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Classic Mixbook

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S: September 2009 - February 2010

FC: September 2009 to February 2010

1: L ife brings us simple pleasures every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

2: Fall 2009 - Overview | School Events Top: class party; Below: a pumpkin painted as his favorite book (Solar System, Jupiter) | Top: Birthday Party & Science Night with Wags the dog Right: Fun Run

3: Some of our Fall fun included Sydney's 5th birthday, Science Night, Wags the dog, walks to school, fun run, storms, gymnastics, visiting cousins, seeing Junie B Jones, and of course Halloween & Thanksgiving.

4: 1st day of“Big girl” school or “skewel” as Sydney would say. | September 2009

5: Say Cheese! | Sydney attended Pre-K Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9am until 2pm. She had two teachers Ms. Lisa and Ms. Melissa. Ms. Lisa was a 4th grade math teacher. She modified all of the children's lessons to incorporate more math. Usual weeks included, Language/Writing (letter of the week), Math symmetry, (sorting/patterns, counting by 1s, 2s, 5, 10s, spatial reasoning, beginning addition, & measuring/weighing) Art, Science (senses, earth/recycling, transportation, community helpers, gardening, nature & seasons & weather, dinosaurs/fossils, rain forest, zoology, space, color mixing, healthy bodies/teeth, Group Reading & Show N Tell, Chapel (Bible stories, music & how to pray), music and PE. PE included Yoga, Soccer, Bowling, Running, Body/Health & Getting dressed The lessons always blended together so each subject | complemented the other. For example if is was Fall and they were learning about seasons then the letter of the week might be F for Fall, the show & tell item had to be an “F” item, the stories were Fall stories, the art project might be painting leaves, the science could be weather changes and weighing pumpkins. Music, PE and Chapel were “traveled” to so she had different teachers for those subjects. This school was wonderful about bringing in people to talk/show the kids like Firemen, Police, Dentists, and other community leaders.

6: Sydney Stats: Age 5 she was 38 lbs (50-75%) & 40.5in, 16.5 BMI(75%)

7: September 2009 Sydney turned 4. She had a Strawberry Shortcake party. It started with decorating bags for goodies to be collected later, then "the hokey pokey" then, Strawberry rang the doorbell! She left a note explaining how she wanted to, but could not stay for the party. She left strawberry goodies bags hidden in the front yard. Each partier was to search for a bag each and line up near the driveway. At the driveway, the kids found a 56 square squiggly hopscotch all the way up the driveway! It ended at the gate to the back yard where Cupcake and Huckleberry left a note saying they had to leave but left a piñata and cupcakes in the backyard. The kids attempted to break open the piñata (no one could, so they had help) then they frosted & decorated their own cupcakes, we sang to the birthday girl, opened gifts and played until all the sugar wore off and partiers went home. | Uncle George and Cousin Raegan enjoying their self decorated creations.

8: Who knew this particular day would be a sweltering 90 degree's! Just a bit hotter than the Texas norm for September. | decorating bags before guests arrived

9: Homemade from scratch strawberry cake | learning the hokey pokey

10: It was another hot September day (90ish), when Sydney and mom went up to the school to cheer the students of the Dog Pound (Jake's Kindergarten class) as they ran for their entire PE class period (45 minutes) at the Fun Run around the 1/16th mile long track. | The Wellington Fun Run is the elementary schools biggest fundraiser. Students get pledges for each lap they run.

11: Jake Ran 36 Laps!! | Fall school photo

12: October 2009 | Fall in Texas can have sever storms. This flash flood blew in after school bringing several inches of sideways rain & high winds (which means another “party in the pantry” – safest place in the house) when the storm was over the blue skies returned so we went outside to check the damage. Jake loved the “river” flowing down the driveway into the street. He called in a flood for ants. Together they enjoyed playing in the puddles

