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Classic Mixbook

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S: 2011

BC: all about Giada, Katie & Chip Langville (and William on the way)

FC: 2011

1: New Year's Day at Grandma & Grandpa Frey's House in Huron. Giada & Ethan enjoyed watching the electric train and trying out Grandma's new piano. | January

2: Clockwise from top left: 1/9 all dressed for church; 1/5 Giada & George, the princesses!; 1/9 new way to ride the horse; 1/4 painting on your new easel; 1/7 enjoying a model train exhibit in Chambersburg with Daddy, featuring "Mader" from "Cars"; 1/7 Giada LOVES to play "go to sleep" | 1/5 positive pregnancy test for baby we later miscarried on 1/14 (flowers from Mom & Dad)

3: 1/7 playing at home & at the park | 1/12 sledding at Lake Heritage with Grandmom & Grandpop | Snow!

4: Giada drank her own entire milkshake! She loved sitting on all the farm equipment, and playing in the grain. The highlight of the trip though was seeing the butter sculpture, especially since it was "B" week! | PA Farm Show | 1/13

5: 1/17 C is for | 1/12 Bis for bagels | 1/25 D is for dirt | Cooking with the alphabet! | cake | Giada really enjoys helping cook now . . . and playing "in a cave". The cake was a dump cake she made all by herself. And she was fascinated with the worms in the "dirt"!!

6: clockwise from top left: 1/14 being a princess; 1/14 enjoying a banana popsicle for "B" week ; 1/14 "Mommy, Giada making an A!"; 1/16 dancing; 1/15 Children's Museum in Winchester, VA - going down the cow slide, riding in the plane with Daddy, watching a dinosaur movie, and climbing into the cow

7: Happy 38th birthday, Chip! | Smashing a peppermint pig for good luck in the next year | make a wish! | Giada & Daddy playing in the cave; note the birthday crown Giada made Daddy for "C" week | Grandpa, Grandmom, Grandpop, Daddy, Giada & Mommy enjoying steak dinner | Giada playing in the Swiss zeltbahn from Bill & Kelly; opening gifts from Mom & Dad Frey; opening a gift from Katie; pictures with Giada & the card and mousepad from her

8: 1/22 Playing with Grandma & Grandpa Frey

9: clockwise from top left: 1/18 balloons from Red Robin; 1/19 cleaning up after painting with cars for "C" week; 1/23; 1/28 Giada & the snowman Mommy made; 1/29 Giada dressed as a ballerina with Mamie

10: 2/5 Giada spent the day with Daddy while Mommy scrapbooked. They went to Explore & More where Giada had fun with the Lincoln beard, clay, dressing up, painting, playing with water, the puppet stage, and the mouse. Afterwards, they went to Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum where Giada got to shake Mr. Ed's hand!

11: February | clockwise from top left: 2/2; 2/2 Giada loves umbrellas, and this one came in the mail!; 2/4 enjoying her very own ice cream cone; 2/6 Giada likes to help make pancakes on Sundays after church; Superbowl party! Giada hardly fits in the bowl this year.

12: Maryland Science Center 2/12 followed by pizza from Little Italy eaten in the car

13: 2/18 making goetta | 2/7 fishing for "F" week & making "dirt" for Fr. Pistone; 2/11 taking a walk to Beatrice's house with a present for Henry & removing Daddy's socks so we can trace his feet; 2/13 Grandpop L's birthday at Friendly's; 2/15 guitar for "G" week | 2/22 helping shovel the snow with her snow shovel, wearing the hat she made for "H" week, the best way to ride the horse - with as many stuffed animals as possible strapped on, rolling out Daddy's pizza;

14: Valentine's Day | Giada was a BIG help with cookies on 2/13- rolling, cutting & putting them on the tray. Then on Valentine's Day at the MSMAC party she decorated with sprinkles & ate a giant bowl of grapes for lunch! | Valentine's Day

15: Such a pretty girl!

16: from left: 2/18 at the Rec park & riding your horse with the Giada doll we made for "G" week; 2/19 trying on Mommy's shoes; visit to the PA State Museum - your favorite parts were the ramps, and of course the kids' section. | from above left: 2/25 Giada was so pleased with the stickers she got for her last hip x-ray!; 2/26 enjoying the cardboard house we made her for "H" week

17: 2/19 helping Daddy fix a piece of siding that blew off the house; 2/20 helping Daddy make bread - mixing, rolling into "sneaky snakes" and eating!

