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Classic Mixbook

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S: In Honor of Emma Josie Mikesell Weller

BC: The Journey Continues | A Hundred years from now ...it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a CHILD.

FC: "A happy home is but an earlier heaven." ~ President Thomas S. Monson | Happy 80th Birthday Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma

1: Mom You Brought Laughter and tears Throughout all the years Countless service untold Many memories unfold Dedication to all, Nourishing life Working hard, Strength in strife Your best was enough Through smooth times and rough Giving love overflowing Sometimes quiet but showing Sometimes bursting and fun Snowball fights in the house, hoses through bathroom windows Keen humor shared with everyone Filling a home, Filling our hearts We are each blessed to be a part Such tender moments we recall You are loved dearly by us all.

2: Emma Josie Mikesell Born: July 12, 1931

3: Della, Hyrum, Willard Jo, Erma, Wilma

4: Beautiful!

5: June 20, 1952 | Today I Marry My Best Friend

6: Our Family Begins to Grow!

7: "A parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided." Robert Brault | 1961 Della, Hyrum, Wilma & Susie | Della Arrives! The first of seven! | The Twins arrive July, 1967 Susie trying to get out of the picture

8: Where did all of these kids come from? | Della | Susie | Hyrum | Andy | Tammy | Sandy | Wilma

9: Our family is complete!

10: Mrs. David Weller is Famous for her service in the Church and....

11: Jo Weller is famous for her service outside the Church....

12: We added one more! Thanks Terry for daring to come on board

13: Mother Daughter date with Sandy, Tammy, Mom & Sherri | This was the beginning of Mom attracting Seagulls and their droppings everywhere she went

14: Our Family got smaller.....

15: "It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't." | ...and LARGER!

16: Mom's Favorite Hobbies

17: Grandma

18: All things grow better with love.

19: 25 years | 50 years

20: Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old | Beautiful Generations

22: The Great Dalmuti


24: Our Family Grew | and Grew!

25: "Insanity is hereditary - you get it from your kids." ~Sam Levenson

26: Grandpa Memories

28: We love our Grandma

29: Fun memories with Mom

30: Danny, Emily, Andrea, Kelli, Stephen Philip, Grandma, Nathan, Grandpa, Natalie, Katie, Kristi, Chelsi, Breanne, Holly, Cameron, Mandy, and Kimberly | Some of the Grandkids

31: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

32: The Miller Family | Philip, Hannah, Jane, Terry, Della, Alison, Danny, Katie, Rob, Jimmy, Emily, Haylee

33: When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I was in the bathroom in our house on Garnet Dr. in Sandy, UT. I was sitting on the pot. We had a small bathroom window right next to the toilet. As I was sitting there taking care of business, a spray of water came shooting through the window! Mom was outside. She put the hose up to the screen on the window and turned the water on full force. I was drenched! She thought that was so funny! I was a college student at BYU and had come home for the weekend with some friends. It was in the wintertime. We were downstairs playing the piano and singing. All of a sudden, we were hit with a barrage of snowballs! Mom had made a whole bunch and brought them downstairs for a one-sided snowball fight! Whenever I have had any kind of problem or success, Mom has always been there. She and Dad drove to Provo to BYU to help me find a lost contact lens. (It was on the edge of the bathroom mirror.) She watched our children when I had babies. She has helped financially whenever she thought we needed some extra money. She has helped me get through emotional times and she has always helped me strengthen my testimony of the gospel. I love her and am very grateful to be her daughter. Della

