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Classic Mixbook

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S: From Birth to Age 18

FC: Height: 5' 0'' Weight: 107 lbs Hair: Brown Eye Color: Brown Shoe Size: 6 Size: Small-Medium | Natalia Montoya Peraza Born: February 28th 1994 Lives At: 6827 Ilex St. Houston, TX 77087

1: Table of Contents | -Growing Up Years & As a Young Child -Teenage Years -Likes -Dislikes -ThingThat Make Me Laugh -Favorites -Beauty & Is This Me? -Family -Family Cont. -Friends -Boyfriend -Room -School Activities -Jobs -Most Admired Person -Hope For The Future -Memorable Moment

2: My Growing Up Years Personality Traits: Adventurous, Friendly, Independent, Curious and Imaginative. -I was named Natalia because originally my mom wanted to name me Roxanne, but my dad thought it was an ugly name. My mom also liked the name Natalie and my dad said it was fine as long as there was an A at the end. So they settled on Natalia. -Birth Place: Houston, TX -Birth Time: Lunch time -First Words: Waffles -Favorite Toys: Hot Wheels -My first memory: my grandma bathing me in the sink. -My fondest memory of our home was: playing in the yard and running around the house. -I smile when I think about the time I spend with my dad playing in the yard.

3: As a Young Child -I went to pre-school at Broadway Baptist. -I went to elementary school at Carrillo Elementary. -My best subject was English. -As a student, I was focused and hardworking. -My best early school memory was the time that I was in choir. -I remember getting in trouble when I was in 4th grade for drawing in class instead of focusing on what we were being taught. -When I grew up, I wanted to be a singer. -I loved to wear big shirts and jeans. -Cartoon shows: Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Barney, Blues Clues, Power Rangers -Movies: Aladdin, Lion King, Jungle Book -As a young child, my family and friends would describe my personality as: active, loud, happy.

4: Teenage Years Personality Traits: outgoing, down-to-earth, understanding, active, rebellious, impatient. -My spare time is spent: hanging with friends and playing music. -On weekends, I spent my time: out of the house. -My curfew is: nonexistent. -The fashion rages during my teen years have been: skinny jeans, plugs, silly bands, snap backs, pointy boots, and sparkle things. -My hobbies are: playing guitar, drums, piano, singing and dancing. -What I will remember most about my teenage years is: how rebellious I was and the arguments I had with my mom. I will also remember the great friends I had.

6: All things grow better with love. | Likes -Song: PYT-Michael Jackson -Actor: Johnny Depp -Book: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy -Holiday: Halloween, New Years -Food: Vietnamese Food -Saying: "The world is yours. Carpe Diem." -Subject in School: English, Government -Singer/Music Group: Led Zeppelin, Florence and the Machine, Green Day, John Mayer, Jay-Z -Pet/Animal: Koalas, Dogs -Radio Station: Radio sucks nowadays -Candy: Skittles -Kind of Car: Always muscle. 1970 Dodge Charger

7: More Likes -Style of Music: Anything and everything but gospel -Actress: Natalie Portman -Season: Fall -T.V Program: How I Met Your Mother -Dessert: All of Them -Sport: Track, Softball -Fruit: Mango, Watermelon -Fast Food: Panda Express -Restaurant: Mai's -Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper -Cereal: Captain Crunch -Things to do with Friends: Mall, Movies, Park -Kinds of Clothes to Wear: Colorful baggy clothes and shorts

8: Dislikes -Song: Any song by Daughtry -Actor: Guy who play Borat -Book: Catcher In The Rye -Holiday: 4th of July, Thanksgiving -Food: Hot Dogs -Saying: "Yolo" -Subject in School: Math -Singer/Music Group: Daughtry, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha -Pet/Animal: -- -Radio Station: Radio sucks nowadays -Candy: Anything with coconut -Kind of Car: Hummers

9: More Dislikes -Style of Music: Gospel -Actress: Kristin Steward -Season: Winter -T.V Program: Jersey Shore -Dessert: Flan -Sport: -- -Fruit: Bananas -Fast Food: Mac Donalds -Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse -Soft Drink: Pepsi -Cereal: Healthy crap -Things to do with Friends: Being bored -Kinds of Clothes to Wear: Tight clothes, things with sparkle, glitter

10: My favorite comedians: dave chappelle | Things That Make Me Laugh... | My favorite comedy T.V show: how i met your mother

