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Classic Mixbook

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S: Building a Dream in Kenton, Oklahoma 73946 Mesa View Drive: A Home on a Hill

BC: The Beginning | A special thanks to all of you had a hand in making this happen. Your time and hard work will never be overlooked. I am amazed what we have accomplished together and together we made it happen. | God Bless all of You.

FC: Anyone can enjoy the mountains or oceans but it takes a soul to love the prairie. | Mesa View Drive: A Home on a Hill | Building a Dream: Kenton, Oklahoma 73946

1: 2008 - July | The Black Mesa Bed & Breakfast (BMBB) | After my father passed away the month before (in June), I spent some time with Vicki and Monty Joe at the BMBB. On the back porch in July 2008, a similar conversation that began our friendship in 1997, led to another twist of fate on this very day. Back in 1997, we both needed help, I needed a research base camp for my PhD and they needed a steady customer for their new business. Eleven years later, on the swing I built for Vicki, we put together my dream, their expanded business plan, and a renewed commitment to each other for life. Although my parents were gone, they brought me the hope I needed to move forward. More importantly, it was meant to happen this way. My dream of a home on a hill in a place that breathes life into my soul lives on in Kenton as it did years ago in Baltimore. | So as we parted ways for the summer, a handshake in good faith sealed the future sale of the land. In October of 2008, a sale of land contract was signed and a general warranty deed was executed and delivered to the state of Oklahoma in Cimarron County on January 28, 2009. And hence, this story continues on the ensuing pages. | The Black Mesa

2: A topographic view of the area and my 40 acres. | Aerial views of the area. | Photo by Gordon Folkers of Boise City

3: 2009 | March | A weekend visit in March to discuss the first steps (water and electricity) to building the cabin, along with a planning meeting with friends before our African Adventure (Tanzania and Kenya) iin June/July. | Northwest view from the front porch of my cabin. | Sleeping where the bedrooms might be located. | Cooking where the kitchen will be located.

4: June | A perked well | Checking the depth of the well at around 150 feet in sandstone. | And the cabin begins...

5: Summer 2009 | In July, the electrical poles were installed and in late summer, Monty Joe puts in the septic system with 170 feet of leach lines, along with the well pit and pump. Someone has been very busy while I was trekking through East Africa. | Fall Break | Nick records the location of the septic tank. | The main septic line from the tank. | East View | West View | October 16

6: The septic tank and the electric pole (later to be moved). | The main septic line and leach lines | The branching leach lines. | The cabin footprint

7: The well pit and pump. | October 17 | Digging the water line from the well to the cabin footprint. | Here we go again | Love that ride | Sweet Ride

8: The water line from the well pit to the cabin footprint for the water faucet. | Moving the pea gravel for the water line faucet. | Moving rocks and more rocks... | Covering up the water line

9: Covering up the main septic lines and leach lines. | Camping on the cabin footprint. | Time to camp on site.

10: The view I will have minus the electrical line. | Covering the main septic line. | Covering the leach lines. | Stan and Wendy watching Monty Joe work his magic.

11: 2010 | Spring Break | March 17 | Since the last visit, the electrical pole on top was removed without incident. | GROUND BEAKING DAY !

12: A good day and well ahead of plans thanks to the weather.

13: March 18 | Preparing the footings and making them level. | The back fill and later to be scooped back out for a deeper concrete footing. | All done for the day and well ahead of schedule. | A winter storm will keep us from completing the inner footing brace and Monty Joe will finish it in time for the May 19 start date.

14: Repositioning the electrical line from the water pump. | Summer Construction: May 19 - August 3 | May 20 | The forms for the footings and electrical line from the water pump. | Filling in the electrical line from the water pump.

15: What a view | The footings for the big white legos. | The main electrical line into the cabin from the main pole below the ledge.

16: The main electrical line into the cabin from the main pole below the ledge. | The Pad | May 21 | The footings are ready for concrete

17: Electrical line from the main pole and from the water pump secured and all areas smoothed out. | Sunday May 23 | My summer base camp... | ...And a spring storm

18: May 24: Cement truck arrives at 9AM to pour the footings and done in 1.5 hours | Paul cleaning the truck | The west wall looking south | The footing | The Site.

