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Classic Mixbook

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S: Pearce Family Album 2010

BC: The End

FC: Pearce Family Album 2010

1: 2010

2: Jaxon plays Ball Jaxon starts on a competition basketball team....the Kaysville Cagers. They are doing great and play against 3rd grade teams a lot and although they don't win them all they keep up with them.. I can't wait to see them get better and better.

4: A winter wonerland of snow! | Winter Fun!! Jaxon and Zach go with Grin skiing and the little ones have a blast on the tramp in the snow!! (right)

6: Paislee may Tims Paislee my sister Debbie's 1st baby was in the hospital for a while so on the 27th of December 2009 they brought her home we all went up for a welcome home party Aidyn, my brother Brett's son turned 1 year old on Feb. 11th so we headed to American Fork for a party. Time goes by way too fast. | Paislee's arrival party and Adyn's 1st B-day

7: Football, Blessings and Birthday's So this weekend we decided why not cram as much into one weekend 9make that a day) that we can. So we headed to Logan on Saturday night and spent the night with Grin's parents so we could make it to my little Nieces blessing at 9am Sunday Morning then we had lunch there. She doesn't have T.V. so after lunch everyone (the Hone family and my Brother in laws family the Tim's) headed to our house for a Super bowl party. So we did what you do at super bowl parties ate and watched the game. It was really fun especially with so many people the more people the louder and wild it gets right so so fun. We ate fondue both chocolate and cheese and had a great time visiting the kids had a blast playing and we thought that wasn't enough so we threw a few cousins birthday celebrations in there and really had a party. It was a great fun day and somehow I made it all the way through and not one picture to show thank goodness for Grandma these pics all came from her.

8: Gavin's Joys school 2009-2010 The neighborhood got together had started 3 year old Joy school for Gavin's age group. We each rotated being the teacher and organizing the field trips. We had so much fun going to the pumpkins patch, Petsmart, the Fire station, | Petsmart | Pack's Pumpkin Patch | Field Day! | class activities; painting "above and below", discovering "Dinosaur bones" | Tree house museum | Graduation! | The Firehouse | The Lagoon Trail

9: The Jazz game, Dad had box seats so we went and got to go hang out in the box after the first quarter. The boys were in heaven! | GO! JAZZ


11: Valentine Aprons For Valentines we had a Girls day!! with my family. We have tried in the past to do this once a month or every other something like that. And we do good for a while but mostly talk about what we will do. We have been talking for a long while about making some of these cute retro aprons that are so popular. So finally we got together and made a valentine apron it was so fun. We had ALL the girls even the little ones they didn't sew much but still got into the act. Now the goal is one for each holiday fun fun fun!!

12: Valentines 2010 Ella what a cutie she sat on the chair and her Aunt Millie kept saying "do this do that" and she just kept posing for us so so cute!! Valentines was full of good and bad this year. We did manage to make cookies and take them to our dads work and have our annual Valentine dinner we had ham and potatoes and of course red jello hearts. But Ella and I got major colds and weren't up to much. Because it was Sunday Jaxon had to sit around all day without his "Valentine" by the time dinner came around his patients were about shot. Lucky enough Grandma Hone had given me Valentines with strict instructions to "Kick" them on Valentines Day. So I did that in the afternoon and that held him over until dinner (sort of) Kicking Valentines is apparently something that only my mother does we grew up thinking that this is what you do on Valentines. You bake cookies and then take them to your neighbors and knock on the door and run away. We really got carried away with the task of not getting caught and now it is the highlight of Valentines for my kids and there cousins. To the point that We didn't kick them this year because I was sick and my poor Nieces and nephews sat around waiting for us to come and we never did so sorry kids, next year Right: Our Valentine dinner Valentines day was on a Sunday this year so we had Sunday Dinner and invited Aunt Millie to come. She kept telling the little ones to do different posses and Ella especially had a blast doing what ever pose she would say.

14: Ella in February you just can't help but take pictures foe no other reason than she is so dang cute

15: Why do I let the kids eat in the car? your guess is as good as mine.

