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Classic Mixbook

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S: the start of Putty&Putnam

BC: THE END | ding! | telebear time

FC: he's graduating! (: | from. janet

1: Dearest Jun Kim, my boyf, Congratulations on graduating! I'm so proud of you for completing your four years at UCSD without flunking any classes (or..did you?) and not falling into the frat black hole and become one of those lambda boys, although that would have added 10 more points to your hot points. juskeeding :D hehe. I'm so proud of your accomplishments, esp your natural disasters class. you only needed one hour of studying to ace that final. I'm very very sorry and sad that I couldn't make it to your graduation.. but i hope this makes it up to you somehow. I hope that by the time that you receive this, that would understand the situation that I’m in and why I made that particular decision. This is a collection of our gmails that we sent to each other during our "honeymoon" phase. going through all of them while trying to pick out some of the special ones made me realize that we have changed a lot in the last few months. i hope that by reading these & just revisiting what happened while we wrote those emails to each other, we regain the memories lost and just appreciate each other even more and love each other like we used to in the beginning. i hope it brings your (natural) frown upside down while going through each page. i love you. -janet june 2011 | janet@berkeley | jun@san diego

2: Hello, world. My name is Janet Choi, aka Putty, and am more than enthused to accept the fact that Torrance > Brea. I will ace Thursday's final and make a grand return home to Brea to see my family and friends. Be prepared, world, as I can outeat most large-framed guys in the city of Berkeley, if not the world. I look forward to one day treating Jun Kim to Gary Danko's for we will both satisfy our gluttonous pleasures and live up to my food-indulging alias, Jumbo Janet. Good bye, diary. I must study for my upcoming Final. ACtually, I'm getting hungry. P.S. YourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaHYourNaH 8/10/10

3: 08/14/10 Currently listening to: A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It? Mood: Upset Hello again, world. I come to you today as a rather irate and frustrated individual. First and foremost, let me give you a brief summary of my day. Waken by a vibration as usual, I rushed to the bathroom and got ready to prepare myself for whatever the day might throw at me. I frantically ran to the closet afterwards to put on my fly gear only to come across no clean socks, which rarely happens (another reason why I shouldn't be venting on telebear/bspace/on a nice day come to my myspace look at my face, but it's okay cos I am dtv (down to vent)). Did I just put two parentheses at the end to make the mathematical but grammatical argument appropriate? Anyway, I made myself a fly bagel and drank some fly OJ and rushed out the house. As always, my friend was waiting for me in the garage and was more than stirred to take me to work. Upon arrival to the Scripps Institute of Oceanography Library, I was greeted by my co-workers, which I think is always nice. Fast forwarding to about 5 PM - oh wait. Janet Choi is already home and has stated that her inbox is empty. Cranky EJ = no bueno. Fast forwarding to whatever time I came back from eating greasy Philly CHEZsteak, I immediately dashed to my bed and finished the movie, Taken, a film that I have watched way too many times now. Btw, fav. quote from the movie, Good Luck. Of course, this must be said in a Tjikavistan accent. Anyway, in the midst of this ordeal, Janet Choi decides that its a good idea to send Nujjy pictures of lychee well drinks and spirits, which not only made Nujjy jealous, but undoubtedly covetous. You might ask why I am currently writing this. No, it is not because it was asked of. No, it is because I have no life. Actually, Im not quite sure why I am writing this, but it definitely abated my fiery adkghdskjghjdskghkjdshkj temperament. It has definitely been a while since I stayed home on a Friday night (high five), but Ive come to a realization that relaxing at home on a Friday night is not at all that bad. I think I told you random things yesterday. Mistakes here and there, but hey, Im a learnin brotha, so regret aint gon persuade me to burn anotha. One thing is for sure, I am not who I was then. In fact, I am not who I was last year or the year before that. I may have some (we shed and create a lot of cells frequently) of the bodily composition of that person but we are definitely on different wavelengths. NERDYYY. Anyway, this blog might be random as hail. It may still be random and don't generally adhere to one unified theme, but this thing was meant to be disjointed and arbitrary anyway. Id gladly appreciate if yall can show a thug some love and sprinkle some E-Props on ma fly bspace blog. Turn the lights off. You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. One thing for sure is that you personify both. Like I said, you are a double-edged sword. I promise you one thing -- this will one day manifest itself, and Im not sure of the consequences/reactions. Until next time, Nujjy.

