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Classic Mixbook

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S: Matt turns 50 By your family and friends

BC: Love you Matt Happy Birthday

FC: Matt turns 50

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen | Written by those that love you November 28, 2011

2: March 26,1994

3: I really hope I pulled this off without you having a clue what was going on. If I did it only proves one thing you are a guy. Not long after we were married we went on a family vacation to LaPush WA. On out first full day we decided to go for a hike down to one of the other beaches. We parked okay, okay I will not go into the whole story but I still cannot believe you ate my cookie! Seriously Matt I want you to know how much I love you. We are family not unlike many other families that has gone through ups and downs. The Brady bunch we were not, job changes, our Home, loosing our dad's a month apart, then your mom. Zak going to Iraq 3 times,loosing a business, gaining a Daughter and now a Granddaughter.

4: Our Family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and every union the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle Stronger I really hope this book shows you how much you are loved and how much we believe in you. Go for it Matt you can do it!

5: Uncle Matt, You have always been such big part of my life even though we don't get to see each other too often because of the distance. That only makes me cherish the time we do spend together that much more. I love being around you no matter what we are doing, fishing, hiking or just sitting around and talking. You have always been the person that will really talk to me. I appreciate it so much when you ask me how school and volleyball is going because you actually listen to what I have to say. You have always been such a believer in me,

6: even when I don't believe in myself. When I was deciding who I wanted to come to graduation my first thought was you. I knew there was no other family member I would want to share such a big moment with. I hope we can spend more time just hanging out in the future. When I get my own plane I can fly over and we can go hunting and fishing places people can only dream about! Happy Birthday Uncle Matt I love you so much! Love Tom

7: My favorite memory of Matt is from way back when. I must have been 11 or 12 and it was summer at Grandma and Grandpas cabin. Shannon Matt and I had gone for a walk. on our way back up the road leading to their cabin Matt want wanted to race us at the time he was running a lot so we said sure! Of course Shannon and I were just joking. Matt took off at dead sprint and made it to the top of the hill in record time. What was memorable about this event was the warp speed that Matt made his descent down the hill to us. His face was white as a ghost and he bent at the waist and panted out "holy shit"

8: I just came face to face with a bear!! he said they met both standing and the bear was eye level to him. He also told me the bear was just as surprised and scared as he was. When we got to the top of the hill we noticed a large round hole in the bushes where the bear had jumped through in his haste to escape the scene as well. The moral of the story is if you are ever in bear country take Matt with you because they are as scared of him as we are of them! Love you Matt and I love all the memories I have of you from my youth to present. Especially how amazing you are with my children. Love Kate

9: Same Barber

10: I have known Matt since he was about 8 years old. Matt is like most people in that there a lot of adjectives I can use to describe him, but I think over all those 42 years that I have known him there is one that has always been consistent: helpful. Matt is helpful when I have problem, and he will always pitch in to help me solve it. Matt is helpful if I need a helping hand, and he is always there to lend one. Matt always has a way of making the helping experience enjoyable for all involved. There is an inner goodness about Matt that surfaces when he is helping solve whatever problem is at hand, and it infuses me every time. He is a natural teacher and takes every opportunity to teach me what he knows. How do you measure the work of 50 years of living? I think it is

11: by how you have enriched those around you. In that regard, Matt is a rich man - Steve | I have known Matt since he was born. He was a cute gregarious little brother. I was gone from home by the time he was 8 years old but I was fortunate to live in the same town for most of his adolescence. I remember leaving Katie | with him while Mom and I went to pick corn when Katie was only 10 days old. We came home to find Matt with Katie asleep on his chest. i never met a kid that didn't love Uncle Matt on sight! He was a life saver for us when John was baby sick all the

12: time. Neither Steve nor I could keep missing work so Matt would come over and take care of our feverish, vomiting little son - I think Matt still knows the theme song to Land of the Lost! The girls could count on Uncle Matt to hop on a sled and go careening down the hill at the cabin or pull them up whatever steep hill they wanted - over and over again. Then when they were old enough to drive, Matt was always ther when the Jeep needed work. Steve would ask Matt if he could come over and tell him how to do something and the next thing you know, Steve would be standing to the side handing Matt tools while Matt was elbow deep inside the Jeep. It seems like there isn't anything Matt can't fix - he always cheerfully comes over and helps us out - sometimes we get to hear some pretty colorful language. I have to agree with what Steve said above Matt is indeed a rich man

