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Classic Mixbook

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BC: The End

FC: Celebrating | 50 years | together

1: For my precious Mom and Dad... This book is a tribute to your love and commitment over the last 50 years. You both are a true inspiration and I love you with all of my heart. Always your lil girl, Julie

6: Your Marriage Is Golden A partnership like yours is rare; 50 years you've been together! You've always been a loving team, In sunny and stormy weather. Nothing can tarnish your lasting love; At 50 years, you're gold. Your affection shines as you go through the years, With each other to love and to hold. Love Always, Scott

8: Things I appreciate about my parents by Lauren Dad always told me to seek the truth, wherever it may be found. This can be hazardous because it can mean you must alter your current beliefs but it's always a good practice to do. After all, the Good Book says (another phrase Dad used) "The truth shall set you free." Mom and Dad stressed thinking for oneself, not just accepting what you hear or see, but to question things and do your own research. Our entire family is independent minded, meaning that we all have our own considered opinions and are encouraged to seek out answers to things. Mom and Dad trusted us to make the right decisions as they modeled good behavior and were approachable to ask any questions about things we didn't understand. I remember "visiting" Dad in his study down in the basement in New York. He had this little funny stuffed figure of a Prophet with a "Repent" sign in his hand. Dad would be preparing his sermon notes and yet he always had time to chat or listen to me. I know I must have been annoying at times but he never let on. :-) Mom would let me watch her in the kitchen so I picked up cooking and food preparation almost without effort. I remember Mom reading "Little Women" to Kristie & me. We really enjoyed when she read to us. When I was in High School, I would go in and talk to Mom at the end of the day and I would rub her back while she was laying in bed. Sometimes I'd be droning on for a while and realize that she'd fallen asleep. I always appreciated how she listened to me, no matter how boring it must have been. All those silly high school intrigues. LOL So many memories... Bottom line is that I think both Mom and Dad embody the concept of individualism tempered by Godliness. Both of them gave us kids a great example as well as teaching us to think for ourselves. I have always valued this, the thought that God gave me a brain and it was up to me to use it! When it came to parenting, I think the example that they gave me was of patience, of truly valuing what children say, actually listening to them. I always wanted to hear both sides before I made a decision; always encouraged my kids to speak their mind (with respect of course). Dad & Mom taught all of us self discipline, that is was necessary for us to set goals and commit to the task in order to get anything done. I've tried to pass this on to my kids, this example that was set by my parents. Hard work, thrift, prayer, fun and trusting in God to provide for our needs. I could go on forever, but suffice it to say I've had the best parents God could have given me and I'm very grateful for their support, their prayers, their encouragement and best of all their Godly heritage. My parents ROCK!! Congratulations you guys for 50+ great years together. I've always admired that my parents are best buddies and they are SO CUTE together!! Love you guys SO MUCH!!!!!! Humbly, Lauren

9: I love you Gramma & Grampa,!! 50 years strong and still counting...!! Tell the world what love is. Love, | Janelle

10: To the protective shepherd and tender shepherdess of our flock: Grandpa & Grandma, Congratulations to both of you for sticking it out for half a century together! Thank you both so much for being the patriarch and matriarch of our clan with such love and care for as long as my memory goes back! Thank you both for pointing to our God the whole way and for sharing your faith with us all. I know that it's God who has kept you both together through thick and thin because you both have always given Him the glory for the blessings in your lives and trusted Him to provide and to sustain you both spiritually. I can't thank you guys enough for passing down the message of our inheritance of eternal value. Every birthday card, get-well-soon card, stuffed animal in the hospital, Christmas gift perfectly wrapped, Easter basket and reminder that "He is Risen!," Valentine, and every hug and kiss that I have received from you both have warmed my heart so much over the years, I am so blessed to have grandparents as special as you two. Thank you for always sharing so much of yourselves with your many grandchildren and children, always making each one feel special and significant in your eyes. You both have been such an important part of my life, and as much as I feel your absence when you are away, I keep your voices and love in my head and my heart and continue to be impacted by your roles in my life as I grow up. Grandpa, I love your stories and your corny jokes, and your friendliness - you always make me laugh and have so much to share. Grandma, I love your back scratches and your encouraging words - you always sooth my spirit and make me feel so loved and warm. Both of you have taught me so much, and I thank God sooo much for you both!!! Thank you for giving us all your example of a God-fearing man and woman who love each other enduringly and who are deeply dedicated to family. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!! Your grateful granddaughter, Leah Marie

11: I can't believe it's been 50 years! Its amazing to think that my mom hadn't even been conceived yet, let alone myself another quarter century later. Time sure does fly by and its truly a blessing to have been born into such a warm and loving family. You two are the rock on which our family leans on for advice, support and wisdom! We come to you for spiritual direction and even when we need a little extra work to get through some tougher times. Even though we don't get to spend as much time together as we'd prefer i can still picture grandma's kind and caring smile. I can picture grandpa yelling for Carol from the TV room in the back of the house as she scurries over and proceeds to scold grandpa for eating too many sweets before dinner! I remember when grandma would take me to the mall when I was just a little guy dreaming about G. I. Joes and it seems like yesterday Grandpa had on his Viking helmet and was scripting epic tales of our viking heritage! So many countless memories from so many years of love and strength and faith. Fifty years is nothing short of a miracle in these times that we live in, and i will be forever grateful for your example of what it truly means to find a partner in God's eyes. What it means to commit for better or worse, in sickness and in health. I couldn't have been more lucky to have such amazing grandparents! I sincerely congratulate you on each and every day of every year and i wish with all my heart for fifty more! With all my love, Joel