11: The friend who makes me laugh the most: Andrei and Nadine | My favorite comic strips: Peanuts

12: Favorites -a color you like to wear: purple -pet you'd like to own: elephant -flower you would like to grow: magnolia tree -your lucky number: 17 -favorite smell: vanilla -favorite taste: milk chocolate -a city you like to visit: Los Angeles -a film you can watch over and over again: any marvel movies, pulp fiction -director you admire: James Cameron, Tim Burton -what you like to do on Sundays: visit grandma -your motto: carpe diem -book you would recommend: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy -favorite magazine: Seventeen -artist you admire: Banksy

13: More Favorites -favorite hobby: singing -sport you enjoy watching: soccer -sport you enjoy playing: soccer -country you like to visit: russia -favorite meal: ice cream -drink you often order: dr. pepper -game you like to play: quiet game -favorite T.V. show: how i met you mother -favorite time of the day: 6 p.m. -favorite piece of clothing: bracelet around my ankle -music you listen to alone: City and Colour, Beruit, Bon Iver -artists you listen to now: see above

14: -most beautiful song: Rose by Ludovico Einaudi -beautiful animals: Elephants, Giraffes -most beautiful nature scene: city skylines (does that count?) -beautiful people: Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway -beautiful personalities: my grandma, my uncle Gabriel -other beautiful things: magnolia trees, lions, sounds of pianos and five string quartets | Thoughts on Beauty

15: -feel positive about myself: 6 -very critical of people: 3 -spontaneous: 9 -leader: 8 -full of energy: 7 -trustworthy: 10 -impulsive: 10 -relaxed: 6 -honest: 10 -good sister: 7 -understanding: 10 -submissive: 5 - independent: 10 -patient: 2 | Is this Me?

16: Family | -mom's full name: Adriana Montoya Peraza -date of birth: 12/30 -place of birth: Houston -number of siblings: 8 -occupation: Loan Technician -in her spare time: likes to relax -mom's personality: out going, free spirited -mom taught me to value: money and myself -what i love about her: her care for her children -special times: arguing about me, shopping and dinner -3 likes: smart, funny, and outgoing -3 dislikes: impatient, over-protective -inherited: short -mother often said: "You need to stop being so independent." -mom as an animal: lion | Mom

17: -dad's full name: Jose Antonio Peraza -date of birth: 04/07 -place of birth: el salvador -number of siblings: 2 -occupation: Shipping and Handling at Memorial Herman Hospital -in his spare time: likes to garden, work on cars and relax -dad's personality: thoughtful, kind, understanding -dad taught me to value: life, responsibility and money -what i love about him: he is always there -special times: playing in the yard -3 likes: wise, compassionate, and smart -3 dislikes: traditional, quiet -inherited: eye color -father often said: "Make mistakes. That what you do in life. -dad as an animal: fox | Dad

18: B r o t h e r | -brother's full name: Jose Antonio Peraza -date of birth: 06/18 -place of birth: Houston -number of siblings: 1 -occupation: student -in spare time: likes to play video game, sleep, eat -brother's personality: quiet, critical, calm -what I love most about my brother: he knows everything about anything -times I will never forget: fighting with him when we were little | Family Cont.

19: Friends -Traits in a friend: friendly, curious, adventurous -Gus Gus (6 years) -friend I miss the most: Miroslava -friend who makes you laugh: Andrei -friend who you can trust: Nadine -friend you can go to for advice: Nadine -friend you can have adventures with: Michelle and Brenda -friend you would name as god parent: Nadine -two closest friends: Andrei and Nadine -one trait you admire from both: charming and sweet -animal that describes them: lion, gazelle -friend who is most like you: Nadine -friend who uses most of your energy: Nadine -friend who you will see in hell: Nadine -friend who you will see in heaven: Joe

20: Boyfriend: -Name: Andrei Volkov -Short Description: Russian, 6 ft, green eyes -Born: June 13th in Russia Personality Traits: Curious, Insightful, Imaginative -We met when I was in the 8th grade; I was 13 years old. We met through a mutual friend. Within a few months, we became best friends. The first thing I liked about him was his humor. Andrei always made me laugh more than anyone. He has always been my voice of reason, a trust worthy, funny and clever person. I admire his knowledge, because he knows a little about everything. After freshman year, we had a falling out and didn't talk for a year and a half. But we began talking earlier this year. After a few months, we became great friends again and next thing you know we became a couple. The End.