19: May 25: Lay two layers of blocks after a visit to Spring-field, CO to pick up our first of three loads of "LEGOS" | The two layers of blocks (close up) | Close up of the blocks, the south wall looking west. | May 26: Glenda and Don Sullivan visit today. | The road to the construction site: Mesa View Drive | The road heading in (east) and the road heading out (west).

20: The county road out to the main road. | Putting up more blocks and learning the system while putting up the braces. | Close up of the blocks and bracings. | The blocks after a few hours of work. Mark all the windows and doors and walls. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

21: May 27 (Thursday): The second load of blocks from Spring-field, CO. A very WINDY day. Cut A LOT of rebar. Bury the electrical line. DONE.! | May 29: Build window frames. May 30: Branding and Frames. Billie, Amy, Jesse visit. June 1: Amarillo and doors. Wendy arrives. | May 28: Branding

22: June 2 (Tuesday): Build frames. Lay blocks with frames. Day One. | Wendy and Judy's project. | Building window frames with 1 x 12 yellow pine. | Building around the frames.

23: Putting the frames in place. | Placing the rebar in the slots. | Cutting the blocks to fit.

24: Getting the walls and windows in order. | The east wall looking into the west wall. | Getting the hang of it. Always a rough start until a system is worked out.

25: The inner east wall. | The site. | June 3: Build frames. Lay blocks with frames. Day Two. | Wendy showing off the south wall and a good day's progress so far. | The east outer wall.

26: June 4, Friday: Springfield, CO for the last load of blocks. Lay blocks with frames. Day Three.

27: A little after lunch follies. | West and north walls. | The west wall. | The Site.

28: The east and north outer walls looking west. | The east outer wall. | A good day's work. | All squared up. | Looking out the master bedroom French door opening.

29: June 5: Lay blocks with frames. Day Four. | The east outer wall. | The south and east outer walls. | The Site. | June 7 (Monday): Set vertical rebar. Set top horizontal rebar. Finish bracing the turnbuckles with rocks. | Finish framing windows and doors. Finish squaring up the blocks. Finish leveling the blocks. Finish putting PVC through blocks. Finish cutting rebar for footing piers. | ----------------- | ------------ | -------------------

30: The south outer wall showing the propane and phone line access points. | The east outer wall. | The outer east wall and the septic system is secure. | The phone line hole and propane hole on the south wall. | All ready to go from below. Now get the piers set. | All ready to go from the scaffolding. North view.

31: All squared up and ready for cement. | West view from the scaffolding along the south wall. | Afternoon virga. | Evening storms.

32: June 8 (Tuesday): Cut tubing for piers for footings and set piers and string network. Measure and cut inside tubing for piers. Line up blocks and drill supports to footing. Set inside piers with one center rebar. Fill soil around piers and wet the soil. Secure blocks and caulk. Wood siding arrives. | The string network (NE corner). | 18 inch piers fastened to the inner wall. | All piers with string network and center rebar (SW view).

33: The Site. | The string network. | North view along the east wall.

34: The wood siding arrives from Portland, Oregon via Salt Lake City, UT and Fort Collins, CO.

35: June 9: One of several Amarillo, TX runs. Concrete boards, stain, screws, paint, etc. Use the backhoe to transport largest load of wood siding to the site. Other bundles remain in the barn. Return backhoe. | June 10: Cut, mount, and paint concrete boards. Cut remaining rebar for all of the piers. Dirt work on the road. | North wall.

36: June 11 (Friday): One of several Springfield, CO runs. Return left over blocks. More lumber, gas, and food. The usual routine. Install the bracing. | -------------------- | --------------- | The Site. | South wall.

37: June 12: Cut holes in the window and door frames. Level and square up the walls. Adjust piers and stabilize them one final time. Ready for concrete. Lots of visitors to see the pre-pour result within FOUR weeks time. Thanks Monty Joe. | June 14 (Monday): CONCRETE DAY Three cement trucks, one pump truck, and a crew of four plus one driver. All done in 3 hours. Place some top boards on top and scoop out some overspill from inside. | The pump truck arrives at 9AM with a crew of four.

38: The first cement truck arrives around 10AM and docks to the boom. | Let the pouring begin..Three guys up top and Rodney on the ground running the boom.

39: The three man crew up top pouring, vibrating, and running the cord. | The entire setup. | The boom. | Pouring the mud in the blocks.