16: A picnic in the Backyard! So Gavin is a bit of a ladies man. Plays with the girls way more than he does boys. Part of this is because there are just simply more girls but when given the choice he loves the girls and gets along with them so well. One day his friend Jaynie and him wanted a picnic so I sent them out with some snacks and they laid there blanket out and sat on the blanket for such a long time just talking like the were two grownups so so cute.

17: Mar'cus gets baptized

19: Swinging Princesses | Ella and Her friend Taydem were swinging in their princess dresses having a grand old time Ella of course wanted me to take some pictures how could I say no she was so picture like with her dirty face and crazy hair.

20: Ella and Gavin pose for Window Pictures

21: Spring Recital | Jaxon's Spring Recital He gets better everyday!

22: Jaxon's Spring Field trip! | Dinosaur Park and Tree Museum!


24: So I can't say much about Easter this year because I wasn't there (I know terrible) anyway Grin said he was going to borrow the dealerships camera but didn't so all the pics I have are from his phone great hu! Grin did an awesome job (I did have it all ready for him before I left filled and tagged) but he still really stepped up to the plate took the kids down to my moms to spend Saturday and have the Easter bunny visit then he hurried home and hosted his family at our house for Saturday night and Sunday morning what a trooper lets just hope I don't spend to many years hearing "remember when you went to Paris during Easter, you owe me one" ha ha. Thanks hunny for all you do and did so I could go!!

26: France Paris, Loire Valley, Normandy and so much more. So much fun for mom in France a true dream come true! (see France book for more details)

28: We are always off to Jaxon's ball games so once in a while we take a time out of the game and go play at the park the kids just LOVE the slide and so does Ella's Hair!!