13: His pre-school was very into the November 2008 election. Almost year after the election, while driving to cousin Raegans house on the 190 Express Way Jake looked up at a pedestrian overpass and, as a black man walked across the walkway, he exclaimed “I saw the President walking! Look Mom & Dad the President, Barrack Obama!” Cute words related to his school. He goes to “Wellington Email-entry’ and when his teacher is gone, his class has a “subs-a-2”. One time Sydney was literally running circles around daddy pretending to be a shark. She got so excited that she bit him on the arm. Daddy was surprised and laughingly asked her if sharks like to eat shirts. She replied, “this one does”! Sydney read her first book, a ready to read level 1 “Cooking with Cat”. Words like look, book, cat, mat, pot, spot, shot, not, slop, glop, mop, stop, got, thin, tin, win, do and sight words like and, is the. Sydney really enjoys her “big girl skewl”. She colors, draws really well, plays princesses & littlest pet shop almost everyday. The pets walk, sleep, eat then drive in some of Jake’s trucks to school and other places. | Highlights: | Jake | Sydney

14: Wags the Dog is the Kindergarten classroom stuffed pet. Wags goes home with each student to spend the weekend. The kids are to do fun things with him, take pictures and write about it in Wag's journal. The journal is then shared with the class on the following Monday before he journeys home with another student at the end of the week. Wag's first (and not journaled) event at our house was a spin in a not dryer to bathe and refresh the well traveled pup.

15: Wags joined us for the weekend which started with Science Night where we saw Katie had her classroom pet Wes the wolf. Also at Science Night Sydney was picked to be the muscle behind the pulley demonstration.

16: They enjoyed carving pumpkins for the first time Sydney thought they smelled bad, Jake liked the goooo.

18: Trick-or-Treat prep, bbq party & after | Trunk or Treat!

19: October 2009 | School Halloween Events | Paint your pumpkin like your favorite book. Jake painted Jupiter

20: We visit a local pumpkin patch every year. This year we went several times, even taking cousins Raegan and Maverick with us.!

24: Sydney enjoyed her second year in gymnastics.

25: WinKids is a local kids gym offering many activities like karate, dance, swim, tumble, gymnastics, just to name a few. | ...Jake explored personal space boundaries... | A day in the life...

27: Cousin Wyatt as a Cowboy, Cousin Raegan as Kim Possible, Cousin Maverick as a pirate, Cousin KamiRae as Tinkerbelle, Uncle Dave and Aunt Shawn as Elvis Presley & Marilyn Monroe

28: November 2009

30: Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

31: Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

32: Pre-K Thanksgiving Party

33: "There is always something for which to be thankful." -Charles Dickens | Tiny Texans Day

36: is a little world created by love. | November 2009 Cousin Raegan's Cheerleading Homecoming game. An afternoon with Junie B. Jones (favorite story book character)

38: Winter 2009 - Overview | Highlights in December included a visit to Santa (where Jake asked for a boxing set and Sydney asked for a pink and purple pony house for her “my little pony's”), school parties and programs, ICE!, a trip for Dad to the Raiders home game in California, making cookies with friends, snow ball fights, singing at church, and of course Christmas celebrations with family both far and near.

39: Funny Facts: Sydney loved to sing Christmas carols! She would sing Burl Ives Holly Jolly Christmas, Away in a Manager, Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Rudolph & others learned at school & in the church choir. Jake liked to sing, but only the song Silent Night. | The Children's Choir preformed at the early Christmas Eve Service | A visit to Grandma's lake house. | Christmas with cousins | school party | on the field at a Raiders game | Upon opening her pony castle she said “I really wanted a pony castle not a pony house, how did Santa know?” Other gifts of interest were Lego’s and read-along books/CD’s. At bedtime Sydney said "The Elves were sure good this year!”

40: The Pre-School Christmas performance includes parading in and several songs. Later that day is the class party of games, crafts, snacks and book exchange.

41: Mom forgot the camera when she attended Jake's class party :( We did have fun though!

43: We visited with Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. The kids did crafts, rode a reindeer merry-go-round, and we all shopped and waited anxiously for our turn to talk to Santa.

44: This year we visited ICE! at the Gaylord Texan, a truly spectacular 14000-square-foot ICE! exhibit that featured a variety of holiday scenes & sculptures. This years theme was Dr. Suess’s The Grinch. The ice really is amazing. Mommy remembered the video camera ,but forgot the still camera Daddy used his phone to take pictures. Always long lines , & at the end of the exhibit, an ice slide.

46: Decorating Cookies with our neighbors Hannah, Megan, and Madison. Singing during the Church service & a quick visit to the local Christmas Tree Farm

49: Dad flew to Oakland California to visit our friend Steve Johnston & catch aRaiders game with sideline, owners box & full behind the scenes VIP treatment!

