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Classic Mixbook

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BC: The End

FC: 2011 Senior Year | Michel Andre Rachid Ortiz

2: Chapter 1 : Who am I?

5: Michel Andre Rachid Ortiz January 28, 1993 | My Mommy's prize! Mom's little Angel!

8: I am the first boy, grandson in both families and spoiled by everyone!

9: I was everywhere, being the center of attraction!

10: All things grow better with love.

11: My baby sister!

12: Chapter 2: My family! Every family has a great extensive history which is unique in its own way and each family has its own origins. My father's side of the family is of Arab origins and my mother's side of the family is of Spanish origins. Each has a very interesting story to it. Also, it can be said that each has its own particular customs and traditions. I enjoy being with both families, especially in the holidays when everyone visits. I have learned a lot from each of my family members, from how to drive, to how to be a successful person in life. I owe all I am and all I have done in life to my family and for this I am grateful to them. On my father's side the story starts in Beirut, Lebanon, where my great-great grandfather decided to move to America in search of better opportunities and that is when my great-great grandfather Nehmi Michel Rachid moved with my twelve year old great grandfather, Michel Nehmi Rachid to Brazil to work in

13: My Michel Nehmi was a hard worker from this young age and quickly caught up on work and made his life by the age of 20. He moved to various places, including New Jersey, New York and lastly Puerto Rico, where he met my great grandmother from Utuado, this matrimony gave life to my grandfather Michel Rachid Piñeiro. My grandfather never got to know his father for he was a hard working man and didn’t pay much attention to family affairs. One of the things my grandfather most regrets is not learning any of the 9 languages which my great grandfather spoke fluently. My grandfather's parents both died before he was 21, but even with this he managed to get a great education and is now a very renowned lawyer. He married Rosalina Fournier (his high school sweetheart) who helped him through his troubles and then pursued their goal of having a wonderful family having 5 children, their first born being my father. My father is what you can call someone who loves to enjoy life to the fullest and has

14: struggled very much to get to where he is now. We moved to Puerto Rico when after 9/11 my dad was fired and started his own business which has had its ups and downs but with help from all of us we will surely make it through. I love going to my paternal grandparents' house on Christmas day to receive and hand out the presents, it has always exited me. Something I have learned from this side of the family is to never pass up opportunities because they may never come again and that what I do now in high school and my life is the basis of what it will become in the future. My mother's family is one of much conflict and sadness. Starting with my grandfather's father who's mother died giving birth to him and carried this on his conscience until his death which he provoked by hanging from a tree. My grandfather has never forgiven him and still holds it against him because he had to leave school in sixth grade to start working.

15: I see my grandfather as one of my role models because of how hard he has worked throughout all of his life and this came to pay up in the near past. He is very important in my life because he taught me to fish and to survive off the land, teaching me what fruits are edible, and to identify any type of plant and animal. He also taught me how to work in construction last summer when I helped him make an extension to his house. My grandmother's mother is always said to be a saint by anyone who knew her. She was married to my great grandfather who passed away this September. He taught me many things, including how to make coffee, he taught me all the steps, from the fruit on the tree to grinding it and straining it. My grandmother is a strong willed woman who taught me how to make any type of amend to my clothes, and how to raise livestock. My mother, a woman who has struggled a lot since her diagnose with Multiple Sclerosis, is also a strong willed woman and even though I'm about 4 inches taller than her and my

16: grandmother and about 50 pounds heavier, whatever they say is law. My mother has always been there for me and I owe her my life. I remember once she fell in the rain and couldn’t get back up again due to her illness, I remember sprinting from Marista to my house, full blast all the way home barefoot, to not damage the shoes, a distance of about 2 miles under the rain, to help her get up. It took me about 10 minutes to get home, all that time she was under the rain soaking wet, that was the only thing I could think of the only picture I could grasp at and when I felt tired I pushed myself harder thinking that my mother wouldn’t take a break from getting wet. From my mother, I have learned perseverance and that virtually anything is possible. I also learned from my mother that family comes first, ALWAYS! I love my family and will do ANYTHING for them.

21: My great grandfather, my Dad & Me

23: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.


28: Chapter 3: Suddenly, I became me! When I asked my mother and father what is the oldest and most peculiar memory they had about my birth and gestation period, I had NO idea WHATSOEVER of what I was getting myself into. They quickly got to talking about how they decided my name on their first date, the first night they met. They said their first son’s name would be Michel for my father and André for my mother’s father. My mother is a very obsessive person and turns any small event into the biggest event in history. Imagine how nuts she went when she had her first baby boy. It has been excruciatingly long and painful to sit and listen to her remember and repeat anecdote after anecdote and sometimes even scold me for things I have no memory recollection over. I was born January 28, 1993, at the San Pablo hospital in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. My first house was

29: in Urb. Mansion del Rio, Plaza 5, NB-36. I am myparent’s first child and as I said before, they completely obsessed over me. I was like a new toy to them. With the new clothes, pinching my cheeks, changing my diapers. My parents say that my whole family obsessed over me and fought to change my diapers, feed me and give me baths. Some of my earliest memories include fishing with my grandfather, playing with broken televisions that my mother’s uncle would leave in the garage to throw out, and I would start to dismount all of the circuitry and circuit boards and make a complete mess. My mother tells me all kinds of stories from the first time I got a haircut to my first birthday and thanks God I settled down because I was apparently quite the Jitterbug. I remember once when I was five or six, which I had just seen George of the Jungle and dialed 911 just to scream like him in the phone.

30: A great part of those early years was spent waiting and simply longing to spend time with my dad. I learned a great virtue which is patience. My dad traveled a lot to south and Central America during the week, since we lived in Florida I had to wait till the weekends to be able to spend time with him and even in the weekends he would be exhausted so it was an endless conflict. I heard from my mother all of the made up words, imaginary friends (like Zuca) and just plain strange things that I would do. Apparently, I used to call Coca Cola “la mala”, Pop Starts “papa” and so on. I invented all my families’ nicknames, Abo (paternal grandpa’), Aba (paternal grandma’) Abu Dinda (maternal grandma’) Abu Fish (maternal grandpa’) because he taught me to Fish and I always associated him with fishing. I used to call Mickey Mouse “Tata”, (A nickname I would later acquire). I remember my first bad word which was “stupid” (I also still

31: also still remember the taste of the soap my parents made me wash my mouth with). My first toys were Hotweels, some of which I still have and still secretly play with them and remember I would make them do all sorts of stunts in my parent’s tub (which was huge by the way.). I still have them under my bed. Another great part of my life was dinosaurs. When I was four or five, I got my first plastic dinosaur, and fell in love, I used to be able to name each and every species and could recite all of the theories about their extinction, and all of the evolutionary theories about how birds are direct descendents from them. From my first dinosaur I expanded my collection greatly and still have about 20 dinosaur figurines in my room. My younger siblings, which I hated at the moment because they would take up all of my attention and I was and still am an attention addict. Even though we

34: 8th grade graduation!


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