34: What my Grandma Jo means to me: I love my Grandma very much. She may not realize how much she really does mean to me. Now that I am a mother, it makes me realize what a wonderful line of women have preceded me. I think of the example of my own mother and can easily trace those good roots back to her mom. I didn’t know my Great Grandma very well but I’m sure she helped mold the women that I am fortunate enough to call my Grandma. Ever since I was little, I remember thinking that Grandma was my favorite. I loved my Grandpa but I didn’t understand his teasing when I was little. I learned to love that teasing when I grew up, but when I was young, I loved the tender and warm feeling I always felt around my Grandma. She was comforting and very loving and I always looked forward to trips to Grandma’s house. I remember when we’d come to visit as kids, Grandma would buy me the coolest cereal . Rainbow Bright Cereal!!! Sooo Cool, the kind of stuff your own Mom never bought you. Grandma would always buy a box at the market when she knew I was coming to visit. Grandma knew what was what, she was on my side. I remember the year my Mom got to her and told her that she didn’t want me to have it. So when I came to visit next, Grandma explained that it wasn’t good for me and my mommy didn’t want me eating all the sugary stuff anymore. I was Devastated..You might as well have told me there wasn’t a Santa Claus! How could my mom have messed up such a wonderful thing? Grandma always found different ways to spoil me though. I love my grandma’s kindness and warmth but I also LOVE her Spunk. How many people have witnessed their grandma starting water fights, going down swing set slides with their grandkids or shoving whipped cream pies into people’s faces? Or better yet, starting snowball fights inside or spraying cold water from the hose outside through the bathroom window onto unsuspecting victims in the shower. I am glad to say, that I have witnessed all these things. Grandma showed that life was fun and not to be taken too seriously, especially when there’s whipped cream involved. I love how much she loves. She worries because she thinks of her children’s, grandchildren’s and great-grand children’s wellbeing daily. She cares. I have to admit, even as a kid, I thought it was hilarious when Grandma would slip up and Swear over something that upset her. The best part was when my grandpa would always get after her sternly and say, “Mother!” or “JO!” every time he heard her slip up. It still makes me laugh thinking about it today. I love my grandma very much. She is and will always be a huge influence for good in my life. I still love that I can still go up and visit her and still feel that wonderful peace that only Grandma’s house brings. You feel protected, loved and your cares and troubles lift. I hope one day I can bring that to my family and generations to follow. Love; Emily, Jimmy, Haylee, and Tyson

35: Haylee, Emily, Jimmy & Tyson Denos

36: Hannah, Philip, Jane & Claire Miller Family

37: Grandma Weller, Happy Birthday! When I think of my childhood, some of my best memories happened in Ammon. I remember going up to visit so many times. Many times we arrived late in the night, but I remember the look of the house at night and the fresh smell of Ammon at dusk. I remember the old hide-a-bed and the feel of the carpet downstairs, the smell of the paper from the old comic books and the sound of the Legos in the tin bucket. A few times we arrived so late that I was already asleep, then I would wake up in the middle of the night and it would take me a second to realize where I was sleeping – but the sounds and smells reminded me that I was in a safe place. I remember time at the park, skinned knees from the merry-go-round, and the swinging iron rings near the school. On hot days I remember eating orange dream bars in the summer and feeding the neighbor’s horse out in the back pasture. On cold nights I remember roasting marshmallows in the fire pit out back. They say that one way to spell love is T-I-M-E. Thanks for the time. Philip

38: Danny and Alison Miller | Hello Grandma, I've been fondly wandering back through the childhood memories, trying to pick out just one that really crystallizes in my mind. I'm afraid I couldn't pick just one... One of the earliest memories I have is being in the backyard, being fascinated by the horses beyond the back fence but too scared to approach them. You went over to grandpa's root cellar (a refrigerator sunk into the ground except for the door) and grabbed a carrot, and then picked me up and sat me down on the top rung of the fence so I could reach the horse, and showed me how to feed them. I was still terrified of an animal that BIG eating out of my hand, but somehow with you holding on to me I could manage it. I also fondly remember a summer ritual - sitting out on the back porch, eating Popsicles with Philip and Emily and slowly making a sticky mess of everything, including ourselves. I also remember one day when we asked for one you couldn't find any - so you asked as to have fun in the backyard for a while as you kept looking. We came back roughly 20 minutes later to find you waiting with Dreamsicles for us - a real treat! We wolfed them down, getting sticky and dirty in the process, because there was always something fascinating in the backyard to look at. I remember coming back inside afterward, and seeing a grocery bag (still damp and slightly cold) with a receipt for the Dreamsicles still sitting inside it, laying on the kitchen table. These are the memories I recall most fondly - a grandma who took time to reassure me that I had nothing to fear, and who went out of her way to help me make summer memories... ~ Danny

39: Rob, Katie, Lissy, & Whitney, Comstock | Grandma is very thoughtful and always makes sure you know how much she cares about you. I remember when I was around 10, Grandma and Grandpa were visiting from Idaho. I was feeling a little sick one night, nothing bad just a little yucky so I was lying down. Mom and Grandma had to run some errands so they left and I watched some t.v. When they came home, Grandma had bought me a Sky Dancer toy to cheer me up. It was an awesome toy that flew like a helicopter but it was a fairy with wings. I wasn't even that down but it really made me feel special and I knew Grandma cared about me and how I was feeling. It was one of the coolest toys I ever got. I still have it and Lissy and I love to play with it.

