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Classic Mixbook

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S: 50 Years of Fabulous

BC: The End

FC: of Fabulous! | 50 Years...

1: Born: Linda Marie Benedetti February 06, 1961

2: Happy Birthday Linda!!!! If you are worried about turning 50 you need to stop worrying right now! You have already lived your 50th year and you are well into your 51st year by now!! Are you feeling old yet? Seriously, I want to wish my “true best friend” a very happy birthday! What makes you my “true best friend”??? Is it because for most of our school days we were inseparable, true partners in crime and torture? Like covering your father from head to toe in ketchup, syrup, or whatever we could get our hands on, while camping. Or teasing your brothers to the point of frustration and then acting totally innocent. If I remember, Dale reached that point in no time at all. I do have to say I was the innocent one! If I didn’t join you, you would turn on me. Like the time I fell asleep at your birthday slumber party and you covered me with make-up and baby powder, I was cleaning powder out of my ears for days. Or the time in Texas you held me down and put a chameleon up my shirt, I still fear the little critters! So you see, I was forced to join you! Are we “true best friends” because we trust each other to no end? I trusted you to set me up with my first real boyfriend. You thought he would like my assets; unfortunately, that is all he liked! You trusted me to teach you how to kiss, like I knew!?! Boy, that lucky doorknob! Are we “true best friends” because we have stayed in touch over the years? I visited you in Texas, Florida, and Maine; you came to New York to party with me. I even visited you on my honeymoon.

3: I really loved spending time in Florida with you when the girls were young. For quite awhile I was on the yearly visit plan, weren’t your parents lucky! I remember one year it rained the whole time I was there so I made you go to the tanning salon with me. We actually found a salon with two beds in one room, now that was some true bonding time right there! Come to think of it, a couple of months ago, we did our messages the same way; some things never change. I’ve always said a best friend was someone who understands you, loves you for who you are, someone you can poop with! Now I know a “true best friend” is someone you may not see for many, many years; but when you do get together it’s like you never left each other’s sides!!! You have done the first 50 years very well. You have wonderful loving kids, terrific sons in law, and the sweetest grandbabies ever! You’re a newlywed to a great husband. You have an awesome relationship with your Mom, your brothers and their families. You have a great career and many, many friends. I was always proud and envious of you, and I still am! Happy 50th to my “true best friend”, Until we meet again, I love you and miss you, Cindy

5: God has a unique road for each of us to travel. Sometimes that road winds along mountain tops or cuts through deep valleys. For my sister, the road to reach 50 has gone many places, some she wanted and some she did not. However, there is no doubt, looking at all she has accomplished and those she has impacted, that it is the path God had for her. She, like our father, has shown that natural intelligence and skills sometimes are much more valuable than classrooms and degrees. Her worth in her work place has shown that time and time again. However, the place her value is most clearly seen is in the lives of her children. I not only see three young people who love God and their families, but are also ready and willing to be used by Christ to change the world. The legacy one leaves is built each day, even those days when you do not think you have any building materials. I pray she can look back and see the amazing foundation she has laid for herself and many others. Now Sis, looking forward with Chris at your side, I pray you get to take a moment or two and look at the wonderful fall colored leaves that surround the mountain road you are now traveling. Those brilliant, warm colors you love also reflect how others see you and why we love you. Happy 50th....Dale

6: All things grow better with love.

