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Classic Mixbook

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S: The Raven Master's Secret

BC: The End

FC: By: Gabi Vasile | The Journal Of Forest | The Ravenmasters Secret By: Elvira Woodruff | "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein

1: "We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world." Helen Keller | I dedicate this page to my father. Thank you for seeing my way at the end.

2: Today is like every other day. I really want to leave the castle and go explore the city and the whole world. I'm not allowed to leave the castle because of my father. He works at the castle. At least I have my telescope and my raven (tuck) to help me get through the day. I also have a job to do at the castle, so I guess I have to stay here. | Entry 1

3: "The raven on his shoulder gurgled in reply." (1) Narrator

4: Today my father said that I was going to be the next guard at the castle when I grow up. I was scared because I want to get out and explore the world. I don’t want to be stuck at the castle like he was, and I don’t want to be a guard. I can’t tell him because this is what he wants me to do. If I tell him that I want to explore the world, then he will just be disappointed and think I am crazy. He already does, though, because I have a wild imagination. He always tells me about how when he was my age, he was given a lot of work and thinks I should be given a lot too.

5: "Why, when I was your age, I was given work of a man of twenty, and I..." (7) The ravenmaster | Entry 2

6: Today, I got bullied by kids just because I didn't want to go to collar day. It is when people go to watch someone get hung for doing a crime. My mother made me go. Also, they called me a mistress because I was holding my baby sister. Its not my fault that I can't watch someone be hung like the other boys can. I just ignored them and kept my eyes shut as the man got hung in front of me. Unfortunately, nobody helped me when they were making fun of me.

7: "Forrest's back stiffened as the boys began to laugh" Narrator (17) | "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Gandhi | Entry 3

8: My father is putting so much work on me. He is only doing it because I spend so much time with my raven, Tuck. And, because I spend so much time dreaming about going on wild adventures around the world. My father is making me do chores like cleaning the raven cages, feeding the ravens, watching over prisoners, and feeding prisoners, and cleaning some of the castle with my mother. He is only doing it so I will become more responsible when I grow older.

9: "And Forrest Harper suddenly remembered the chores he still had to do, the cages to clean. and the ravens to tend to." Narrator (90) | Entry 4

10: "But she stared straight ahead, her face the color of the stones of the white tower." Narrator (145) | Entry 5

11: Today, I saw a girl named Maddy. She is from Scotland. I met her as she was being taken into a cell in the prison. She looked about my age, and I am in charge of giving her food and watching her. I am not sure why she got taken into jail, but i think it is just because she was being disrespectful to the raven master. The only problem is that I want to free her, because I can tell she doesn't want to be here and I feel bad for her even though I don't know her. I will get to meet her soon.

12: Today, I met a new kid, and I am worried because I know that my mother and my father would not approve of him. His name is Rat, and he is the only person who has an imagination like mine. And when I showed him my telescope, he used his imagination and saw things like I did. The only problem is that I can’t bring him over to my house and can’t be seen with him by anyone in the castle. I' just not going to hang out with him around people. | Entry 6

13: " The two friends were busy looking through the spyglass" Narrator (38)

14: Today, I thought that Maddy was going to die. The guards came while she was hanging out with me and they took her back to her cell. They wouldn’t let me come with her so I just will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Thinking of her I realized that I am worried about her. I’ll go and see her in the morning. | Entry 7

15: "Forrest thought of Maddy's bluebell eyes" (123) Narrator

16: Today I thought of Ned because I saw some chimneys. These chimneys reminded me of him because he is a chimney cleaner. I was worried about him because he always cleans chimneys, and it's a very dangerous job. I saw a lot of smoke and dirt coming out of the chimneys. The chimneys were at the castle and I knew that sometime, Ned would have to clean those chimneys. It's not his fault though, it's either prison or sweeping chimneys.

17: "He watched the smoke pour from the chimneys" Narrator (129) | Entry 8

18: Maddy's punishment has been done and they might let her go back to her home town in Scotland on one condition: she has to go on trial and the judge has to free her. He also has to agree that her punishment is done. I hope she wins, but if she does then I probably won't ever see her again. I think that she will win because I saw her do her punishment and she knows what she did was wrong. The problem is I don't want her to go back to her homeland.

19: " Will they let her go back home to Scotland?" Forrest (134) | Entry 9

20: Today I had to make a hard decision: should I stay at home and be trapped in the castle, or run away with Maddy and Ned to Scotland so I could go explore around the world? They are going because she lost her trial and has to stay in the castle. I thought about going. As much as I wanted to go, I thought about my mother and what she would do if she found out that her only son had gone missing or run away from home. So I decided to stay and just go back home. When I got home, they didn't even know I was gone.

21: "And, in that way, one more adventure would be born and one more journey taken, there in the middle of all that mortar and stone." (208) Narrator | Entry 10

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