4: hi dawgie dawg i just sent you a text but youre driving so i'm sure i wont get any responses until youre home in "noho." i'm a little disappointed that i didnt get one of your quick texts but its all good. i think my extra $7 was worth it. you know we hung out for almost 9 hours? wait...4:30 to 1:50..whats that. 9 hrs and 20 minutes. shet dude. that's a pretty long time. but then those 9 hours literally flew by. even though you were 20 minutes LATE, it was all good because i got to bathe in the san deezy sun for a little. jus chilling in your room was fun too while you were being a little vampire and didn't let me expose your room to any form of light. i for sure had a blast at the beach where we crossed our fingers watching that yellow haired black lady trying to pose for pictures and secretly hoped that she gets splashed by those malicious, merciless waves. oh wait & cant forget about your newly made, decomposed aka dehydrated squirrel. i think my shoes are gonna turn into a weird color after getting wet 3 different times but i guess its worth it. the conversations we had during dinner & in your room were pretty interesting. i now know more about your family as you know more about mine. i also learned that you cant talk when you're sober. AHEM. girl. AHEM. and you learned that i, indeed, am a VERY shy girl. don't you ever bring it up again. i cant believe i had to SAY it out loud. i h8 you. so facking embarrassing..not good for my pride. anyways, i would write more about today but you were there with me the whole time so i dont think its necessary. i just wanted to let you know that i think i made a good decision to go DOWN to sd today hopefluly i wont get in trouble tomorrow morning. i'm a litttle scared but im a big girl so i can take on some reprimanding without a problem. sorry for ktfo-ing on our way back to brea. i should have stayed awake. i dont know why but i always have the hardest time staying up while being driven around. so i got a solution to my problem. next time, IM DRIVING! i wont stall. i promise. i should sleep. i need to look fly tomorrow if i wanna go to la & run la. goood nighty (= p.s. in conclusion, youre worth $28. p.p.s. got to me today. i never get slizzurd that fast. shieeeeeet! that *magic word* guy rufied it for sure. p.p.p.s. drake went up a level after you literallly toook his song apart line by line. he says some deep shet in his song. p.p.p.p.s. i lagged this. we basically talked about all of it on aim. | WHEN I SAY PIGGY YOU SAY BACK ! PIGGY! BACK!