13: who has shared his riches with everyone who knows and loves him - Mary

14: ~~~ So, you say it's your birthday!!!! Were gonna have a good time!!! (Just not too many drinks) LOL:) Matt has a passion for people. He loves helping other people and most of the time puts them before himself. I'm not sure if he always uses sound judgment when he does. For example; I wanted to come over for Christmas last year and the weather was horrible. Matt being the generous person he is, got in the car almost immediately, left Boise about 5p.m. and drove all night to come and get me. We got up and left Leavenworth by, 7a.m. it took about 14 hrs to get back to Boise, because the roads were so atrocious. Thank you Matt, I needed that trip more than you will ever know. He and Becky also came over for a long weekend to visit, and Matt ended up taking down a carport and building me a beautiful pergola.

15: LOVE IT!!! then they came over not long after that to remodel my bathroom and put a claw foot tub in, so I could take a bath. He is, without a doubt, one of the most thoughtful and generous people I've known.... Thanks you Matt, for all you have done for me and for everyone else. Just remember to take care of yourself, so that maybe we could shower you with as may blessings, as you have showered on us. The Lord Bless you and keep you. Love, Jane PS I can't believe you ate that cookie!

16: Love

17: Love

18: Uncle Matt has been the goofiest uncle, I believe anyone has ever had since as long as I can remember! He is the greatest person to talk to. He always has a really funny stories and pretty funny jokes! On our drives to Stanley and McCall he was bound to entertain me with his silly faces and looks when we ate our sour skittles together. He is so funny, and caring and put others first always willing to help them instead of himself. Uncle Matt is the type of person who can be serious (and a little scary when he is) and also loving a and fun to be around! He is a great person and gives great big bear hugs! Even though he tends to play with my hair...I still love him very much and would not trade him for anyone else to be my favorite uncle if I had that choice! Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!! Thank you for being such a fantastic Uncle! I love you soooo much.

19: Love, Rose! | Lake Payette

20: Uncle Matt has been one of my most favorite people. I feel like my first memory of him was at the wedding, although I"m sure I had met him before. He was instantly my best friend and always interested in what I had to say. The Loganuchi's as I called this new family was always my favorite place to go, I was (then) the baby of the family and I'm pretty sure I had everyone of them in my hand, but none more so than Uncle Matt. A summer or so later on a family vacation to LaPush, he became my Daddy Matt (my parents couldn't go so Aunt Becky and Uncle Matt let me tag along with them). We stopped for fireworks along the way and though I don't recall, I've been told plenty of times how I said "If my daddy were here he'd buy me lots of fireworks." Uncle Matt being the uncle that he was he could not resist

21: and he bought me all the lame little fireworks I wanted. That trip is still on of my most favorite memories: the hikes in the woods, playing at the beach and campfires at night; and what I remember most is the time I spent with my Uncle Matt. The the years Uncle Matt has been supportive, loving, and always happy to see me. He has been the best addition to our family. What I love most about him is he is always open to listening to others opinions, always ready with joke or a good story, always ready to tell Zak to be nice to his little cousin, and always ready with a hug. Desmond Tutu said "You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." Well, from the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful you came into our lives. I love you Uncle Matt! Love you, Meaghan

22: Dear Matt, i just want to tell you how much you mean to me as a brother. I've got a few memories I would like to share. The first one is when I was in the hospital after my colon surgery and had a blood transfusion, you stayed with me until it was finished. The other one I remember is the time you drove to McCall to tow my car back to Boise, after those awful little rodents ate the wiring in my car. You are really great to have as a brother. Love, Camille | Oh, I meant Cornball

23: Happy Birthday! Well, your are turning the Big 50! Congrats! Thanks for being the Big Brother I never had. You are always watching out for me, and I can not tell you how much that means. I appreciate your friendship and the fact tat I can talk to you, and you get it. Thanks for all of your advice and guy perspective over the years. And, thanks for having my back if the boys I date need a smack-down! You are a true friend, willing to encourage me, call me on my stuff if needed, and there for me if I need a helping hand. Of course, not everything about our friendship has been serious. For instance, my vocabulary has certainly grown. Words such as snow spider, gin and tonica, and all of your creative swear words were never part of my verbal exposure until I met you. Further, I have enjoyed all of the camping trips and