40: Look at all of these Grandchildren!

41: Josh, Kristen, Steve, Abby, BJ, David, Kevin, Kelli, Jacob Kyla, Kaden, Becky, Dani, Sam, Sarah, Sherri, Hyrum, Emma, Austin, Jonathon

42: My Dearest Mother, I have tried to write this a dozen times but each time felt it was inadequate to correctly express my feelings on this joyous, momentous occasion of your 80th birthday celebration. Let me just say “Thank You” for being my mother. I can still remember sitting on your lap in church. It was my preferred seat and I was intensely jealous of anyone taking that place. I could feel your love and warmth and it made my world safe and happy. Thank You for loving me. Over the years, you taught me so many important things: How to work; clean, cook, & bake (your rolls are still legendary)! How to plant, weed, and care for beautiful flowers, vegetables, and fruit (your gardens were universally admired). How to take care of the things we had because replacing them was out of the question. How to be frugal and live well on meager wages. How to share - even in times of want because there were always people more needy than us. How to change a diaper, dress a baby, the proper way to hold and cuddle a baby when it was fussy, and how to make one laugh out loud. Thank You for your patient teaching. Whenever I read from the Book of Mormon about the 2060 Ammonite youth that went to war with Helaman where it tells that they knew about their Savior, and knew how to be obedient because they were taught by faithful parents, I am always warmed at the verse that says “their mothers knew it.” I feel a kinship with them in this matter – I never had to worry whether or not my mother had a testimony – I knew that you knew it in your heart. Because of your example, I never had a problem with basic gospel principles that others struggle with. Paying tithing has never been a problem because I knew from your example that paying it wasn’t ever about money; it was about having faith that the Lord would provide. More importantly, I learned from you and your example that I should treat people kindly and love them because that is what Jesus would do. We had many friends that didn’t belong to our church but they were welcome in our home. You played Mother to many people outside of our immediate family. Thank You for teaching me, for your testimony, and your living example, and for your love. One of my favorite memories is of you riding the kids ‘hoppity-hop’ down the hall. I think I have never in my life laughed so hard! Your stories of Girl’s Camp adventures are still a favorite subject of mine. You always loved a good, clean practical joke (as long as you got to initiate it)! Thank You for the laughter. Last but not least, Thank You for being a wonderful Grandmother to my children. They did then, and do now love to go and visit you. It was always a great adventure and they knew a good time would be had. You have set the standard and the bar will not be lowered. I wish for you on this joyous day, as much happiness as you can stand, and a break from any sadness. If ever you need something to cheer your heart, you can read in this book the things people have said about you and know that you have played a great role in my life and in the lives of so many other people. You have a right to be proud of your posterity and for being a wonderful mother and friend. I love you. Thank You for being my Mother. Hyrum Michael

43: Dear Mom, Happy 80th birthday. You have reached a wonderful milestone in your life. You have brought so much joy into my life, and I want you to know that I love you very much. You have always made me feel a real part of your family. One of my earliest memories of you was from before I even met you. I remember you calling Della at night when we were at BYU and telling her to go to bed. You knew her well enough to know she was up late studying, knowing she needed to get her rest. I remember the first time I was in your home. Della had brought me home with her. First off, Hyrum was chasing you through the house trying to get a picture of you with a towel on your head. Later, he was playing the piano, and a few of us were standing around it singing. I remember being totally astonished when a snowball appeared out of nowhere and hit the piano. You were standing there with a basket of snowballs, chucking them at us! That wasn’t the only thing – I learned quickly to never open the bathroom window if I wanted to stay dry. I heard enough screams of “Mother!” coming from the recipients of a blast of cold water from a hose if some luckless person was sitting on the toilet or taking a shower with the window open! Your fun-loving spirit always made me laugh. Another thing I love about you is your love of nature. Long drives into the countryside, or camping trips with marshmallows cooked over a fire are memory makers. Part of that is your love of fishing. I like to fish, but don’t particularly care for cleaning the fish once they are caught. You had a passion for fishing – you helped instill that into my David. Mom, another thing I learned from you was to follow the spirit. You told me many stories from when you were Relief Society President, and that helped me to become a better Relief Society president myself. You have an obvious love for your Savior, and that is very evident in the way you treat others. I love you and count myself lucky to be called one of your “daughters." With much love, Sherri

