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Classic Mixbook (Copy)

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BC: Created by: Carina Bischoff

FC: 2009-2011 | Chicago Booth Wives Adventures

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen | This book is dedicated to my best friends, to help us remember the adventures we have shared during these last two years.

2: September 2009

3: The Party Don't Stop! If it seems like all we do is play and have nothing to do with school, I can't completely deny that. We have been taking advantage of all the fun we can get while the weather is nice and we're not too busy with homework and deadlines. Plus, it's prime "meeting season" with all the new students moving into our area. I'm sure our lives will get super boring soon enough and I won't have so much to blog about. Two weekends ago, there was a swanky party at the Shedd Aquarium for first-year MBA students and their spouses. We were all excited to go and see the supposedly amazing exhibits and sea creatures there. But...when you mix kids' bedtimes with football-lovin' husbands andladies getting dolled up and last minute babysitters and unexpected traffic, you always get there later than planned. By the time we arrived and parked, the one special aquarium exhibit had closed. Bummer. Still, it was a fun party. We enjoyed eating fancy little petit fours and watching the boys' respectable classmates get a little sloshed. Plus, seeing the city lights at night is always worth the trip.

4: September 2009

12: Enjoying the Chicago's skyline from the sky deck in the Willis Tower.

13: After the tower, we decided to top off the day with some deep dish Chicago style pizza from Giordano's.

14: The Magnificent Mile September 2009

16: Connie's Pizza

17: October 10, 2009 | Museum of Science & industry

20: Pirate's Exhibit | October 16, 2009

22: Halloween 2009

23: Ward Halloween Party

26: I remember distinctly wanting to be a circus performer when I was little. Especially after seeing Toby Tyler. I've never seen a circus in my adult life so I was a little disillusioned with the vagabond mange that, indeed, makes up the circus troupe. And the clowns. Don't even get me started on the clowns. No doubt, each one of them vying for a promotion to "elephant crap sweeper." Otherwise, the acrobatics and ELEPHANTS OH MY GOODNESS THE ELEPHANTS! were rather spectacular. -Vanessa | Barum & BaileyCircus

27: While it was awesome to see these majestic beasts jump and leap and roll over in unison, I was peeved the entire time with the trainer, an obnoxious latino with a whip, who was screaming the entire time in an attempt to maintain power. Tigers are clearly not as responsive to verbal abuse as elephants. They kept snarling and swiping at him and I was stressed out the whole time. Secretly I was hoping one of them would Siegfried and Roy his little gold-sequined arse. -Vanessa | November 2009

28: Yahtzee! Currently we seem to be playing our own kind of Yahtzee here in business school. For months now Linc has been attending corporate events of all kinds, schmoozing the recruiters, networking with Alumni, studying the companies, researching stocks, mock interviews and on top of all that trying to keep up with school work, classes and balancing family and church life. The process has been more than grueling! The frustrating thing is that all he did for the past couple months was only scratching the surface. Now he has had to hope and work for first and second round interviews while competing with all the top schools for a spot as an intern for the summer. Now, is all this strategy or is it a game of luck? I don't have the answer. It seems to be a bit of both but for the most part I would have to say luck. Thirteen different combinations must add up to a Yahtzee to receive an internship along with a lot of prayer!! -Carina January 2010

29: Recruiting and Dating Internship recruiting in business school is ruthless. It plays with the emotions of students and their families far too much. It dangles our hopes and dreams right in front of our faces and makes us feel powerless to attain them. I've learned that it doesn't matter whether you feel like you nailed or bombed an interview. It's a crap shoot. There is nothing more frustrating than watching someone you love work and struggle and do his best to attain something, and know that there is absolutely nothing you can do to ensure that everything will work out. It's all up to somebody else. Right now, it's really hard to rely on faith alone. I've been venting to some of my wonderful lady friends lately, and we've come to a miserable conclusion: internship recruiting is like dating. Oh the wonderful and miserable world of dating. You put yourself out there among a "strong candidate pool" of single people, do everything you can to impress, spend hours perfecting your appearance. You "build up your resume" with interesting experiences and talents that will attract attention and spark conversation, and put all your energy into conveying your vibrant personality, sneaking your strengths and accomplishments into casual conversation so you'll look good. You show up to certain events for the chance to connect with potential "matches," maybe let yourself be led on by a few one-on-one dates, getting your hopes up for what could be before the deal is sealed... And then SLAM! Rejected! You're dumped. You weren't exactly the right fit, and you'll never know why. All those dreams of what could've been are shattered and tossed in the garbage. No second chances. You plead, "what did I do?!" but you never get a specific answer, so you worry about repeating the same mistakes the next time around. Then, left alone and forgotten, you are forced to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and mend them quickly, because time's a-wastin' and you can't afford to miss another opportunity on something so important. Perhaps the same thing happens again with a different party. And again. And again. And again. That's just how it goes. No magical remedy. You can't force someone to love you, just like you can't force a company to employ you. These are the unfair parts of life that simply suck. Don't get the wrong idea. Our future is not down the toilet yet. It's just incredibly nerve-racking to go through this process in a constant state of wonder and anxiety. These internships largely determine the career paths of MBA students. Most people get full-time offers from the company they intern for. If not, all this recruiting has to be done again next year. Not a fun idea. I know that everything will be okay and that Matt will find something because he is my Superman. I just wish I wasn't so utterly useless in the process. -Mimi January 2010