24: outings over the years. Baumgartner, Warm Lake, Jackson Hole, Terrace Lakes, and McCall all hold great memories. Moose knows how to swim because of you! I will also never forget out snowmobiling trip when you completely buried the snowmobile. We built up such and appetite digging it out that we ate a whole pizza afterwards! I can truly say that my life has been better because I have had the opportunity to know you. I look forward to having you as my Big Brother for years to come. | Moose Crossing

25: For years your were only Zak's dad to us. We had never met you and didn't know much about you - and then out Brave boys signed up for the army and left the safety of our homes. This step by our "boys" caused a series of events for our families. I remember Becky calling me up and asking me to lunch so that we could form a type of support system and before I knew it a friendship had taken root. From the friendship cam a "couples" friendship and now I can't imagine life with the Logan's.... We have laughed together, cried together, been silly together and had serious conversation. I often wonder if you will ever master the great art of UNO or if we are to keep up our single game that last 4 hours!!!! We have come to know each other's likes and dislikes and so as each year passes - so the friendship grows

26: And, so this letter brings you a big congratulation's for joining the "50 an over" club. May it keep you young at heart and forever fun to be around. Let's keep the "Logan withdrawals" to a minimum....... We both love you bunches... Rick and Teresa

27: Papa Matt has been a joy to get to know over the last four years. From our first meeting I could feel the kindness and helpfulness emanating from him. I knew he would accept me into the family and treat me as a daughter. Papa Matt genuinely loves us and is such a pleasure to be around. I reel a certain amount of relief in hi presence like, "ok everything may not be good but right now I have some peace." Another quality to admire is his dedication to provide for his family and make them happy. However, after all the hard work is done for the day, a nice, cold beer is deserved and enjoyed by our Papa Matt. He is a fun person and a great drinking buddy although neither one of us can say no to "another" so sometimes a front lawn is a great place for a nap. With Love, Danielle

28: Papa Matt was there in my first moments of life as I looked around the room filled with very special people. I knew then I would love him. I love the naps I get t take on him and the way he can make me smile. We will be great buddies and I can't wait to learn many things from him. With Love Brielle | true love

29: Hey Matt, I am not necessarily a "man of words" if you will. I am certainly not a poet so don't get your hopes up about what is about to follow. Just know that I appreciate all your support, guidance and wisdom from back in the days when you helped us practice football in the front yard, to the times you helped me out of binds, that I did not deserve help out of, right up to now. I mean who knows if I would have gotten this far without ya man. Thanks for everything and have a great 50th. Matt T

30: During my eighth grad year I ws Matt's running buddy. I absolutely despised running but cherished spending time with Matt. I remember running in the snow dreading every step but admired Matt's determination and I refused to quit. H was running to regain his sanity due to a divorce and I was his biggest cheerleader! Matt taught me at an early age to persevere through the hard times and t never give up (even when life feels unbearable) Love you Uncle Matt Shannon

31: Dad & Mom

33: My fovorite memory of Uncle Matt is when he would help me with sports when I was a kid. I rmember being in little league in the second grade and he and Dad would take me out and prictive hitting baseballs. I was much better at batting after practicing with them and I still remember the mechanics of swinging a bat that Matt taught me John | Mighty Hunters

36: If I had to tell someone about Matt, the first thing that comes to mind is how unselfish he is. If you know Matt, there's a good chance he's worked on your car when he probably had something he'd rather be doing, but he did it anyway. Matt would give you the shirt off his back and not think twice about it. He has always been a great father to me, even when I act like a shithead. I've learned more from Matt than I will probably ever realize. Zak | Happy

37: What can you say about Matt other than what has been said. His generosity, caring, sensitivity to your problems. His ability to listen and care. One day Becky was unavailable to go to the doctor with me so Matt went with me even into the exam room and listened intently to everything she said. That meant so much to me. I love you dearly Matt. Your a son (not and inlaw). You lighten my cares and my life. Take care of yourself. Love, kisses and Hugs Donna