5: Hay, dawgie dawg. I was going to text you but I was doing off like mad and didnt want to crash. Too bad you werent in the passenger seat. That way, if I were to get into an accident, I would protect my side and not yours. high five for getting your back. sad to say, today was like my 2nd or 3rd time ever touching la jolla water. ive been here for 3 whole years and i've never been in san deezy waters from waist up. although i didn't get drenched like that too brave/borderline idiot black lady, i can proudly say that i once again got a glimpse of sd water touching my skin. 9 hours and 20 minutes?! eff. it went by so fracking fast. it def. did not feel like it. except you can minus 1.5 hours from the 9.33 w/ the bar over the last 3 hours (yes, i'm looking at it mathematically again) cos you ko'd on me. that's like breaking the rule of all rules of sitting shotgun. its okay, cos you weren't snoring (maybe). i shoulda taken you to the border and left you there. you still woulda slept through it. the dehydrated squirrel could have been sandy from spongebob. don't disrespect her like that. i realized why i hate seeing water splash up like that. its cos when i was surfing, i came across this code red huge wave, and it was like a crazy scene where youre lying on your srufboard and you look up to see that the height of the wave covers the sun and youre js praying you come out alive. ultaimtely, i ended up tumbling like 15 revolutions inside the water and came out panicking, ugh. horrible experience. anyway, that don't phase me, i ain't W. (throws up two W's. yeeee). after talking to you about family matters, it seems like our fathers are very alike. they both enjoy hiking and wine, and like to be in control of all family activities. your dad sounds hardcore tho. i imagined him waiting outside the garage with a bat in his hand while i was driving. what i didnt imagine is a garage situated in the most suburban americanied neighborhood. you're such an american. waitt. are you american? i still have my permanent visa card. i stay loyal to my korean blood. plus, i dont have to serve jury duty. there are still matters that i haven't told you yet. i was hoping you'd get catch on by yourself whenever i hesitate to answer some of the questions you ask me, but that's not the case. i try to avoid answering them. maybe you catch my drift (js drift away). yee, you pretty shia laBeouf. maybe that will change, you almost 20 year old! nonetheless, thanks for coming today. also, if i hypothetically drive you up to cal, you have to hypothetically feed me 3 meals a day and take me to danko at least once. and chezboard. and top dog. i hope your haircut doesn't turn into a disaster. whatever the result, swaet pants hair tied UP chilling w/ no make up on, thats when youre the _____, i hope you dont take it wrong. yall don't even trip when friends sayin you aint bringin drake along.. okay ill stop here. my plan for tomorrow is to wake up, eat w/ sister, go buy engine oil, go to friends and change oil, maybe get a car wash, maybe get a haircut, and go to ma friends @ 530 for the bday pahtee. make sure you spend time w/ family tomorrow. you dont know what you have until it's gone. p.s. i want coconut bay on sunday on the way to sandeezy.. tell jackay to take us. p.s.s. you got slizz off three sips of margarita. way to rep Brea. p.s.s.s. come again : }. but this time, spend $21. S O L A N A B E A C H. you can't say i didn't tell you so. p.s.s.s.s. enjoy yo legit chicken and waffle. dont drop it. -nujizzle/putnam/dawgiedawg

6: dont do anythang dirty dirty with kevin now. it wasnt that hot surprisingly when i tried sleeping. i think its because i wore my brothers tarheels jersey. i woke up to the doorbell and it was one of those people who go door to door telling people to go to church. my sister just peeked her head out and she was like we already go to church and we were in the middle of doing something but then that persistent man would NOT leave so we were all gettin nervous beause it was about time that my dad came back from albertsons to get eggs or somehing (hope he didnt buy the salmonella ones). thank god that guy left before my dad came but geees, everytime one of those people come around, we all freeeeeeeze in feeeyer. what a way to start my day. todays my family day part 2. tell me when you wanna get your ipod. sorrry for taking it dawg. and even more sorry that theres only 10% battery left HAHAHAH my b. allright. peace easy & have fun with kevin today. 2 more days until i go back UP to my warring street apartment where i definitely have the best view that overlooks the trashed street and shady drunk people walking around. bb, nujizzle how weird. why would my computer italicize that part only...oh well. | You bee sleeping like a bee right now. I think you broke my bose headphones. theres a crack dawg and it's like falling apart and poking my right ear. i get off in 10 and you would be getting up in 40. gbye for now, putty. you're goign to have to wake me up lata too. sho tired. bb! - nujizzle

7: dont do anythang dirty dirty with kevin now. it wasnt that hot surprisingly when i tried sleeping. i think its because i wore my brothers tarheels jersey. i woke up to the doorbell and it was one of those people who go door to door telling people to go to church. my sister just peeked her head out and she was like we already go to church and we were in the middle of doing something but then that persistent man would NOT leave so we were all gettin nervous beause it was about time that my dad came back from albertsons to get eggs or somehing (hope he didnt buy the salmonella ones). thank god that guy left before my dad came but geees, everytime one of those people come around, we all freeeeeeeze in feeeyer. what a way to start my day. todays my family day part 2. tell me when you wanna get your ipod. sorrry for taking it dawg. and even more sorry that theres only 10% battery left HAHAHAH my b. allright. peace easy & have fun with kevin today. 2 more days until i go back UP to my warring street apartment where i definitely have the best view that overlooks the trashed street and shady drunk people walking around. bb, nujizzle how weird. why would my computer italicize that part only...oh well. | THE RAINDROPS ARE FALLING ON MY (big) HEAD | we lookin' way better now :) we age like wine

