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Classic Mixbook

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BC: lOVE YOU and see you soon :)

FC: Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart. For friendship doesn't count miles, it's measured by the heart. | EUROPE ADVENTURE | Summer, 2011

1: The warmest welcome to Holland! | 7-2-11 Today has been a blur because of the long flights and time change but I'm now finally here! It was SO good to see Lieke and her family, they have all been so sweet to me. I have missed Lieke, she truly is such a great friend. Simon made an apple pie that I had for breakfast and WOW it was delicious! We just arrived back from Delft which is so adorable and cozy, I absolutely loved it! | I Delft

2: 7-3-11 Jack drove Lieke and me to church today where we met Jesse! It was great to feel the same spirit there just like how it is at home. After church we went to Jesse's home and then to go see Rotterdam! It was real fun and good to catch up. We ate homemade pizza at Jesse's and than his mom drove us back to the Vera's but first we made a pit stop at the beautiful temple! It is weird having adults drive me around, I feel like a little kid again! | Rotterdam!

3: 7-4-11 Happy 4th of July! Amsterdam was beautiful although, I've never smelt so much pot before! Anne Frank's house was really cool. It was fun to have an all girl day with Anita, Lieke, and Meike. My favorite part was the canals, bridges, and bikes. We went on a tour boat that was really interesting and fun! | Amsterdam is

4: After Amsterdam we had some all American Jello than went on a bike ride to go visit Jolijn and her Mom! | BEST | FRIENDS | FOREVEVER

5: 7-5-11 Oh what a fun, fun day! Everyone has been so nice here! Lieke and I met up with Jesse, Jolijn, and Stephanie to go to The Hague. We walked around for a long time, almost ate herring (awful), and had lunch outside with a view of the beach! The girls left but Jesse came back with us to visit with the missionaries and go to the Pancake house! Afterwards Jesse, Lieke, and I road our bikes to go see Stephanie at work with sweet Jadey joining the crew! I love how people here go out and get drinks ust sit and talk forever!

6: 7-6-11 Our first day by ourselves! We got on the train but were soon booted off because I had not activated my ticket! But no worries, we caught the next train and even had a lovely nap. After arriving in Brussels we went looking for our hotel in the rain storm! When we found it our room wasn't ready so we dropped our backpacks off with the nice French speaking lady to go explore!

7: We first saw the famous piss boy... no idea why it is so famous! We then got AMAZING BELGIUM waffles and found our way to the BEAUTIFUL Grand Plaza. The rain has been off and on today but it's been okay, it adds to the adventure! We than went to a Roman Catholic Church and then to the Palace where we watched some guards. We are now resting at a little cafe and doing fabulous! Our next mission is to go find some Belgium chocolate :)

8: LONDON! 7-7-11 We arrived at our hostel Hootany and met our unforgettable mate Lex! We got our bus tickets and than visited the House of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminister area. We also visited Trafalgar Sq. where the HARRY POTTER WORLD PREMIER was going on! We ate at a cute place with DELICIOUS coconut raspberry drinks. We tried getting back home but it took us a while to find our bus and the stores on Oxford street didn't help much either.

9: 7-8-11 We started the rainy day off with visiting the National Gallery which was beautiful. We chilled out in Trafalgar Sq. and than went on a search to find the famous Primark store that was SUPER busy! After we had some drinks at a cafe near Tower Bridge and than went to the actual bridge! We took the metro back toTrafalgar Sq. to find a cute restraunt. We settled for an Italian restraunt and both ordered the same pasta and had a marvelous dinner. We walked to the Big Ben and took some videos and pictures! It was just so fun!

10: 7-9-11 LIeke found out the changing of the guards was at 11:15 so we made sure to get to the Buckingham Palace plenty early. We walked through the park to get there and it was pretty. I had NO idea how big the changing of the guards was! After the chaotic, majestic guard change we walked to HARRADS! It was real fun but tiring so we bout lunch there and took it to Hyde Park and ate there. Next was the World History Museum and than fun Camden town! I loved the place! It is a hippie/happy drug town but just... happy people. We decided to retire early to pack up for Paris tomorrow! | So everything pretty much got messed up and we had no idea we needed to reserve seats for trains so we are waiting in a train station... again! Three things we have learned: 1. Read the manuels and PREPARE EVERYTHING, even the possibilities of when things go wrong. 2. Look mean. Truly don't be friendly to strangers in France. 3.Remember the greatness of life... duh;) Oh yeah... and learn French. | 7-10-11 We woke up early but needed to shower and get ready. We were in the big bathroom and lex walks in ... and well you know the rest of the story ;) We said goodbye to our new friends and hoped on the train to Brussels. When we got to Brussels we found out there was really no way to get to Paris... at least how we wanted to get there. So it is now 17:00 and we are on a journey for 5 hours train hoping making our way to Paris... Oh the adventures!

