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Classic Mixbook

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S: Untitled:Volume 1 (of

BC: The End? Of course not =)

FC: Untitled | The Untold Story of Roshen+Elizabeth My Version :P

1: 'All our young lives we search for someone to love. Someone who makes us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope...all the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, theres someone perfect, who might be searching for us' -The Wonder Years

2: Chapter 1 Coincidence Or Fate? Once upon a time lived the fairest girl in all of New Hyde Park and a noble gentile from Franklin Square. How it took so long for their paths to cross living only a few minutes from each, sharing mutual friends, and even near misses of each other is still a mystery till this day! But things happen for a reason. One fateful night in October of 2009, that would all change. The heroine in the in this story, Elizabeth, was celebrating a friends birthday at Rutgers University, while the hero, Roshen, was visiting a long time friend at Rutgers as well. Roshen, having a few drinks became extremely hungry and longed for a fat bitch, in this particular case, he is referring to food. (that was a joke). This fat bitch he was in search of happened to lie across the street from where Elizabeth was getting her party on, Lord only knows how much she drank. Anywhoo, They soon met due to a simple text between their friends Dhanya inviting Kevin to the party. Roshen went in not knowing what to expect, but was soon greeted with shots from Elizabeth. They drank and became merry. At the end of the night, as Roshen was leaving he asked her for a simple hug but was rejected. This left Roshen curious and confused and didn't.........

3: ...know what to make of it. He thought she was just mad that he called her Lizzie McGuire all night (=D) He traveled back to his humble abode in Franklin Square thinking about this encounter...and soon found her on Facebook! They became friends, chit-chatted but held back from getting too attached to each other. Chapter one ends here (and so does this third person and story book narrating

4: Did I do that??!!

5: Chapter 2 And So The Urkel Era Began | Okay so now that i'm done talking like this is some sort of fairy tale, i'm just gonna go on and explain the rest of this story in my own words up until this book is in your hands =) So by the title of the chapter you can tell what i'll be discussing. Lets bring it back to Coffee house of last year. Me, thinking I was gonna swoop you off your feet with my handy-dandy kan-ah-dee's, wore them to the ICF show! Well only really to the after party, and since i'm over the "being nervous around you" phase, I can safely say my heart was POUNDING as soon as I set foot at Rutgers, and the fact that I had to wait so long to see you at Kevin's after party just built up the suspense! You finally walked through the door...and called me Urkel =/ no joke, the only reason I kept wearing it around in the future was because I thought you might notice it in my pictures and it would give me an excuse to talk to you lol. I was so excited to see you that night, but felt like we barely got to really chill seeing how I left shortly after (-__- freakin Mark). Even after this I was still confused as to what we were, I knew I liked you, but didn't know if you felt the same way and I was totally not looking forward to getting shot down! haha

6: haha heyyy! yeah what the helll?? this has been looong overdue :) and the only thing that was standing between you and that hug were a few steps man, should've taken it when you had the chance :P | <--Your first ever facebook comment to me, wonder if things would've been different if I gave you that hug? =P

7: Chapter 3: Now What? So after Coffee house I honestly didn't know where we were in terms of status, if you were even into me or anything! I feel like we fell off, like kinda just stopped talking to each other because we didn't know where this was going. But occasionally i would get/send a text here and there. Like i said before, I got super excited when you texted me "meow" lmao i don't even know why! I guess it was like my way of thinking, hey, she shows some sort of interest in me! Hooray! So I knew I had to make a move sooner or later. And low and behold, Mithun, whom you and I both knew, was home from Binghamton, and you also happened to be home that weekend, so I had to take advantage! But was too scared to actually go anywhere with you on my own, and thats where 'Robin Hood' came in. Not only did I get to see Mithun, but I got to hang out with you too! (Despite the fact that you scuffed my sneakers -___-) You know how nervous i was?! I wasn't sure if I should buy you a ticket with all your friends around, I didn't know if I should sit next to you (even tho Jen straight cock-blocked). It was good finally hanging out with you in Long Island but at the same time i kinda wanted to hang out with just you. But then you had to go run off to India so I had to wait for our next encounter which was..................------> | ddd

8: "you two wouldn't shut up!" -angry parents that sat in front of us

9: Chapter 4 Toy Story 3 ...our very first unofficial date together! (alone...lmao). Friday, July 9th, 2010 at 7:30 PM Finally after waiting a month or two for your koondi to come back from India, I build up the cajones to ask you out to the movies, just us! Oh man..i felt so cool, haven't went on a date in forever! I was so nervous, I coulda swore I changed like 4 times, put on extra deodorant, because we know how that right armpit gets, and was ready to be on my way! Then of course kudi kudi uncle came over randomly but that didn't stop me! haha I ditched his ass in a heartbeat! Honestly, besides the movie being great, I really had a great time with you, I feel like we were finally moving forward, even though I was told that we wouldn't stop yappin the whole movie! Poor kid in front of us was trying to cry in peace but we def ruined the moment for him lmao even though I myself found the ending to that movie to be a tear-jerker! And then after the movies, I lost my credit card that I only had for like a week! Luckily the couple that we annoyed kindly returned it =) This step led to us going out to watch Inception, but after that we had to switch things up a already know what's next ;P