18: March | top: 3/2 ice cream for "I" week;middle from let: 3/3 ballerina at Arby's; 3/5 enjoying the rain before breakfast; 3/2 reading Babybug; bottom 3/5 breakfast is always better with Daddy

19: Giada loves to cook! above, left & center: 3/7 helping make Mardi Gras rootbeer cupcakes ; below left & center: making chocolate chip cookies; right: sifting & cracking eggs 3/11 for a jelly roll for "J" week, and then the finished product

20: 3/5 Strawberry Hill: petting the wooden snake & walking with Daddy | below from left: 3/8 stuffing your mouth with chocolate on Mardi Gras; 3/10 rediscovering you can fit in the boat; 3/11 jellyfish for "J" week; 3/11 trying out the highchair from the neighbor; 3/12 swinging at Kids Kingdom in Hanover | St. Patrick's Day | left: 3/16 Giada with the leprechaun trap she helped make | right: 3/17 you caught a leprechaun . . . and he had to leave his hat & some gold coins to escape!! | right: 3/17 making a graham cracker crust for the grasshopper pie; below right; Giada the leprechaun (in red boots)

21: top from left: 3/12 drawing ballerinas with your foot; 3/13 drawing on your easel; 3/14 chicken kebab & stamping on a "K" for "K" week; right: 3/18 on the front porch bottom from left: 3/16 King crown for "K" week & building; 3/18 helping rake

22: 3/19 Digging for worms ("sneaky snakes") in the garden with Daddy, then giving one a bath in the kitchen sink

23: clockwise from top left: 3/23 chopping parsley with the mezza luna!; 3/23 playing on the trains at Norlo Park in Chambersburg; 3/25 too cute!; 3/26 matching glasses with Grandmom at McD's & flying a kite at Renfrew Park in Waynesboro

24: above from left: 3/27 "I'm princess Giada!"; 3/29 "Giada's ready to go to flying fairy school . . . just like Abby!"; 3/31 riding your horse with everyone tied on for safety; 3/31 making & tasting rainbow cupcakes | for Leighton Stover's 3rd birthday party

25: April | 4/1 picking a recipe with Daddy; 4/6 checking our your "fantastic " (pastie) for "P" week | 4/6 playing in your Big Girl room with the flower pillow Mommy made you; below from left: 4/9 first bouquet of the year; 4/10 new hobby horse & enjoying a snack of nuts! | 4/10 found out we were pregnant with baby #3; 4/14 flowers from Grandma & Grandpa Frey for our miscarriage

26: clockwise from top left:;4/21 stirring spaghetti sauce; raking the grass clippings; taking a walk with Grandpa F.; 4/23 playing basketball with Aunt Amy, Aunt Sarah & Uncle Chad; worm you found on our walk; puddles!; helping juice a lemon for salad dressing; 4/22 new raincoat from Grandma & Grandpa F.; 4/22 putting peeps in their chocolate pretzel nests

27: 4/23 getting ready for the party | cinnamon bun cheesecake, pecan layer cake, strawberry trifle | Bubbles!!! from Great Aunt Sue Ellen & Great Uncle Paul | waiting for Grandma & Grandpa Langville to arrive | menu: spaghetti, homemade bread (garlic &plain), strawberry-spinach salad, green bean salad, peas, Chip's special punch

28: Kathy & Bill's 40th Wedding Anniversary Party | April 23 | surprise!! | Giada, Benjaman (yellow shirt) & Connor listening to the baseball game & playing with ice | opening gifts

29: Easter Morning Giada was so excited to see the giant eggs in her basket . . . | back row: Matthew, Marcy, Connor, Paul, Jack, David, Sarah, Chad, Amy; middle row: Paige, Sue Ellen, Layne, | Joelle, Heather, Benjaman, Sandy, Katie, Chip, Dylan, Meryl, Morgan; front row: Bill, Giada, Kathy, Theresa | the Langville family ( Uncle John couldn't make it)

30: . . . and to find all the goodies inside! (books, dino hat, sunglasses, firetrucks | and chocolate!) | opening her basket the Bunny left in Huron | Easter

32: April 24, 2011 Kathy & Bill's 40th Wedding Anniversary | receiving their Papal Blessing from Father Sewicki at Easter Sunday Mass | back: Chad, Amy, Chip, Sue Ellen, Paul, Paige, Pat, Heather; front: Sarah, Katie, Giada, Kathy, Bill, Joelle | celebratory brunch - fruit salad and three coffee cakes, with Giada's Easter nests for dessert