30: October 19, 2009

32: Lincoln Park Zoo

34: We shared many birthday celebrations together in the tot lot.

37: Friends

38: Valentine's Day Party!

39: BoothVs. Kellogg February 16, 2010

41: Game Works March 27, 2010

42: May 6, 2010 Mother's DaySpa

43: In celebration of Linc's birthday we daringly left 2-5 year olds 1-4 year old 1-2 year old 1-1 year old all with an 11 yr old babysitter. Crazy?!? Desperate!! Iron Man 2 came out yesterday in theaters. Being cheap-college-poor-crazy-for-normalcy people, we attended the early bird showing at 11:40 just so we could save $5 a ticket. Thankfully Mimi arrived early to save seats for the 7 of us. We got there just before Mimi was ready to pull her hair out from 3 confrontational angry movie goers that wanted to sit by her. I mean, who wouldn't want to sit next to beautiful Mimi?- | From the theaters we traveled to "Little Mexico" for some authentic, amazingly cheap, delicious Mexican food. We didn't mind being the only pasty whiteAmericans waiting in an atrocious line strung out the door. Who would've guessed the servers weren't fluent in English? Amazingly enough, we did end up with what we had ordered and it was FABULOUS! -Carina May 8, 2010

44: Leah found her inner peace through Chi exercises. Meanwhile, Josh made friends with this cute little guy named Lavelle who made himself right at home. | May 25, 2010

45: To the delight of the kids, three teenage boys allowed them to destroy their hard labor of building this amazing island. | Lake Michigan

46: June 5, 2010 | Farewell Party

47: The Giles held a farewell party for all the LDS business school students. Both Palmers & Bischoffs were headed to T.Rowe Price in Baltimore, oddly enough, Snows & Dowdles were headed to Michigan to work for Dow.

