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Classic Mixbook

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S: Happy 21st Lez!

FC: Happy 21st Lez!

1: To Dearest Lez, Consider this book a token of our love, from the ones you mean so much to in life. You are such an inspiration to so many. I hope this book brings as much joy to you, as it did to me whilst putting it together! Happy 21st Mudford. Love always Sar xoxo

2: Elyse Ashlea Morris 4th January 1990 Second child of Rowan and Katrina Morris Sister to Lyndele | Elyse

3: Mum and Dad

5: Growing up

6: Sister

7: L Y N D E L E | 03 11 86

9: Wingham Brush Memories

10: Family | Aunty

12: aNiMaL

13: LoVeR

14: Model

16: Special Girl...

18: Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart. | L O Y A L | RIEND

20: Dear Leece, Happy 21st birthday you beautiful girl! Have an amazing day you truly deserve it. Never have I met a more ambitious, dedicated, hard working woman than you. Everything I have known you to try, you’ve given it your all; school, university, sport, you name it, but most importantly, your friendships. You’ve never let anyone, or anything, get in the way of being a loyal, kind, loving and dependable friend first and foremost. I have the fondest memories of our younger years, jumping hay bales, riding bikes, belting out tunes together at “Sing 2001” (and a memory or two I’d like to forget, including you telling me you were a witch and the extreme jealousy I felt towards your Simba and Nala stuffed toys with the magnetic noses) Although we don’t see each other often, I feel as though nothing has changed between us when we do catch up. This to me is the best representation of a great friendship. So continue working hard, continue being loyal, and never change who you are because you’re perfect in every way. Happy happy happy 21st you amazing woman. I love you. Love Zo. Xxxx

21: ELYSE MORRIS All about the penis, the piss ups, the loose times, and most importantly all about family and friends. That’s why we get along so well. I’ve only really got to know you and have became very good friends since senior high school but we’ve cramped a lot of good times into that Period cause wholey hell I’ve got a lot of them. I could write down all your admirable qualities like how f#*king hilarious are or how beautiful you are on the inside and out or how intelligent, caring and genuine you are but anyone who knows you already knows these traits and the million more you have. No matter how far between us or how long it’s been since our last reunion, things are always the same once reunited, just like we saw each other the day before. You are one of a kind, a very special human to so many people and we are all so lucky to have you in our lives. We will always be in each other’s lives because the unique and special friendship we have. LOVE you and your amazingly perky tits. LOVE ALWAYS. PAM MOLE xxxx

22: To my dear friend Leece, Happy 21st Birthday!! Can you believe how quickly we've grown up? It seems like only a few days ago we were little Wingham Brush girls, and I was going back to your house after school when dad was teaching guitar lessons or when I had my birthday party at Dolly's flat and we ate Mcdonalds out the front, danced to the wiggles video and Noami farted!! I have great memories of us as high school friends who went camping at your pop's farm, had sleepovers, shopping with you and your mum at Port and classes with Cav and Mrs Bond!! And how could I forget the amazing nights I've had out with you, many to the races in brissy, to that amazing Family nightclub, nights out on the Goldy, BDO, homebake and our amazing trip to Malaysia and Thailand where we had a great time shopping, drinking and meeting thailandians!! I can't wait to create many more great memories with you! Happy 21st birthday to a beautiful friend. Love always, Pels xx.

23: Lez, But seriously where do I start? All I can say is thank the lord for those derros who wrote swear words on the bag holders because if it weren't for them I wouldn't of met my true best friend. It was love at first sight :) 11 years has past and I still love and care about you just as much as I did that day I met you. I knew it was headed for something special and I was right. The memories of times gone by are enough to bring a smile to my face every day. We have been through some amazing, happy, sad, and heavy times together and we have managed to pull through every time. To hold such a strong friend ship for so many years is very rare and I am so happy that I share it with you. You are my best friend, my sister, my brother, my lover. I wouldn't be me without you in my life. Thank you for always being there, by my side, even if you don't agree with me you always know what to say to make me feel better. I would love to write a list of memories down but we are limited to an amount of words so I guess all I can give is.... CINEMASSSSS......sorry sorry. Oh and partying hangover style at the family hahahaha won't write the rest. I love you Elyse Ashlea Morris, more than a priest loves little boys... You rock my world sista!!! DA BOIZZZZZ Love always, Ray xxxxxxxxxxx Year 4 to the end of our lives

24: To a beautiful girl Elyse aka Lez. Wishing you a very Happy 21st Birthday. I hope you have the most amazing day full of presents, cake, friends and good times. I will always remember quad bike riding down my river with you, sharing ghost stories and going to your place before dancing. I think I even remember waiting in the park with you in year 5 or 6 so you could have support for your first kiss (peck with Josh Godwin ha ha). I wish you all the best with the rest of your law degree (I honestly don't know how you do it!) and know you will have a splendid year. Lots of Love and birthday wishes Carina aka Rina xxxx