38: There are a lot of stories about Matt, but one that I think illustrates who Matt is takes place over several years, when Matt went to Reno with me to see Bridget play in a volleyball tournament. Matt said he would like to come down to Reno to | Bridget play, since it wasn't that far from Boise. The plan was for me to fly to Boise and and drive to Reno with Matt, | using the trip to have a little brotherly bonding time. However, the plan changed a bit when Roger, whose daughter Kelsey played on the team, said he'd like to come along. I figured that flying to Boise and then driving to Reno would dissuade Roger, but he said that sounded like great fun. Damn... a third wheel. Roger is a nice guy, and one of our family's closest friends, but he makes

39: Steven look calm and relaxed. He likes to talk, and he likes to take charge. Matt is a bit more, shall we say, laid back, and I thought Roger might get on his nerves. Matt, being the good sport he is, said no problem. The first year, there three of shared a really small room in a downtown hotel with a casino you must walk through to find the elevators; if you get there without having a beer spilled on you consider yourself lucky. The whole place had a layer of tobacco film that permeated your poresl Matt volunteered to sleep on the hideabed...every night. As I said he is a good sport. The next year, I had the brilliant idea that we should not stay downtown. I found a motel in Truckee that looked really nice , place | DANGER

40: and wasn't attached to a casino. No, it was attached to a truck stop. Why didn't the online brochure show those idling semis and the 400 pound truckers with hairy backs consuming three iron skillet breakfasts? Roger wanted to eat there every day, because we had coupons for 2 bucks off. After several days, Matt and I had had it withe Iron Skillet. Roger didn't understand. How we could turn down the nearly free food, especially when it cam in those amazing iron skillets? So we ate there every morning, Matt eventually turning to oatmeal, which came iron skillet. I don't remember too much of the tournaments themselves, but one scene I recall vividly: the team had to win this match to advance to the | National tournament. They were playing a team from California,

41: and were battling back and forth; somewhere along the way, the ref made a call that I took | exception to. Matt, being the good brother that he is, saw it my way, and took over for me in "what match are YOU looking at, you MORON!!! department. Despite our protests, the ref didn't change any calls to go our way, and the team lost. No Nationals. Damn. I came back down to earth, and was immediately embarrassed at at getting so upset. I made a fool of myself, and worse, I got Matt to go along...crap, what a lousy brother I am. DANGER As the other parents and the players are leaving, I see Matt walking in the other direction, and I think he really taking it hard, and wants to be he's a great brother and uncle.

42: But then I see where he's going. He's going fir the the ref. I'll have to admit, I've wanted to do that more than once....but i always visualize the headlines..."ugly incident mars volleyball match...parent arrested..." Just then I know that whatever it is that happens to me at these matches as I watch Bridget and her teammates play their hearts out, trying to make it once, just once, to Nationals...well Matt feels it too, just as much as I do...maybe even more. Later I realize it's only a volleyball match, but that's not the way it feels when it's happening. It's hard to explain, but when they lose, if feels like the end of the world. Matt feels it too. I catch up with him as he's striding across the court, and I go to take hold of his arm, expecting him to throw me off. | danger

43: But I don't need to go any further. He slows down, and I can tell he realizes where he is. We head over to console the girls, hoping we weren't noticed. I'm amazed to find that Matt knows all the girls by name...all of them. And I can tell by the look in his eyes that he feels the hurt each and every one of them feels. Years later, I talk to Matt about those days in Reno, at the Far Western Qualifiers, and I will say, "remember that outside hitter I can't remember her name...but she had that great serve..." and he will reply "Oh you mean Aleta, and wasn't her dad's name..." And he'll get that look in his eye all over again, and he,ll ask about Roger and his daughter Kelsey. That's Matt Love, Pat

44: Big Fish!!!

45: Brother time!

