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Classic Mixbook

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S: Edith Peace Medhurst Cooter

BC: Thank you for your love, concern, example and sacrifice which we and future generations will always remember. Love Always, Christine, Malcolm, Helen, Jason, Leo, Oscar, Hazel Lyn, Terry, Katrina, Philip, Molly, Baby Girl, Kailey, Scott

FC: Celebrating The Life of Edith Peace Medburst Cooter On Her 90th Birthday 22nd January, 2012

1: Mother, Brother and Sisters

2: The Matriarch

3: Loved Ones

4: Loving

6: Lover of animals!

8: You are such a hard worker .... ... do you remember planting a large vegetable garden and faithfully watering it daily in 100 degree weather? | Industrious

9: You also know how to relax!!! | When you were younger you liked to sunbathe, but the older you got, the less you worshipped the sun!

10: A Friend To All

11: Trendy

12: Loves to Swing | Our Antique Little Girl

13: Eager To Try New Things

14: Such A Good Sport

16: Forever Love

22: Compassionate

23: Dolls Knitting Crocheting Dressmaking Gardening Writing | Talented

24: Snow Queen

25: Full Of Life

26: "Great" Grandmother

27: Your humour has been passed on to the next generation!

28: Inquisitive

29: "I am almost 90" We don't know many 90 year olds who play on the floor and are so flexible!

30: So often it is easy to carry on with our busy lives and forget to say the important things so I welcome the opportunity to portray the value and importance you have in my life Nana. It seems almost impossible to impart all the things that I have learnt from you and know that I would not be the person I am today without the morals and upbringing that you have instilled into our family. Your amazing attention to detail in whatever you do, leads you to create the wonderful memories that you do for our whole family. Your generosity is never taken for granted but is truly heartfelt by everyone and you really are the Matriarch of us all. The notion that family is always uppermost in your mind is a feeling so often forgotten today by many families. Even in some of your darker moments when you may not be the happiest I have managed to learn a lot about myself from you. The inner strength that you have and strong resolve that pulls you through moments of weakness are immense and I can understand the lows but know you will always come through and be the playful, creative Nana that we all love. I mean how many other people can say that their Nana still plays beans at Christmas time, or would ever dream of unwrapping my presents again! :-) I have shared so many things with you from making porcelain dolls, sewing kneelers, numerous cross stitch projects, soft toy production (in my mind it was a production line!) to the amazing sense of pride at your comments regarding our "Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat" production. Some of my earliest and most special memories are of being with you and obviously granddad, in the summer house, with Compton, even playing ball off the wall in the carport and roller boating around in there whilst you cooked me muck (burnt sausages) in the kitchen!! My mummy never quite made me muck like you did! Your honesty and acceptance of others are qualities to be proud of and there is something for us all to aspire to within you. Physical distance is not the same as emotional distance and you have ensured that though there are miles between many of us we are all so close and no single one of us is ever far from our hearts. I have always felt and always will feel my angel watching over me as to me, my angel is you.

31: Dear Nana, How can we sum up everything you mean to us to in a letter? On reflection, all we really want to say is “thank you!” You have given us a lifetime of memories and we thank you for that. You are at the head and the heart of our family and we thank you for that. You have taught us love, respect and kindness and we thank you for that. You have shown us how to live every moment and not to let age get in the way of your desires and we thank you for that. You have taught us to be aspirational and ambitious and we thank you for that. Above all you have always been and continue to be there for support and we thank you for that. We could go on but hope we have shown how important you are to our family and thank you from the bottom of our hearts just for being you. Love always

32: Dear Nana, I wanted to write this letter to express to you how important you have been in my life. Even though we live so far a part I have always felt close to you and Granddad. I've loved our visits and talks and I have been thinking of some of the memories we have so here goes... *I can't fully remember why but I think it was because we were talking about pronouncing "r's" but we started saying "Purrrple Birrrdies, on the mountain". *There would be so many people talking and they would keep interrupting you so you would yell out "My Turn!!!!" while pounding your fist on the table trying to get everyone's attention. *I loved when you would be so proud of yourself for doing something and you would put your thumbs in your armpits and do a little dance. *I remember when we had a big snowstorm when we lived on Solena Way and you came out and went sledding in our back yard with us and we made snowmen. *I remember when you and Granddad would come to visit us in Texas, we would take walks to the gate to lock it and we would hold hands and sing. We'd also look at the stars and I think I remember you telling me stories too (I was about 4 or so and can't remember very well). *I want you to know how much it meant and still means to me that you would travel so far to be with me on my wedding day. I remember that you were the first person I saw when I came out of the temple doors and to see your face on that amazing day and that you were there to share it with me was very special. I know my marriage didn't last but my memories will last forever and you are a part of those. *I have always loved how you came out with us and played on the swings and did almost everything that all of us kids were doing. Having you there on our outings was so much fun. *99's...what else can I say? You would always wan to get 99's because you knew how much we loved them :) I love my talks with you! I love the fact that, despite the distance, we have so many memories and we're able to talk to each other often. I also love that you call and sing to me on my birthday! I love you bigger than the Universe, Nana!

