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Classic Mixbook

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S: Baltus Family Memories Christmas 2011

BC: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. | To Grandma Baltus With Much Love and Appreciation From Your Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren Thank you for the many years of wonderful memories. Christmas 2011

FC: Baltus Family Memories

1: 1953 | 1959 | Gloria, Cindy, Mike, Baby Marcia | Stephen, David, Gloria

2: 2002 | 1988 | BALTUS FAMILY | 2002 | Arsenius, Elizabeth, Stephen, David, Gloria, Michael, Cynthia, Marcia, Mark

3: 1975 | 2004 | 1980's | 1993 | 1970's

4: Marcia 1960 | Cindy & Gloria 1958 | Stephen 1945 | Stephen & David 1952

5: I remember Dad coming in from the barn and he would take off his stinky clothes but not his long underwear. He would pull his undershirt down in front of himself as he walked through the house so we wouldn’t see anything he considered unmentionable. Dad would never go anyplace, not even the feed mill, in his barn clothes. He would always clean up first. Dad was always a snappy dresser. Jeans where not appropriate attire for church. ~Cindy | I remember Dad getting Marcia a Shetlin pony. It was the meanest thing ever and we where never able to ride it. Dad kept it in the barn on the Markowicz farm and it just got fatter and fatter. One day a guy came to look at the pony and asked if it was able to be ridden. Dad told him, “Oh sure! It can be ridden!" He didn’t tell him that it would be a very short ride! Dad always “charged” $500 to become a member of the family through marriage. ~Cindy | Marcia & Mark 1971 | 1957 Stephen, David, Gloria, Mike, Cindy

6: 1989 | 1998 | 1948 | 2004 | 1973 | 2003

7: 1983 | 1997 | 1980's | 1998 | 1980's | 2001

8: ANNIVERSARY | 1989 | 1993 | 2003 | 1968 | 1993

9: 1993

10: 2003

11: 60th Wedding Anniversary Garrett, Matthew,Kaeden, Benjamin, Madison, Elijah, Emma, Rachel. Heidi, Chase, Kelvin, Rhiannon | Grandma's 85th Birthday Garrett, Isaac, Steele, Matthew, Kaeden, Emma, Rachel, Chase, Avery, Kelvin, Heidi, Reese, Grace | 2009

12: Stephen, Pam, Kevin, Keith, Judie | When I first met Seni and Betty, they welcomed me into their home and into their lives with open arms. My nervousness quickly diminished. ~Judie | 1993

13: Pam, Rich & Christopher | I’m very happy I had the chance to meet Grandma Baltus during our trip to Wisconsin this past summer. She was very friendly and welcoming, and I really enjoyed my visit with her. I especially loved the way she interacted with Chris – I could tell she considers him to be a very special part of the family. ~Rich | Pam's Memories I loved the candy drawer of course and remember having more than my share of the Brach's chocolate stars. Grandma always had an amazing garden full of gorgeous veggies we munched on as we picked. I remember Grandpa eating bowls and bowls of ice cream and cheese sandwiches.

14: Kevin & Michelle Rachel & Heidi | I think of Grandma every time I use her special linens. ~Michelle | 2009 | 2002 | 2009

15: Kevin Remembers Grandma teaching me how to tie my shoes - bunny ears style - which I still do today. A much better knot. Grandpa's hands | We love to visit Grandma and raid the candy dish! ~Rachel & Heidi | Fresh creamy milk to go with the best cereal collection to choose from. | 2009 | 2009