44: Our new arrival Bobby John

46: Bobby John, Austyn & Emma Weller

47: I have a lot of great memories of Grandma. I remember fishing with Grandma as a child, sneaking chocolate chip cookies out of the cookie jar and trying my hardest not to let the glass lid make noise as I put it back. I remember Grandma making Pero and toast for me just like Grandpa got. I remember Grandma’s face when eating sour patch kids and she has never been afraid to try new things. I love my grandma! BJ | h | I had one grandma close to me growing up and she was very prim and proper, so when one of my first memories of Grandma was at a big family picture and she yelled “everybody say sex,” I thought what kind of family did I marry into? It is either a fun and crazy one or very disturbing. Probably both apply. I never heard my other grandma say sex or bra or anything. She like the rest of the family welcomed Kaden and me with open arms. She made me feel very comfortable and loved. Becky

48: Left to Right: Weller Family: BJ, Sam, Becky, Kyla and Kaden

49: I remember when she gave me peanuts to feed the birds, and I got Lego Harry Potter. I remember Grandma sitting in her rocking chair snuggling me with my blanky because I was being shy. Sam | I remember when I used to draw pictures to Grandma because I was too shy to ask for a cookie. Last time I went to her house, I saw my pictures that I drew. It made me happy to see them still there. I could tell that she loved me. Kyla | I remember Grandma would give us carrots to feed birds. I remember feeding the squirrels peanuts she gave us. She is always laughing and sitting in her rocking chair Kaden

50: Kevin, Kelli, Jacob, Jonathon & Sarah Remley

51: One of my favorite memories of Grandma Weller, was when we were all visiting Tammy and Ron when they lived on Base. I had heard all of the stories where Grandma would wait until someone fell asleep and then she would sneak up and quietly fill their hand with whipped cream. Well, this particular day, Grandma was the one who fell asleep... she definitely got it back! Tammy put the cream on her glasses and spooked her when she woke up! And the best part is, they got it on tape! I have always enjoyed listening to Grandma's stories of the pranks she pulled. I may have combined a few memories for this one, but I seem to recall being there as well as watching it afterwards. :) I love you Grandma! Happy Birthday! Kelli

52: Kristen, Steve, Josh and Abby Weller | Great Grandma Jo Lovin on Josh

53: Dear Grandma Jo- As a child, I remember my friends' astounded looks when I mentioned that I was really looking forward to the upcoming family reunions. Apparently none of them were ever excited to go to theirs, but then again, they didn't have you as a grandma. Whenever your name is mentioned, there is one definitive memory that instantly springs to mind: fishing in the Tetons. It was always a favorite pastime to go fishing with Grandma. In fact, it was almost a requirement for any Idaho trip. We knew to pack our poles and tackle along with our pillows and clothes because a fishing trip with Grandma was part of the package deal. I remember many times watching you cast your pole and point out which part of the river would yield the best fish. Even with my little toy pole, you always made sure that I felt like I was doing as good as anyone else, though I'm sure the number of fish I caught was nowhere near yours. And when we weren't fishing in the stream, we were always able to go across the street to the park and play on the equipment and swim in the pool in our "himmin' hoots." I remember parades with you as the drum major, leading around the cousins tootling their horns, banging the drums, marching around the downstairs. I remember roasting marshmallows and hotdogs around the backyard firepit, and hours spent in the old playhouse. I remember the lessons I learned about love and laughter and the endless supply of cookies from the jar when we were good. But most of all, I will always cherish the love I felt. I knew that a trip to Grandma's meant a good time, of laughter, jokes, and lots of love. I hope that I can extend these same things to my family, and that your legacy will live on for generations to come. Love, Steve. | k