40: Leveling the top. | Bolts are set in place for the top board. | The pier system. | The plugged window sill.

41: The window and door sill system. Holes were placed in the sills for ease of vibrating the mud under them. They were plugged to keep the mud in. | Came back to the site to clean out some of the spilled mud inside and put the boards on top. | The Site. | A rainy sky in front of the setting sun.

42: June 15: Amarillo run, etc. Finish top boards and scoop out cement pieces and rocks. Dennis and Kara arrive. We now have extra hands. | June 16: Four hour day (with the help of Dennis) breaking down the scaffolding, turnbuckles, vertical braces, window and door facings and braces, and scooping out the inside of all rocks and debris. All ready for the floor! TO SPRINGFIELD to return the “setup system” and pick up electrical wire for the crawl space. | A clean crawl space and pier system.

43: A front door view looking out the back door. | South view. | North west corner | French door and kitchen. | The view from the bedroom. | Looking through the two bedroom windows to the west. | All done and ready to return to Springfield, Colorado.

44: The site and ready for the floor. | The North Wall. | The South Wall. | The Site. | The West Wall.

45: June 17 (Thursday): The beginning of putting in the floor with the beams, joists, and wafer board (with the help of Dennis). The wood arrives late (9:30AM). One third of the floor is finished. Some bad wood so will not be able to finish the floor tomorrow. Need two more beams. | Cholla catus in bloom. | Laying the first beams, joist, and first FLOOR board. | The pier, beam, and joist system (4 x 6 beams and 2 x 8 joists and one inch wafer board).

46: The stack of wood. | More floor boards. | The hired hands, Monty Joe and Dennis. Finding a little shade along the inner west wall. | South view to the bedrooms. They have floors. | North View.

47: June 18: Day two of flooring and quit early since the wood ran out and there were bad pieces. String up the electrical line in the crawl space and cut the square opening for the crawl space. | Looking in the front door to the bedroom French door opening. | More than two thirds of the floor is in. Southwest view. | Almost there. | A look out the bedroom French door to the west

48: Lacking a few hours and the floor will be done. | The pier, beam, and floor joist system. | June 27 (Sunday): Return after a week in Norman, OK for a workshop. Get down to planning for the week ahead. The wood is here for the trusses and inner walls. The windows and doors are on site. | June 28: Day one of building the trusses. Cut some wood in the barn and assemble them on site. Eleven (half) trusses completed with a break from the heat and lack of wind. One truss takes 30 minutes. Dennis arrives to help this week.

49: Laying out the trusses in the forms on the floor. | Eleven trusses built and half way there. | June 29: Finish the floor in the morning and day two of building trusses. Finish the other half (11) in the afternoon in five hours with three people. The brackets are installed. Ready to put up the trusses. | Finishing the floor in the morning with Dennis.

50: The floor is done. | A completed floor and the 22 trusses that were assembled after lunch. | This view is about to change from weeks of just white walls.

51: June 30: The 22 trusses are installed (19 on the south half and the other 2 for the north end). Master bedroom walls up. Eddie arrives with the well truck for easy lifting and placing of the trusses. | The first wall and the support for the trusses. | The master bedroom outline. | Eddie shows up with the well truck to help load the trusses. You mean we do not have to lift them?

52: Getting the system down. | Lifting the first truss and twenty more to go. Only one broke upon lifting. | Waiting for the first truss. | Getting it set and stable.

53: Putting it in place, me on the ends and Dennis in the middle. | Monty Joe in the west end. | Dennis getting it level. | How many more of these?

54: The braces that will keep all of them in order. | Hoisting the trusses in place. | Dennis putting up the north end trusses to finish up all 22 of them. Don't do this at home. | All up and secure for the next step.

55: Inside view of all the truss work. | The Site. | Lots of vehicles today. | The view has not changed in several weeks since the walls went up. And now...

56: July 1: Dalhart, TX for 2 x 12 x 16 yellow pine for the vaulted ceiling, as well as studs for inner walls, and decking for the roof. Put up center 26 foot beam and five full rafters (10 boards of 38). Inner closet and bath walls installed by Dennis, as well as fitting the north windows into place. | Dennis fits and tacks the north windows into place. | Working on the 26 foot center beam for the vaulted ceiling. | The angle iron (one of two) made by Monty Joe for the 26 foot center beam. Now, how to hoist it up there? | With a lot of muscle, the center beam is in place.