25: To My Dearest Preschool Buddy Lez, Where do I start with you... Who would have thought that my very first best friend whom I met 18 years ago was destined to be by my side forever? I remember crying my eyes out when Mum told me that we would be going to different primary schools lol. Then as fate would have it, 7 years later one simple line would have us meet again- "Are they Gallaz?" hahaha. I'm so glad that we found each other again and have been able to have some of the best times of our lives together cooking packet cakes at your place, you falling off Chester and me making you ride Silky, our hundred and fifty sleep overs at all our houses, Bobara adventures, nude camping at your Pop's farm and discovering those jars of 'body parts' in that old building, Tiff's parties and rodeos where we drank 2 cruisers and were blind, watching Gumbie and Boss play footy and thinking we were ALL THAT! You probably don't realise just how often I think to myself "I wonder how Lez is going?" and I just want to give you a fat hug because I miss you so much! Few friendships are strong enough or real enough to last the test of distance and time - but I am glad to say that yours and mine is an exception. I love you to absolute death and consider myself truly blessed to have you in my life. Wishing you all the happiness in the world now and always,Your lover,Rub **Love Many, Trust Few, Always Paddle Your Own Canoe***

26: To one of the most amazing girls in my life, my sister, my best friend, Happy 21st Birthday Lovely!! May the year 2011 and many more to come, bring you all the happiness, love and satisfaction in the world. You are a very special person that holds a great place in my heart, now and forever. Don’t ever doubt your ability, your personality, and the person who I have grown to love and adore. Finding photos to put with this letter was one of the hardest tasks I’ve had in a while.lol. Not to say there is any lack of ‘Lez and Vem’ in photos, but the fact the multitudes that I have on my computer! We have certainly had so many amazing nights, days, weekends, holidays.......together in celebration for something or not any reason at all (Us girls do not need a reason to party, being together is just enough). There’s never a dull moment amongst our amazing group, always amazing memories with amazing girls, here’s a few that I love to reminisce on.......Drinking alcohol out of fizzy bottles on ‘the log’, the adventures of ‘Patong beach’ at night (need I say anymore), Large cocktails (anytime/anywhere we can get our hands on), baking ourselves at Phi Phi, Macca’s runs, Fogs and the dirty dancefloor, Emma snapping her stiletto at ‘The Family’, CMF 2009, The ‘Shrek’ cup (poison), Our day at the beach at Surfers, Tuk Tuk rides, the adventures associated with our laundry that cost $1, Elyse gaining some men’s underwear, The special visit for my 21st that I will never be able to thank you for, breaking your camera on your 21st (How? not too sure?), Downunder bar where we were well overdressed, Alcoholic beverages beyond memory, 2008 Melbourne Cup in Brissy; Elyse rolling down the grand stand whilst ‘the race’ was in progress, Dirty cowboys (drinks) at the Wingham Rodeo 2010, Trying on attractive Vinnie’s shoes, Doing ‘Mainys’, Sneaking wine/goon in our handbags; anywhere really, Festival times.....Homebake 2009; Our spray paint tops abrasively rubbing our arms, BDO 2010; The silent disco, Groovin 2009/2010 (need I say more, amazing amazing times), Field Day 2011, Nights out on the Cross...getting to bed at 4am and driving 6 + hours to Tamworth, Night out at the Goodies, No sleep.....Incredible times!!! Yes, these are some of the most amazing times I have ever had, spent with you and our amazing group of friends, by which have all contributed to each and every one of us in a momentous way! I truly hope that you strive to become the most amazing lawyer you ever dreamt of and a special someone comes into your life and treats you exactly how you deserve to be treated; a princess!! "Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life" "The best mirror is an old friend" Love always and Forever, Emm.xoxoxoxox

27: Dear Lez Mudford, Well I've been lucky enough to be one of your close friends for -let's say- 16 of your 21 years! I'm so grateful for the amazing friendship we have and I know we always say this but really - no matter how long we go without contact, our friendship remains perfectly in tact and I think that's pretty special! When we reunite, it's like we never left each other. There's so many traits you have as a person that I absolutely admire. Your intelligence, your strength, your sense of humour and your beauty. Just to name a few. And let's not forget the fact that you live hundreds of kilometres from most of your family and friends doing uni! That is a huge thing to be proud of. Over these years we have shared some happy, sad, incredible and just plain hilarious times. Where to start with these memories? Some of the earliest ones I have of you is in year 1, you were such a good speller and always got to write out Mr Clare’s lunch order. Playing with our baby borns in my backyard at bungay road with my mum listening to Shania Twain and you telling me about Shania coz I had no idea who she was but you did because your mum sang her songs at gigs. LOL. Barbies with Ebony, walking to school together, dancing of a Friday arvo, the sleepovers, camping, and then in the later years the parties, the music festivals and the pissups. It's all been up there with the best times of my life. I am wishing you a huge happy birthday Lez, and all the very best that life has to offer. Good luck with uni and I have no doubt you will be an awesome lawyer! Lots of love, Sar xoxoxoxxoxo