8: Jan, blame game is the lame game. can we stop playing the blame game. you're at 107 right now chillin like a villain. i'm off work in 40 minutes. I think i'm going to go home, get my gym stuff, work out, and come home to eat. i need to go to trader joe's too. hwoever, i dont know how much to buy cos i don't know how much longer ill be in san deezy. you start school tomorrow. are you excited for your 8am's? I decided make my sleeping schedule synonymous to yours so I can stop feeling so tired. I need to stop taking naps everyday. I'm going to wake up in the morning (feeling like junkim) and start my day early by going to the gym and eating a balanced, nutritious breakfast. can't believe you are starting school again tomorrow. so fast. it was just yesterday when you'd be at libraries/studio in your gangsta sweats, probably with your hair tied up (that's when your the ___, i hope you don't take it wrong). okay, i let go of my shy side for the day. it's your turn. oh wait, you can't do that for me. but its okay. you're working on it. i gots to call public storage now and take care of some storage stuff cos our 6mo lease is over. ill talk to ya lataaa! -putnam

9: Jan, Once again am I writing to you back to back (to the future (my fav movie)). This is unfair. Nonetheless, my kind heart decided to write you a snailmail before you go into, what you call, beauty sleep. You are probably reading some shet about rhythm and meters. Sounds so exciting. Tomorrow is the start of a real school week for you. I grant you... WAIT. xjanetschmanet is very demanding and gave me a 5minute window to finish up this beautiful work of art. Anyway, I hope that you have a berry good week, a week full of energy and confidence. You can dew it! I trust in you, whether it be regarding school or you dressing like a 5 dolla hoe and goin to a frat party or workin the corners of (kevin) durant and college. jaykay. Study hard this week, so you don't get caught behind. Okay, my five minute limit is coming to a close, so I will finish with some bravery. I am glad that we talked yesterday. Although it would've been better if it was in person, but I'm glad I told you my take and you told me your take. Anyway, don't feel obligated to stay in touch with me tomorrow. Monday is the longest day of the week if I recall correctly. Just text/call when you're on a break or in need of confidence. Cos I got yo back, dawgie dawg. Miss yew from San Deezy, Junkim. P.S. Hey Jan, how do you spell my name? Hopefully it's not Juuknnnn. <3 bb.

10: p.s.s. it's not a one way relationship. i'll do my best to watch what i say. please don't be frustrated. thanks again for not letting go, dawgie dawg! js yu&me. | your last reply was an outright failure. 3 words? forreal? attached is a testimony of another great deed done by jun kim, the great Samaritan. morgan robinson must be happy as hail. you are in your pds meeting right now, probably being a social butterfly. man. speaking of dental school.. three of my buddies at school are actually in the midst of applying to schools. they took their tests about a month ago, and i remember them studying 9-5 everyday from the start of summer. they keep talkin about primaries and/or secondaries. ill hook you up with some pre-dental knowledge once they get accepted to their schools, etc. can you believe it hasn't even been 3 weeks since we started this thread? why does it feel like i've known you for so much longer? who knew that the social, slizzy butterfree i met at irvine 2 months ago will turn out to be.. um.. wait, let me muster up my bravery -- my significant other? heh. lubby dubby things, one step at a time? you're taking baby steps, though. it's okay. you don't have to promise me about coming down on a random weekend. don't like go out of your way like crazy js to come down here. i can always see you lata gata. but i hope you find your job soon. betta reward me when you do. i js ate king crab legs and im waiting for papa kim's (i almost wrote choi for some reason) famous kimchi fried rice. im kinda excited.. not that i don't get excited when i talk/hear about food. when you called me earlier i was settting up the tent in the living room and playing around w/ the sleeping pad. three nights in the wilderness is going to be.. a blast? since papa kim (lol, i wrote choi and rewrote it to kim) loves to go camping/hiking, we go whenever he comes to the States. i'll be going somewhere in san deezy. hopefully it's not too late for a camp site for this coming sunday/monday'ish. last time, we went to catalina and camped for a night near the beach, and two nights more inland w/ the buffalos and coyotes and crazy animals. it was tight. i don't really like camping that much b/c i like sleeping in the comforts of my own home, but since my dad likes it so much and aging (already 65), i go with the mentality that he might not be around for that much longer. i try to take advantage of his good health now (not that he is unhealthy or hinting at any negative externalities). i learned from losing someone whom i loved very much that you don't know what you have until it's gone. okay, enough sob story, i don't really like talking about it. gotta go eat the fried rice now. ill call ya lata or something. or you call me wheneva you free. till next time, junkim.