29: the | A wedding a Funeral and Mothers Day!! What a weekend. I always feel that my life is feast or famine and this weekend was no exception. My Aunt Darlene past away last Sunday (May 2nd 2010) and the funeral was on the 8th of May. My sister Debbie's sister in law got married and she was in charge of the cake and Millie (other sister) in charge of the pictures so they had to do the wedding thing and the rest of us headed south to the Funeral. So here are the stories of this plus mothers day. A Wedding. . . . Well I didn't have much to do with the wedding but did make a quick drive by on my way to the funeral to drop off my camera to Millie ( something that made me extra late but I did because I love you Millie :) )and the pictures did turn out FABULOUS and the cake AMAZING especially since it was the first time Debbie had ever done a decorated cake let alone a wedding cake WOW deb. I will try and get a picture and post it. That is the extent of wedding for us congratulations Michelle and Frank!!! Good luck! A Funeral (A tribute? to my Aunt) I knew that I was headed to this funeral all week but I think there was enough things to do I kept it fairly distant in my mind (I am sorry that not everyone effected by this loss could have done the same thing) So come Saturday and the business of the morning I made it there before reality had really sunk in. Which ended up being to my detriment I never really recovered from the reality of it all day. My Aunt Darlene (although I am sorry to say I have not seen near enough of her or her family in recent years) however was a major influence in my growing up. She was in fact more than an aunt, truly a second mom. I spent countless hours of my childhood around her kitchen table eating amazing food and talking with everyone, you would find her mostly working, fixing food and getting you what she thought you might need. Countless hours with her kids were spent in the barn playing house, walking the field to the tramp (trying hard not to step on the hay plants), in the hay making huts and snuggled up in the t.v. room watching countless movies (I mean countless because I think they had every movie there ever was or at least as a kid it seemed that way. It would take us a half an hour just to decide what to watch. One of the most memorable time was when we watched "Watcher in the woods" I don't think I could have been more scared if the T.V. was planted right in the middle of the woods (after all in my mind small, farm town it might as well have been) we heard every noise made in the world that night and jumped at each one GOOD TIMES!! We also spent many Easter's at there farm with baskets that covered the old farm table and rolling eggs down the roof of the sheds. The Funeral was so good. She had seven kids six of them boys one Girl and they are all too young to be up there conducting a funeral. My heart truly broke as I watched them all , my brothers and sisters having to go through this experience so soon and lets face it at all. I can't describe the pain that I felt for myself in loosing someone so dear to me but mostly for them and my uncle and Sally who I am sure relied on her mother as much as I do mine in the raising of her own kids and the advice and wisdom only your mom can provide. They all gave beautiful talks of there mom and her wonderful talents and abilities. I laughed when they talked of her many quotes that she had placed around her house held up by contact paper to mirrors, cupboards, refrigerators and anyplace she or her kids (and everyone else who was fortunate to frequent her home which was many) might look to remind them (us) of who we are and who we should become. That was what was important to her. Not material things but family and home. She was a home body and loved being home she loved you to come to her house but wasn't exactly comfortable being where someone else had to serve her. In the last weeks of her life the kids got a wonderful opportunity to serve her and stay at her side and they truly never left her side in the four weeks or so that she was in the hospital. I was so impressed with there dedication both her kids and her kids in law it truly showed there love for this sweet small firecracker of a woman. I loved her so and I love her family dearly and find myself so sad that we get so busy in life that we don't stay as close to those people who mean so much to us. I want all of my cousin's and my Uncle to know I love them dearly and am thinking of them always and we really need to get together more often for happier occasions. I remember many a hunting season walking out to the picnic table lined (I mean lined she had six boys and a husband remember) with dead dear heads crusty blood and tongues hanging out and all I have to say is a woman that can not only put up with that but be proud of it and help in the cleaning of them and then cooks it up beautifully is a woman leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of us (ok maybe just me) in courage, patience, understanding, kindness, strength, perseverance I could go on and on. I love you Aunt Darlene you will truly be missed in my life. Mother's Day! I am the primary chorister in my ward these days and so mothers day is more stress than relief. We did a whole program so we had to run back from the funeral and get to church early on Sunday morning to practice and get the kids ready. they did a fabulous job we had a poem about mom's and flowers that the kids took turns reciting parts of . Gavin had a part that read "here is a strong snap dragon as big and brave as dad" he had it memorized (with actions because I was trying to get him to remember the order of strong, big, and brave) by the time we got back from the funeral but froze up a little in sacrament meeting however he said it clearly and did great. The kids then sang "I often go walking" and "love is spoken here" they did great I am so amazed at how well they learn these songs and can sing them with only the 15 minutes of singing time we have each week to do it in. We then had family over to our house for dinner and Grin was awesome did pretty much everything so I could sit around and chat with my family. Thanks honey you are the BEST!! I also have found myself with an extra appreciation and love for my mom this mothers day. Watching a little too closely how quickly you can loose someone. I am truly grateful for every moment we have and want to suck up all her knowledge and love. Thanks mom for all you do and for all you have done I am truly who I am today because of you. I love you so so much! Well there went the weekend gone in a flash. Happy Mother's day to all of you my dear friends you are all truly a great influence in my life and make me want to be a better person. Thank you for your friendship and love.

31: Jaxon's Spring Sports | Baseball and Soccer fun! | ............................................ | 2010

33: Springtime parties | May is so full of fun! Cousin Dallin's b-day was a blast making mummies and playing everything Egyptian. Jaxon's Soccer coach has a pool so we all headed there for a soccer pool party but in the end the wind and rain picked up and we had to tuck up against the house.

35: 5/16/10 | A beautiful spring Sunday we decided to take a walk through the hollow by our house and to Castle park to play a little. The kids had a blast on the nature walk and playing on the toys at the park we also had to get a little baseball practice in. I am not sure about the baseball thing but Jaxon sure seems to enjoy it and of course anything that is labels a "sport" is good with dad! I just enjoy taking pictures of my cute kids no matter what they are doing! We truly live for moments like these! | FAMILY

36: Our elementary had a jog-a-thon to help earn money to put a track around the school. Each grade took a time in the day to run and so we ran all day long. I went to run a few laps with Jaxon the kid were troopers and had a great time doing it! | BURTON JOG-A-THON!


38: A POPSICLE MOMENT | We had some Popsicle's that got left out and melted. So we put them back into the freezer the kids had no problem eating them the shape doesn't seem to change the taste, in fact I think the funny shapes made them better.