33: I have many fond memories with you, Nana. Although we have been far away from England and unable to see you very often, I feel as if the times we have had together were almost made more meaningful because of that fact. I remember going into Maidstone and getting soft-serve ice cream next to the river, and we'd always have to have a Flake as well. You quickly took note that I had taken a liking to Maltesers, and I have always loved receiving a box of them whenever you have gotten the chance to send them. I have been fascinated by your zeal for life and how you always want to go out and experience new things with us. I remember when you were able to visit Utah and how you marveled at the beauty of the mountains and the snow. We, of course, played the chocolate game with each other, which was always really fun. I especially enjoyed reading the book that you wrote about your life. I am astounded at how much you have experienced and been through. I have learned many things that I never knew about you and your family. I have a deep respect for the courage you have shown, and for how hard-working you are. You have seen much pain and sorrow in your life, yet you have always appeared happy and optimistic to me. You genuinely care about all those around you, and you always do your best to make sure everyone is taken care of. Nana, you were a great companion to your husband, my Granddad, in this life, and I imagine the joyous day when you both shall be reunited in the hereafter. I know that Granddad looks forward to that day. One day we all shall be reunited after death, and then we will truly see the legacy we all left behind. Nana, you, along with your eternal companion, Granddad, will see the profound impact that your works and examples left behind for us. I am truly grateful to have such great grandparents who have loved and cared for me. I am proud to be a part of such a great family! We have our own saying which we will always say to each other... and so, I say it to you now: Nana, LOVE YOU FOREVER! Your only Grandson

34: Dear Nana, When I think of you, I think of how loving and giving you are. You have always called me on my birthday and sent me a card. You have always given me presents even though you are so far away. You always hug and kiss me goodnight when we're in the same country. We have our own little saying, "I love you more than you know it!" You used to call me little midge (I don't think you have since I got taller than you though :) ). When you are proud of yourself, you stick your thumbs in your armpits and dance around. You're always worried about those you love and how they are. You are determined to do all that you can to make others happy. If you know that someone likes something a lot, you'll want to get it. I remember a time we went to Brighton and we saw a belt buckle that said "Brighton" on it. Because my high school was named Brighton, I thought it would be funny/cool to have it. You were determined to go back to the pier and buy it, but I kept insisting that it really wasn't a big deal. It took at least a whole day to convince you that I didn't want it. You know that all of us kids loved eating 99s, with the flake stuck in it. When we came to England one year, we couldn't really find any anywhere and we were a little sad. Now whenever we see somewhere that still puts flakes in the ice cream cone, you have to buy us all one. One time when you and Granddad came to visit us in Utah, you kept saying something like "Purple birdies on the mountains". I always remember playing "the chocolate game" with you. You were always so intense when it was your turn to put on the hat, gloves, scarf, etc so you could eat the chocolate as fast as you could. You always made it really fun. There are so many things about you that I admire. I love you very much and I am so thankful to have you in my life. There are many memories that I have of our times together and these are just a few. I am thankful that we have so many memories, even though we have lived so far apart. I cherish all the moments we have had to be together.

35: I am so lucky to have been in your life for 57 plus years. In that time you have nurtured me and prepared me for going out into the world; and I have benefitted from having my own personal cook, tailor, mentor, and cheerleader. I know I have caused you a lot of worry over the years and I apologize for being selfish and not seeing how my decisions affected you. Through your example I have been shown how to be a hard worker and not be a quitter – I still don't know how you had the patience to paint eyelashes on those dolls! You worked all night at the hospital, came home to feed me lunch, then would do some dressmaking, only to repeat it all again the next day. You and Dad never let us go without. I was able to go to Germany, Yugoslavia, Spain and Austria because of your selflessness. You always encouraged Christine and I to reach for the stars. I wish you and Dad could have had the opportunities we have had because you both would have done so well. You taught me service when you reached out to friends and family and you still actively check on those you know who are lonely or sick. You taught me devotion and true love when you were at Dad's side every day of his illness. I know he drew strength from you being with him and showing him how much you loved him. You have so much courage – flying to Dubai by yourself; almost going to prison in Oman; almost blown off a mountain in Montana; but most of all you were so brave, uncomplaining and a fighter when you broke your hip and pelvis. I benefit far more from our daily chats than you do. You have such a thirst for knowledge. I am amazed at the topics we cover when we talk each night. You get me thinking about things I normally wouldn't. Mum I cannot find the words to tell you thank you for everything and how much it means that you care so much for all our family. You have not missed a lot of our lives, despite the many miles that keep us apart. We have so many traditions, memories and full hearts because of your love. Love, love, love, love, love you

36: With a life time of memories, there are so many which show the way you gave of yourself for the benefit of others. These are but a few: Dressmaking so that we were the best dressed girls in town and making some wonderful dolls' clothes at Christmas time. Knitting, even in the car when we were out on family excursions Encouraging me to go back to work and offering to look after Helen on your days off - that couldn't have been easy and probably meant that you caught up with your domestic chores in the evenings, instead of relaxing. Always ready to baby sit, even at short notice. Being supportive at every stage of my life. "I've always known how brave you are - your courage has been displayed through many instances over the years. (I can still remember how you marched Malcolm along to the Great Danes when they wanted to try to change our wedding plans at short notice and the upshot of that was that you told them we would go elsewhere. Not only did we go elsewhere, we ended up with a far superior occasion!) However, the last few weeks have shown what you are really made of. Many people of 89 would have given up, but from the time you fell you didn't make a fuss, you were not daunted by having a birthday in hospital yet again and your birthday plans being ruined for a fourth year. You must have felt so vulnerable being left in an unknown hospital in the middle of Dartford, but in your inimitable way you made friends with the staff and patients alike, tried to help others who you thought were less fortunate than yourself and complied with everything you were asked to do. Once home, you have been fiercely independent and we know you are in pain, but you are making few demands, trying to make everyone else's life easier. We are very proud of you and love you to bits."

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