57: The center beam is in place and ready for the 38 2x12x 16 rafters. | 10 rafters are muscled in place | Looking down the trusses to the south. | View from the trusses and rafters. | Inside view and done for the day. | The trusses and 10 rafters...a partial hat.

58: A very hard, but good day. | July 2: Finish the 2x12 rafters with Monty Joe while Dennis mostly completes the inner walls. Springfield run for 2x4s. | The master closet and bathroom. | Finish the rafters with Monty Joe. Heavy lifting, especially in the WIND. | All the inner walls are in and a little left to frame. | The Site.

59: The north wall with the windows tacked in. | North view and all the truss work is finished. | The Site. | The South Wall. | All rafters are up to complete the roof. | July 3 (Saturday): 40 sheets of decking are installed with Dennis and me on the roof and Monty Joe and Brian on the bottom. A partial day (3pm) in order to prepare for the cookout. Ready for some rain. | We have shade and coverage. Need more decking very quick.

60: The trusses and inner walls. | The Site. | West and south walls with the decking. | A heavy downpour soaks the floor twice. Afforded a wonderful sky after the first deluge. | The calm before the storm.

61: July 4: Dennis and Kara depart. Back to the two of us. Sweep up the wet sawdust, tack in windows and doors under the decking, enclose south gable, caulk the roof decking lines. | July 5: Amarillo, TX for decking and anything else we can find (, tar,, caulking...yes, screws...yes, nails...yes, saw blade...yes, decking... YES.

62: July 6 (Tuesday): Phone calls in the A.M. (stain, locks, roof paper?) Finish the decking from 9 – 12. Caulk for an hour on the roof while Monty Joe finishes framing out the inside. Windows installed and tack up the French door and back door. Close north gable. Quit at 7:30PM in time for rain. | West view after finishing the decking on the north side in the morning. | Windows installed. | The site with all windows installed and ready for foam and caulking. | Nice to have the decking finished and windows installed. | The look has changed and now a solid roof is on.

63: July 7 (Wednesday): Amarillo via Dumas with more rest. Successful day as we found rough cedar in Dumas. In Amarillo, we found the Redwood stain at Sutherlands, the peel and stick roof paper at ABC, and got help with locks at Home Depot (along with more caulk and foam). Back on site at 3pm and work 4hrs to put up the roof paper before it came a gusher of 1.75 inches. Good timing but a long day. | Four hours on the roof and the roof paper is stuck down just in time for a 1.75 inch rain. | The site all sealed. | Bring on the rain (the west wall and roof).

64: July 8: Cemetery work early and then install all three doors with locks and dead bolts. Slow going but got it done right. | July 9: Finish up some foam and caulk. Build up the east and north wall. Get the east porch dirt work in place. More caulking and foaming and cleaning. | The east porch. | Preliminary caulking and foam insulating the windows and doors. East porch fill packed down with Monty Joe’s crafty tractor work. | July 10: Finish up some foam and caulk. Build up the east and north wall. Get the east porch dirt work in place. More caulking and foaming and cleaning.

65: Building up the west porch with fill. | The east porch and caulked windows and doors | A passing line of thunder-storms. | The west porch and caulked windows and doors | The site ready for porch frames and siding.

66: July 11 (Sunday): Another Amarillo run after attending Church. Acquire wood for the porch forms and door frames, along with more caulk and foam, etc. | July 12: Frame out the three doors so that the cedar facings can be installed, as well as the storm doors. Cedar facings on all the windows installed. | The South Wall. | The Site. | The North Wall. | The East Wall. | The West Wall.

67: July 13: Frame out, dig out, level out the west porch for concrete after many breaks from the heat. Install latches for the storm doors. Begin working on the east porch. Trying to find nails for the siding. | The front with the storm doors totally finished. | The east porch work has started. | The west porch is ready. | The site with the west porch framed out and the east one started. | The Site.

68: July 14: Begin putting up the siding and with much worry over nails, staples, calls to Ron at Modulog, screws ended up being our solution to making it all work out. Work on southwest corner. Unload the remaining wood pile, do some caulking in the gables, and then continue with the northeast corner. | July 15: Monty Joe and Vicki to Amarillo for screws and return the stain. Finish framing the east porch. Paint the base of both porches. Paint the upper facing (2x6) on both porches. Foam between the base plate and the concrete forms all the way around the cabin (7 cans). Cut off the excess. Dig out half of the east porch footing.