40: Ella Gets a Big Girl Bed! | Our Ella is getting so big. And they actually did a recall on her crib so we got the money back for it and that bought Ella a darling new bed (we found on KSL) she was so excited. She did have to spend a few days on the floor on her crib mattress but that didn't bother her one bit. When the bed went in everyone had to get in the act so we had story time on the new bed!! (almost 3 years old!!

41: Ella Elizabeth

42: June | Jaxon Jives Jaxon was in his primary class and the teacher asked a question it went like this Teacher: "What do you think the most powerful thing in the world it?" (right answer the priesthood) Jaxon answer: "true love kiss" Teacher: have you been watching "Enchanted" Jaxon: (rolling his eyes) "yeah it is Ella's favorite" Jaxon has been playing Baseball and he has been doing pretty good. So far this season he has hit 3 home runs one of them being a "grand slam" (I had to be told what that was, sad I know) anyway after his 3rd home run one of the dads congratulated him. This is how the conversation went according to the dad The dad: "Good Job Jax you are doing Awesome" Jaxon: " yeah, first a home run, then a grand slam, (shrugging his shoulders) whats next "out of the park". the kid does not lack for "Confidence" when I talk to him about it and told him he needed to be more humble, and then explained what humble was he said that he wasn't trying to show off he just figured that must be the next step all innocent in a conceited sort of way! We love our Jax | Summer is hear and we are off with a bang Popsicle's and all!

43: For Jaxon's 8th birthday we went with the Astle's to Boondock's we played mini golf, bumper boats, and tons of arcade fun then back to our house for cake and ice cream. We had a great time and Jaxon got a "big barrel bat".

44: Ragnar 2010 Another year of Ragnar 3rd year and we still love it! Grin and I, Cheryl and Brett Murdock, and Jill and Roger Grant the Best car in the RACE! | Oh so warm for running

45: Van 1 | Van 2 | R.O.U.S.' (Runners of unusual speed)

47: Car packed, camping gear loaded, movies stocked and ready to hit the road...and we're off! From Fruit Heights to Washington and back again hitting, the Salt Flats, Wendover, Lake Tahoe, The Oregon Coast, and back through Idaho what a week!!! ( see vacation book for more details) | Oregon Here We Come!

48: Jaxon'sBaptism

49: Jaxon Gets Baptized Our Jaxon believe it or not on June 7th turned 8 years old! So We got home from our trip to Oregon on Friday night and the next day we got up and got ready to baptize Jaxon so on the 3rd of July our first child was baptized. It was really a surreal moment I just can't believe that we are to this point in our lives. The kids are growing so quickly and I don't love it. But I was so proud of Jaxon he was so excited and really understood more than I could possibly imagine an 8 year old could. Grin on the other hand had a little tougher time. below is his part of his testimony in Sacrament the next day. I have to write it down because it was so funny and he took it all in stride. Grin not exactly a direct quote but it gives you the idea " So with Jaxon getting baptized and the Gray hair I keep finding in my hair I have been feeling like I am getting old. Then I went to baptized Jaxon and after I baptized him almost 3 times I realize I am still a rookie." That is right he messed up the first time and actually dunked him before they stopped him. Then he was nervous and messed up the second time. He almost had to do it Portuguese after all that is the only language he has ever baptized anyone in. In the end he did a great Job and it was a great day! Thanks so much to all who were there and supported him on this extra special day. | The after party we BBQed and had a great time

51: With the baptism on Sat. and the 4th on Sunday we didn't do much to celebrate. But the Layton celebration was on Monday so dad went to work and we went with the Astles to the parade tthe LAhen Dad met up with us for fireworks a jam packed weekend for sure!

52: Mom attempts to cut Ella's hair! | Ella did a pretty good job holding still but it still looked choppy so I called our neighbor to come help she fixed it and taught me a trick we will see if I keep it up.

53: Uncle Bobs sister came to town to visit so we all headed to Pineview to give them a day of boating Mindy was days away from having baby #5 but she came anyway packed a lunch and was an all around trooper. We all had a blast especially the kids we set up the tramp so those who weren't on the boat had something to do it really has been a great purchase even if the boys curse every time we say to bring it!

