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Classic Mixbook

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S: Happy 50th Birthday Cathy!

1: Catherine Mary Misheck July 20, 1962 | 50

2: people said to us: "You just don't say you are going to have a Daughter and it will happen" (especially in light of already having two sons). Chances were we would probably have another boy. So now, I just turned to my friend up above and asked her to let us have that Daughter. In turn, I promised all sorts of things: Prayers, Rosaries, and especially to name her after our Blessed Mother Mary. I had no doubt in my mind that we would have that Daughter and on July 20, 1962 our prayers were answered, and how!!! Mom told me to get her to the hospital quick, and I mean QUICK! Off we went in our VW, speeding and hoping a cop would stop us, so we would get an escort to the hospital. But you have heard that story before, "Where's a cop when you need him?" You were almost born in the lobby of the hospital. We arrived at 9 AM, you were born at 9:20 AM and you were our cheapest baby because there was no Labor Room and no Circumcision. The boys were more expensive. Someone (your Cousin) was born 4 months before you and was given the name, Mary. I truly believe that the Blessed Virgin led me to the name Catherine. You were named after St. Catherine of Sienna, a giant of a woman who held the Catholic Church together during the Middle Ages and had a special bond with the Blessed Virgin. Holding true to my promise, we gave you the middle name, Mary. You were called Cathy until a short time later when I started calling you Tootsie. It was a pet name my Dad called my Sister and I felt it was a special name for you. I could take you through your life from then to now, but it would fill a book. I would just like to share some special moments that I will remember until the day I die. I remember looking out our front window in Oak Forest watching you leave for your first day of school. | Dear Toots, This will be quite difficult for this Father to write about his Daughter, Catherine Mary. The bond that has formed between us, from the time you were born until now, puts me in a state of amazement. After having two great Sons, and finding out that Mom was pregnant again, we thought now would be a good time to have a Daughter to add to our already happy family. "Easier said than done". Most

3: With your new St. Damian's uniform, school books in your arms, walking that special walk that you had, I thought: "Should I follow her, will she make it OK?" If she discovers I am following her, I don't think she would appreciate it. So I just sat there and couldn't wait for you to get home to see that all was well. I remember taking you, Mike, & Joe to see the movie, "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid". Mike & Joe fell asleep, but you were glued to the screen and couldn't wait to get home to tell Mom about the man in the movie holding a gun on this woman and making her undress. Mom, not knowing what the scene was about, really gave it to me. Then I remember the day you asked me to get your ears pierced. You had been asking for a few years and Mom wouldn't hear about it. She didn't want you to look like a gypsy. Somewhere along the way, you learned that I would not refuse you anything, so when you asked me, I said OK. We got into the car and I took you to the Dept. Store and got it done. Not long after, Mom and Nana got their's done too. There are so many more things I remember, but one thing really sticks out in my mind. You are now married and pregnant. I wanted to get Mom a fur coat for Christmas, so I asked you to go downtown with me to a couple of fur salons and to model the fur coats. I believe you were in 7th Heaven and we had a ball game. Afterwards, we went to lunch at Harry Caray's, which just opened and was quite fancy. We sat for awhile and I suspected something was on your mind. Finally, you told me that you had some tests done to make sure the baby was OK. My throat sunk to my stomach and then you told me it was to be a girl. You thought I would be disappointed that it wasn't going to be a boy. Wow, you were something else!! Well, your first born was a Boy and you and Dave complimented me by naming him, Daniel. Just mentioning Dave brings me back to that time that I thought, "No man was good enough for my Daughter". Boy am I glad you two didn't disown me from the Family. As usual, you made an excellent choice in a husband, who treats you like a Queen and has become another Son to Mom and I. One last thing, watch out for what you pray for. I not only got my Daughter, but you have turned into a Loving, Beautiful, and Understanding woman who is a Great Wife and an Outstanding Mother to two great Sons, Danny and Ryan. You just amaze me everyday of my life. Mom and I love you more than you ever know, Happy 50th Birthday!

4: Christened: 8-5-62 (Daddy's Birthday) St. Theodore Godparents: Nancy and Jim Masters | Mother's Prayer Littlest Angel from God up Above Come Fill our Home with Your Sweet Love Make our hearts with yours A Place Serene Hand in Hand we'll share our Dreams | Little Company of Mary Hospital July 20, 1962 9:20 A.M. 8 lbs. 5 oz.

5: "I am not a Happy Camper" | "Who is this Mother with dark hair?" | I think I am going Potty.

7: "I told my Dad about this" | "If they could see me now..."