9: I have soooooooo many memories of you and I together: Driving to each others house at night in our jommies just hanging out, Me, hurting you by pulling her hair through a frosting cap, what a great time, In an emergency fixing all of Misty’s hair color collagues late at night, Cutting ReRe’s hair in all the crazy Rod Stewart styles, Trying to put some hair on top of Papa’s head when cutting his curly hair, Nana was always saying to him, (“Oh Bill”), My GOAT!!!!!! (Lambchop), Telling me to breathe and go inside my bubble, Waaka Waaka, Pilates = Go Lower Cindy: (under my breath*****) & Don’t forget BOOTCAMP, You being a great sitter for our Mexico trip – Corry banging on rollerblades to be an entrepreneur in the middle of the night, You were there when Deanna met Casey @ Misty’s birthday and how you laughed with me about Casey’s van and chest hair issue, You always loved the snakes and critters (flying squirrel) at my houseaka Daniel Boone, Shawn hunting in our backyard (lizards, etc.), All the different stories of my house-farm-barn whatever = Dino’s new construction or should I say destruction projects. WOW a lot of them! Remember (ALLI) and my shirt I wore to work (twice)? Linda you are a true friend/family member. We’ve always just been there for each other-no matter what, or when. You are so beautiful (inside & out) I mean, you are really an inspiration to all you meet. The lessons of the past provide the path to our future. Remember this: You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. May God bless you and Chris with love and joy that long endures all of life’s cares. Happy Birthday (50th). Love Ya; Cin aka; Cindy Lou

11: Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck. Proverbs 1:8-9

12: What do I say to the person who has helped shape me into the woman I am today? Mom, there are so many favorable qualities that you possess and have passed onto Deanna, Bubba and I. My favorite quality though is the ability to laugh through difficult times. Even during some of the hardest and darkest times in our lives, you have always been our shoulder to cry on, but never let us stay down to long! You were always there to wipe away our tears with a smile, “a moon” or shhhhh I‘ll never tell. I’m so thankful for all the times you make laughter a part of everything we do. There are a million ways to cope with life and stress, but what you may not have realized is that your “theory” of creating a funny moment for everything is Biblical: A cheerful heart is good medicineProverbs 17:22 & The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. Zephaniah 3:17 I can always remember you saying, “Find a husband that makes you laugh.” It definitely became one of the most important characteristics I looked for in my husband, falling second only to godliness. And the first time I felt your theory come full circle was when I was having a bad day and Mia came into the bathroom and out of nowhere started dancing like a crazy woman to no music or singing at all. Instantly my bad mood vanished and in a moment I went from tears to hysterical outbursts of laughter. Thank you for teaching me how to bring joy into my home and that laughter is like a medicine! Happy 50th to the world’s most amazing fantastically hilarious Mama Bear!!!! I love you all my daysdo-do-do!

13: Having a mommy like you is the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could've ever given me. It's because of the confidence and values that you instilled in me that made me who I am today. Thank you for shaping me into a person I am proud to be. Thank you letting me believe that I could be whoever I wanted to be and do whatever I wanted to do. You taught me there were no limitations - only my drive, ambition and creativity. All of which I learned from you! Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement in every area of my life! And thank you for always believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I know raising me sometimes was like trying to hug a cactus, but thank you for loving me even when I made it ridiculously difficult! You raised us in the fear and admonition of Christ! And because of your Godly example, I continue to grow in Christ everyday. If you hadn't been faithful in raising us to love Christ, Andrew and I wouldn't have met. And we wouldn't have gotten married. And we wouldn't have had our beautiful baby girl! It's because of you that we have our Riley Roo!!! And for that, nothing I could ever say could express my gratitude! I pray that I can be at least half as good a mother to my kids as you are to us. Thank you thank you thank you. For a million things... for the big things and the small things and everything in between! I don’t know what I would do without you. You're my super pickles! My HERO!! And I love you with all my heart!!! Love, Rere

14: There are too many stories of how awesome of a mother you are. (You’re the only mom that would have ridden the panther) And I love that I still get little "encouragers" in my lunch when I need it most. You have always been there and believed in me when no one else did. This is best way for me to sum up how much I love you: "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as your living, your "Baby" I'll be." I love you Momma, Shawn

15: Nonni, Even though I'm not grown up enough to talk, I look forward to the day when I can tell you in my own words how much you mean to me. 'Til then, know that I think you're the greatest Nonni anyone could ever ask for! And I love you the whole widest world!! Love, your Riley Roo

