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Classic Mixbook

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S: In My Life

BC: Congratulations! 9/24/11

FC: The Continuing Story of Bridgette and Jim | In My Life

1: This book is dedicated to my uncle and my best friend on his wedding day. Jim has always been more than just my uncle, he is my big brother. This book contains many fond memories, but it only scratches the surface of the good times we have shared together, and all of the important lessons he taught me over the years. Congratulations on your wedding day, and may we continue to share wonderful memories for the rest of our lives.

2: Once upon a time, on September 15th 1989, Bridgette Pasquarella was born.

4: She quickly became best friends with her Uncle Jim. She looked up to him as a big brother. | Jim and Bridgette spent a lot of time together because they lived in the same house. They played with one another all the time.

5: Every morning Bridgette would sit with Jim at the front door waiting for his bus to come and take him to school. After he left, she would wait all day for him to come home. She hated how Jim wasn't allowed to play with her until he changed out of his school uniform and washed his hands. When he was finally done changing, they would play silly games like pretending to wash their hair on the side of a piece of wooden furniture in the living room. In the winter, Bridgette and Jim hid a stick in the snow and agreed to try and find the stick in the spring after the snow had melted. In the summer, they would go on an adventure to try and get the prize out of the air conditioner without hitting the cold air. Sometimes they would go in the family room to play a game of "Slippery Slidey Ice!" Or they would sit on the arm rest of the sofa and fall over onto the couch! They built forts with blankets, and listened to music. They were inseperable at family gatherings and parties. Bridgette would drag Jim away to play at any opportunity she got. Steve soon started calling them the "Buddies". | Sometimes in the morning, Bridgette would wake Jim up to deliver the newspapers. They would go into the garage and count all of the papers to make sure there were enough. If there were enough, he would set one aside for Mimi. Then they would start the long walk around the neighborhood. Every house wanted their newspaper in a different spot. Her favorite was the toy truck. Jim was careful never to let her do the houses that needed the paper between the door and the screen door because he was afraid she would spill the paper everywhere.

6: Jim taught Bridgette how to play everything. He taught her how to play video games like Super Mario, and sports like basketball and softball. | Jim would take Bridgette to the batting cages, where he would teach her how to hit a baseball. He would even take her to nearby baseball fields and play catch, although to this day she still can't quite get under those pop-ups. | A great way to spend an afternoon was playing Super Mario. They would play Mario Kart and Jim always wanted to play with all the computer players too. That always annoyed Bridgette but Jim still did it sometimes anyway. Then there was one time Jim managed to get the 99 exta lives in Super Mario and Bridgette turned the game off on him...she still feels bad for that one.

7: Board games were another great way to play the day away. Jim loved Connect Four, but Bridgette was terrible at it. Actually, she lost every game she played with him. They would play Mystery Mansion, Quizzard (although they would just play with the light up buttons), Stop Thief (she never played that one for real either) and Battleship. Battleship is the only game that Bridgette ever beat Jim. | It was the worst when Jim was sick. She had nobody to play with. One time when Jim was sick she felt so bad for him that he let Bridgette kiss him on the nose. That made her so happy! Except Mimi caught her kissing his nose and she completely panicked that Bridgette would get sick.

8: Jim taught Bridgette lots of valuable life lessons here and there, like that it is rude to point. | He taught her the importance of walking at a brisk pace. | He taught her how to be polite, and reminded her it was rude to ask for dessert after Grampy already bought them lunch.

9: Bridgette came to realize that Jim was always right. She often found herself asking: "WWJD: What Would Jim Do?" | He taught her why it is that you see different commercials on TV depending on what type of show you are watching. | He introduced her to movies like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and he even took her to see "Star Wars Episode I" in the theater because he knew she would appreciate it one day. | He taught her how to take a new CD out of it's case, but she still just likes to let Jim do it for her. | He taught her to make sure when you park your car to park closest to the neighboring car's passanger side, because there is "always a driver but not always a passanger". | He took her for a tour of Western Connecticut State University and showed her all the buildings for the first time. | Bridgette never heard him swear or ever saw him drink. ALthough Jim did buy her firt alcoholic drink ever..a strawberry daquiri a few weeks before she turned 21. | He taught her what the word "sarcastic" meant. | Always say "my mother" and not "my mom".

