on installing the propane heaters, finishing up some electrical work, and the remaining plumbing in the utility room and master bathroom since Joe will not arrive until Friday evening. Unload all of the cabinets from Monty Joe's trailer from his recent trip. Get ready for Joe to work on Saturday. Unload my trailer: two mattress sets, refrigerator, freezer, stove top, double oven, and old sewing machine. | Finish the plumbing in the master bathroom. | Propane heaters working in the utility room and bathrooms. | Sand the trim for the windows so Joe can spray them. | Unload, stack, and clean the cabinets. They look great. | Old sewing machine. Future table?

82: Some assembly required! | Joe sets the first piece in place and will have to stay another week to finish. A slow process. | Joe's outdoor shop. | While Joe works on the cabinets, I use the rented trailer to load all of the furniture stored in Monty Joe's back stall and unload everything into the bedrooms and master closet. | October 22 (Saturday) Joe sets up shop and methodically moves from one cabinet to the next. Joe sets up his system and gets the corner of the kitchen started. | One day in and several more on the horizon.

83: October 23 (Sunday) Leave Joe with the cabinet work and me with an empty trailer. During the following week, most of the cabinets are put into place except on the west wall where some changes needed to be made around the microwave and around the window. Discovered that the incorrect color of refrigerator was ordered. I will need to swap it out after Thanksgiving. | Thanksgiving 2011 | November 23 (Wednesday) - November 27 (Sunday) Bring Stan's new trailer with the counter tops and boxes of kitchen stuff from Ada. | Finish the utility room floor and the trim. | Patience. The utility room is coming together. The last room to receive attention. | Unpack, dust, clean, fix, and put together some furniture. | Floor is DONE!

84: Finish the trim in the guest bedroom and in the kitchen. | Hang the mirrors in the bathrooms. | Are you kidding me! The counter top for the island was incorrectly cut. Need to take back the counter top and the refrigerator. This is getting old. | The counter tops along the outer walls fit perfectly after some minor adjustments. This is starting to look like a kitchen. | Joe returns after Thanksgiving to hang all of the cabinet doors and put in the shelving and trim work.

85: Winter Break 2011-2012 | December 18 (Sunday) - January 5 (Thursday) Time to close the construction phase and move my dream to a mortgage. Arrive a day early in 75 degree weather to beat the eminent blizzard set to begin on Monday. | December 18 (Sunday) Unload the trailer full of the buffet, dresser, refrigerator, and the island counter top (as well as the mistake to be used for the washer/dryer stand and laundry tub counter). Install and secure all counter tops. Set and secure the sink. | December 19 (Monday) For the next few days, work on several small projects: unpack and rearrange furniture, finish small pieces of baseboards, nail quarter round trim around the windows, set the stove and insulate the exhaust, install the refrigerator and freezer, dust, clean, dust and clean. Gail force winds (30 mph for 24hrs) arrive by noon and snow begins to fall and blow. | December 20 (Tuesday) Wake up to a Winter Wonderland. Vicki becomes famous with constant calls from news and radio stations across the country. Kenton falls into the national spot light. | Eighteen inches of snow and a constant 30mph wind for 24hrs from Monday morning (start) until Tuesday morning.

86: Got stuck in a drift on the way in Monday night. | Monty Joe plowing his way to the cabin. It is four wheel drive time. | Morning View | What a million dollar view! | Later that afternoon, the clouds break and the first glimpse of the sun on the Mesa. | Winter wonderland at the BMBB.

87: Made it to the cabin in the mid morning. Warm inside thanks to the wood stove! | December 21 (Wednesday) Get the wood stove working and continue with the window trim and caulking. Dennis and Kara arrive in the evening! | Cats and dogs making the best of a cold situation. | December 22 (Thursday) and December 23 (Friday) Work with Dennis on hanging fixtures. Work on window trim. Dennis works on the remaining electrical work and the dishwasher. To Guymon on Friday to gather some supplies and sign the mortgage papers. No more construction loan! | December 24 (Saturday) 30 Friends and Family descend on the BMBB for a Christmas gathering and Cowhand Frosty is born. | Waiting for Santa! | Cowhand Frosty is born.