55: A train station Birthday | Ella's good friend William had his 3rd ( he and Ella are only 3 days apart) birthday party at a train station in Farmington. They are only open on certain Saturday's but they have all these small trains you get to ride around in. The kids had a BLAST!!! what a fun place I wish it was open more and we could take the family!

56: So on the 16th of July our Ella turned 3 we celebrated her birthday a week later and decided to do a pink party. I kept asking her what she wanted to do and she kept saying "pink" ok? but what should we DO "Pink" so we did pink. Pink candy, pink clothes, pink decorations even a story to read called pinkalious. We had crepes with raspberries and strawberries and more pink candy than you could possibly imagine. It was so much fun a few neighbors came and all our cousin's and Grandparents. We all got sick eating pink treats but lucky enough unlike in the story pinkalious no one woke up the next morning the color of pink.

59: The kids and I went to the Bastian/Payne family reunion. Grin had to work so I convinced Millie to be my proxy husband and to make Grandma happy we hauled ourselves to Millard county to see the old Indian ruins which were awesome the kids loved it and to Covefort a fort the Church built for passing traveler's to stay we had a great time really but it was A LOT of driving for one day but if you don't make the effort how do you ever stay in touch with family. (I can say that now because it is over he, he) (see vacation book for more)

61: On the 24th of July this year Grin had to work so we headed up Weber Canyon with Grandpa and Grandma Hone and the Astles to try our luck with fishing, we had no luck, but the kids did catch some tadpole type creatures in the drinking cups. and they had fun baiting there hooks and sitting by the river and having their Grandpa show them the ropes. The girls sat on a blanket and played pretend. Then we headed back home and got some KFC (which seems to becoming a 24th of July tradition. | Pioneer Day

62: Gavin has 2 little girl friends that figured out their big bikes so of course Grinner told Gavin the he can't let the girls out do him. So the next day a Sunday the first of August we headed to the church parking lot and Gavin learned to ride his 2 wheeler. His bike is bigger than the girls so he has a little harder time he has to lean to get started etc. but it only took him a few minutes to figure it out. Ella and I were walking "Ella pace" and by the time we got to the Church he was riding on his own. About fifteen minutes after he was starting and stopping on his own. He still gets a little freaked out about close quarters like the sidewalk but I was amazed at how quickly he caught on and Grin was happy because heaven forbid he doesn't "beat" the girls at anything.

63: Ella had to have a turn I really think that if we had one of those little little bikes she might figure it out too. | Jaxon couldn't help showing off and getting a little attention of his own!

64: The kids and I headed down to Wheeler farm to meet up with my Senior year college roommates I hadn't seen them for years and it was so fun to catch up and let our kids play. There was a insurance customer appreciation day going on and they let us play on there toys and eat there treats an extra bonus to our outing.

65: Easter Brunch at Grandmas house. The kids had a great time coloring eggs with Grandma Mary. Kailey found the most eggs and Amy came in second with only 1 less egg than Kailey. It was a close one

67: Boating with the Pehrson's A last hurray! before school starts!

68: The Pearce family get together for slip and sliding and cousin FUN!

70: Jaxon Reid

71: Gavin Newell

72: Ella Elizabeth

74: We are back to school again Jaxon and his best buddy get in the same class this year for 3rd Grade, Gavin starts Ms. Georgia preschool and Ella goes to Neighborhood Joy school!!

76: Davis High Homecoming 2010 | The Pehrson's grew up in fruit Heights and therefore went to Davis high so they have there kids all pumped up for Davis high football. It doesn't take much to get Jaxon reved up for any kind of sport so we all headed down to the Davis High homecoming game the Pehrson's set out blankets in the morning so we would all have seats and it was truly quite fun to go and watch our now "home team". Funny how too me they have always been RIVALS!

77: Yes we are going to have a baby girl due the 18th of February. We didn't say much to very many people because I was a little freaked out after the miscarriage we had a year ago but she is BEAUTIFUL! and everything looks great so there you have it the big news at our house here are a few pics and I tried to upload a little of the video clip but can't get it to work if I figure it out I will upload it. It'S just amazes me how that 4D imaging works we got some 3D pictures of Ella but didn't get to watch her live moving like we did this time. The kids all came with us and Jax kept saying "That is Awesome" they thought it was so great and everyone was excited about the girl especially Ella who has been saying "we are having a baby sister" all along. sometimes those little ones know best. | NEW BABY GIRL PEARCE | waiting to go in for the ultra sound | It's a girl!!!

