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Classic Mixbook

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FC: Where the Red Fern Grows By: Wilson Rawls By: Hunter Myer

1: By: Billy Colman | I dedicate this book to my dogs Little Ann and Old Dan who helped me complete my dream of wanting bloodhounds. Also my Grandpa because he helped me with everything I needed.

2: Entry 1: One of my first memories was when I was a young kid and saw a old hound fighting an unfair match against other dogs. They would back him into a corner and he would fight his way out and have new cuts each time. During the fight I was thinking of ways I could help the dog. I took of into the fight tears running down my cheeks to help the dog. I took off my jacket and started waving it and hitting the other dogs to scare them away. When I looked at the hound I could see that his ears were split wide open and he had cuts all over him.

3: "I almost cried at what I saw" Billy Colman Pg. 12

4: Entry 2: I was at a young age when I really wanted coon hounds. I asked my parents over and over again but they kept saying no because they didn't have enough money. I talked to my Grandpa and he said if I got the money he would buy the dogs. I worked for 2 years from daylight to dark. I did everything from selling vegetables to the fisherman and taking them to Grandpa's store. When he finally got the money that he saved for 2 years he took them down to his Grandpa's store and he ordered the dogs.

5: "My eyes were red and bloodshot and I had lost weight" Billy Colman Pg.22

6: Entry 3: I thought of a few ways that I could get money to buy the dogs. One of the ways that I thought of was to sell vegetables, blueberries and raspberries. I worked so hard to pick all of them for the fishermen. "However, many was the time I'd find my vegetables left in the abandoned camp." (27) I would try to pick up and save any of the vegetables that I could but I realized that all of my hard work they didn't want. they were just buying they to help me get dogs. But the wanting of my dogs made me keep working hard to sell vegetables even thought they didn't want them.

8: Entry4: I was so excited when I went into town to get my 2 little bloodhound pups. I had walked into the store and the man behind the counter went to get my dogs. I couldn't wait to get home to show my family. When I was in the middle of town a group of big kids came up to me and the freckle faced kid said "So you want to fight"? (43) I was punching everything in sight until they held me down and started to kick and punch me. Right when I thought they were going to break every bone in my body the Sheriff came and stopped them.

10: Entry 5: It was getting dark and my dogs were getting tired. As we were walking on the trail I found an old cave that looked good to sleeping in for a night. I built a large fire and got a lot more sticks to keep it going through out the night. In the middle of the night I was woken up by and loud scream of something. I seemed like it was in the cave with us. "The blood froze in my veins and I was terrified." (47) I saw the boy dog standing at the end of the cave howling back at the mountain lion. I knew from then on that he would protect me and my other little dog.

12: Entry6: My dogs had treed their first coon. But the had treed it in the biggest tree they possibly could. I didn't want to cut down the big tree but I had told them the first coon they tree we will get. I started chopping at the tree. Pieces were flying every time I the the tree. I wasn't half way through when I started to get tired. I chopped at the tree all through the night. When my papa came down to the tree he asked where I told him that I had been chopping at the tree. " I could go no further." (79) but I knew I had to cut down the tree for my dogs. Grandpa came down later that day and gave me food and food for the dogs. It made me feel better and it helped me finish cutting down the tree.

14: Entry 7: It was a cold night after a 3 day storm. My dogs were ready to go and tree some coons. The ground was wet, slippery and icy. When I let my dogs go in the woods they took off looking for a trail. They soon found one and got close to the coon. soon everything stopped. I walked to where I last heard them and I saw a terrible sight. I saw Little Ann in the freezing cold water holding onto the ice with her claws. I thought of every way to save my dog but didn't think of any. Her little paws got cold and slipped a little. I thought she was going to die and "I went to pieces and started crying." (105) Then at the last second I did something that I didn't think I could do. I took off my shoes and bibs and waded into the water. Right when the water got to my neck i mad a last try to hook the her collar with the pole and i did. when we got out of the water i built a huge fire and warmed us up.

16: Entry 8:It was was terrible sight. We had been trailing the ghost coon the whole night. When we finally treed it I didn't want to kill it. Then all of a sudden I heard Rubin and Rainie's blue tick hound come out of the weeds. He had picked a fight with Old Dan and Little Ann. My dogs were about to kill their dog until Rubin got the ax and started running to hit my dogs. Thats when it started to get bad. "When Rubin had tripped he had fallen on the ax." (129) I went home after that and had to tell grandpa and papa about what happened. It took me awhile to finally get over what had happened. After the accident I didn't want to carry an ax ever again.

18: Entry 9: It was between my dogs and two blue tick hounds. My Grandpa, Papa the judge and I went out with my dogs to compete in the final round. We had two coons when the storm blew in. We had to try to get another coon before it go to bad. When my dogs had found a trail the storm got worse. Soon we lost the sound of the dogs and we had to run to find them. While we were running the sleet was hitting us and we were so cold we almost had to stop. Grandpa slipped on the slippery ground and twisted his ankle really bad. luckily we were not far from the dogs. Papa and the judge carried him to the dogs while I was there making a fire. I built a huge fire to dry out clothes and to get warm so we wouldn't freeze to death. When the storm ended in the morning a search party came looking for us and they helped carry Grandpa back.

19: "If we keep on wandering around in this jungle we'll freeze to death" Judge (174)

20: Entry 10: It was a terrible thing to lose Old Dan. But it really hurt when Little Ann had died. When Old Dan had died I thought that nothing worse could happen in my life. Then when I saw that Little Ann had not been eating it got worse. I had loved my dogs but now they are both dieing. Little Ann had stopped eating and it was at the point that I had to force feed her. When I woke up one morning I saw her laying next to Old Dan's grave dead. It was hard but i built her a grave and buried her next to him.

21: "Both of them gone just like that". Billy (203)

22: "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." (Roger Caras)

23: "God's finger touched him, and he slept." (Alfred, Lord Tennyson) | "If there is a heaven, it's certain our animals are to be there. Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them." (Pam Brown)

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