10: He also taught her about what kind of food is best and how to eat food properly. When Bridgette was small, Jim could always get her to eat her green beans by saying, "You won't eat that, NO WAY you are gonna eat another one!"Guess what, she ate it! | He taught her what makes the best hamburger: The bun must be thicker than the patty. | With the help of Steve, he taught her the best way to dine at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

11: He also introduced some of Bridgett'e now favorite foods. Ravioli, Pop-tarts, Chef Boyardee, cereal, and he was even responsible for offereing Bridgette her very first taste of a Taco Bell taco! | Jim taught her to "Never mess with the professionals" by adding salt, pepper, or other spices to food, unless you are getting just one slice of pizza. If you are only going to eat one slice of pizza, you put lots of spices on it so your mouth is satisfied with just the one slice. If you are planning on having more than one slice, don't mess with the professionals. | Jim also encouraged her to try things she normaly wouldn't have eaten by saying "Don't knock it till you try it!" Mustard, guacamole, cherry pie, tapioca pudding, rice pudding, and many other treats that soon became a normal part of Bridgette's diet.

12: Jim also taught Bridgette to appreciate music. He was responsible for exposing her to the greatest band in the history of music, the Beatles. | As Bridgette grew older, he started showing her only the finest that music had to offer. While taking frequent rides in Jim's car to Pizza Hut or some other fine eatery or fun activity, he would play music like Good Charlotte, Blink-182, the Monkees, Green Day, Nirvana, the Aladdin soundtrack, and of course, the Essential Cyndi Lauper. Then there was also the Smashing Pumpkins CD Bridgette found in his car and pointed out to him, which was received by complete panic because it was overdue from the library.

13: Of course, Jim was also responsible for bringing Bridgette to her first concert ever, Paul McCartney at Madison Square Garden. It was the greatest night of Bridgette's life. More fun concerts would come after that, including seeing Sir Paul a total of 4 more times! | Blink-182! | Paul McCartney! | The Monkees! | Ringo Starr!

14: Besides teaching her about all sorts of food delicacies and music trivia, Jim's die-hard Met's- loving attiude rubbed off on Bridgette. She was always annoyed when Jim wouldn't go outside and play with her on beautiful summer days because he was watching Met's games.....

15: But eventually she gave in. Jim was right as always! watching a Mets game is WAY more fun that playing outside!

16: The years that the two of them shared season tickets from 2006-2009 were some of the best years of Bridgette's life, even though back at home life was at it's most turbulent. The car rides down to Shea were so memorable and filled with great conversations and awesome music. The rides home featured either listening to the post-game report on WFAN if the Mets won, or Angels and Airwaves if the Mets lost. | Within the walls of Shea Stadium, there were so many memorable moments. They ate way too many Subway sandwiches and Rice Krispie Treats, but there was always room for Bridgette's favorite, the Shea speciality, chicken and fires. Later at Citi Field, Shake Shack would steal the show, but only if Jim felt like standing in line. They would laugh at the crazy people around them, like the family Jim "hated" with the poor kid that was forced to do his homework at every game, and the guy that would make his softball team lineup during the games.

17: They danced to the music (even though Bridgette was too white to dance), they booed Barry Bonds, they cheered and screamed for John Maine in Game 6, they cried at the last game at Shea as they watched Mike Piazza and Tom Seaver exit the stadium together for the last time... | Somehow Tom Glavine always managed to be at all the games, too. But even so, not suprisingly Bridgette still can't fgure out the beginning lyrics of "Sweet Child of Mine". | Hey, Hey Baby! I Wanna Know, Will You Be My Girl? | This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name! | Hands, touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching you! Sweet Caroline! | Everybody's coming down, to meet the M-E-T-S- METS! Of New York Town! | Whenever I see your smiling face I have to smile myself! | If you've got troubles, Just take them out for a walk. They'll burst like bubbles In the fun of a Sunday In New York! | Takin' care of business! | I'm back! Back in the New York Grovve! | i believe the world is burning to the ground oh well i guess we're gonna find out let's see how far we've com