69: Paint the upper 2 x 6 and the edge of the top plate Foam the gap and cut off the excess. | Paint the base of both porches. | Frame out the east porch and dig out the footing half of the way. | Foam the gap between the concrete the base plate | Fill and sand off the screw holes. | Fill and sand off the screw holes..a test. | Evening clouds to the south.

70: July 16: Day two of laying out the siding. A ten hour day of putting up the log siding. We have a good system going. | The west wall. | The north wall. | East and north walls. | The north & west walls. | The west wall.

71: July 17: Day three of putting up the siding and NO MORE WHITE. All done but the gables and another 10 hour day. | No more white and blending in with the landscape...FINALLY. | We have a LOG cabin. | The Site. | North wall. | South wall. | West wall.

72: July 18: Paint south side under the gable, fill screw holes with cedar tan caulk after much testing, and clean the inside. | East wall looking west. | Filling the screw holes with cedar tan caulk after much experimenting | Painting the under gables before the log siding is applied. | July 19: Paint north side under gable. Monty Joe, Don, and I finish the log siding on the south side. Break. Almost finished the north side gable in the late afternoon.

73: July 20 (Tuesday): Finish north gable and the entire cabin has siding with wood to spare. Caulk all the windows and doors and around the log ends. Make forms for potential extra concrete with Don. Restack the extra siding. Sand, caulk, tighten, and clean the siding. Finish preparing the east side porch for concrete. | Caulk around windows, doors, and log ends | East porch ready for concrete. | A true log cabin. | Dennis arrives.

74: July 21: Pour, screet, trowel, and stamp the west porch. Truck arrives at 8:30 am and the three of us get it done, barely. Need more help. Stain north side in the afternoon. | Talking it over with a guest from the BMBB. | Putting in the color. | The wonderful view that I will have from the porch. | The truck arrives on time at 8AM. | Let the planning begin. | Getting set up. | Here comes the mud.

75: Start screeting at 8:30am and found out that three people is not enough to do it right. | LET THE FUN BEGIN. | The stamps and finishing materials. | The raw product with the color release. Time to harden. | The Site. | Start staining in the afternoon. The north side.

76: One coat on the north side finished. WOW! What a great look, especially with the porch. | The back porch in the raw. | The gable on the north side. | July 22: Pour, screet, trowel, and stamp the east porch. Truck arrives at 8:30 am and six of us (Smitty, Mike and Jesse arrive just in time) get it done the right way. Stain north side (second coat) in the afternoon.

77: Dennis starting to stamp the concrete. | Adding the color and stamping the concrete. | Stamping the concrete. | Color enhanced and stamped. Now wait 24 hours to wash it off and seal it. | Second coat on the north side brings out the color even more.

78: The north side with two coats of stain/sealer. | A work of art. | The finished porch sealed with two coats. | July 23: Finish the east porch and all looks great.! Stain the west side and three door frames. Stain half the front before the rain. | The finished porch on the east with two coats. WOW!

79: The west side is stained and looks great with its new porch. | Both porches. | The Site.

80: The east side is partially stained. | The east porch. | July 24: Dennis leaves. Stain west side with second coat. Foam the gap for the porch outside and inside. Foam the gap between the base plate and the concrete forms inside. Dumas? Rain and storms threaten. | Second coat on the west side applied. | Second coat on the west side with its new porch.

81: Foam the gap between the roof and the 2 x 6 to be used for the porch on both sides. | July 25: Clouds and threatening light rain. Surveying. | July 26 (Monday): Dumas for porch supplies (wood, caulk, foam, screws, bolts, brackets, stain). Stain east side (half with second coat and half with first coat). | The load of rough cedar for the porches from Dumas.

82: July 27: Monty Joe to Guymon for the post brackets. Stain south side with first coat, caulk windows on the outside, stain east side with second coat, stain 43 rafters for the west side. | One coat of stain on the south side. | Caulk the windows on the outside. | Stain the rafters for the west side. | Second coat of stain on the east side - DONE.