78: Rondezvous 2010 Fun in the sun and back in being pioneers (see vacation book for more)

79: A fall Trip to the Zoo!

80: Gavin Starts Soccer! | Fall Soccer 2010

81: Jaxon's Fall Soccer!

82: Grandpa's pumpkin patch another year of fun in the garden picking out our pumpkins. We all helped Grandpa pick all of the pumpkins and bring them to the front of the house so Grandpa could sale them. So many pumpkins so much fun!!

84: Edyn's 5th Birthday Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinair ( Just wait till Ella's 5th birthday and you will see the same thing so so cute)

85: Grin's Indy experience Me and the fellas at the track after having a great month at work. Super fun, but had to drive behind the lead car and only got up to 80mph. We drove the supped up mustang manual trans super quick around the corners. Good Times!!

86: We have so much fun carving pumpkins every year. The Kids really got into it this year and did most of the "cleaning out" themselves. Ella of course insisted on a "princess" (she was one for Halloween this year) so we put a crown on her pumpkin so fun!

88: Breakfast with a Witch! Grandma came as our witch this year Yeah! it is a new tradition for sure!

89: Bride getting ready photos

90: Burton's Halloween Carnival So much fun! (for hte kido's:)

92: The Costumes

93: The Annual Halloween party we all had a blast and of course, always GREAT! food.

95: Little Things Windows 2010 | Valentines | Early Summer | Easter | 4th of July | Christmas | Fall | Late Summer

96: We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. It was the Hone family's "turn" so we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Hones house. For as long as I can remember we have had Thanksgiving with the Bastian's (my moms side of the family. But the past few years most pulled out so we Just trade off with My Uncle Al and Family Aunt Darling has just past a few months before so it was a bitter sweet day feeling the loss of her around. Several of the kids came though and we had a great time! Mindy got me going on making "turkey shirts" so I made Ella a shirt and skirt all for free turned an old pair of jeans into a skirt and we used scraps of fabric left over from other projects so so cute!

98: Ella's Joy school 2010-2011 We did the same thing with Ella's age group as we did Gavin's fun joy school a new group of moms and kids so much fun. Before the year was over we managed to get to go see new bunnies, the police station, the pumpkin patch and the kids had a blast with each mom I don't teach till Feb right before the baby is due we will do valentines and then I won't have the kids back until the end of the year | Police station and playing at the park | Seeing the bunnies at the Nicholl's house. Kris' kids had them for a scout project so we got benefit from their hard work.

99: Jaxon Jaxon has a full Nov/Dec between school and scouts he Wins Honorable Mention in reflections, Has a talent show in music where he plays the piano and He, Mikey and Taylor show off there "football" moves. Then he receivers the scout "Centennial Badge" one you can only get this year! we are so proud of his accomplishments

101: Christmas came and went so fast I could hardly keep up and I a still trying to catch up. We had a great Christmas though. Santa Brought us Disney Land Tickets so after we opened presents most of them having to do with the trip Disney everything! Disney travel blankets, Disney Pillow cases, a fanny pack that had $50 in it and a coin purse so the kids could do there own spending how they wanted to. An Autograph book for the characters in Disney land and a pen for them to sign. Disney Jammies and a new outfit to wear on the trip. After opening presents we headed down to Grandma Hones for our Annual Blueberry Waffle Brunch and then The whole Hone family (excluding my one sis Angie and her family we missed them) headed for California. We went as far as Mesquite and stayed at the Casa Blanca kind of a strange place to spend Christmas night but the kids thought it was great!

102: Christmas traditions temple square, gingerbread house, Nativity, Pearce family party and of course Christmas DUDS! (see Christmas book for more)

103: Paislee May's first birthday! We headed to Hyrum for Our cousin Paislee's 1st Birthday on the 21st of December it was full of cupcakes, paisley's and fun! Pais was all decked out in her birthday duds and the house was completely decorated with Paisley's and cupcakes so cute!

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