46: I remember dancing with Matt at our wedding. I thought he was a great brother to Pat and I knew that he would be a great brother in law. What I didn't realize at the time was what a great uncle he would become to our kids. Matt is a wonderful man to have as a role model solidly in your corner with a great sense of humor in good times and bad. Happy Birthday Matt Kathleen

47: I always remember how Uncle Matt and my own Father helped develop my dry sarcastic sense of humor. My childhood was always filled with many laughs. I always loved when every year when my club volleyball team would go to Reno, Matt would come along and watch all my games. It's meant a lot to me. Although I have grown up (mostly) and am taking the steps into the real world I always remember how my Uncle Matt made it a point to be there every step of the way and I want to thank him and tell him I love him. Love you Uncle Matt! Bridgidare

48: When you were very young, you decided to run away from home. I chased after you for quite some time, until I caught up with you. I grabbed your hands and spanked you all the way home! I kept telling you not to scare me like that ever again. In 1982 Kathryn asked me to meet the family. While, I was talking to your parents, you kept asking Simon what he thought of me? While taking Kathryn home, I stated "Matt doesn't like me" Kathryn to Dave that you talked to Simon all of the time He was your buddy.? When you and your first wife separated, we had you over for dinners and long talks. We nurtured you with laughter. We told you it wasn't the end of you world and you will find someone to make you happy.

49: Eventually you met Becky, and you got married! You helped raise her sons, and now you are a Grandfather. | Good Times | Dinner Time!

50: I really don't know where to begin!!! The moment I knew you were and would continue to be one of the most amazing men in my life, was right after I had Sam. I struggled being a mom, wife, secretary and well just sane. You would come over, even if it was just an hour or so, hold Sam and talk to Cooper, just so I could get a shower, or get out a good cry! I would often think, what is this thing God has sent to me, he is male, and he actually cares, oh well I went with it. As much as it seems nothing to you, it meant so much to me, and I still believe it is why you, me, and my children have such a special bond. A couple months ago you, Aunt Becky and Grandma, opened up your home to me, Cooper and Sam. To be honest it has been a while since I have felt that much unconditional love.

51: No judgment, no nagging, just good old fashion love. You would come home after working 10 hours, only to be just as excited as my 7 and 5 year old to go outside and "play"! I would constantly say "Uncle Matt you don't have to" and you would simple say "I want to". It would make me laugh every time we would get home, you were practically panting and wagging your tail at the front door when we got home, just so your little buddies could play!! | play | fun

52: I know you are going to miss hearing about all the good looking men in my life, and you will not have a partner in crime when shit gets crazy at your house...You know what I mean. Anyway, we love you very much, and now for the next few years to come, I have to hear my kids everyday, "Are we going to Uncle Matt's and Aunt Becky's today"? With so much love, Cooper, Sam and Me. Happy Boythday Uncle Matt!! In Copper and Sam's best Brooklyn accent | love

53: Matthew The Bodyguard Matthew was more than a sibling companion when the two of us were growing up. He was my big brother and protector, and his protection knew no bounds. His desire to shield me grew after I suffered cardiac arrest at school and had a pacemaker placed. Kids, being kids, often did not understand exactly what had happened and expressed their lack of understanding by poking fun of me. One such child was Darrell Rowe, my first grade classmate. Darrell was a rather round, slow kid without many friends. H discovered that he could garner laughs and attention by calling me funny names, poking pencils in my back and tugging my hair...the usual methods of torture enacted by six and seven year old boys. After a while I had had enough, and I complained to Matt. The next

54: day at recess, Darrell discovered that Matt Logan was my big brother, and that he ought to be very respectful, I did not see what happened, or hear what was said. I know only that the poor kid apologized to me with tears in his eyes and a pallor that closely resembled the chalk used by Sister Corita to write on the blackboard. This was the first of many such apologies I would receive throughout my grade school and high school years. Love, Michelle

55: Boy there are so many memories...we all know of the fishing and camping trips as I grew up but some of my fondest memories started as I was just a very young guy. Matt not only was my uncle as a child, he was also like a big brother. I wanted a bike so bad, but times were hard. Matt mowed lawns and bought an old Western Flyer bike for me and rebuilt it for me with a banana seat and monkey style handle bars. It was the best gift ever! Matt made it a point take his pain in the butt nephew everywhere. He bought a boomerang and thought it was so cool, he bought one for me too. We spent several days at Camels Back park throwing them around. When we were tired of that, we would climb the hill just to run down "Devils Slide". As I got older Matt became my best friend even becoming roommates in my first apartment (crazy bachelors, need not say more

56: about that...yeah I can "Twister" lol). Matt has always been someone I can count on and look up to. Love you uncle, brother, and mostly Best Friend Love you!

57: Bark, Bark your the best, Bark, life is good Grrr more treats. Bark, Bark Love, Gus and Gracie

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