10: Chapter 5: Bad Luck Bust's Bronx Bombers, But Boy Was It Worth It! So for the record, I would like to take sole credit for this date =) I TOTALY thought of it on my own haha this is def in my book as one of my favorite dates of all time...EVER, maybe even number 1! And it was only really our third time out together! I still remember telling Chris and Tomcy about this, they were so confused. First and second dates were at the movies...third date, Yankee game?! And not just any game, Yankee/Red Sox!! Too bad we lost **cough cough** But on a brighter note, I finally felt comfortable with you! Def was feeling some sort of chemistry, and I never told you this but Reshma texted me during the game and asked about you, I replied, "I think i'm in love..." Lmao obviously I was being sarcastic, but as you can see...I REALLY enjoyed being with you. Despite the fact that we lost, i dropped your chapstick on the floor and then used it, I stepped on your fries and then ate it, and then both of us feeling really sick for the next week or two, you left a lasting impression on me (a good one =D) Not to mention we held hands, that made me feel so fuzzy inside haha also when we were on the train back home and I was kinda holding you near me because every time the train stopped you kinda lost your balance, was also an awesome feeling hehe. At the end of the night on the way home, when we stopped in the city to transfer trains, I didn't know if I shoulda kissed you or not! Because I knew we couldn't when we got picked up, at that point I just wanted to pick your brain! Cupid def had a choke hold on my that night =)

11: Our first EVER picture together =) | Our Seats!

12: Our first public siting ever!

13: Chapter 6 Liquid Courage After the Yankee game I was feelin pretty dam good about myself! Haha and then September rolls around but you couldn't make it for my birthday =( So the house warming party was the next time i'd be able to see you! That was one hell of night lmao and I really had to get used to you not drinking around me, which was...quite difficult lol. Anywhoo that night I wasn't even sure if I was gonna crash at your place or at Wes's or Matt's place, especially with all your friends around! Didn't want them getting any ideas lol funny part is...we slept in completely separate rooms from everybody else, hows that for not giving people ideas? lol ok so fast forward to Dhanyas room...honestly I really didn't know if we should kiss! But we did =) all night! lmaoo we didn't go to sleep the WHOLE night into the morning! Remember when Mithun walked in? We pretended to be asleep? Good times hahaha Our first Kiss =)

14: Chapter 7 You and Me Finally, we kissed! I was so ecstatic!! From that point on every time I thought about you, it gave me butterflies no joke! So you came home the next weekend after the house warming party and we went to the Cheesecake factory, I was so nervous, I barely touched my food! I'll never forget how we just started talking and out of no where we heard "You and Me" by life house and both looked at each other and didn't say a word, that was definitely the high light of the night. And then we tried talking after that, but we kept studdering because the song was playing and even though there were hundreds of people there, that was the only thing we heard? This Was our first OFFICIAL date as a couple together, I have the napkin as proof! haha and how I could I forget your birthday gifts to me? Buzz lightgear, a new wallet and that awesome birthday card. I was so freakin happy you don't even know! The fact that you went out and got something for me like, melted my heart! That was the first time any girl has done that for me =) I was so happy I didn't even go home, I went straight to Neenas house and showed her! Ohh man you were the only thing on my mind after that night.

15: '...I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you...'

16: 'oh shit I think they're closing!'

17: Chapter 8 'Tis The Season So of course seeing each other every week is impractical, but we try our best! I came to Rutgers a few times, you came back home a few times, kept things fresh =) One thing that i'm truly happy to say was we got to see each other on Thanksgiving and Christmas! I was thankful to have you a part of my life on Thanksgiving and you WERE my gift on Christmas! Glad you finally got to meet Neena and Cecil, big part of my life! This had to be the best Christmas ever haha first time spending it girl friend? Haha I love how Panera is our meet up spot to do everything, i'm glad we got to exchange gifts, I loveddd the sweater, and so did so many other people, including Amy! Lol stepped up my swagger level! Hope you liked the birth stone =) I have yet to wear the boxer briefs in public, although I have tried them on and its pretty snug, keeps things in tact! hehe

18: The picture that shook the world!

19: Chapter 9 Bow-chicka-wow-wow The most recent highlight in our relationship, your birthday! (and Valentines day weekend) lol My first time ever having a real valentine, someone who I actually cared about. I don't think I saw you in weeks before your birthday which made seeing you a thousand times better! Hope you liked the a matter of fact you better like that bag seeing how Ashley from the coach store got my ass in trouble! Lmao, thats another thing this highlight brought up, my parents knowing theres a girl in my life =) Even though they know nothing about you haha at least their cool with it! Anywhoo, your birthday was a blast, even though I got made fun of by Joe and all the other guys for holding your flats and clutch =/ But hey, I was boy friend of the year, so i'll take it! Drinking with you was also a plus, your a fun drunk! You know how long I waited for that day?! I think I was more excited than you! The best part if this highlight was telling each other I love you, and I damn sure meant every word. But the story doesn't end here Elizabeth, as far as I know the ball's still rolling and I hope we can keep making memories for years to come, ummmah!

20: 'baby you summer time fine, I be the underline, i'm tryna get beside you like the number 9 dime, you fine as hell, I guess I met for a reason only time could tell/what day is it? and in what month? this clock never seemed so alive, I can't keep up and I can't back down, Ive been losing so much time, cause its you and me and all of the people, with nothing to do and nothing to lose, and its you and me and all of the people and I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you/theres so much craziness surrounding me, theres so much going on its hard to breathe, when all my faith is gone you bring it back to me, you make it real for me, and i'm runnin to you baby, your the only one who saves me, that's why i've been missing you lately, cause you make it real for me/and i've always like this, keeping a comfortable distance, and up until now I swore to myself that i'm content with loneliness, because none of it was ever worth the risk, but you are the only exception/remember those walls I built, well baby their tumbling down, and they didn't even put up a fight, they didn't even make a sound, I found a way to let you in, but I never really had a doubt, standing in the light of your halo, I got my angel now/the strands in your eyes that color them wonderful, stop me and steal my breath, emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky, never revealing their depth, tell me that we belong together, dress it up, with trappings of love, i'll be captivated, i'll hang from your lips, insteaed of the gallows of heartache that hang from above...'

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