21: Room: -So my room is basically a mess all the time. There's usually clothes scattered everywhere. Inside, I have a drum set, couple guitars, a piano, my drawers, T.V. and a desk. My room is quite big. I used to share the room with my brother but he moved into a smaller room. I like my room. It has awesome purple walls. Top part of the wall is a light purple, the bottom is a darker purple. They're both separated by a white strip. It was really hard to paint. I don't suggest doing it. Oh, I have a bed in my room too. Its always cold in my room and there's always a lot of stuff on the walls. The lighting sucks, that's all I'd change about my room.

22: School Activities If you look at my resume, I've done an awful lot. I was apart of drum line, when we had one. I was a freshman. I took some time off sophomore year to be lazy. Then junior year, I joined dance company. Dance Company was awesome. Kelly was an amazing, funny teacher who pushed us hardcore. We went to competition in 2011. When performance time came around, I was in 6 dances. Senior year, I made dance company but decided to try something new: track. I ran track and was a regional qualifier. I ran short distances. Its definitely something I'll keep up in college.

23: Jobs My first job was at Forever 21. It was pretty chill. I started as a sales associate but within a few weeks I became a cashier and sales associate. It was pretty awesome. I worked there for the summer but once school started I became over worked with school and work so I quit. I started working at Shasa at Baybrook a month ago, but was fired. lol. I left for track regionals for three days and they said if I left work for three days I would be fired. So I said screw it, track for life!!

24: Most Admired Person I admire Mr. Morris above all people. He's an amazing, strong man. No matter what he goes through, he always thinks positively. He understanding and the wisest person I know. He's lived a crazy life and I'm happy I met him because he is one of the most important people I've ever met. He was my 8th grade teacher. He was one of the greatest teachers I've ever had because he was patient and always connected what we were learning with the real world. I was incredibly excited to hear he was going to speak at our graduation. I can't think of anyone better! I wish him the best in Boston and will always remember all the great memories and lessons he taught me.

25: hopes for the future: In the past, I have been a part of choirs, Houston Grand Opera summer programs, a jazz band, garage bands, percussion groups, various music lessons and even dance because it is movement to music. All these experiences have shaped me into who I am today, disciplined, creative and hardworking, and have helped me further appreciate the marvelous art that is music while becoming a leader and inspiring others around me. But more importantly, they have brought to life the purpose I wish to fulfill in my life. As I’ve noticed lately, many music programs have been cut in schools, severing children’s abilities to comprehend and learn the language that I’ve grown to love and has helped me understand the world. I am going to change that. No, I will not stand by idly while the language of my life dies like Latin. My mission is simple, “when I grow up”, I will start a music record label in which part of the proceeds from merchandise sales will go to funding music programs in local schools. I feel it is my purpose to share with the world the secret power of the language of music that I know.

26: memorable moment: There's no simple way to explain CRS. You have to have been a camper, been a sachem for a day, been through a vigil to understand what it was like. But I can say it was amazing. My summer in New York with girls from around the world was unforgettable. It's easy to get caught up in your own little world, oblivious to the rest around you. But being a camper has opened my eyes to the enormous world around me and the wonderful people that inhabit it. Before, it was easy to focus on what was happening in solely my community, but now world news has an impact on my life because I have brothers and sisters around the world. On July 22, 2011, I was sitting in a music summer conservatory program when news broke of the shootings in Oslo, Norway. Immediately, I asked to leave the room to make an important phone call. Catherine, one of my tent mates and sisters, lived in Oslo and the thought that something might have happened to her shook me to my core and sent me into a frenzy. I called and when I received no reply, I took to the web to see if others had heard any news from her. Luckily, she was perfectly fine and no one she knew was hurt either.When Hurricane Ike hit Houston, it was expected the city would be under great damage. Fortunately, we suffered little damage. Once our power returned, I checked my e-mails to find a plethora of worried and distressed sisters waiting to hear how I was doing. It's been four years since I’ve stepped on Rising Sun ground. Despite this fact, I’ve never left. When something brilliant happens, I hear an echo of “How How”. And when I think of leadership, the first word that comes to mind is sachem. Every Sunday, I feel like sitting around a camp fire singing, “Lean on Me”, with the rest of my sister from around the world. Once you are a CRS camper, you're a camper for life.

27: The EnD

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