16: The Green Bay Packer Nightlight When I was a young, hyper kid (around the ages 7-9), mom and dad would send me to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm during the summers. Partially to get me out of the house for an extended period of time, but mostly to spend some quality time with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. These were the times that I gained an affinity for pot roast, mashed potatoes, comfort-food, ice cream, and chocolate. I think it was Grandma’s mission to fatten this skinny kid up. Little did she know that I, to this day, have the metabolism of a hummingbird. The bedroom I would stay in was dark and unfamiliar, and I would routinely be awoken by that scary-train that would run by the house every night.. To put my mind at ease, Grandma put a night light in the room... the now-infamous “Green Bay Packer Night Light”. That night light was my security blanket, and I grew to love it. On the morning I was to leave to go back home one summer, I was packing my suitcase and turned towards the wall to see the Green Bay Packer Night Light. I suddenly came to the conclusion that there was no way I was going to survive in this world without having this night light in my possession. At the time, the fact that it was a “Green Bay Packer” nightlight was insignificant; it was simply comforting to have in the room I was sleeping in. Just as I reached to the outlet to grab the nightlight and put into my suitcase Grandma walked by the bedroom and caught me. She swiftly came into the bedroom to hand me a lecture on how it is wrong to take things that don’t belong to you and I remember feeling so guilty that I just wanted to run away. Grandma must have sensed my mixture of panic, guilt and desperation, as following the stealing-lecture, she allowed me to take the nightlight home with me. The Green Bay Packer Nightlight has been in my possession since that day. It has been in every house I’ve lived in, from Beaver Dam, to an apartment in Wausau, through 2-houses in Wausau, through college dorms and college houses, through Denver apartments, and Denver homes. In 2003, the bulb went out. This particular nightlight is very old, and it was manufactured in 1-piece. It is impossible to replace the bulb without breaking the casing of this nightlight. I searched hardware stores all around Denver to find someone to be able to help my cause, to no avail. Needless to say, I was devastated that this possession would no longer be lit in my home. Since 2003, it has been living in a drawer.

17: February 4, 2011, 2 days before Super Bowl XLV. Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers After the NFC championship game, Jenn asked me where I wanted to watch the Super Bowl. I told her that I did not want any distractions, so we decided to watch the game at our house in the mountains. We were going to decorate the house with all of my Packer gear. Jerseys, blankets, cheeseheads and all. I didn't want to leave my nightlight behind. Even though it wasn't functional, it seemed wrong not to have it at least in the house for this occasion. February 5, 2011. The night before Super Bowl XLV I plugged in my Green Bay Packer nightlight into the outlet...... 8 years after the bulb going out, and this happened: | Merry Christmas Grandma! Love, Keith and Jenn

18: I remember Majestic Farms! Becky | 1980's | 1980's

19: Grandpa & Nathan on the infamous Little Ford Tractor! | 1988 | 1980's

20: We remember the time one of Dad's heifers freshened out in the field and we went with him to get the calf. We all had to ride in the box of the truck though, because Dad's dog, Popper, had to sit in the cab with Dad! ~Ted & Cindy | Popper used to sit on the seat of Grandpa's Leiland tractor and she wouldn't get off that seat for anyone but Grandpa! She would even growl at people! ~Beth | I remember a black lab named Popper. (AKA McGee) ~Beth

21: 4th of July Parade 1983 Grandpa wanted all the grandkids on the float honoring the family farm. He built the barn, shed and elevator for Aaron.

22: Great Grandma always has a candy dish! ~Avery I love my Tinker Bell blanket! ~Reese Great Grandma makes a lot of food! ~Chase

23: David & Sharon Becky & Craig, Chris Chase, Reese, Avery | A good memory is the Christmas parties Grandma & Grandpa had at their house with Nathan and I always being obnoxious and causing problems! ~Chris | 1994

24: David's Memories Mom and Dad always enjoyed the simple things of life. They like to sing and go to dances. They also loved to play cards with friends. But most of all they loved being with family. They loved their grandchildren and great grandchildren. My dad was a hard working farmer, but I still remember one time, after I was married I went down to the farm to help him bale hay. We got started around 10am, but we took a break already at noon. Not to eat though. My dad had to watch the "All My Children" soap opera. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought he had a crush on Erica, but who didn't? I remember my mom at home, every Saturday making our house smell like a bakery with fresh bread, rolls and cookies. But one day, she was washing clothes with an old style wringer washing machine and got her arm caught in the ringer! She cried out, but we were so small we didn't know what to do! Thank God Grandma Baltus, who lived upstairs at the time, came running to get Mom out of that awful machine! | 1995