12: What a joy to wish Happy Fiftieth to my favorite brother and the gal who stole my name!!! I could not have found a more suitable help-mate for you than Carol. You two are much loved and cherished. Growing up with you big brother Jim, has many poignant memories. A sickly yet God-fearing, prayer warrior Mom and a popular, outgoing policeman Dad, produced many worthwhile life lessons. Showing love in various ways to needy neighbors, witnessing by distributing tracts in Bellerose, devotions family style in our living room, meeting people who had just put their trust in Jesus after a conversation in the living room with Papa were a few of the involvements of our family which demonstrated saved or unsaved were the only way we tagged folks so that we could bring them to Christ. Walking me swiftly (so as not to be seen by your boyfriends and thought to be (what?) to my Girl Scout meetings at church, giggling when Mama put us each in a corner for naughty behavior but we could see each other on the other side of the fridge, making bullets for Papa s gun with handy contraption he brought home, holding the end of a long piece of lumber while he guided it though the power saw, Christmases in Brooklyn on Christmas Eve with Mom and Pop and the Jensen clan& . The stories are many and interesting. | Dear Jim and Carol,

13: Carol, we were not there when you wed Jim but knew he had made a fine choice. Having already been one of my bosom buddies, we shared many dating and teenage situation experiences and many occasions of hearty laughter. We knew we would remain good friends thought the years. Most of our times after marriage were long distance. Coming home on furlough to California, we caught up with the latest news and showed off our kids to each other. Shopping with you one day while there and carrying the groceries home in large bags only to have them burst on the sidewalk, kept us laughing so hard we could barely wrap them well enough to get them home. Phone conversations felt as if we had just picked up where we had left off. We were non-stop talkers and enjoyed every minute of it. Typifying our concern and love for each other can best be exemplified by the time we each sent the other a check in the mail for $10.00. Both of our families had special needs at that time and so our shared gift crossed in the mail. And now we enjoy with you this wonderful occasion of praise to the Lord for the 50 years of life you be shared as husband and wife. How grateful we are to have also celebrated this monumental occasion in our marriage as God has blessed both of our marriages with love and endurance.

17: Oh it has been so awesome to have friends like you for 36 years! We have had some very very great times together ~Carmel and Scandinavian Village, Family Summer Vacations, and the great times at Catalina and Colorado Springs. The faithful phone calls have been so fulfilling to our friendship as they have kept us connect over the years of distanced. Lee and I have always respected both of your passions for Christ and the lost. Happy 50th Anniversary. We love you dearly, Mickey and LeRoy Becker | best of friends

18: forever friends

19: sweet | memories

20: Congratulations Jim and Carol on your 50th Wedding Anniversary Jim: It's been a long time since we knew you. It was September 3, 1969 at our home in Eden. Remember when you heard we were in an accident? I totaled the car. I prayed that day that if we survived that my life was no longer mine but the Lord's. He sent you. You were very kind, prayed with me and told me your wife said she would take care of my kids while I was recovering if I needed her too. People from your church brought food. I was so thankful. A few weeks later you wanted to make sure I was a Christian. You helped me understand Salvation, more than I knew before since I was a little girl. That was a new beginning with the the Lord. We started to come to North Evans then and that is when I really began to grow. I experienced real Christian Love. I will never forget the first time you preached and we had Communion. Tears of Joy! Remember when you Baptized me at Lake View Church? Oh yes. remember packing to leave NE. I thought how would they ever be able to take everything. Lots and Lots of books too.God saw to that too. We had a good time with you guys when we visited you and when you came to Arizona. Thank you for all you and Carol do.

21: Carol, my very special friend. You are like a bright shining star full of God's light. We sure have good memories don't we. Going shopping, Bible study, dinners with all our friends. I remember when you had me over and you put Gaither music on for me to listen to while we were getting lunch. Oh how I loved that. I know it was hard for you to leave NE We said we wouldn't cry but we did anyway. You were there when I had some hard times and good times. I remember times when you were gone and I needed a friend. It always was better after hearing from you and God's timing was perfect, We are rich in faith, friendship and God Love. George is also happy for knowing you too and would love to spend more time. We would love to be there with you on your happy day. Bless you both on your 50th Anniversary George and Georgie Hein

23: Dear Jim and Carol, Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary! "Let your fountain be blessed and rejoice with the wife of your youth." Prov. 4:18 It has been a joy to have known and ministered with you in both California and Colorado! May God bless you in all the years He has ordained for you - to continue to serve and love Him and each other! Our love to you, Bob and Raylene

29: Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad

32: Families are Forever

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