33: . . . with Joelle | Giada's

34: Easter afternoon: riding your new tricycle, helping snap the asparagus and enjoying the new umbrella the Easter Bunny left at Grandmom & Grandpop Langville's house for you

35: April 25 Playing with Grandma & Grandpa Frey | top: making a road;waiting for toenails to dry this row: dying Easter eggs one day late; enjoying your Easter lollipops | above: sharing Daddy's cake; planting & watering sunflower seeds from the MSMAC Easter egg hunt left: helping Grandpa up after being traced; tracing Daddy

36: above from left: 4/26 with a worm, at the front door, playing with Grandpa | 4/30 playing at Norlo Park, Chambersburg | 4/30 happy to be wearing a mitten so you don't pick your cut

37: counterclocksise from top left: 5/1 all dressed for church; 5/2 Giada accesorized herself!; 5/8 making Mommy's Mother's Day scrambled eggs; 5/6 helping make a Mother's Day cookie dough cheesecake; 5/8 Mother's Day | May | May

38: 5/7 Our day in Baltimore above: Giada's very own lemon w/ peppermint stick at the FlowerMarkt | lunch at Bagby's Pizza

39: Kinetic Sculpture Race | bath time with blue water

40: in the blue checked dress: 5/8 at the Round Barn & then stacking wood from our dead tree | in the red & blue outfit: 5/9 bouncing & helping with the garden | above left to right: 5/23; 5/24 cutting the Pineapple upside down cake for "U" week; 5/16 decorating a "T" with triangles for "T" week; 5/24 Sir Toppum Hat; 5/18 tulips for "T" week right: swimming at Leij Bueher's 1st Birthday party

41: above: 5/28 with Ella at the Firelands Arborateum; right: holding Luke; 5/27 swinging at Grandpa Frey's house | above: 5/27 taking a walk | 5/28 above: at the Arborateum,; left & below: at Pied Piper,bottom center: playing piano with Ella | Huron, OH

42: clockwise from top left: 5/28 at Lakefront park ; 5/29 popsicles after luke's Baptism; 5/29 the Frey Family at Luke's Baptism (Daddy, Giada, mommy, Bill, Ella, Kelly, Luke, Grandma, Grandpa, Lucy)

43: 5/30 Sandusky Memorial Day parade | Katie, Chip, Giada, Lucy, Bill, Luke, Ella, Kelly | Chip with Luke & Giada

44: Grandma & Grandpa Frey's Memorial Day Picnic clockwise from top left: Giada entertaining; Giada swimming; friends from high school - Kristina with Isaiah (8 months), Andrea with Andrew (5 years), Mommy with Giada (29 months); | Mommy & Kristina at the world's largest DQ, right in Sandusky!

45: 5/31 Nickleplate Beach and enjoying raspberries for a snack

46: this row: 6/1 helping make waffles and playing in the pool | 6/2 playing with Aunt Lucy & Grandma in Huron | J U N E

47: top: 6/2 Flying with Grandma; middle helping in the garden (and the straw bail garden); below: Daddy's visit to Rutherford B Hayes' house & grave; scrabble cheese-its with Grandpa; right: playing piano with Mommy;

48: in purple shirt: 6/3 playing with Mommy & Aunt Lucy's old dollhouse; in green shirt: using the big slide & the merry-go-round with Larry!; below: 6/5 more sliding by yourself & "I'm swinging with my mouth open!"

49: left: 6/5 hiking at Osborne Park & eating pink (bubblegum) ice cream at Tofts | above: 6/7 Daddy wearing the visor Giada made for "V" week | left: 6/8 volcanos for "V" week; right: 6/12 helping make strawberry jelly | 6/13 playing dress up & bouncing at Bounce with Me with Mommy in Westminster

50: above: 6/10 picking strawberries, and waving a flag at the mini horse festival; below: 6/11 playing on the train at Norlo Park

51: 6/17 Music & Curious George at Gettysburg College

52: this row: 6/17 ice cream at Mr. G's | middle from left: 6/18 with Grandpa, with Weensie George in the garden ; below: helping make noodles