25: Becky's Memories I remember Grandpa always eating a bowl of ice cream or a grilled cheese sandwich when he came in the house from evening chores. I remember building hay forts in the mow. I remember frog hunting in Grandma & Grandpa's ditches. | Craig & Becky Chase, Reese, Avery | Craig's Memories When I first met Seni and Betty, Becky and I stopped over at the farm and Betty was carrying the bathroom door to the garage to paint it one more time. Seni came in from the barn covered in grease - saying, "Oh! Grease! Grease! Grease!" | 1999 | 2003

26: Brady | Benjamin | Madison | Chase | Taylor | Heidi & Rachel

27: Garrett | Seni | Jacob | Avery | Elizabeth | Madison

28: Sara & Dan Benjamin, Elijah, Sophie | Michelle & Tom Garrett & Matthew | Grandma always has good stuff to eat at her house and lots of treats! ~Matthew | Grandma is always feeding me -- I could have just eaten and she still insists that I eat again. She makes the best tater-tot casserole. She is very huggable. ~Garrett | Gloria, Michelle, Sara, Aaron

29: Grandma, Gloria Aaron & Jacob | Aaron, Beth, Jacob | The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Betty is how she made me feel like I was part of the family from day one. She also made Jacob a beautiful quilt and pillow which is something he will cherish forever and remember her by. ~Beth | Whenever we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Grandpa would be sitting at the kitchen table watching some sort of ball game -- he loved all sports. We would sit and talk about basketball, football, baseball and the athletes. I could sit and talk with him for hours about sports. ~Garrett

30: Gloria's Memories Every time we went to their house – we had to eat – even if we just ate! Mom painting everything in sight – including the wall switches and woodwork at the farm house. We all used to joke that the house was getting smaller each year because she painted each year! Dad not letting me in the barn when a calf was being born. To this day I have never seen a calf being born! Dad getting up early to stoke the wood/coal old furnace in the basement, and waking up to the smell of burning wood and the house getting warm. Mom making rag balls to make rag rugs. She sewed, we cut and rolled the balls in the dining room. There were boxes and boxes of the balls on the porch and in the attic – that never made it to rag rugs! Everyone getting together and playing games and cards at their house and there was always food! Mom mowing the lawn and driving with the blades running right across the driveway – full speed ahead – and of course the cig dangling from her mouth! Dad lighting his pipe – loved the smell of his pipe. It used to take a book of matches to keep it burning while he was milking – we used to joke about that. And every year he got cans of Sir Walter Raleigh pipe tobacco for Christmas! So many little memories of just living and loving together! | 1968

31: I remember the time after the Majestic Farms softball team won the softball tournament in Auburndale and there was a party at Grandpa and Grandma's house. They started doing body slides down the hill, totally ruining Grandma's lawn, and she just laughed about it! I also remember Grandma mowing the lawn - always with a cigarette! ~Tom | "Tom, doesn't that just make a mother cat want to piss on her kittens?" And, of course, Grandpa's notorious expression: "Isn't that the physical shits?" | Tom Remembers Seni's Words of Wisdom... | Benjamin, Matthew, Garrett | 1989 | 2000

32: Michelle's Many Memories of Grandma Grandma taking me to Hoffman Estates in Illinois and the plane couldn't land because it was so foggy. I thought I was going to pee my pants! Loving Grandma's fried eggs. I think she used two sticks of butter to make them! Grandma yelling for Mark to get up in the morning and calling him a "big calf" Feeling like Grandma was my ally in everything and knowing that I could count on her Playing with Grandma's jewelry, especially her clip on earrings | All of Grandma's fingernail polish colors and trying most of them. Getting my hair cut at Shelley's Grandma taking me shopping Sleeping with Grandma "butt to butt" Grandma always having gum in her purse and treats in the treat drawer | Having my own little bedroom (at least I thought it was mine) and loving the smell of the sheets | Grandma always being the one to take care of me when I was sick and couldn't go to school | Going to church with them on Sundays and stopping at Lucille's Cafe afterwards | Going to church with Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday night and going to Fritz and Nancy's for cheese chips | 1986

