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Color Portfolio

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S: Nuclear plants

FC: What are things we can do to help? | Science Nuclear energy! | Who or what does is affect by this? | What is nuclear energy? | How does it work? | What are the long term and short term problem that might occur? | What are some real examples of nuclear energy?

1: It is like fossil fuel plant. The only difference is that in nuclear plants they use uranium instead of coal, gas etc... | Nuclear energy is one way we get our electricity. What it does, is change materials and other things and turns it to electricity for us to use. | What is nuclear energy? | Uranium

2: Uranium is used to make fuel and this is how it turns into fuel. When the atoms in uranium break apart to much tinier particles together (like forming a circle) (fissions). It causes there to be a lot of heat and the only thing that controls this is a reactor. Which is filled with uranium fuel. | The extreme heat and pressure from the fissions makes the water boil. What this does is, it makes the water evaporate into steam. Then, the steam goes into the turbine. The turbine is what makes the fluid turn into energy. | HOW DOES IT WORK?

4: An example of a nuclear power plant that is peacefully resting is one in Canada. The name of this power plant that is located where we live is Bruce Nuclear Power Plant Canada in Ontario. | Like any other nuclear plants Canadian plants use uranium as the fuel. Also they use water as the coolant. Really using the same kind of system as any other plant in the world .

5: SWALLOW CAVES BY MAYA BAY | November 14 | This is how the inside of a Canadian reactor.

6: Japan Nuclear energy disasters: On March, 11, 2011 Japan had a massive crisis. First, Japan had a earthquake, nothing much happened to the nuclear power plant. All that really happened was the power was off in the plant. Until, the tsunami hit, that is when the disaster messed with the nuclear plant.Then, it caused the plants reactors to melt. At this point the reactor was not going to cool down even when people tried to water it. All it did was evaporate the water because of its extreme heat. | Chernobyl is another example. Chernobyl 1986 was a terrible day because one day when the crew wanted to test the plant so what they did was a couple of days before they dropped the powers output in the reactor. But when the day came to test the output was just too low.

7: THE MOUNTAIN TEMPLE, WAT ARAT | November 8 | What are real examples? | Nuclear plants are safely located in some places around the world. However, there are places where there are complete disasters.

8: What is the difference between boiling water reactors and pressurized water reactors? Some ways they are different are in boiling reactors the water must go in the reactor. Where in pressurized reactors the water cannot go in the reactor. In the pressurized one, the heat has to be transferred to the boiler in order for it to be turned to steam. In addition, as you would have known the water in the boiler does not have to get moved because it is already in the boiler to be steamed. Also in the pressurized reactor, the pressure varies. In a boiling one the water is in constant pressure | Boiling water reactor | Pressurized water reactors

9: Facts: The pressure in a boiling reactor is almost half as the pressurized one but both still create the same amount of steam. Inside the nuclear plant there are several barriers because they to to protect the radioactive.(which contains fissions. | Professional people ( technicians, nuclear engineers etc..) are always monitoring nuclear plants in case of any problems.

10: Long term effects | Short term effects | Since earth is a closed system, nuclear plants are bad because uranium is not renewable. This is one of the reasons why they don't build many nuclear plants, since 1996. | Cancer is one of the biggest long-term effects that could be caused. This happens because of the radiation from the nuclear energy. | Another, long term affect is since we are using too much fuel for everyday life one day there will be non for use. Because earth is an closed system. Nothing comes in or goes out | Many kids are getting cancer form radioactivity. | A short-term affect is if the nuclear plant explodes it causes severe damage and will take a lot to undo the damage.

11: How does it affect wild life and people? | Wild life and humans get affected by nuclear energy in so many ways. One big thing that affects both wild life and humans is radiation. Radiation is the movement of energy. We as living things inhale this from daily things like food, water and air. What is will soon do s give you cancer. Just like, with a microwave the radiation from the microwave will give you cancer.

12: How safe is this method? What concerns is there in disposing? | One of the biggest concerns about these plants is that the energy is not renewable. Therefore, every time new uranium must be used. | Many people get frightened to even hear that because it causes so many problems. One way they try to resist this is by sealing the parts to it would not cause long and short term affects.

13: One positive thing about nuclear plants are they are one of the most energy sources that don't impact the environment as much. it also does not create gases that cause global warming.)greenhouse gases)

14: Most used website! | . What is Nuclear Energy? . N.p., 2012. Web. 19 May 2012. . | Main Resources:

16: "The entire ocean is affected by a pebble." | Blaise Pascal

17: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars." | Walt Whitman

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