53: center: 6/19 Father's Day music & cars at the Round Barn; bottom: 6/19 playing in the Gettysburg College fountain & your very own drawing of a volcano! | 6/18 Brass Music Concert at Gettysburg Colllege & looking for planes in Grandpa's truck

54: top & right: 6/19 Father's Day gifts & cake; left: 6/20 CJ Lair's Birthday party; bottom: 6/20 sliding, "look - fungus!!" & smelling the flowers

55: clockwise from center left: 6/25 dress-up; 6/21 cutting with scissors, and teaching a car!; 6/21 dress-up in Mommy's old homecoming dress; 6/25 picking blueberries with Grandmom & Grandpop

56: above: Longing to ride & then riding the Merry-Go-Round; below: stopping for ice cream at Coldstone on the way home & then "reading" the menu in the car | 6/30 Playing at a park in Herndon, VA

57: JULY | 7/1 Hershey Gardens

58: above: 7/1 Hershey Gardens & watching yeast blow up your balloon; middle: 7/3 the confederates - Chip & Luke, 7/2 Ella, Luke & Giada at Hauser Winery, 7/3 4th of July cookout; bottom: 7/2 smashing tomatoes for pizza, 7/3 decorating the 4th flag cake

59: above: 7/2 at the Round Barn with Uncle Bill & Ella; below left to right: 7/4 Aunt Kelly, Luke, Giada & Ella, 7/3 first sparkler, 7/3 Yankee Doodle Parade

60: 4th of July - Baseball with Sophie & her family, making flag cupcakes & sparklers | 7/5 still patriotic!

61: above: 7/9 "scoop-a-palooza" ice cream festival & then a rural life festival; below from left: 7/11 being the Man in the Yellow Hat; 7/17 swimming; 7/16 6th Anniversary gifts

62: 7/16 19th Century Baseball game | middle from left: 7/20 making cookies; 7/18 making kebabs; below from left: 7/26 making truffles; 7/11 buried in animals; 7/19 blizzards!

63: 150th Manassas Reenacment | 7/24 | below from left: 7/22 packed for the weekend at Grandma & Grandpa Langville's; 7/30 testing out Daddy's motor on Lake Heritage; 7/31 Norlo Park

64: August | 8/2 crabbing on the Wye River (above: packing 8/1)

65: left: cooking & eating crabs at a state park with Amy & John; right top: 8/6 making truffles; below: 8/7 picking peaches at Baughers

66: 8/2 mopping | 8/13 park in Halifax, PA - first time down a twisty slide! | 8/13 Lake Tobias Animal Park - monkeys & crocodiles! | 8/20 | 8/14 canning peaches | 8/14 your pick for family picturs | 8/21 making pancakes

67: 8/16 bouncing at Monkey Joe's, and lunch at the foodcourt | right: 8/18 picking raspberries at Yellow hill Farm; aboive 8/19 left & 8/21 right; left: Littlestown festival 8/20

68: clockwise from top left: 8/19 dancing; 8/27 Sophia's Wiggles B'day party; 8/21 crabbing in your boat; 8/19; 8/25 dancing in a paint shirt; 8/22 dancing; 8/20 swimming with Grandma

69: above: 8/28 Fort Frederick French & indian War reenactment - right is Giada in a fireplace in the barracks left: DQ 8/27 right: 8/31 we're pregnanct!!!

70: September | 9/2 Mommy & Giada had a playdate at Kim Keeran's house where Giada loved playing dress-up. Then Daddy met us and we spent the day playing at Pine Grove Furnace beach and Hollabaugh Bros. Market

71: 9/10 Colonial Fair & Muster at Conococheague Institute in Mercersburg, PA. Below: Giada learning about rifles and period dress. Remaining pictures of rifle used in the Lewis & Clark Expedition - Chip even got to fire it!

73: Frey Family Vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado Sept. 16 - 25 | facing page: large pictures 9/17 at Garden of the Gods (taken by Kelly); bottom left 9/23 Lower Cataract Lake; 9/19 hugging Grandpa with Ella & Luke; 9/23 Breckenridge Riverwalk along Blue River with Aunt Lucy; top right: 9/21 painting toenails with Grandma; 9/21 attempting to hike at Loveland Pass this page: family pictures 9/19 above: All the grandkids with Grandma & Grandpa - Luke (7mos), Leah (3 months), Ella (3.5 years), Ethan (3 years), Giada (2.5 years) left: left to right, back to front: Ella, Bill, Dad, Giada, Chip, Greg, Ethan, Kelly, Luke, Mom, Lucy, me, Angie, Leah