33: Michelle's Many Memories of Grandpa | Feeding calves Scraping the alley Loving the smell of silage Loving the smell of Grandpa's pipe Loving it when we got to clean the barn Riding bike in the barn when it was empty Eating calf milk replacer and thinking it was good Everyone buying Grandpa SiWalter Raleigh tobacco for Christmas Grandpa's hands were so cracked and weathered from milking cows Riding around the field on top of the oats and catching grasshoppers Having my own stool to sit on in the alley while Grandpa and Mark milked JUDAS PRIEST! | Grandpa made washing up before meals an artform. I remember sitting on the toilet seat to watch his ritual that would begin with filling the sink with water. Then taking the bar of white soap and scrubbing way up his arms to about the elbow and he would soap and scrub and scrub and scrub his arms, then would work on his hands then splash some water on his face. He would then take a washcloth and wash his face and clean his ears out. The last step was combing that beautiful wavy black hair. | Filling up the cow's water cups because I thought I was helping them and then Grandpa got mad at me (the only time I remember him getting mad at me) and had me take a bucket and ladle around the barn to empty the cups. I got one side done and then Grandma said I could quit. Playing in the haw mow and making a "house." Taking a bucket and toilet paper up there for a bathroom and always having Grandpa take it out when I was gone. | Making a house behind the barn between the silo and the barn. Again taking a bucket and toilet paper back there so I had a bathroom. | Trying to get up in the morning to go out to the barn with Grandpa and Mark and never seeming to be able to get up.

34: I remember when I was younger I would walk to Grandma's after school and she would help me with my homework. One of my favorite things was going there and getting tested on my spelling words. ~Benjamin | I remember going to Grandma's for holidays and always having candy and peanuts in the dishes on the living room tables. One of my favorite times was sitting with Grandma while she read me books. I especially like the ones with animals and tractors. ~Elijah | Grandma Baltus has beautiful hair. My favorite time is when I go to visit Grandma and she sneaks around to get me candy so my mom doesn't know. ~Sophie | 2011 | 2009 | 2011

35: Sara's Memories I remember getting hugs from Grandma no matter if you had just seen her or not. (She still does this and I love it!) Going to 4-J's Grocery Store in Auburndale with Grandma and getting a lollipop Grandma's lead foot Grandma having an overabundance of mints and gum in her dining room drawer Grandma making the best dumplings in the world! One of the best memories I have is spending the night when we were younger just so we could hang out with Grandma. When we got up in the morning she would always have breakfast ready and the Price is Right was on. When I was sick and Grandma had to babysit me, we would watch the Young and the Restless and All my Children. I watched these soaps until they were no longer on. Grandma and the kids outside working in the garden (mostly eating peas and beans)

36: Great Grandma Katie, Grandma, Gloria, Michelle, Garrett | 1992 | 1986 | 1973

37: Aaron's Memories I remember Grandpa teaching me to drive tractor when I was five years old and letting me drive it up and down the field road a million times. Thank God fuel doesn't cost as much as it does now! I remember how it took Grandpa nearly a book of matches to light his pipe. I remember catching frogs in the ditch by the road at Grandpa & Grandma's. I remember staying at Grandpa & Grandma's and always going in the house in the afternoon and Grandma would scoop me a big bowl of Schwann's ice cream. | I remember all the candy Grandma had around the house. I remember going to the store with Grandma the day she bought me my first pellet gun without my mom knowing about it. I remember Grandpa leading the bull through the barn 'to do his business' like it was his pet dog. | 1990

38: Every Christmas Mom would put a sheet up at the entrance to the living room and she would go into her bedroom that was next to the living room. When Dad came in from the barn, the sheet came down and there it was - the tree lit and Santa had been there and gone, leaving us with many gifts and candy. No matter how things were, we always had a wonderful and blessed Christmas! ~David | I remember Mom and Dad putting the sheet up over the archway to the living room on Christmas Eve and everyone would be out in the kitchen and dining room, and when they removed the sheet, Santa had been there and delivered his presents. ~Mark | 1967 | Cindy & Marcia 1960