88: Dinner, fire, and a movie on Christmas Eve. | December 25 (Sunday) Christmas Day. | December 26 (Monday) & December 27 (Tuesday) Finish up small projects and unload the remaining boxes above Monty Joe's shop and organize them for unpacking day on Wednesday. Dennis and Kara stay for another day :) in order to meet the Durst family and Jing on the 28th. | Cleaned the kitchen in preparation for unloading day. | What a load! | Ruth, David, Wendy, and Jing arrive around 5PM.

89: Bedrooms ready for unloading and moving around. | Guest Bedroom | Master Bedroom | December 28 (Wednesday) Dennis and Kara leave with Heidi. Thank you Dennis. The bedrooms and kitchen are set with the help of Ruth, David, Wendy, and Jing. What a BIG push to the end. | Setting up the log bed with David. | Jing brushes up on U.S. history while David naps. | Kitchen follies.

90: Getting started. | Unpacking and sorting. | Where does it all go??? | Washing and drying. | December 29 (Thursday) Monty Joe and Vicki off on the mail route. David and I up on site to clean up while the girls are off to hike and explore. | The girls call for help in the cemetery. STUCK in a drift. | Jing and her favorite dogs. | A beautiful sunset.

91: David's BIG cup of coffee. | December 30 (Friday) Ruth, David, Wendy, and Jing depart. Pick up two interior beams in Clayton (coming from La Jara). | December 31 (Saturday) Take down and put up two new beams. Easy out and easy in but lots of set up and tear down. Finish shelves in the linen closet. | January 1 (Sunday) After 3 1/2 years, today the cabin is set up and ready to move into with most of the space accounted for and set. What a wonderful journey. | The ceiling is officially finished and those twisted beams are out of sight.

92: The Living Area

93: Master Bedroom | Utility Room...almost done.

94: The Master Bath | The Guest Bath | Out of the Guest Bath to the Hallway | The Linen Closet

95: The Guest Bedroom

96: Leaving a clean cabin inside and a muddy, sloppy mess outside. | An absolute mud pit for the past two weeks. | What a LOBLOLLY! | White truck...or brown? | 'Till we meet again.

97: Spring Break 2012 | March 17 (Saturday) - Sunday March 25 (Sunday) Arrive on Saturday and touch base with Judy who is watching over the BMBB until Monty Joe and Vicki return on Wednesday. Spend the first half of break setting up, using all the appliances, exchanging the washer in Amarillo, and fine tuning in all rooms. The second half of the break (Thursday - Saturday) is spent outlining the Whitten's property with 80 sign posts and Stan's surveying expertise. | Unload more kitchen supplies and let the organization begin. | Install shelves and hooks under the sink and on the cabinet doors. | The pantry is finally organized and stocked. | Empty spice jars ready to fill.

98: Christening the kitchen with a batch of Italian sauce. | After testing the oven with a batch of granola, the first baked goods are put to the test: Molasses Cookies in a homemade bowl from Judy. | A fresh batch of Prickly Pear Syrup. | The heavy equipment for crushing and packing the shale road. | The new road and entrance. | The second cattle guard.

99: The washer exchanged and all appliances working. Now the room is done. | The guest bathroom is finished as the curtain rod finally came in. The guest bedroom with pillows. | In keeping with the thrill of discovery and dreams, an overriding lesson learned from the Lewis and Clark expedition is that you cannot do it alone. It takes friends and teamwork and a sense of community to succeed. Certainly no different with this dream as ass of the parts were always greater than the whole. | Somewhere In Time..... Dreams do come true. | Shelf installed. | As this chapter closes, others have already begun and will continue with the passing of each generation. To you, whoever you are, welcome home.

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