74: more pictures from Breckenridge! clockwise from left: 9/22Playground in Dillon for Ethan's Birthday; 9/23 fshing with Daddy at Lower Cataract Lake; | 9/19 "pool" at the "big house"; 9/24 playground in Leadville - being very brave!; 9/20 burying worms in the dirt pudding with Ella; 9/19 being a scientist at Breckenridge Children's Museum

75: left: 9/12 being a knight below & right: 9/4 Labor Day Water Ski show at Lake Heritage below right: 9/11 helping with Daddy's tools | 9/26 cutting with scissors and your first day of preschool with Sarah Rice & Sophie Will below: 9/27 you LOVE bouncing at Monkey Joe's in Camp Hill!!

76: Mommy | above: breakfast with Aunt Amy & Uncle John; Giada playing below: helping Grandma Frey make Mommy's cake while wearing Mommy's new apron

77: opening gifts (Giada tried on or played with most of them) & having cake right: 9/29 sharing shoes with the giraffe | 9/28

78: October | 10/1 Pumpkin Festival in Littlestown top: "Daddy take my picture!" middle: So pleased with your balloon!; enjoying the apples, eating chicken-corn soup | bottom: playing the games

79: 10/12 picking apples at Hollabaugh Bros. | 10//7 Bouncing at Monkey Joe's in Camp Hill - quite possible your favorite thing to do ever!

80: far right column: 10/7 at the Rec Park and in our backyard. right: 10/8 Playground at Catoctin Colorfest in Thurmont remaining pictures: 10/8 Catoctin Mountain Orchards to play & pick pumpkins!

81: clockwise from top left: 10/22 picking out pumpkins at the Round Barn; 10/21 finding a spot for the | scarecrow you made at Beth McCorkel's house; 10/21 decorating a pumpkin at Beth's house; with both of your new | creations; 10/24 picnic you set for Giada Doll & Mamie; 10/21 playing at Sarah's house; 10/28 at Sarah's again; 10/21 Elephant game with Sophie for "E" week; 10/25 being a monkey; 10/28 at the Rec Park

82: Snow ? | 10/29 6+ inches of snow! We made a snowman with Beatrice Russell & got out the sled! | left: 10/29 Halloween party at Jubilee; right: 10/30 ghosts for breakfast

83: Halloween Our little ballerina! top right & bottom left: MSMAC Halloween party at Katie Will's house - group picture Benjamin Hannah, Giada, Sarah Rice, Leighton Stover, Sophie Will, David Gonzalez

84: Halloween | clockwise from left: all carved!Giada's helping make ghost biscuits; say cheese!; so excited to Trick-or-treat; lit up; Giada's haul; monster spaghetti for dinner with Sophie & Beatrice

85: November | this row: 11/1 riding your tricycle; being St. Helen & St. Rose; 11/4 doing push-ups at the Rec Park | below & bottom: 11/8 playing with Grandma & Larry the Cucumber | 11/3 Girls day with Mommy - shopping & then lunch at Chili's

86: clockwise from left: 11/9 playing with Grandma Frey outside & on the piano; 11/8 playing in the leaves & ironing with Grandma; | 11/10 Huron making | Grandpa's 'B'day cake & | noodles

87: 11/11 top left: showing off the turkey dress Mommy made; Cleveland Natural History Museum digging for dinosaurs, planetarium show & other fun things!; below: painting a galaxy; Grandpa's birthday!

88: above: 11/15 jumping in puddles; right: 11/12 playing in the leaves in Huron below: 11/12 hiking at Old Woman's Creek

89: above: 11/10 "take my picture with the mens!"; 11/19 Remembrance Day parade; 11/23 helping make cinnamon rolls | above: 11/24 Thanksgiving dinner - Grandpop & Grandma L, Mommy, Eddie, Sarah, Chad, Giada; right: Giada's thanksgiving outffit!; below: 11/25 opening early birthday & Christmas gifts with Uncle Chad & Aunt Sarah

90: left: 11/28 Playing harmonica in "silly hair" for "H" week; right: 11/17 15 weeks with baby #2!; 11/30 Chip's samarai umbrella | from Chad & Sarah; left: 11/29 posing w/ the carolers in the square; center: | 11/23 Advent package from | Huron; below: 11/27 | helping with decor-ations

91: December | above: 12/2 SO excited to see Frosty at Melany's house!; 12/3 asking Santa if he knows Frosty & telling him you want toys for Christmas | right: 12/4 decorating the tree left: 12/5 St. Nick's gifts from Grandma & Grandpa Frey

92: top from left: 12/5 running around bows at preschool (Stacy's house); 12/6 St. Nick came! (you're wearing your Clifford PJ's); 12/8 18 weeks along with William! left: 12/7 loving making truffles!