39: I loved Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's house. I remember lots of everything. Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of food and lots of presents. But best of all, lots of love. ~Tracey | I remember the Christmas Mom made me a red velvet dress to wear to midnight mass. I was in the 6th grade and I loved that dress. I kept it and years later Tracey wore it for Christmas too. She didn't have to wear the long stockings and garter belt though. I hated those stockings! ~Cindy | Tracey, Jason, Sara, Stephanie, Cindy | 1984

40: I remember that Grandma never sat down during any meal even though | I remember playing board games in the dining room every holiday at | Jason, Kevin, Keith Sara M, Amy, Becky, Beth, Aaron | Beth, Amy, Aaron, Jason, Sara M, Keith | Sharon, Marcia, Grandma, Gloria, Dave, Tom | 1984 | 1984 | Late 1980's

41: everyone told her to a thousand times. ~Becky | Grandma & Grandpa's. ~Becky | Tracey 1980 | Becky | Grandma & Becky Michelle & Tracey 1973 | Tracey & Jason 1980 | Pam, Cheri, Michelle | 1971 | Beth & Aaron 1986

42: Mike & Sally Cheri, Jenny, Carl, Jared

43: Mike, Ashlyn, Emma, Jillian, Sally, Maggie, Kaeden, Seni, Steele | We remember the chickens Grandma used to keep by the barn. Grandpa George used to come over early in the morning looking for something to do and Grandma would send him out to the garden to weed! We also remember how Grandma could spontaneously make a meal for 10 or more people, seemingly out of nothing! ~Mike & Sally

44: Emma's favorite memory is spending time with Grandma in the morning before summer school. I would drop her off there and she would spend 30 to 45 minutes visiting with Grandma each morning. Grandma always had a special snack for her and drove her to school (even though it was just a block away, she insisted). On the last day Grandma gave them a special snack of Cracker Jacks. | Jeff & Cheri Emma | Grandma has come to several of Emma's games and concerts.. Emma really enjoys seeing her in the crowd. We love visiting Grandma at Halloween! | 1994

45: Dave & Jenny Kaeden & Ashlyn | Grandma has been an inspiration to me in several ways. Her hard work and dedication to her family, specifically her continued interest in and love for her great-grandchildren and her respect for and relationship with my mom. (I know not every mother-in-law is like her.) I also love her sewing and crafting skills. ~Jenny Kaeden loves that Great-grandma is interested in her activities and tries to come to games, etc. | I just really like how Grandma and Grandpa made me feel like part of the family when I first met them. That and how Grandma will razz Mike as much as I do! ~Dave

46: Carl & Katie Steele Maggie Jillian | I remember Grandpa always having a cheese and mayo sandwich for lunch and hauling oats with Aaron and Jared. ~Carl We have a green dish in our house that belonged to Grandma. She used it for candy and now we do too! ~Carl & Katie We bought Grandma & Grandpa's old record player. We keep it in the basement. The kids love to listen to their old records! ~Carl & Katie

47: Jared, Roxanne & Seni | When our son Arsenius was born the first thing that Grandma checked were his toes because Grandpa was born with a strange toe. ~Jared, Roxie & Seni Pepsi burps! ~Jared | We love the stories about Grandma and Grandpa's courting days, all the dances and social events. Especially the time when Grandpa dressed up like a cheerleader and Grandma dressed like a football player! ~Jared & Roxie Sitting at the kitchen table and gossiping. ~Jared & Roxie I remember eating peaches and cream with Grandpa Seni. ~Jared | Jared Roxanne Seni | 2010

48: Pam with her baby blanket Grandma made 43 years ago! | I especially love Grandma's creative talents. Her quilting, sewing and embroidery work is stunning. I remember receiving many handmade pieces of clothing from her. However, I also remember being told I had "ants in my pants" as I was being measured for the garments she was designing. ~Pam

49: When I was very little (maybe 2?) Grandma made me a special blanket. There was no special picture on it, no special colors for a little girl, but it was from Grandma. Around the age of 5, I thought it needed a name. "George" Yeh, that sounds good. I slept with George every night. I love the cream side especially. Needless to say, I am 33 years old and George is still a huge part of my life, and now Andy's. (Andy hates him.) Thanks Grandma! I love George and thanks for doing some repairs over these past few years. ~Amy