8: 1st Communion - Childhood Memories | "Everyone's got one except me" | The Gang

11: C O U S I N S

12: K | seventh | eighth | tenth | School Daze

13: School | Years | Those | High

14: Me and My Brothers | Me and my Brothers with the Family Car | That is my Baby Brother, DJ. Now I have someone to Boss Around. | "Who are these guys anyway?" | It's those guys again.

15: We Couldn't Love Our Sister More


18: Cheerleader for Football and Basketball Golf Records - Lady Bengals 1976 - Fresh (Score counted in all meets) Team Records: Conf. & Dist. (2nd Pl), State (9th Pl.) 1977 - Soph. - Team Records: Conf. (2nd Pl), Dist. (1st Pl), State (6th Pl) 1978 - Jr. - Team Records: Dist. - 4th Pl. (Cathy's score best on team) 1979 - Sr. - 9 Hole Average (42) Best on the Team - Team Records: Conf. (5th Pl), Dist. (8th Pl) | Sports

19: 1977 News Clipping: Mari McDougal may not be a candidate for the credit card commercial, but five others sure are including Cathy Misheck - Who are they? Not even the credit card company knows for sure. Misheck, just a Soph, is another Bengal with a strong golfing background. Brothers Mike and Joe are stars on the Boys Team. That fact alone has been a major plus.

20: Teen Years

21: Just The Two of | Us

22: Like Mother, Like Daughter

23: Daddy's Little Girl

24: Toni & Don | Marianne & John | Mike & Lori | Joe & Robin | DJ & Rosie | Best Bridesmaid

25: Danny Broderick | Sami | Jack | Matt & Danny | Brandon | GODMOTHER

26: Family Shower Personal Shower Rehearsal Party

27: On This Day, I Thee Wed... August 25, 1984

28: Honeymoon

29: Out of that Union | Came Two Handsome Sons

30: Christening | Godparents: DJ & Marianne | Godparents: Robin & Randy | Sponsor: Papa | Sponsor: Dan | 1st Communion | Confirmation

31: Daniel Joseph (Dan) March 6, 1988 St. Francis Hospital 6 lbs. 6 oz. | M o t h e r | B e | T o

32: PRESCHOOL Years | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 1/2 | 4 1/2 | 5-k | 2

33: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 8th Grad. | 10 | 11 | 12 | 12 Grad.



36: Ryan David (Ryno) January 24, 1992 5 lbs. 13 oz. | Expecting | Newborn | 2 1/2 mos | 3 mos | 4 mos | 6 mos | 6 mos | 10 mos

37: Pre School Years | 3 mos | 6 mos | 9 mos | 18 mos | 1 year | 2 yrs | 3 yrs | 4 yrs | 5 yrs - k

38: k | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 8 | 8th Grad. | Fresh | Soph | HS Grad | Senior

39: Sports

40: The Apple of Mom's Eye | First Haircut!

41: D a n | R y a n | Cathy Loves Her Boys

42: Christmas Through The Years

43: MY BROTHER | MY BEST FRIEND | '95 | '96 | '98 | '99 | '92 | '92 | '93 | '93 | '94 | '97 | '99 | '03

44: Boys...will...be...boys

47: F m l | a i y

48: Watch Them Grow Before Your Eyes

50: Dear Toots: Wow, 50 years old and you still look as hot as you did when I saw you for the first time and fell in love. Marianne had a party at Dot’s house (she’ll always be DuDu to me) and you were coming out of the bathroom. I saw those beautiful blue eyes and the rest is history. Twenty seven years of marriage later, you still look just as amazing and you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. They say when you get married, you don’t just marry the person, but also the family. I got lucky twice since I became part of a wonderful family and married the greatest woman! I felt part of the family right from the start and really felt like I gained another Mom and Dad. Ok, Dad might have taken a little more time to come around and accept me, but he truly is another “father” to me. Mom’s a hoot. She truly does keep the family together, keeps everyone in line and keeps the party going. We tease that you and your Mom are one in the same, that you are your Mother’s daughter in so many ways. And that’s a great thing for me!! “Knuckles” and Dad did such a great job raising you. What a wonderful woman you’ve become. They taught you many good lessons except the one about only dating guys named Dave. I may not have had as cool a car or motorcycle as those other “Daves” (how many Daves did you date?) but I’ve got the Harley now and the best prize of all...YOU! You didn’t just spend all your time these past 27 years taking care of me; you’ve also taken wonderful care of my two favorite sons. I couldn’t ask for a better mother to my sons than you. I try my best but it always seems to be you taking care of them. It started when I went through a whole box of wipes to change Danny’s poopie diaper and it has continued to this day! You were always the Team Mom, the Den Leader, basically, SUPER MOM. You were always helping the boys with their homework. Well, that’s one spot I really helped out because after they made it past 5th grade math, I kind of had to take over! You’re the one that does all the shopping, remembers all those important dates, sends those birthday gifts and surprises to college, and you’re nice enough to always include my name on the cards. How much fun have we had over the years! Starting with our cruise for our honeymoon, and of course, our favorite spot, Aruba, and our new favorite spot Cancun! You and I always have a great time. And who can forget that memorable family trip to Mexico. Remember all those summers at Mom and Dad’s place in Florida when you and the boys would stay for a month and I would come and join you for a week. That is where the boys learned to swim. We have so many wonderful memories of all the fun we’ve had and places we went down there. And don’t forget about every date night that we still have to this day. That’s just as much fun because it’s with you. What can I say, I didn’t just marry a gorgeous woman and a great Mom, I also found my Best Friend! How lucky am I that you chose me and have shared your life with me. Let’s face it, I married up. I know the next 50 years will be filled with just as much fun, adventure, and love! Happy 50th Birthday Sweetie! All my Love, Dave