83: July 28 (Wednesday): Stain south side with second coat and done with the siding. Monty Joe works on cutting off the roof overhang, installing the post and rafter brackets. Caulk the gap at the top. Frame in the west porch. | Installing the post brackets. | The roof overhang is cut off, the rafter brackets set every 16 inches, the gap below the brackets caulked. | The frame for the west porch. | The Site. | Second coat of stain on the south side and DONE with the log siding.

84: July 29 (Thursday): Stain porch beams on the west side. Frame the east porch. To Dumas, TX for the decking (T1-11 and the wafer board). | What a view of the east side. | The framed west side. | The framed east side. | The work space inside.

85: July 30: Paint west side 2x6 with brackets and foam while MontyJoe works on cutting and installing the rafters that need three cuts and sanding. Smitty arrives with the roof paper and lag screws for the rafters. Monty Joe tightens the rafters while I stain the T1-11 roof (12 of 14 done). Get about 1/3 of the roof done. Ruth and David arrive. | Monty Joe works on west side rafters while I paint the brackets and foam. | 1/3rd of the room complete with T1-11. Stain 12 of the 14 T1-11. | The painted brackets.

86: July 31 (Saturday): A big day. Ruth and David stain the 43 rafters for the east side porch. Monty Joe and I work on the west side porch. David, Monty Joe, and I lay down the peel and stick roof paper. MJ hurts wrist. Break for lunch. David, Ruth, and I work in the afternoon. David stains the cut ends on the west side and the beams on the east side; Ruth paints the east side brackets, cuts foam inside and cleans. I caulk on the north side, west side porch, and install the brackets and touch up the paint on the east side. | West side porch finished. | Finish the west side porch with the wafer board and roof paper. | Ruth and David stain porch cedar the and T1-11 while I install the painted brackets (by Ruth) on the east side.

87: August 1: Ruth and David cut the foam off the windows on the inside and organize the wood. I finish the foam on the inside and all the caulking on the outside and on the roof to fix any potential leaks on the west side porch. Ruth and David stain four sheets of T1-11 for the east side porch. All ready for the east side porch. | August 2: David, Monty Joe, and I cut the rafters and install them on the east side. Wait for the stain. It arrives at 2PM. Ruth stains all the posts while David finishes the T1-11. I stain all of the wood braces. The rafters are secured and the T1-11 is nailed in place. | The 43 rafters are secured to the cabin.

88: Looking out the French Doors in the Master Bedroom. | Come back in the late afternoon after waiting for the stain to come. Secure the rafters to the east porch cedar and nail the T1-11.

89: August 3: David, MJ, and I strike out before breakfast to put up the waferboard and roof paper. Caulk the seam and cut off the wood overhanging the north and south sides. Ruth and David leave. Boise City for phone service. Stain the remaining cedar on the porches in the late afternoon. | Both porches are done. We did it! | Looking south along the east porch. | Looking north along the east porch.

90: August 4 (Tuesday): Final cleanup and closeup until next summer. An amazing eleven weeks of work building a dream. | South view into the kitchen and living quarters. | The open living and dining rooms from the kitchen looking north. | South view of east porch. | South view of west porch. | North and east sides.

91: South and west sides. | The Site. | Waiting for the green roof in October.

92: Mesa View Drive, Black Mesa, Kenton, and the cabin on the hill.

93: Fall Break - 2010 | FINISHING THE EXTERIOR AND PUTTING THE CABIN OFFICIALLY"IN THE DYY" | Back for more and getting started again. | October 22 (Friday): Nick and Wendy join us to make this happen smoothly. | Begin with the gutters on the sunny east side. | The first piece. | Yes, Wendy, we are doing it right. | The first roof piece. | Star & Loco

94: Getting a system down where Nick and Wendy are below handing pieces to Monty Joe and I on the roof. | Oh how good that feels! | East side laid out! | Finish securing the gutters. | Staring the west side. | Pealing the plastic. | A little light for the crawl space.

95: Nick above, Marco below. | A good day's work. | Wendy's favorite ride. | October 23 (Saturday): Finish the roof by early afternoon and left the cabin to endure the winter until next May when construction resumes and moves inside. | The Site. | Wendy and Nick prepare the trim pieces and then the south side gets a finished look.

96: Finishing the roof on the west side. | Trimming the south side. | Hold it tight Wendy. | The last piece - north side.

97: The Site. | ALL DONE! | A job well done and sealed for the winter.

98: The Site.

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