50: I cherish Grandma's pj's and blankets sewn with love. ~Seni | Eli, Sophie, Ben | Seni | Christopher M | Isaac | Connor & Ethan | Halden & Stephanie | Thank you Grandma for the beautiful quilt for our wedding! Steph & Hal | Elizabeth

51: I remember Grandma sitting in her orange recliner making beautiful cross stitching. ~Sara M | Layla & Kelvin | Brady | Isaac | Rhiannon | Raina, Ruby, Rhiannon | Grandma made each of the girls a quilt for their bed. They haven't come off since. ~Amy | Avery, Reese, Chase | Madison & Grace

52: Ted & CIndy Sharon, Tracey, Stephanie, Jason, Sara | Hal, Stephanie, Ted, Cindy, Sharon, Jack, Frank Jr, Ruby, Doug, Jason, Jessica, Raina, Max, Tracey, Rhiannon, Isaac, Layla, Sara, Jesse Schultz, Kelvin | 2010

53: 1980 | Tracey's Memories I remember picking buckets full of peas from Grandma's garden and eating them until we were sick to our stomach! I remember how excited I would get when the Schwann's man showed up. Grandma always let us get ice cream drumsticks. My favorite! I remember sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma would let me wear one of Grandpa's white undershirts to bed. I loved the way his shirts felt and smelled. I remember playing "barn" with the cousins upstairs on the landing. We would stick our head through the banisters and moo! Occasionally somebody would get their head stuck and Grandma would have to come pull us out! I remember going to church with Grandma & Grandpa. Grandpa would always give us a quarter for the collection basket!

54: Doug, Tracey, Isaac & Elizabeth | I remember one time in high school Mom & Dad went away for a weekend so Jason & I stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. Sharon & Dave happen to be away that weekend too, so of course Becky was having a party! I snuck out to go to Becky's after Grandma went to bed. By the time I got back, the sun was almost up and I panicked when I realized Grandma had locked me out of the house! When Grandpa came down to start chores, he found me fumbling around in the coat closet looking for the key. He simply opened the door, shook his head, and didn't say a word! ~Tracey | 2005 | 2011 | 1997 | 2004 | I remember feeling very proud when Seni complimented me for dressing up for church! I'll never forget when Betty visited the farm and fixed all my work pants for me! ~Doug

55: Jason & Jessica Rhiannon, Raina, Ruby | Grandma cares about us! ~Rhiannon I like visiting Grandma Baltus! ~Raina I like Grandma 'cause she gives us candy! ~Ruby | I will always remember the way Grandma & Grandpa treated me like family from the first moment I met them. Both my grandmas passed when I was about Rhiannon's age, so it has been very special to have a new grandma in adulthood! ~Jessica | I loved spending the night at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Grandpa and I would sit down and have a cheese sandwich and a Pepsi together. The sheets were always ice cold when I got into bed. I thought that was the best feeling! ~Jason | 1980 | 2011

56: and Grandpa pushing a little red headed Max and Jack on the swing in front of your house while Little Frank sat on | the cow. It was a beautiful country day that was only made better | by the love you shared with your great-grandchildren! We love you! Merry Christmas! | Sharon, Frank, Frank Jr. Jack and Max ~Christmas 2011 | Grandma and Grandpa always made a safe place for me when I was growing up. I knew I was important and loved. It did not matter to Grandma or Grandpa that I was not blood related, they always made me and my sisters feel as if we had always been part of the family. I love you Grandma! Thank you for making my childhood amazing and full of love! I am sorry that all my photos are in storage. Living overseas made it impossible for me to get to them. I wish I could have gotten to the picture of you | 2010

57: I remember being really young and Grandma and Grandpa made me and my sisters feel just like family. I always felt wanted and loved by them and everyone else. I remember loving going to their place during the holidays because the house was always filled with great smells and treats and the hustle and bustle of people coming and going. I remember the summers of playing in the barn, especially the hay loft, with all of our cousins. ~Stephanie | I remember going to Grandma & Grandpa's every Sunday and playing with all the cousins in the barn and hay mow, and out in the pasture. ~Sara We love going to Grandma's to visit. We especially love going to visit at Halloween so we can show her our costumes! ~Kelvin & Layla