93: Washington, D.C. | weekend in | Dec. 9 - 11 | left: taking the metro from our hotel (Hyatt Regency right by the Capital) to the Natural History Museum; middle row: DINOSAURS! Giada was THRILLED!; bottom: exploring shells & Mexican clothes at the museum

94: Zoo Lights at the National Zoo the highlights were dancing with Frosty and dancing with the lights. Giada could have stayed & danced all night! Top left: "Daddy, take my picture with Santa! " when leaving dinner at the ITalian Pizza Kitchen.

95: breakfast at the hotel | Congressional Christmas tree & the Capital Bldg | Train Display at the National | Botanical Gardens with fairy houses

96: famous buildings at the National Botanical Gardens recreated out of plants. Left:Mount Vernon; Right: Library of Congress; middle center: Lincoln's birthplace; middle right: Lincoln Memorial; bottom from left: Washington Monument; Neufschwanstein Castle; U.S. Capital

97: National Christmas Tree (right) & train display. left: MD tree below: with Santa! | National Museum of the American Indian - Giada was in awe of the dancers. Lunch included fry bread & pumpkin fritters | Wright Bros. plane in the Air & Space Museum | Walrus burgers for dinner at Old Ebbit Grill (a couple blocks from the White House).

98: posing with the amazing tree in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency before we left | from left: 12/11 helping Daddy clean for preschool; 12/14 you had so much fun decorating cookies!; 12/16 celebrating Grandma Frey's birthday

99: Giada's 3rd Birthday Party! | 12/17 Beatrice Russell & Sarah Rice came with their families. You wore ballerina skirts and danced with balloons.

100: left: chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese & veggies with guacamole or ranch dip for lunch. middle from left: opening lacing cards from Beatrice & Chutes & Ladders from Sarah; playing right away with Grandma bottom: the Frosty cake you requested

101: Dec. 18 Giada's 3rd Birthday! | After church, we went to see the model train exhibit in Chambersburg with Grandma & Grandpa Frey. Grandma & Grandpa Langville joined us at home later.

102: Opening gifts! | Giada loved the Jack-in-the-box, dollhouse (from Grandma & Granpda Frey), Cars PJ's from Grandma & Grandpa Langville, and all of the books.

103: your dollhouse all set up for the George's!

104: Eve | top: Snowman pancakes for breakfast;12/23 sampling the hot cocoa we made for Christmas; Lightning McQueen toothbrush that Santa left early in Grandma & Grandpa Langville's fridge! | above: Dancing in the trees at Christmas Mass this row: hanging up stockings; You were so excited about sprinkling reindeer food so that Santa could find our house!

105: Morning 2011 | Santa came! With a tool bench (complete with drill), table & chairs for the Weensie Georges and a bulldozer! | the ornament you made for Daddy!

106: This year it took ALL day to open presents because every time you opened a gift, we had to read it or play with it right away. We all had a lot of fun! top right both pages: dancing to your new CD. middle left: ornaments you picked out for Mommy; bottom row : checking out everything with your new Dr. kit

107: Christmas breakfast, and then more present opening! | above: handmade truffles for Daddy; this row: making your wood race car and trying out your new dinosaur stamps

108: Gifts with Grandma & Grandpa Langville. far left: Giada's truffles for Grandpa

109: Finally opening stockings around 3:30pm! | dinner at the Chinese Buffet

110: above: painting the car you & Daddy made and then racing "Purple Green" around the table; below: in Huron for New Years - Lucy's B'day gift, toys you bought yourself w/ $ from Aunt Amy, and playing with Grandma's dinosaurs

111: Frey gift opening extravaganza 12/31

112: Nativity Play starring Giada, Ella & Grandma | Christmas Dinner from left: Mommy, Giada, | Daddy, Lucy, Grandpa, Kelly, Ella, Bill, Luke | helping Grandpa put his new star in the aquarium

113: New Year's Eve in Huron

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