54: AJ, Susie & Ed Tweeddale

55: Dear Mom, As I have been pondering which story, loving memory, or crazy- fun experience I have had with you, so many things come to mind. “MOM ism's” - Pieces of advice from mom throughout my life... At 14, I came home upset at a co-worker from Johanna’s Country Kitchen. “There is going to be a Mabel that shows up throughout your life, learn to deal with her as you will need this skill to learn to deal with many others throughout your life.” Oh she knew what she was talking about; such great words of wisdom I remembered every time a “Mabel” showed up for me. Another time we were driving and waiting and waiting and waiting at a busy intersection which had no light, your words came out a bit like you were talking to yourself but with your Motherly tone. “Remember to have patience while driving. Wait until your path is completely CLEAR." We did indeed wait and wait and wait. tee/hee However, your advice stuck with me and most likely saved my life many times over, especially when moving to a new city and finding my way around. One of my favorite memories is coming home, opening the door and the aroma of freshly baked bread, raisin bread, and/ or scones would permeate the air. I would toast maybe 4 or 6 slices of bread or was it the whole loaf? Then I would top it off with some homemade jam. Oh my! That was heaven on earth in the Weller household! I must tell you again I am so sorry for the karate chop flattening all those raising loves... Oops!! So many trials I created for you. One more word about that... PEACHES! Only I can say your other child was responsible for that one! Thank you for just loving me while sometimes wondering why your daughter would chose to be so different than what she was taught. "What in the world was she thinking?" I Thank you for never giving up on me. Never just throwing up your arms and telling me I was on my own. I knew that you were always there for me continually showing me love and compassion, regardless of the choices I made. I want you to know how important you are to me. You teach through example and your loving nature. You have always been there for me and I love you as my Mother and friend. You have been and are the constant love in my life and I am forever grateful for you. Lovingly, Susan, Suzy, Suz, Susie and on the occasional slip "Sue" | One of my favorite memories about grandma is during one of our family reunions about 10 years ago, out of nowhere she shoved cake into my dads face and then grabbed the cream puff container and started flinging them like it was going out of style. Soon after that, everyone was involved in the food fight which escalated quite quickly. Its ironic that the only food fight I have ever been involved in, let alone see, was started by my Grandmother. That was probably the best family reunion I have ever been to. I love you Grandma, AJ | s

56: Kristi, Wilma, Mike & Andrea Egbert

57: Mom, Happy 80th Birthday. Mom has always been very compassionate and a very loving person. She has been a good example to me. She has always had a very fun side to her. Life was never dull with her; she kept everyone’s attention. We always have a good laugh when Mom is around. She would always be the person who would instigate trouble especially when it came to food fights or water fights. It is so much fun to watch football games with her, especially when the Utes play (U of U). Andrea and Kristi’s friends call her the football grandma, or the fun grandma. Everyone always wants to meet her. Mom and I have a very special relationship we talk on the phone almost every day and sometimes several times a day. We usually are laughing about something fun. Sometimes we just cry about life and tell each other we will get through it together and will pray for each other. Mom taught me to always pray everyday, sometimes all day. She always would say the Savior preached to his disciples to pray and fast much. She also helped me to learn to read my scriptures. She reads hers everyday and I try to do the same. My patriarchal blessing tells me to pattern my life after my lovely mother. I try to cherish each day I have with her. I Love you mom! Wilma

58: Grandma is the wise one. If you need advice, want to talk to someone and get feedback, or just talk to you, when your conversation is finished, you come out with a greater insight. Grandma seems to have the answer for almost anything. If she doesn't, she will give you advice and make you feel better. Grandma's hugs make you feel better. Her heart is so warm that she can't help but sharing some of it with you. She is a great example of forgiveness, love, and not holding onto anger. She is very giving to many people and doesn't expect anything in return. Grandma has great stories and I love to hear them when she comes. She is full of jokes and is not afraid to laugh. She may instigate or participate in the practical joke or may just be a spectator. She has played all three roles. She is full of love and laughter. She told me to quit climbing on the stools because I would give her gray hair, so i guess I climbed on them too much. I can't think of a better person on this earth to talk to when you need great insight. I love you!! Love Kristi