11: 7-11-11 First real day in Paris, FINALLY! Wow, it has been gorgeous! One of my favorite days! It could be because it is contrasted with yesterday but still it truly was good! We started at Arc De Triomphe Etoile and walked through Avenue De Champs and then up to Lafayette and then up to the Sacre Coeur. It was a bit of walking and climbing but the view was worth it along with the Italian Singer! It was so fun just to rest up there and listen to him! We got an ice cream up there and then walked back down to the market with the French artists and oh my word the scam people pretending to be deaf! We ate at a little café and met some sweet American friends. We went back to the hostel and rested and Kaiden and Austin wanted to go get dinner so we got sushi and ate it under the Eiffel Tower, so much FUN! Lieke and I then got to go up the tower which I absolutely loved. We got in that night at 1:30. Walking home was scary, especially because we got lost BUT STILL Good day!

12: 7-12-11 We started at Bastille and headed west hitting all the good spots. It is pouring rain so we haven’t gotten very far and we had to stop for umbrellas. Right now we are in a church house and they are playing some monk/calming music. I like it a lot and I’m glad we came here. We are headed to get some crepes next :) | The crepes were awesome I had a nutella one and Lieke had a chocolate one, the server was a very nice man. We saw the Hotel De Ville which Lieke translated for me; it literally means building of the city. Next on the map was the Notre Dame! My favorite part was the gorgeous glass stained windows. Next was the Louvre, it was a cool looking museum but it is closed on Tuesdays! So I did not get to see the Mona Lisa but that’s okay I really liked the outside. We walked along the Seine River off to find the Cite De Larchitechture where you can see the best view of the tower. It was a gorgeous long walk with the Eiffel Tower always in view! We took the metro down to see the Catacombs because I really wanted to do that and when we got there it was closed after 5pm! I was so sad so we went to see this cool looking cemetery but it was also closed! We went back home before going out for dinner and we meet our fun new Australian roommates Deni and Mish. Our dinner was delicious we shared a salad, pasta, and creme brulee we ate EVERYTHING!

13: Before.... and after. YUM!

14: 7-13-11 ITALY HERE WE COME!!! Our alarms went off at 5am and Lieke was packed before I and I still got up before her... I don’t know how she does it! When we got to the station I went and booked some more tickets to get us to Florence but we will get there late tonight! We don’t have a map yet so we have no idea where our hostel is shoot. We will see how it all works out! | We made it to our hostel just by using my phone, hurray! I didn’t realize how small Florence is! We dropped our things off and we were hungry so we found small Square with restaurants in it just south of our hostel so we got some Pizza there! It was PERFECTO! | 7-14-11 Florence is HOT! I woke up at 6am sweaty, dehydrated and not feeling well because of the heat. We got a croissant for breakfast and walked and waited in lines to see churches and the famous statues. I love the Italian people; they are very expressive, friendly, and smiley. We first saw the big bridge with houses on the side and got some gelato to cool down. We went back to the hostel to take a nap. After our nap we showered to cool off again and went walking around to look for dinner. We ate dinner in our little square at a different restaurant. We were there for a real long time just chatting, I loved it. We made friends with some older Australian people next to us. Afterwards we went closer to the live music just to listen than we crossed the beautiful bridge and looked at some more statues. Two Italian boys started talking to us, I learned a lot about Italians! They are very open, pleasing people. We talked to them for so long that when we tried to get back to the hostel we got a little lost!