58: 1997 | Jason, Grandpa, Sara M | Grandma, Cindy, Michelle, Baby ?, Marcia | Cindy, Grandma, | 1990's | 1997

59: I remember the time Eric Mrotek was at Sharon and Frank's wedding in 1997. He worked for Channel 9 at the time. Dad cornered him at the bar and asked why Channel 9 didn't cover Auburndale sports better! ~Cindy | 1997 | 1994 | 2002 | Marcia, Gloria, Brady | Marcia, Cindy, Grandpa, Grandma, Gloria | Gloria, Michelle, Brenda, Craig, Cindy, Mark, Marcia Dave, Becky, Grandma, Grandpa, Sharon B

60: Amy, Andy, Kevin Spindler, Nathan, Beth Grandma, Connor, Marcia, Ethan, Clarion, Grace, Madison | I remember seeing the Schwanns man drive past and stopping at Grandma & Grandpas and then having to rush over so I could tell Grandma what to get...usually drumsticks. And I remember, on occasion, Grandpa forgetting to put his car in park and then seeing it start to roll down the driveway, either into the ditch or into the pine trees next to the garage. ~Nathan | 2010

61: Marcia's Memories Of course, being the tom-boy I was, most of my memories are with Dad. I loved getting the cows in the cool early mornings. Sometimes it was so foggy you couldn’t see them and would have to listen. Dad would take Mark & me along to the feed mill where we could play on the bags of feed. Then he would buy each of us an orange soda. Mom had lots of clothes pins because they were used to make “roads” to drive our trucks and cars on. The old metal kitchen cabinets were used for our cars. We would take everything out of the cabinets and then put a small stool in to sit on and “drive”. Dad would let me stay up late on Sunday nights to watch Carol Burnett while Mom was asleep in the next room because she had to be to work at 11:00. We never wanted to wake mom up because she would sit up so fast she would scare us half to death! Later on my memories are of the family's many get-togethers. Usually at the family farm, they were held for no particular reason. We just wanted to see each other. It was great to see each family grow with new additions. Mom would always put on a feast. “Enough to feed an army” as Dad would say. Everyone congregated in the kitchen where someone would engage Dad in a conversation about religion or politics. These are just a few of the many good times with Mom & Dad. | 1987 | 2010

62: Beth's | I always thought Amy, Nathan and I were the luckiest because we lived right next door to Grandma & Grandpa's house and could see them whenever we wanted to. I remember Grandpa had this ENORMOUS wooden wheelborrow that he used to feed all the cows in the barn by hand. At least to me it looked enormous! When we were kids we used to try to catch fish by the culverts in the ditch. One time we all ended up falling in or getting soaked one way or another and we all went inside and were each given one of Grandpa's v-neck white t-shirts to wear. | We used to take turns driving the Little Ford tractor with Grandma's garden cart pulling behind it. Grandpa started his pants on fire when he put his lit pipe in the back pocket! Aaron and I used to play with Grandma's domino set and her red metal toy tractors with matching wagons. We used to pretend the dominoes were hay bales and we would stack them on the legs of her dinning room table. I used to go jogging down F and always on my way back, I would stop in by Grandma's for a drink of water and to chat. Grandma always had the best snacks, Kraft cheese singles, Schwanns Ice Cream, Risen chocolate candies, and bubble gum. There was a small storage room on the back of the old farm house, and in there you would find boxes of really neat toys. My favorite was the wooden dog on a string and the turtle on a string. Grandpa loved to help bale hay. And when he couldn't anymore, he would supervise to make sure we were doing a good job! And he would rake hay with the Fergie. Grandma taught me how to make a hook rug. | Grandma Baltus' house is the best place for trick-or-treats! Grandma has the best cookies! ~Connor & Ethan