59: I have so many fun memories of my Grandma! When I was little we were staying at her house. I was across the street playing at the park, when I fell in the wood chips and cut my lip. I came back to Grandma's house crying and bleeding. She and my mom took me in the bathroom to pull the pieces of wood out and clean up the bleeding. Grandma snuck out to the freezer and brought back an ice cream pop she had been hiding and saving for a special occasion. As she dried my tears and hugged me better, she gave me the ice cream pop to make me feel better. I think about that day all the time; sitting in the bathroom with mom and Grandma, eating ice cream. Another time I was sitting in her living room. I don't recall what was going on at that moment. I do remember opening my mouth to say something when Grandma intervened. She said, "I know what you're thinking, and don't." I looked at her shaking her head "no" and realized she was right; whatever I was about to say or do, wouldn't be a good idea. Then I realized that she had known exactly what I was thinking without me saying a word. She knows me so well! Even though our family is really big, she still knows all of her kids and grand-kids that well. That's pretty amazing. Whenever I need a smile, my tears dried, a hug, or good advice, I call Grandma. It never ceases to amaze me how wise she is and what great advice she gives me. When no one knows what to do, Grandma does and she does it with such great love and compassion! I told my family, that I will listen to advice and counsel from God and Grandma, and occasionally from the rest of you. :-) My goal is to one day be even half as amazing and wonderful as my Grandma. If I can achieve that, I'll be Celestial Kingdom bound. I love you Grandma!! Happy 80th Birthday and many more to come!! Love Always, Andrea

60: Kim, Andy, Nathan, Jacob & Stacie Weller

62: Kimberly Jo | Jacob | Nathan

64: Holly, Ron, Mandy, Paul, Tammy Nick, & Natalie Mihu

65: Dear Mom, You are the best Mom anyone could ask for. You have helped me in so many ways. One of my first memories is you trying to get me to stay for kindergarten. As I recall I was wrapped around your leg so tight, Sandy couldn't pry me off. I remember you being so concerned that I would be there for the rest of your life. I am still very much attached but with my heart instead of your leg. I remember you always being so much fun when we would all be together. You always did something to liven up the party such as starting food fights with cream puffs, cakes, pies, cupcakes and an assortment of other gooey concoctions. I remember you putting in a fake sandwich with hairy legs sticking out in Dad's lunch box. You seemed to have a sly little smile when you would get some unsuspecting person, like putting pregnancy tests in friends' grocery carts as they would pass by in an aisle at the store. You were always there for me especially when times were hard, and you knew when I needed a stern talking to. I remember when You, Dad, Andy, and Hyrum came to South Carolina. I was so homesick I wanted to come home with you. You took me aside and told me I had to stay and that things would be ok. I know that was hard for you to do especially now that I'm a Mother and have had to do similar things with my children. I probably wouldn't have ended up with such a loving husband and beautiful children. I hope you have the best 80th Birthday, and I promise I won't start a water fight. (but I don't promise you won't). But I will do my best to stop you. :) I love you. Tammy | Mom, I will be eternally grateful to you for your intervention when we were in Island Park and Tammy was trying to break up with me. I remember that was such a roller coaster ride! I remember talking to Tammy in someone's cabin, and I was telling Tammy how much I loved her. Well, she would have none of it. She went downstairs leaving me up in the room having just told me she only wanted to be friends. I recall that you told Tammy in no uncertain terms that she was to get back up there and be nice to that boy because he might be her only chance. Wow! That did it and we were engaged just a week later. Thanks MOM! Now Tammy has a slightly different version, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Ron Mihu

66: Hi Grandma, I loved it when you would come to Boise and visit me. Remember when you played cars with me? I liked putting my fake spider on your shoulder and watching you jump. I love you very much. Nick | Dear Grandma, Happy 80th Birthday! I hope this is one of the greatest birthday thus far for you! I have so many memories with you! My favorite ones are the times when we get together as a family and play games. I love it when you would play with us! I loved to watch it when it was your turn because you always knew how to make it funny. Thank you for always making yor home feel welcome. I love you! Love, Holly :] | Dear Grandma, I like all the funny nicknames you give everything. Like "Shear- John" instead of "Shear- Kon" and "Krusty Kremes" instead of "Krispy Kremes." You always seem to make everything hilarious. I love you so much and hope you have a very happy 80th birthday! Love, Natalie =D

67: I'm so grateful that Grandma has always had a sense of humor. I love looking at pictures and remembering times when she would slide down the slide fully clothed into the pool. When I asked Paul what he thought about Grandma, he said he's never seen that much love in a dogs face such as when Chloe sees Grandma. We love coming to visit! ~Paul & Mandy | I LOVE GRANDMA!