16: 7-15-11 We woke up early and grabbed a train to Pisa! We didn’t even have a map but we still made it! We took pictures with the tower than we stopped at a little market to buy some food for the beach that day. We met some boys there that were already planning on going but knew a better beach than us so we planned to go with them! They were all so fun and friendly. After the beach we ate Pizza and just hung out. We got home at midnight and went to bed. | Dutch, Australian, Finish, German, American, Dutch

17: 7-16-11 So Happy to be back with the Veras, I missed them! | It has been real fun getting to know all of them. | WILD THANG



20: It has been real nice to relax and to be with the family. We have been swimming lots, reading, playing ping pong, and card games! They are an amazing family. | Paparazzi

21: Meet Sarah and Hannah..... "I feel like I just made out with an old man." | 7-21-11, Happy birthday to my Mom! Now back to just Lieke and Bre, I will truly miss the Veras :( I am super excited for ROME! | When we first arrived in Rome we wanted to rest I wasn’t really tired so I went outside our room and met two boys from Chicago. They were cute so before we got to know each other we planned to go sightseeing and to dinner that night. Than we started talking and he offered me weed so than I had to make an excuse of why we couldn’t go because I felt like he was a creep So we went out without the boys and it was | much more fun that way. We started off at Plaza Della Repubblica then hit up my favorite Trevino Fountain and made a wish even took a video and polaroid picture to capture the moment. We than walked up to the Spanish Stairs and walked those and visited Trinita Dei Monti the church at the top. Lieke was wonderful with her handy book from the Koppes and her parents, we used it everywhere! So our plan was to take the metro back but surprise, they are on strike! Blah, so we hopped on a few buses and finally made it home :)

22: 7-22-11 Our sweet Australian friend Megan wanted to go to the Vatican with us in the morning so we got her up and waited on her The Rome Public Transportation strike was starting at 8:30 so we were trying to make it in time to catch the metro. We ran out the door at 8:25 and caught a bus with her Things did not work out so Lieke and I got a Taxi to Piazza Navona where a movie was being filmed! We then walked over the Fiume on the Ponte Sant Angelo Bridge to see Sant Angelo Castel! We finally got to the Vatican and waited in a short line to go through security. We visited Peter’s HUGE church, the huge museum my favorite part was the Sistine Chapel. It was beautiful and incredible to see so much amazing talent all in one room! The museum was a lot to take in because there was SO MUCH to see! After The Vatican we walked to find some gardens but instead found a nice park overlooking Italy to have some nice coconut and nap in :) We then than took a long walk alongside the Fiume and crossed to see Piazza Dei Popolo and went shopping around to buy nothing :) We headed home to rest and get free pasta! We met our new friends at dinner from California and talked about pretty much everything. We met Edgar, Chanel, and Vivian. They had a wonderful idea to go to the Colosseo together. It was a beautiful night that of course ended with gelato!

24: 7-23-11 Our very last day! I woke up at 7 and couldn’t sleep so being as mean as I am I waked up Lieke for the beautiful day and we headed to the Coliseum! We got in pretty quickly and spent a good two hours in there! Our tickets we bought included the Roman Forum and the Palatino so we spent some good time there exploring and trying to find some things that were no longer public to view. We learned and saw A LOT especially about Emperor Augusto. After that we got some food at a local little store and walked back to the hostel to rest before our last night! Back at the hostel I couldn’t sleep but packed up my little suitcase! We left around 6 and first went to monument Vittorio Emanuele on accident but enjoyed it because we had seen it at every view but never actually been there! It is pretty and white because of how new it is so it contrasts dramatically with the rest of Rome. From there we made it to the Pantheon in perfect timing because they were closing just 5 minutes after we got there! We walked back to the monument and then to the coliseum because that is where we had planned to have our last dinner. Lieke picked it out of the book so we knew it would be real good! It was fun to find and it was a TRUE Italian place, no one from abroad was around! We ordered bread with salmon as an appetizer than each a pizza. Oh it was so delicious! It was the real deal! We left our cute restaurant and realized Lieke’s Brazil arm band was gone! We retraced all our steps from the Emanuele but we did not find it. I was exhausted on the way back and a little sleep drunk but I’m glad we were out late for our last night! We got in at 1 in the morning and I passed out in bed while Lieke stayed up a little longer.

27: 7-24-11 - Bitter Sweet day. Alarm went off at 5 am, we got our things together and checked out. We went to the metro and got to see all the funny drunks coming home from their Saturday night parties. We left the train station to the airport and had to say our “see you laters” at the gate :( No tears, just hugs and loves... | Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart. For friendship doesn't count miles, it's measured by the heart.

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