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Classic Mixbook

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S: Larry and Rhonda, 40 Years and Counting

BC: The End

FC: Remembering 40 years of the two most important Bradys in our lives. | It all Started with two amazing People...

1: Celebrating 40 years and counting! March 27, 1971-2011 | Happy Anniversary Mom & Pop!

2: To Mom and Pop: I have to say thank you for giving us a wonderful home to grow up in, a loving family to be around, and the continued love as our families grow. Mom and Pop have served as excellent role models of how parents should be, and I have to hope to be half as good as a parent myself. Wade, Rhonda, Patricia

6: All things grow better with love.

9: Mom and Pop Well I have started this letter about five different times now. Each time I write this it sounds like I am yelling at you two. You two have ruined things for me. Terribly, horribly messed things up!!!! See now it sounds like I am yelling again. I guess I should explain. Growing up in your house, watching you two experience life made me assume that life is really what I grew up seeing. Boy was I wrong!!!! Not that it is your fault but I feel like yelling anyway. So sit back and buckle up cuz here I go..... I remember getting home from school and hanging out with Mom and the rest of the little Brady children. Of course the little Brady children were always so well behaved and ALWAYS got along with each other without needing any parental intervention (so I am digging deep but this is my story so shhh!) Anyway when Pop got home from work/ swim practice/ mowing lawns/ or whatever he did to entertain himself, he would walk in the door and find Mom where ever she was. He would spin her around and lay a big ole kiss on her. Friends of mine always thought that it was so gross when their parents "made out" or even hugged, but in the Brady house it was weird if the "making out" didn't happen. There were so many days that I would get up in the mornings (yes I know that others wake up before me to actually do their chores, but we will save that for another time), and I would find post it notes hidden in the microwave, cereal boxes and anywhere you could possible think of. The notes didn't always say the same thing but they all said "I love you most". I am not sure when and where your little competition started but I remember wondering who the winner really was or if it was both of you. Over the years I have seen you two, bend over backwards, sideways and upside down for each other. You have allowed each other to be yourself and live life like you want. Mom, you smile and shake your head when Pop comes up with his next big thing but you don't stand in his way. Pop, you shrug your shoulders and let Mom talk you into whatever project that she thinks up, well that is if you don't escape fast enough!! ;) Growing up and watching this made me believe that is how marriage really is. Of course I was wrong, yes I admit it, I was wrong (can we keep that quiet please?) Marriage is hard work, you two made it look easy, but it is hard work. Yes, it is easier when both partners are on the same page, and have the same goals in mind, but still it takes work on both parts. I know that I have been complaining but I am thrilled that I grew up in such a loving caring place. When someone asks me what my childhood was like, I often explain it this way... I am one of 7 children but my parents out numbered us. They were always a pair, always backed each other up and as a child I knew how much they loved each other and us kids. I knew that I was important to them but never as important as they were to each other. They were always a pair, with seven little children that followed them everywhere. Both of you have put up with a lot since you started this little family 40 years ago, of course no problems from me since I am the angelic child. So I just wanted to say thank you for being a good example and I wish and hope that someday my rats will be able to say the same things about me. Love from me, your bestest, brightest...ok fine, blondest daughter Casey&Kimo, (Alexia, Trevor ,Keagan and Kara)

12: Happy 40th Anniversery Mom and Pop!! I thought for a long time about stories of growing up and things that stuck out in my mind where both of you were involved. One of my favorite memories is of that crazy mule wagon. I remember taking it into town and going to Dairy Queen to get dilly bars. It was always a family affair and a time that was fun and very unique. Many times it was just one parent or the other that was able to attend an event that we were involved in, but that was ok. I never felt like the other parent cared less or wouldn’t come if they had been able to. Your hearts were always together even if you couldn’t be. Parenting styles may have changed for you over the years, but I think we were all loved evenly and treated fairly through all things. I have learned so much from the two of you about how to be married and raise kids. When I hear from someone (usually Neal) that I do something “like Mom” or “like Pop” I totally take that as a compliment!! You have set a powerful example for all of us. Even Mike has said numerous times that he learned something by watching one of you handle things! (I believe he says Pop taught him how to take naps in the middle of craziness, imagine that!) As you have successfully made it 40 years together, you are an inspiration to all of us. I could only hope to have 40 years with Mike and manage to work through good times and bad together and be stronger for it all. We love you and wish we could be there with you on this wonderful occasion. Love always, Jo (and Mike, Mikayla & Grace)