68: This his/mine and ours (that would be Raider) is getting out of hand. 9 turned into 19! Including 6 Grand Children! | Trent, Kurt, Bryce Cameron, Breanne Chelsi, Chantel, Teresa, Julie, Raider, Sandy, Kaylee, Doug, Jaren and Kiera

70: Hey Mom, Happy 80th Birthday, Susie's right behind you. I just wanted to say thank you for always welcoming me into your amazing family. Right from the first time I met you, you seemed to understand me and related to what my kids and I have been through. Thank you, Thank you! I also wanted to say thanks for having an amazing family. They are all so great! They are a testament to the amazing Mother and person that you are. I'm so proud to be your favorite son-in-law. Love Doug | Happy 80th Birthday Mom, Wow! 80 years and you look fabulous! Thank you for being an extraordinary Being in my life. I am who I am today because of you. Thank you for teaching me how to have incredible faith and to always trust God. Thank you for teaching me how to pray, love and serve others. You are a beautiful example of Fun, Self Expression, and Service. These are my favorite qualities I try to emulate. I remember admiring you for wanting to help your friend get her house clean until you asked us to help that is. Then we were ornery about it. But you decided it was a good time to teach us how to serve. LOL. You were always good with order and cleanliness. I was so proud to show off all your home-made goodies. Every time I had the devotional in seminary, everyone begged me to bring your home made cinnamon rolls for treats. Thank you for providing a wonderful childhood and life. I know you sacrificed so much so we could have our needs met and nice birthdays and Christmases. How does it feel to think you started all of this? As I look through this book, I am in awe at how you did it all. I so admire and respect you as a wonderful Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma. I am eternally grateful to you and your unconditional love for me and our family. I know why I chose you in the pre-existence; to emulate your beautiful qualities. I love you eternally, Sandy

71: HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and tell you how much I love you! You have always made me feel a part of the family and accepted me as your own granddaughter. You are the nicest, caring, and most sweetest lady around! My favorite memory with you would have to be, just being a family and playing games in the backyard, camping out in tents, and roasting marshmallows in the fire pit. I love you so much and hope you have the best birthday EVER! Love, Julie

72: My grandma's house has always been a safe haven for me. I have always loved visiting Grandma because that means staying up sharing stories, watching home movies, laughing into the night, and drinking Postum in the morning. Grandma you have always looked out for us and shown us what it means to have fun and be a true family. Even if it meant climbing onto a hippity hop with a little girl, who was too small to make it bounce, you have always been consistent with showing us what a true grandmother is: Everything my grandma does is something special made with love. She takes time to add the extra touch that says, "I love you very much." She fixes hurts with a kiss and smile and tells good stories grandma-style. It's warm and cozy on her lap for secret telling or a nap. And when I say my prayers at night I ask God to bless and hold her tight. Cause when it comes to giving hugs my grandma's arms are filled with love! We sure love you Grandma! Thank you for being the best and always helping me get into mischief that I hadn't thought of yet! Love you! Chelsi

73: Hey Grandma!!! Holy freak 80 years old?!?! You're looking way too young to be 80! But thank you so much for this wonderful family that you have created. I can't even begin to express my gratitude I have for not only my family, but my family inside the church. You have done an incredible job with raising such fine kids, my mom, my uncles and aunts. So amazing. Thank you especially for your testimony and your smile. Right before I left we had an amazing night of talking and expressing our testimonies in the church. It's one night I will never forget. But don't take this note as a goodbye letter, I am expecting to come back and and see you in about 15 months. Thanks for everything, and I mean everything, from temple work to wafer cookies. You have always been there setting the example for me. I Love you so much, Elder Cameron Brunt Chile, North Santiago Mission

74: Happy Birthday Grandma! You are an amazing woman and can always make me laugh. I have many favorites memories with you. Thank you for taking such good care of me as a baby and rocking me so many nights! Thank you for living an incredible life and sharing your stories with me! I love our family reunions with marshmallows roasts, food fights and laughter. I am so excited to be able to spend more time with you this year as I go to BYU-I. Thank you for your example of endurance. I love you, Breanne

75: Teresa, Grace, Wyatt & Shawn Moore

76: Kaylee, Chantel, Kurt Kiera & Jaren Baker

77: Lexie, Bradleigh and Bryce Baker

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