28: Hey Hey Lez! Happy 21st Birthday Beautiful! Woooo finally :) Hope your birthday was nothing short of amazing and was everything you wanted it to be with friends and family. Well I just wanted to wish you a very warm and happy birthay aswell as a little something else. You a beautiful person Elyse Ashlea Morris! you have a kind heart and you would do anything for those you love. You speak your mind and never let anyone get you down. Your a strong women who gives everything to the best of her ability and that is why you will go far in your career. I take my hat off to you for your studies, you have given up a lot to be at uni for such a long amount of time and your very commited to what you study. I know we don't talk a whole lot but when we do I really enjoy the conversations we have. Knowing that you are up in Brisbane makes me feel a hole lot better about being up here and its nice to know we have similar feelings when it comes to uni, being up here and traveling home to see the girls. Your a beautiful friend and I must say we have had some good times together! One of them being the weekend of Em-Jeans 21st! wow a 2day drive with no sleep and a hangover from hell. Not to mention you made my 21st very special :) Im grateful to have you as a friend. Remember to follow your dreams, live life to the fullest, learn from your mistakes, and embrace every experience life has to offer. Never give up in life as that will be the only time you fail in something. Good luck and god bless! Love you! Love always your friend Becka xoxo

29: Dear Elyse, Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome day and get to see some friendly faces! I know we all wish we could visit you just down the road like we used too. Maybe one day we will all live a little closer together again! Even though you live in another state it doesn’t change how close we all are. Growing up with you was a pretty hilarious experience. How we always got ready for parties at your house and borrowed your clothes because they were so much cooler. A hot memory I have is wearing your “fox” hoddie to one of Tiffs party’s! wooooww. Going camping on your pops farm and coming home all hating each other. Lol. That’s the difference with your oldest friends though.. we don’t have to talk everyday or even every month, a simple “hey slut I miss you!” and the friendship stays strong. I’m so proud of you since we have left school. Moving away on your own. God that would have been so hard but you nailed it and kept trudging away at your studies even through the hardest times. You’ve grown into such a beautiful, intelligent and independent woman. (Yep I said that) So Happy Birthday babe, cant wait to get loose with you for no reason at all next time were together! Love Mule xxxxx

30: Happy Birthday Elyse, finally 21. Hope that your day and all those years to come will be filled with all the special things you deserve. Happy Birthday xx Love Casey

31: Dear Elyse, I have plenty of great memories from our childhood from dancing to the song FAME with Mr Munroe, wagging dancing to find out it wasn’t on anyway and eating whole $2 bags of lollies each on the trampoline (which was a lot back then). It’s really special to know someone for so long. You are clearly a determined and intelligent person. I can see you as one of the most successful lawyers out and know that what ever you put your mind to you will achieve. From an adorable kid with sexy braces and glasses you’ve grown into an absolutely stunning girl. Where ever you go you spread an infectious fun attitude and are always up for a good time. I hope that happiness always comes to you and that you reach all the goals that you set for yourself. Lots of love Emily

32: Erryyysee, My delicious Morris, In the grand scheme of things we haven’t known each other that long, but the years I’ve known you have been banging. Whether it’s a night filled with Thai and Freestyle or a rowdy night on the drink, you always make any occasion truly memorable. You’ve always been about class, whether you’re bedazzling the back of a car with an upchuck or pulling a stunning face in the early hours of the night. You’re a maniac behind the wheel that is too close to the car in front and blames crashes on the slow and cautious ; ) You may not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when I saw you in the lecture room in 2008, I knew you were one of my own. And my wolf pack it grew by one. You are a stunning, talented and kind hearted person who is always there for you no matter the time or the place. I so appreciate your friendship and how you have welcomed me into your life with open arms (even when the sight of me makes Cooper cry). I look forward to many more years of friendship with you, especially those without exams and assessments! You are going to be one hell of a lawyer!!! I’m so ‘PROUDS’ to be your friend ; ] LOVE COURTNEY xx

33: Dear Elyse, I could tell from our first weekend/drinking session we had together, when you passed out on the grass out the back of dan's house, too drunk from goon punch that you had to be carried to your room, that we would have a long and prosperous friendship. I hope this friendship continues to blossom, just like it has into this relationship that we now share. I hope you had a happy 21st birthday last year, but even more, hope you had a fantastic 21st year. Love always and keep the good times coming, Jiffy. xoxo. ..

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