16: To My Precious Daughter How amazing you have made life for me. You have made me cry, made me laugh but most of all you have brought me unspeakable joy and happiness. You are a precious gift from above, one that I will forever hold close to my heart. You are another year older, a year smarter and hopefully a bit wiser. You have grown into an incredibly wonderful woman, a treasured wife, a great mother and an awesome grandmother. And, I have had the privilege of watching all this take place. On this your special day my prayer for you is that you have a sense of fulfillment ... for a feeling of closeness to those you love ... for confidence and enjoyment in all that makes you so very special to others ... and for a deep and abiding peace within. I pray that God will keep you close to Him and help you to realize all that you are and all that He has meant for you to become. I love you sweetheart.Mom

19: When I think back on my childhood and all the craziness we grew up with in our family there are a few times that stand out when I think of my sister and both are from New York. 1 – In our house at Gate’s Farm, where dad drove a mile truck and worked part time as a security guard, our house our heater registers were in the floor. I remember one time when you and I were fighting over the blanket covering the register and you stabbed me in the knee with a pencil and lead broke off. If you remember, back then, lead was really lead, and mom rushed me to the doctor’s office, who I think was the same doctor/vet we used for Tippy and Pat, and he cut it out of my knee. (I am living proof of the after affects of lead poisoning.) 2 – Every summer we used to spend several weeks camping in the mountains and one particular trip stands out when we went to Singing Waters campground in the Adirondack mountains. It was always amazing how we always found room to take at least one or two friends, and on this occasion you invited your best friend, Cindy Goodspeed. Well as always, dad picked the best site right next to the water so we could hear it literally hear the water “singing” at night when we slept. Even better than that, after we used our superior inelegance to figure out it was pretty cool to “body surf” down the rapids without regard for life or limb, trust me, at our age now the legs would not work as well as shock absorbers. Well, after a hard day of going to Old Forge and a relaxing body surf, it was time for dinner. While dinner was cooking, you and Cindy had the brilliant idea to make a concoction of God only know what, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, syrup and anything else that looked like it would make a sticky, messy mixture. After you finished mixing it all together, you snuck up behind dad and proceeded to pour it on his head and smash it into his black curly hair. Within seconds, it was over! Dad reacted by chasing Cindy and tossing her into the water, as I said, we were close to the river, and then proceeded to chase my sweet innocent 16 year old sister through the campgrounds. The funny part about that is I remember other campers coming out of their tents and campers to see this middle aged man chasing this girl through the dirt road while she was screaming “rape, rape” at the top of her lungs. Needless to say, the chase ended pretty quick when dad had to stop and explain that it was his below are actual pictures from Signing Water’s web site.

20: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

21: 3 – Ok, I think the picture will give it away, especially if it had a snow plow on the front! When we were in the house in Lionel Ave in Solvay, the only town where we literally walked to school uphill both ways in the snow, I remember the night Dale and I found out that clear Dixie cups have uses for things other than drinking. I do not remember what Dale did to provoke you as I am sure it was not me, but I do remember that mom and dad went out and we were home alone. After a couple of hours it was snowing and in our typical fashion, much like when we broke the door, it all broke loose and you decide to play chase. What we did not initially realized was that she had pooped and as usual we were simply being siblings, when she began chasing us though the house with a plastic cup, and you guessed it, the poop was in the cup. I remember running out the front door across the street where the chased ended after you tried to throw it on me and it landed on the hood of our neighbors 1972 orange Chevy What’s really funny, do a search on the internet for “poop in a Dixie cup” and it’s amazing what comes up proving she was ahead of your time. Go to and do a search for Dixie cup All that being said, she hasn’t changed much since then. f it wasn’t for times like these and the family we grew up in, we would not be who we are today and we are all very blessed to be part of this insane but loving family. Happy 50th Sis...Mike