11: oh my. only if you make it fun first. dirty. picture says a thousand words. to save my finger energy for solving electric field problems, i decided to take a pict & send it to you. one pict=1000 words dtdubs, thers an inside pocket. I LOVE IT. shady businesssssssssss | you are on my shet list for not replying to my THREEEEEEEEEE previous emails. there is no turning back. sorry. eye for eye. i hope telebear attacks you from the back

12: how long did it take you to write the last email? hahahaha im pretty darn good at speaking it but i cant type for beans. jellyxbean. i'm at the library doing some physics problems. im doing the same chapter as i did last night just to make sure that i got this chapter down. im not sure if this is better than moving onto the next chapter. im still 5 chapters behind. i have beeeen a very very bad student. at least i know it, right? and i'n trying to change my way to studying & whatnot. tomorrow is the day you are supposed to come but you are not down. its okay. i already knew that. am i still not between 9.0 and 10.0 on your scale? again, its okay because you are Jun Not Down Kim. and im UJ aka understanding janet. so it all works out. i'm going to pulling an all nighter today. lets see if i can do it. i'm going to eat lunch with my small group member & we're going to eat sushi. yeee dawg. i love sushi. im excited. lets see if it'll taste better than RAW sushi. i guess ficb will be disappointed since they were expectign a guest player who was supposed to replace our great praise leader named Nathan Gurong Lee. i have to get bak to studying now. see you lataaaaaa....on skype instead of in 94704. | jew suck at korean

13: why am i on top of you? why are you always on top of me? are you sleeping? scottie? dawgie dawg? question master. just drew a Q while playing kings cup by myself with shots of red bull. anyways, goooood day, my friend? or my bfriend? or my boyfrienad? or my baby? i'm taking this game way too seriously, arent i? talk to you later? | don't you worry, my friend, its the inside that counts

14: WHATTTUP JUNNNNNN :) special guest appearance! congrats on your graduation!!!! i get a special spot in this scrapbook because errrbody knows i'm your fav hehe. all began over videochat when you heard me "slamming some doors" & when you heard it in person, it def was a one shot wonder. that can only explain why you'd put up with me purposefully third-wheeling at cafes down college..and at rsf.. right?! :D it was nice knowing you. have a good life! jk GOODLUCK with job hunting & hopefully you land a job up in the bay areaa so we can be homies. jk probably will never happen because you're too cool for school (literally) but you can always buy us (or just me) food when you become a big ballaaa :) you owe me! especially because you made daniel jin yell at me because you were unexpectedly too good at korean.. haha but keep in touch! (idk how.. since you deleted fb and fell off the face of the earth) but i'll probably see you around, yeees? :) CONGRATS AGAIN FOR FINISH 3.5 YEARS OF COLLEGE AT SD & .5 AT BERKELEY! peace out, jez2 joyce poamsorie leeeee -- Joyce Lee