50: Jeff Baines from the champion teams of Superbowls XV and XVIII

54: Before | After | 2009 brought with it the first white [Dallas] Christmas in 83 years! It snowed again in February too. unheard of for this region

55: Before | After

56: FAMILY | The first snow was a great way to get the last of the leaves out of the yard. Snow in the morning and true to Texas, gone by dinner. | The second storm was Superbowl weekend (held at Texas Stadium for the first time ever). First came sleet/freezing rain that gave us inches of ice & closed school for 3 days...

57: The school wrote the governor asking to not make-up any of the days. It was considered a state of emergency. | ...then it snowed a few inches and closed school for another day. The next week it snowed several inches and closed the schools again. All in all we had 5 days to make-up. Schools plan for 2 "snow" days.

60: More Snow... | ...fights | ...snacks

61: ...aliens



64: After Church and Santa tracking via Norad on the internet, we put the gifts we'd wrapped (& kept hidden) under the tree then dashed off to bed to await Santa's arrival. | Christmas Morning!

72: Later Christmas Day some of the cousins came over...

74: May the hope and joy of Christmas be with you always.

76: ...and then we went to Grandma & Grand dad's lake house in Shell Knob Missouri.

78: Holiday Memories included snow, and lots of playtime.

80: At the lake house, there is no TV, Internet (less cell phones), no radio...just creativity, new (Christmas) toys and family.

83: utterfly House | Branson Missouri

84: It was officially the new year! We spend all evening at a party at the neighbors. Our kids were the ONLY ones who didn't fall asleep.

87: Scheduling prevented us from all being together on Christmas, so we celebrated Christmas again just after New Years!

88: School Parties included games, cookie decorating, valentines, and crafts. Siblings could not participate at the Kindergarten party, so Sydney quietly read books in what would be her future Kindergarten classroom. | February 2010

90: Captured moments in February Making Jake's 100th day of school counting dots, Crazy hat day at Pre-School (CJ, Sydney & Maddy), Sydney helping send Jake off to school one morning, playing on their computer in THEIR home office...

91: Dad Daughter Date night A dinner & dance held at her Pre-School. Sydney’s favorite part, “making daddy dizzy” as they danced. Dinner included a nuggets, grapes, slushies & chocolate chip cookies. Sydney won a chocolate heart lollypop, bracelet and made a photo frame. She picked her own dress and hairstyle.

92: I will love you forever and ever and ever and... | Mommies Sweeties

93: Off to Church, Sydney's & Polar Bear, Rattler Football Game, Cousins' Raegan & Wyatt.

94: Time together is such a wonderful gift that we so often take for granted. Many many funny comments and moments happen that we don't capture on film or write down. Here are just a few of we were able to write down in the moment that are not already in this or other books. January 2010 As mom was making dinner, which required chunks of broken bread, Jake walked by and said “hey that's Jesus’ body!” Much to our surprise, he'd been paying apparently at church, well, at least during communion! After Jake took a shower one day, he said he didn't want to put a top on. When asked why he said "because I want to show people what I'm made of”. February 2010 Sydney calls goose bumps “cold bumps” & "itchy bugs" give her the itches. Jake has very vivid dreams. Jake had some scary dreams one night. The next day he told mom some aspects of the dream and dad some aspects of the dreams separately. Here is what we collectively gathered. Dream#1 a bunch of old people with glasses were eating dinner in our dining room. He came downstairs naked “no underwear either” and ran to mom. Dream#2 there was a battle field over the banister (hence the living room ceiling) and yellow witches were flying around (even the brooms were yellow). Jake had a yellow broom, holding it “like a knight” he jumped over the banister, past the witches and to our bedroom door.

95: The Dentist The kids had dental check-ups, Sydney was a little scared at first, so she let Jake go first. Jake did wonderfully in the chair and will tell you the dentist cleaned his teeth with pink frosting. He did have 3 small cavities. Sydney stood so close to the Dentist while he was working on Jake the Dentist asked if she wanted to help. She backed away and shook her head “no”. BUT, she was excited to have a turn. Sydney also did wonderfully well in the chair. The dentist said she had beautiful teeth, well spaced, well cleaned.

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