22: My Bestest Linda, I am truly blessed to have you in my life. We have so many memories together and I sometimes find myself laughing out loud, just thinking of some of the “events” we have experienced together. You are the best “Indian-name-giver” I have ever met. You are the champion of “jumping-through-backseat-window-while-car-is-moving” and Queen of ordering Coke (to prevent renal failure) in Asian-Spanish to “PP’s Snaggle-tooth” !!!!!! We have been through the darkest and the brightest days together. We have cried and we have laughed till we pied our pants (literally!), we have argued, supported each other through thick and thin and experienced a lot of “firsts” together. You have always been there for me when I needed you, given me advice, unhesitatingly told me my mistakes and defended me even though you know I was wrong. I cannot ask for anything more in a best friend. Thank you for being you. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, I wish you the best in all the years to come. Love Forever, Tonje

23: Dear Nonni, I love you and you can’t say shut up. That’s a bad word I said to Nonni and I love you. Once upon a time there was a little Nonni named Shacuse and she was a little geel named going potty and she loved to play and she loved to play with her chair and also it was starting thundering, lightning and raining. Also her mama leaved her at the park. Then all the sudden she played her computer and she write something to Nonni. All the sudden a beautiful princess came in named Nonni and all the sudden a prince came in named Poppi. And all the sudden a beautiful Mia came in named Tangled. The end! Happy birthday Nonni! I love you “haul the weeld.”

24: Linda, As I was thinking of what I wanted to say to you as you mark this milestone, I looked on the wall of our bedroom and saw a little wreath with blue ribbons that you gave me long ago (you know how I never throw anything away!). On the wreath, there is a blue heart with my name painted on it, and next to it, the word "Friend." Do you remember it? You may not know this, but I love that little wreath and have always made sure to find a place for it in our bedroom every time we have moved. You may not know this either, but I have cherished our friendship from the very beginning, from the day I first met you so many years ago. Do you remember that day? The day I flew down alone to meet you all before Dale and I got married, the day you all took me into your hearts and into the family, even before the actual wedding? How you took me under your wing, allowed me to start sharing the space as daughter-in-law, even though you had always been the only "Sis" in the family? Do you remember? Do you remember the years we lived in Satellite Beach, and how you and Misty, and then Deanna, would come over and stay with us, and we would talk and talk and talk for hours about what God was doing in our lives, and how hard it was sometimes to follow Him, but that He was always faithful? Do you remember? Do you remember how gut-wrenching it was for all of us when we moved to Maryland, and how you came up to see our new house and meet Baby Sarah? Do you remember? Do you remember the years we would travel down to Florida to visit, and you and I would always take time to catch up, even though it may have been awhile since we had talked? Do you remember? Do you remember when we moved to Ohio, and you would come up in the autumn to see the leaves and would help us rake, even though you were freezing? Do you remember?

25: Do you remember the terrible night when you had to call me, when Dale was in Afghanistan, when your world was falling apart? Do you remember? Do you remember the long conversations on the phone, trying to make sense of what was your new reality, of what you were walking through? Do you remember? Do you remember the celebrations we have shared since, the meals we have eaten together, the laundry you have done? Do you remember? Do you know that I thank God that He has brought to fruition those dreams we have shared and talked about for so many years? Do you know that it has been a blessing and a privilege to be a part of your life, to be involved in what God has been doing in and through you? Do you know that through all the years, through all the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the laughter and the tears, that I have always counted you not just as a sister-in-law but as a friend? Do you know how much I love you? I do, Friend, more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday. Love always, Nita

27: Dear Linda, I am taking the time to write to let you know I feel truly blessed to have you in my life! I know God wanted us to meet and know he wants me to love you and take care of you for the rest of our lives!! I look forward to blending our families together and want to make sure we enjoy the journey and take the time to become even better friends.. I hope that your 50th birthday shows you how many people love you with all their hearts. You are an amazing woman and am happy to call you my wife. In closing, I am excited about making memories of us in our new home and our new life together. I love you, Christopher James!!

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