48: June 7, 2010

49: October 8, 2010 | County Line Orchard

51: Halloween 2010 | Trunk or Treat

52: We left Leah with the Bischoffs and headed off for tests, monitoring, and an ultrasound. Our ward Halloween party started at 5:00PM, so we knew we'd miss it but were happy for Leah to be able to still go and have fun with our friends. Then things got really interesting. After 4 hours wasted at the hospital for them to diagnose me with a UTI and a displaced rib (thanks a lot baby #2!) we checked out and noticed we had a missed call from our friend, Matt. While Sam tried to call him back we received the following text: "Hey Sam, sorry to do this to you while you're in this situation, but Leah fell at the church and cut her cheek and is probably going to need some stitches. We need to know how to talk to one of you two to get consent for them to do it." It turns out she was running around with the other munchkins and tripped and fell into a chair that had a plastic hook on the side so it could be attached to other chairs. Her face hit the hook directly. I felt complete panic and instantly overwhelmed with sadness that I wasn't there with her. We were about 20 minutes away from the U of Chicago emergency room so Sam rad-mobiled it through traffic and got to the ER just as Matt and Mimi got Leah checked in. My heart completely broke when I saw my little Turkey Sub in her little witch costume, covered in blood and bandages, and nestled into Mimi's neck. In that instant I was simultaneously horrified and filled with overwhelming gratitude for our wonderful friends for taking care of her. Leah was so pitiful. She was exhausted (she had just attended her second party of the day, after all, and it was 40 minutes past her bedtime. Oh, and she had a really bloody face). The ER doctor came in and examined her wound. (Can I just say right now that overly-dramatic doctors need to be shot? That's all.) He proceeded to tell us that she would need to be placed under general anesthesia and that she would need two layers of stitching to repair the wound. She was also going to need a cat scan and imagining of her face to reconstruct her nose if needed. And he expressed lots of concern about her face and nose healing well, etc. It was super fun to hear his speculations about her looking possibly like Frankenstein. Oh, and he got all defensive when we asked him if a plastic surgeon would be working on Leah. "Um. We're all pretty good a stitches," was his response. Turns out they always have a PS do facial repairs, but I'm sure glad he let us know he's good at stitches. The thought of putting her under made me uneasy, not to mention we'd have to wait an additional 6 hours minimum for her stomach to empty to even start the procedure. I just couldn't feel good about it so we were relieved when the plastic surgeon arrived and told us that we could try a local anesthesia if Leah would tolerate it. This would mean she would have to inject the anesthesia directly into the wound over a course of three injections. Then Leah would have to sit through the stitching while awake. The surgeon said it's nearly impossible considering her age, and that it was often very traumatic for children and parents much older than Leah, but she would be willing to try it if that's what we wanted. We needed a few minutes to decide and prayed fervently that we would be able to know what would be best for Little Lee. We felt strongly that the local anesthesia was best and so we decided to move forward. We, along with the doctor, were completely dumbfounded when Leah fell asleep in my arms and proceeded to SNOOZE through the numbing injections in her face! The doctor said she had never seen ANYTHING like it in her life. We couldn't believe it. Shortly after the numbing, Leah woke up and Lincoln and Matt came back to the hospital to help give her a blessing. We knew the actual procedure would be an uphill battle and if we couldn't get her to stay completely still, it would be impossible to sew her up. Sam blessed her that she would be able to do it and by the end of the blessing, she was fast asleep in my arms again. We quickly notified the doctor and she came in and got to work repairing Leah's nose. Again, we were beside ourselves as Leah proceeded to sleep through receiving nine out of ten stitches. She woke up just before the doctor finished and wouldn't hold still any longer, but the skin was lined up perfectly so our doctor was able to just use a dab of skin glue to finish up. It was a complete miracle!

53: Circus November 17,2010

54: November 25, 2010

55: Thanksgiving

56: The Wisconsin Dells is a place with glorious indoor water parks. It is a place where Chicago dwellers can escape when they feel suffocated by layers and layers of winter clothing and want to bare their soft white bodies to the world in the middle of January. A place within driving distance where it can almost feel like summer for a little while. A place where you don't have to take a single freezing step outside because everything you need is inside the walls (or tunnels) of the resort. | Wisconsin Dells | Capital of Indoor Water Parks | January 20-21, 2011

58: We survived Chicago's 3rd largest storm in recorded history. 20 inches of snow, 70 mph winds, 20 foot waves coming off Lake Michigan along with thunder and lightning. Thankfully, we weren't among the 1,000 people stranded for up to 10 hours on Lake Shore Drive. Those people said they tried to get out of their cars to walk to safety but after a minute or two they just get back in their cars to wait

59: Storm of 2011


61: Mimi's Birthday Dinner | February 7, 2011

63: Valentine's Day February 14, 2011

68: March 2, 2011

69: Dr Seuss' 107th Birthday!

70: Amber's Birthday Celebration! | March 8, 2011

72: St Patty's Day | March 17, 2011

73: Lincoln Park Zoo

74: "The other night I went out to eat with my homies and as we were walking to the restaurant a homeless lady asked in a sweet voice, "Ladies, could you spare any change so I can feed my children tonight?" We didn't, and so she said, "I hope you all die in a car crash." She said it not once, not twice, but three times. Oh, how I love you, Hyde Park." -Lindsay Salazar | April 6, 2011

75: Easter Dinner | April 24, 2011

76: Chicago Booth Babies | Jude Snow, William Dowdle, Eve Palmer, Skylee Bischoff

77: Friends Forever

78: May 7, 2011

80: May 5, 2011

81: Cinco de Mayo

82: Beach Adventures

83: May 10, 2011

84: We've survived two years in the twilight zone, aka south side Chicago, brought children into the world, endured recruiting, celebrated job offers, remained bedbug-free and still maintained our sanity. I couldn't have made it without each of my best friends! I appreciate your friendship and will always treasure the times we've shared together. Love, Carina May 2011

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