18: Four years after the initial reaction to her first date, Jim seems to have warmed up pretty well to Joey. | One summer day in 2007, Bridgette accidentally let it slip that she was going on a date with a boy she worked with. Jim did not seem too pleased at first. That night, and for days after that, Jim flooded her head with so much advice that she never forgot as the years wore on. She took Jim's advice of course, and made sure that she took each day with her new boyfriend one at a time, and she made sure to never get ahead of herself. She tried to make sure that he was good enough for her, and not worry about whether or not she was good enough for him.

19: Soon after Bridgette and Joey started going out, Jim announced that he would be moving to Queens so he could be closer to his job. Bridgette felt really upset about this. She couldn't imagine her best friend moving away and leaving her behind in Connecticut! Life was confusing for her right now, she had a new boyfriend, she had just graduated high school and had no direction, and now she was losing Jim! They spent an afternoon soon before he moved at a ballpark playing catch and talking about why it would be a good thing for Jim to move. Bridgette didn't like it one bit, but she trusted him. | Of course, time proved that Jim was right again, and the move seemed like a great decision. She loved his apartment, and they spent hours watching episodes of "The Office" and eating the most delicious soup and sandwiches or Papa John's pizza!

20: A couple of years after that, Bridgette went to go pick up Jim from the train station for a visit. On the car ride home, Jim announced to her that he was bringing a "friend" over for Easter dinner. A "friend"? Bridgette knew better than that, she had known Jim her whole life and hardly had conversations with any of Jim's friends...this had to be something more. She tried and tried to get more information out of him regarding this "friend", but as usual he shared only the bare minimum details. Bridgette would just have to trust him, and wait and see.

21: All Bridgette could think about after that was that Jim must have a girlfriend. This was the moment that Bridgette had feared her whole life. Someone new was going to come into his life and he would like his girlfirend more than her and Jim would never speak to Bridgette again. And what if the girlfriend didn't like her, or what if Bridgette didn't like the girlfriend? Would she be good enough for her Jim? Did Jim feel like this when she first told him about Joey? There were so many scary possibilities, and Bridgette was nervous. | Once again, the Wisdom of Jim should never have been questioned, Samantha was beautiful, nice, funny, and even very much like Jim!

22: Samantha won Bridgette's heart completely when she surprised Bridgette with a birthday party at her apartment. Bridgette and Jim came back to Samantha's apartment after a Met's game, and she had prepared dinner and a funfetti cake for Bridgette's birthday! Maybe Samantha wasn't going to keep Jim from Bridgette after all! And maybe she didn't hate Bridgette either!

23: Samantha and Jim continued to collaborate and took Bridgette on many adventures throughout New York City. At Christmas time they saw all the magical windows, toured some of the fanciest hotels, and investigated F.A.O. Schwartz. They took her to Tiffany's to admire the jewlery, and they brought her to delicious restauarants all over the city. They attended the Tribeca Film Festival and watched "Big" on the water. One time they even chased elephants down the city streets. Samantha even went above and beyond and planned Bridgette's 21st birthday bash in Atlantic City.! Bridgette and Samantha soon declared themselves "Soul Sistas".

24: It soon became very clear to Bridgette that Samantha was the most wonderful person in the world for Jim. She could have never wished anything better for her beloved uncle and best friend. | Even though Bridgette saw it coming, it's still hard for her to believe that Jim is actually getting married. The ultimate sign that the two of them are no longer kids waiting at Mimi's front door for the school bus to take him away to Sacred Heart. After growing up together, sharing so much time, space, and even sharing a wonderful Godson together it's finally time to grow up and watch Jim walk down the aisle. Now it will only make Bridgette and Jim's adventures even more fun, because they can all share in the fun times and inside jokes together.

25: "But of all these friends and lovers, There is no one compares with you, In my life, I'll love you more"- - The Beatles

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