51: Mom, Happy 50th Birthday to the best Mom any Son could ask for! I don't know how you do everything you do! During my entire childhood, you always made sure Ryan and I had every opportunity to be involved in baseball, basketball, Cub Scouts, golf, Religious Education, and so much more. Not only did you make sure we were involved, but you supported us in everything we did. You took the time to volunteer at almost every opportunity so us kids could have the chance to be a part of whatever we wanted. You have always gone above and beyond in everything you do whether it's being my biggest fan at games or as my den leader in Cub Scouts. You spent hours preparing for Cub Scout meetings and always made sure to have the best activities planned. Also, you made our pack a first-rate pack because of your hard work and superb organizational skills as activities leader. | When I wasn't involved with activities, you were always there for me at home. If I ever needed help with my homework, you were there to help. Even if you didn't know much about the subject, you would figure it out just to help me (except Math, that was all Dad). When it was science project time, you spent countless hours with me researching a topic, performing the experiment, and practicing for the presentation. I remember how much I loved all the times you read to me when I was younger. Thanks for putting up with all those stupid "Goosebumps" books. Even though I have moved away for college, you are still always there for me being just a phone call away. It seems like whenever I've reached a stressful point, especially around finals, there was some type of package at my door to help ease the stress. Also, you have been my "go to person" when buying gifts for Emily. I know Emily really appreciates it because without your guidance, she probably would have received something like a bowling ball and a box of cigars. Both of us appreciate how you welcomed Emily and made her part of the family. Not to mention you really outdid yourself and threw us one of the best wedding showers ever! Mom, you are the most caring, thoughtful, loving, selfless, hard working person I have ever met. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful Mom raise me. I hope I can be half the parent you have been to me for my kids. At least I already know they will have an amazing Grandma! Happy Birthday Mom! Love, Dan

52: Happy 50th MOM!!! Although you don't look a day over 30! Or at least that’s what my friends say. Mom, you have always been there to support and baby me to this day! I know it might be embarrassing to walk into work at 20 years old with a sack lunch made by your mom, but that just makes me realize how LUCKY I am to have such a WONDERFUL mother! You are the reason I have become such a strong, nice, caring, generous, and smart young man...... well, it’s a work in progress! ;) During my I-week for Sigma Chi, I realized that I wouldn’t be standing in the threshold of the fraternity if it wasn’t for you. Sigma Chi has a certain selection process for choosing potential pledges and then later members of the fraternity. The process is called the “Jordan Standard”. The standard with which the fraternity started was declared by Isaac M. Jordan to be that of admitting no man to membership in Sigma Chi who is not believed to be: A Man of Good Character.... A Student of Fair Ability.... With Ambitious Purposes.... A Congenial Disposition.... Possessed of Good Morals.... Having a High Sense of Honor and a Deep sense of Personal Responsibility And because of YOU MOM... They now call me a Brother. Happy Birthday! Love, Ryan

55: 1993 | All the Places We've Been | 2006 | 1993 | 2003 | 1993 | 2006


58: Toots | So Pretty | Off with her Head!

59: All my wishes have come true! | Forty & Horny | Hula Hoop Queen

60: Parties | CPA Party | Golf

61: FAVORITE | AUNT | Sami | Mikey | Manon & Jack | The Twins | Madison | Mac, Sami, Krysy, Jack, Ryan, Madison, Manon | Krysy, Mac, Dan, Sami