15: as much as i hate on your pepperonis, you aint the same without them

16: hi jun. its almost been a month since we've exchanged gmails. like you said "day 1 begins on such a beautiful track." my fault for not calling you right away. you have to know that i was tired/frustrated/stresed at the same time all because my phone wasnt working and i dont know. probably sounds like a lame excuse to you. i'm working on my essay right now and its going whatever. not too bad. not too good. tomorrow is the clean up day for chem lab. no more freshman/white betches. starting tomorrow, i am liberated from chemistry bullying. ill probably work on my essay all day tomorrow and work on my music homework after my lab. i have a quiz in my freakin decal this week. hate that class. its my last day of that class this week. cant wait. youre off to sleep. hope you get a good nights sleep. thanks for everything. we spent 3 weeks together. thats pretty crazy. now we gotta spend those 3 weeks away from each other. its time for me to get back to my berkeley life and you to get back to your san deezy life. study hard & goood luck with your resumes & cover letters. you have my support for sure. and ill prove to you through actions, not only through words. good night boyfriend & see you in 3 weeks. finish strongg & hopefully we'll be satisfied with our grade by the end of our semester/quarter. i misss you already. i'm chillin on the pink couch & it doesnt feel the same without you. bb. love, janet "its probably your nujizzle" lol. magic fingers.

17: hello. almost 1 month. crazy. such a fast 3 weeks. it's okay. if you understand that in retrospect you shouldn't have gone to eat, it's okay. it's just very frustrating that you keep apologizing. remember how i said it loses its meaning when its overused. i hope you prioritize your actions so that these things do not come up again. it js sucks when you overlook the more important things and have others worry. i mean, i dont thikn i should dictate how you live your life. if you have a paper due in 2 days and a lab to rewrite, i feel like those should come first before eating w/ somebody else b/c you felt bad you came out late and/or stressed from an inoperable phone. its js hard to accept that while i was looking at the phone in worry, you were away at an eatery with a happy face. enough of that talk. it js frustrates me talking about it. anyway, you are now done w/ lab. you dont have to see that betch again. except mabye during lab final? give her a couple of moves that i taught you at my noho apt. the other day. decal quiz should be a breeze b/c i took the bombest notes for you last last thursday. peace easy. back to our respective lives. you have my support as well. you can tell me anythang errthang. yes, let's finish strong. get them A(lec)'s. i miss the pink couch as well. and the brita's. and the crappy water system for the showers. and the foamy antibacterial soap from bath and body. and the bachelor's pad. stupid two way streets. putnam. smell of ppppaint (in indian accent). and welcoming you to my ccrib via the garage door opening @ haste. sanfran. berkeley in general, except for the couple of fights and the horrible case of indigestion. and most importantly, janet choi. bb. buckle up for the next 3 weeks (2 for me). ima keep you in check and you can keep me in check. i'm being serious. missing you from san deezy, nu~~~~le. woah. dj moment.

18: Geez. been more than a month since we last communicated through this thread. Anyway, excuse my use of vocabulary, but things have been weird as of the last two days. its weird you're not here, lying next to me. fort minor - where'd you go? heh. today at the comp lab, i was closing down programs and i saw a glimpse of your photos on your fb page. by then, firefox had closed. i reopened firefox and punched in my username&pw into facebook to get a good look at your face again. when i was walking out of the comp lab, two litto girls were talking about how they want their urbanoutfitter clothes to hurry up and come. made me think of you. gah... its already thursday and i barely got anything done. sucks... i really needa buckle down. im still like pressure-free.. which is bad. anywho, you are probably sleeping like a little baby (i can freely use the word) in yo litto fort. i cant wait to dance w/ you in person while wagging my fingers. good night hye ryun choi. tty tomorrowz baby! love, HN

19: jun&jan 9/26/2011

20: hi baby. you are sleeping like a baby. hope you are feeling better now. today is a new day. let's make the best of it and not look at the things we don't have and the situations we are not in. we got each othaaaaaaa. let me know of your plans. i am here for you. love, boyfriend/geereum boy. p.s. you are a brave soul.

21: hi did you like it? i hope you liked it. how ironic is that i used birds throughout this book? i love you jun kim. congratulations again! =) your one & only girlf, janet

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