16: Dear Mom and Pop, It is the weekend and I am told that I have to write this letter before I do anything else... Okay, so maybe not but I do wonder how many of our relatives received a letter that started out just like this? Happy Anniversary!!! I hope that you take this time and celebrate it by yourselves, after all it is a celebration of your marriage not the fact that you have children and grandchildren. I want you both to know how grateful we are for you being our parents and raising us the way that you did. I also realize that when you have a house full of children for 40 years, that you don't get a whole lot of time for yourselves, now that everyone is out we hope that you will take this time to get to know one another and to enjoy your time together. Being from such an active family it is difficult to remember a lot of stories that involve both parents. The logistics rarely matched to have both of you in the same place at the same time. So instead of a story, you will get my heartfelt thanks, Thank you for teaching me the meaning of responsibility. Pop, from you, I have learned what it means to be responsible for your family and those around you. Service for those in need never gets enough recognition but you still offer to help anyone that crosses your path and for that lesson I will always be appreciative. Mom, from you, I have learned what it means to be responsible in your community. Now I know that my memory has never been good, and most stories I tend to forget. One story that has stuck with me is about your father and the honesty and integrity that he has shown throughout his life. This story has always made an impact on me because of the contents of it, but also for the degree of respect that you have for your father because of these characteristics. Thank you for teaching me the ability to go with the flow. To change plans at a moments notice and to make the most of an unplanned event is something that many people my age have a difficulty doing. You have both been examples to me, as to why this is such a special trait to have. Most plans don't work out, life has a way of giving you that bump in the road, and most things are uphill battles but you have shown us children perseverance and creativity will get us through most obstacles in life. Thank you for the flashes of creativity that all of your children seem to have. I don't and can't claim to be musically/artisticly gifted, but within all of us, we have been given a gift to look outside of the box and have a different perspective of life. Mom, your love of music and art resounds in all of us. You have helped all of us to be well rounded and well versed in the arts. Pop, your desire to try new things and the confidence to build what you imagine, has sparked in me an imagination that I wish that I had the time and resources to grow, test, and challenge. And my final thank you, is for being there. I know that as a family we don't communicate as often as others, but I know that if help is needed that I can always turn to my family. Mom thank you for keeping us informed, while at times it may sound like the ramblings of an old woman (you have said so yourself), many of us have come to rely on the bradymail to know that everyone else is safe and doing well. Pop, thank you for setting the example of putting your family first. I know that as much as you worked to keep us fed and in a home, that in your off time, everything else that you did was for the family. I can not say thank you enough for all that you have done for us. We love both of you. Happy Anniversary Love, Neal and Denean

21: Mom & Pop. I love you. I think you knew that, but its good to say it anyway. Having a fraction of the marriage experience that you've had, I feel that I appreciate you more. now than I did while living in our happy home. I have a faint memory of a time when the two of you weren't having the greatest day and Pop went out the door angrily. I remember being nervous that day. But whatever the problem was it was resolved. You were able to overcome your differences of that day and continue life together. It has been good to know that arguments happen and life will go on despite differences that you have with the person you've committed yourself, your life, your eternity to. Thank you for committing your eternity to each other and to us, your children. You are my heroes. You are my support. I love learning from you and reflecting on my childhood which includes how you parented as well as lots of fun memories because of you. Thank you! Without you, I wouldn't be here, obviously, but I also know that I do certain things that came from you. Sometimes I wish I had strong convictions like you both do. Like how you make choices based on your desire to leave a good impact on the environment. Or you just involve yourself in life and in your community. You are good examples and maybe, eventually, I'll gain more skills in those areas. In the meantime, I know that I can turn to you in those arenas and get some answers. I love that I've gained a love for words, Scrabble and crosswords from Pop. I think my love for the outdoors and growing things(even if it doesn't show in my life right now) came from Mom. I know there's a lot of other things that I could list, but I won't. I love your hugs. And I miss them. I wish that I could give you one now. The point is, I love you. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad to celebrate your marriage! Love always, Megan :) (& Oliver, Evan, & Ryan)

22: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

24: Mom and Pop, Well, now it is my turn and by now my siblings have told how much you have impacted their lives. I wish I could just say "Ditto" and end there, but like most of us, I have to add my two cents. I could go through and list for each of you a million things I have learned and ways I've grown by watching you two. I could tell you in each way how amazing you are. But I'll just list a few things that I'm grateful you have introduced me to and that have helped me through this whole crazy thing called life: Papa Hugs, butterflies, cameras, hard work, lemonade shake-ups, gardening, washing dishes, musicals, Mama's many nicknames for us, individuality, responsibility, accountability, testimonies, laughter, crying during movies, camping, fireworks, smores, making a plan and seeing it through, flexibility, love, looking at things from a different angle, not judging others, being patient with silly people, cooking...and so much more. I joke around a lot about how I'm the Sparkling Personality of the family. In truth, I only sparkle because I'm reflecting you two. Life is really funny and I have no idea what is in store for me and my future, but it doesn't scare me because I know that no matter what comes up, you will always be there supporting us in whatever paths we choose. Thank you, for being you and who knows what the next 40 years will bring :) Les amo, Nat DONT WORRY BE HAPPY

28: Mom And Pop, Happy Anniversery I agree with Meg, I appreciate the two of you a whole lot more now that I'm out of the house. And I'd like to pull a Nat and just start listing attributes that I've picked up from you. But then I realize that I'm not even fully concious of how much the two of you have influenced me. I have a lot of fond memories growing up, but looking back, a lot of times that I wish I'd listened to you more. I'm grateful that I've had both of you there to guide and direct me, even if i did resist a bit towards the end. This amazing family that's grown up, and is still growing, only exists because of the love you two had for each other and each one of us as we came along. I know that as kids we had numerous dissagrements, but I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. Mom & Pop, I love you both and I wish that one day, I'll have my own part in creating such a bond as our Brady Bunch has. I pray that I'll be able to live by your examples in my life and relationships. And I hope that any kids of my own won't be as hard-headed as me. Love, The Baby, Mitchell Jack Brady

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