63: S A N T A S | L O V E L Y | E L V E S


66: Such An Awesome Couple

67: A N N I V E R S A R Y 2 5 Y E A R S

68: Mexican Vacation 2009

69: To my favorite Sister: First, I would like to welcome you into the "Half Century" Club. You don't belong in this club yet, because you still look Maaar-va-lous! The Red Hat Society is a long way off for you. Ok, I don't want to waste my allotted space in this memory book with a lot of mushy sentiments, so let's get on to the good stuff. I have so many things to thank you for during our childhood and teenage years together. I am so glad we have the same panty size, and thanks for loaning me yours at such an early age. Thanks for keeping your Easy Bake Oven in such good condition, because it came in handy for when Joe and I made our special brownies. Thanks for coordinating all those impromptu parties for us at the house during our high school years when Mom and Dad enjoyed an evening out together. I believe this is when you developed a special talent as a party planner. Thanks for letting us sneak into your dorm room at ISU during the State high school Golf Tournament, so we could terrorize all the girls. And, thanks for keeping most of those secrets we have from Mom and Dad. You saved my butt on many occasions. Unlike Joe, you never requested any hush money. Don't even think about it. I wish I could say that we enjoyed your baton twirling at all those parades we marched in together, but Joe and I were too busy beating ourselves over the head with wooden guns. But, it was nice being in the same parade with you. I am sure you would agree that some of the pre-Dave boyfriend choices you made were not very good. Woops, I forgot that most of those guys you dated were our friends. You did make the right choice that eventually turned into the love of your life. Joe, DJ, and I really didn't have enough time to corrupt Dave. My theory is that you learned from the past, and kept Dave from socializing with us especially during those early Develop-mental Years. You and Dave were so infatuated with each other that you would sit in the driveway all night and into the early morning hours just talking about life. That was so sweet. I just don't know how that would fog up the windows...It was very difficult to see what was going on in there. All kidding aside, the good memories are endless from our childhood to our years as so called Grown-Ups. I hope you know how kind you are, how much I respect you, and how much fun it is to be around you. Congratulations on your 2nd childhood! Here's to a great Mother, a great Wife, a great Friend, a great Hostess, and to me, a great Sister. Let your 50th birthday be the best one of your life...so far. Happy 50th Birthday Cathy! I Love You Your Big Brother, Mike

70: Cathy, Uh, Oh The Big 5-0, Yikes! Can we even say that about you? You'll just deny it anyway.No one would ever believe you're at that half-century mark! You take such good care of yourself and your sunny disposition of life keeps you young at heart! Where have all the years gone anyway? I couldn't have imagined way back then when you made us Boys NOT call you "Tootsie" anymore, we had to call you "Cathy" and that was traumatic. I mean, I actually thought that was your name! What is a "TOOTS" anyway? You were trying to be so adult, yet when we had those Pizza Set-ups, you would make the pizza without the cheese. Wassup Wit Dat?! I also remember back in the day fighting over Mom's car - Oh wait, I remember it wasn't a fight - I never won! Working at the same places: A&W. Tiffany's. Going out with mine & Mike's friends - We won't go there. Then along comes Rose Bud, I mean Smiley. Oh, I mean Dave - I know his name was Dave because that's all you dated were guys named Dave! At least you married the Best "Dave". Now married, Danny is born and suddenly we have Mom Jr. And that is the Highest Compliment I could give you. You are such a wonderful mother, loving wife, and a genuinely good person. I am unbelievably proud to call you my Sister. Happy 50th! Luv Ya Lots, Joe

71: To My Favorite Sister: My Big Sister is turning 50 and so many memories flood through my mind of the times we spent growing up on Rob Roy Drive. You taught me so much, especially when we played school in your room: you the teacher, me the student. I learned that big sisters should never be allowed to play the teacher. Same thing when we played house. Big sisters should never be allowed to be the Mom. Your dog training methods of Duchess were not my favorite especially when you had her attack me when you rang the bell. My fondest memory is when you made me jump on the bed and swear at the neighbors while Dad was taking out the garbage. We made some money showing that bruise on my buttock to the neighborhood kids. Speaking of the neighborhood kids, they were not immune to the evils of Catherine of Rob Roy when you invented the game Icky Fountain. I don't remember YOU ever having to drink from that fountain. My therapist reminds me to remember how you always took care of me after my injuries. Stitches to the forehead, back of the head, arm, the famous eye injury that ruined my Professional Baseball career. But the fondest memory of all, would be after I cut my knee to the bone, not only did you get me a box of candy, you were the only one there when it was time to wipe my bum after a doodie. Now that is LOVE. Thanks for all the times you bought a $20 case of beer for me and my friends when we were in High School and sharing your locker with me freshman year. Then you started to date, only guys named Dave, then married one. One of my greatest joys is the honor you game me to be the Godfather to your first born. After all of those fifty years, I will always be your Little Finnen Jets! Love Your Favorite Brother, DJ

72: She Wears Many Hats

73: Dan and Emily | Our Story Begins Here...

76: Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Dan Jandak | Waiting for his Bride | With This Ring... | April 14, 2012

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