63: Clarion's Memories Once when Clarion and Grandpa were pulling the silo unloader up with Clarion in the silo and Grandpa running the drill, Clarion was trying to tell Grandpa to stop. He kept yelling at the top of his lungs but Grandpa couldn't hear him. All of a sudden Grandma showed up. She could hear Clarion yelling over at the house and thought something was wrong! She told Grandpa to put his hearing aides in. Another time, Clarion had me (Marcia) plow one of the fields. As I was plowing I saw Grandpa pull into the field with his car. He sat in the car watching me for a long time. Then he left. He went over by Clarion and told him I had no business plowing because I didn't know what the hell I was doing! | Amy's Memories I remember on Sundays going to Grandma & Grandpa's for dinner. A lot of us cousins would all be there. We would go by the ditch and catch frogs. Grandpa would let us drive the "Little Ford." Grandma would make dumplings, my favorite to this day, and her sweet and sour cabbage. She still makes it for me once a year or so. I remember being over by Grandma & Grandpa's because Mom and Dad would be working so we would spend a few days a week there. Every morning Grandpa would come in for breakfast and grab this peach/orange colored glass bowl with a handle, and Grandma would put a grapefruit in it. Grandpa would sprinkle sugar on it and eat it. EVERY DAY. Same routine. | Andy's Memories As soon as we would go to visit Betty and Seni, he would have me sit by the the little round table in the kitchen and we would talk sports. It could be Auburndale sports, the Packers, or the Brewers. Every year I try to get a deer. If I would get one, I always give Betty some venison meat. She is so appreciative for it. So, since the first time I gave her some, I make sure to give her a few pieces because she seems to love it.

64: ALL ABOARD! | In 1987 we took a trip to Laona to see where Grandma spent part of her childhood. We took a train to see the lumber camp where her father, Fred Aschenbrenner, worked. | Grandma & Grandpa Sara & Aaron | Left: Tracey, Stephanie, Sara M, Clarion, Nathan, Ted Right: Sara D, Grandpa | Left: Tracey, Stephanie, Sara M, Clarion Right: Beth, Sara D, Amy

65: This is the wedding dress Mom made me for my wedding to Joe. She must have really liked the pattern because she later used it to make curtains for her kitchen! ~Cindy | 1973 | Gloria 1968 | Marcia 1977

66: Brenda 1989 | Michelle 1989 | Beth 2004 | Sara 1998 | Becky 1999

67: I remember Grandpa was the best dancer! ~Becky | 1989 | Tracey 1997 | Gloria 1967 | 1994 | 1970's

68: 1989 | 1997 | 1997

69: Mark, Brenda, Taylor, Brady | 1989 | 2005 | 2002 | 1999 | 2010

70: I liked sitting in the living room watching the Game Show network with Grandma and watching her cross stitch. ~Taylor | I loved to go in Grandpa's barn to pet the baby kitties. ~Taylor | I remember sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa's house and playing in the corn cribs with Taylor and shucking corn off of the husks on the front porch with them. ~Brady | I always had fun swinging on Grandpa's homemade swings. ~Brady | We always rode the ceramic deer at Grandpa and Grandma's house. ~Taylor and Brady | Who can forget Seni's rosy cheeks and dimples? There were so many times that Brady looked just like him when he was younger. ~Brenda | 2006 | 2008 | I remember Seni reading the paper in the kitchen every night and listening to the Brewer game on the radio while he ate his monstrous bowl of ice cream. ~Brenda | I loved how Betty used to have so many beautiful Home Interior decorations in their house. ~Brenda | I liked making homemade noodles with Mom when I was younger. ~Mark | When Mom was still working at St. Joseph's. Dad and I would make bacon and egg sandwiches almost every single morning, and Dad would eat toasted cheese sandwiches every day for lunch. ~Mark

71: Michelle & Mark 1973 | Amy, Beth, Mark 1985 | Jenny, Carl, Sara M. 1995 | Aaron, Jason, Becky, Sara M. 1984 | Tracey, Grandpa, Ken Lindow, Ted, Cindy, Shirley Lindow, Grandma Ocean Journey construction site Denver, CO | 1998

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