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Color Portfolio

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FC: Runkle Academy 2011-2012

1: Brody's 4th Grade Year Gracie's 3rd Grade Year

2: Week 1: Learning about Creation and the First People. We made creation collages and Cave Paintings like made by the early Nomads | HISTORY

3: Week 2: Learning about the Early Egyptians and Noah | We made a model of the Nile River and made a sugar cube Pyramid as well as Lego Pyramids

4: Week3: Early Writing: The Sumerians and Babel | Making a Cuneiform Tablet out of Cookie Dough, Writing Hieroglyphics and making a Sumerian Seal

6: Our Sumerian Seals | Gracie's seal was a horse seal that worked like a modern day stamp.

7: Brody's seal was a cylinder seal of fish.

8: Week 4: Abraham We made Ziggurats, which were temples made during this time and primarily in the area of Mesopotamia.

9: The Ziggurats were used for idol worship and are similar to what the Tower of Babel may have looked like. This was the main form of architecture during Abraham's time.

10: Week 5: Hammurabi and Isaac. Made Hittite Shoes - long pointed shoes.Similar to what the Hittites wore in the days of Isaac.

11: Week 6: The Assyrians, Gilgamesh and Jacob This week, we read the legends of Gilgamesh and Ishtar and drew pictures of what we thought Enkidu might look like. We also made Cone Mosiacs similar to the architecture in the columns of buildings of the Assyrians.

12: Week 7: Joseph and Joseph and his family in Egypt. This week, we made a coat of many colors, similar to the coat his father gave him before his brothers sold him into slavery. We learned all about the hardships that Joseph faced that were all a part of God's plan to save the Israelites. We also finished reading Golden Goblet, a book about Egypt during the time of Joseph and the Pharaohs.

14: Week 8: Egypt's Middle Kingdoms - Pyramids and Mummies. This week, we excavated some Egyptian treasures from a "tomb".

16: Week 8: Egypt's Middle Kingdoms. We learned about pyramids and mummies. We also read, Mara, Daughter of the Nile. This mystery was about this time period in Egypt's history. Brody and Gracie also "mummified" two of their dolls with cotton gauze and plastic jewels. They wrapped the mummies in strips of gauze, with jeweled amulets in each layer. They also made golden masks for their mummies with tin-foil and they decorated fancy coffins for the tombs with jewels.

18: Week 9: Egypt's New Kingdom We learned about Hatshepsut, the female Pharaoh, and about the lost tomb of King Tut. We also made a beaded Egyptian necklace using baked clay and "gold" bracelets, just like what the Egyptian men and women wore during the New Kingdom

21: Week 10: The Exodus We learned about Moses' beginning in the basket and how he lead the Israelites out of Egypt by being God's messenger of the 10 Plagues. He also led the Israelites across the Red Sea. We made Dioramas that were scenes of the Red Sea Crossing.

22: Week 13: Ancient Africa, Saul and David. We made painted hands like Africa's early art. Week 14: The Phoenicians, David and Solomon. We dyed socks blue using blueberries. This process was similar to the snail shells that the Phoenicians used to dye things purple. | Week 11: The Law and the Wilderness. We made a replica of a Tabernacle made according to God's commands Week 12: Ancient India, China and Conquering Canaan. We made a brick like what they used in building in Canaan using grass and dirt.

23: Week 15: The Americas, Elijah and Elisha This week, we learned about the people of the Americas, the Nazca drawings, the Heads of the Olmics and legends of the people. We also studied the division of the Kingdom of Israel, Elijah and Elisha's miracles and Jezebel being overthrown by Elijah. We made Olmec head statues, similar to the much larger statues found of the Olmec rulers in Central America.

24: Week 16: Assyria and Israel's Prophets We learned about the return of Assyria and Jonah. We learned how the Assyrians were able to invade Israel and other cities with their "Siege Towers". We made siege towers similar to what the Assyrians used to invade and conquer other countries. We also enjoyed reading, "God King," which vividly described the siege that Assyria attempted upon Israel. and how God saved them miraculously.

25: Fall Family Festival at First Baptist Church Universal City Week 17: Crete. We learned about the Bull-jumpers in early Crete and the story of the Hero and Minotaur. We also built a Minoan Ship and Oars

26: Week 18: Greek Beginnings We studied the Mycenaeans, the early Greeks, the Trojan Horse, and other writing of Homer. | Greek Olympics

27: In addition to making a Trojan Horse, we reenacted the First Olympics with the neighborhood. We hosted the following events: 1. Three-legged race 2. 50 Yard Dash 3. Basketball shoot in 5 minutes 4. Long Jump 5. Hula-Hoop We even made "grapevine wreaths" to hand out to the winners!

28: Week 19: India. We learned of the Aryans of India and the Mauryan Empire. We also made Rahki bracelets which a brother usually gives to his sister. Week 20: The Babylonians We learned of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel. We made our own "Hanging Gardens" like the gift Neb gave to his wife - 1 of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World.

29: Week 21: The Rise of the Persians. We learned about the Medes and the Persians and more about Daniel and the writing on the wall. We also studied Ezra and the return of the Israelites. | We made silver plates that were similar to the silver plates used by Persian Rulers. We "etched" designs into our silver. Gracie's was a horse design. Brody's was a battle scene, which would have been typical for Persian rulers.

30: Week 22: Athens, Sparta and Esther We learned about Sparta and Athens and the battles that took place between the two. We also studied Greece's war with Persia. We also studied the book of Esther. We learned that Esther probably cared for the poor of her country and like Esther, we made bags to distribute to the poor. We made about 40 bags full of toiletries to distribute to Hope Homeless Shelter in San Antonio. We also made bowls out of clay that were similar to Greek bowls of the day.

31: Week 23: Greek Gods and Greek Wars We learned about King Cyrus and the end of Israelite captivity. We also studied the building of the new temple in Israel. We studied the Wars between the Greeks and the Greek Gods. We built a replica of the Greek Parthenon, a great example of Greek Architecture.

32: Week 24: Alexander the Great's Reign. We studied Alexander the Great and his invasions. We also studied what it was like to be in Alexander the Great's army. We also read about Archimedes and all his wonderful contributions to Science and Math. We made a Greek Aspis (shield) like that of Alexander's army.

33: Week 25: China We learned about the writings of Qin, Confucius and the making of the Great Wall of China. | We made our own "wall" similar to how they did in China, we greatly compacted sand and rocks and even "bodies" into our wall.

34: Week 26: Rome's Rise We studied Rome''s rise to power and their empire. We studied how the Roman Roads helped expand their empire. We read Detectives in Togas, a funny book about times during the Roman Empire, and made our own "Roman Roads".

35: Awards/Events: Brody received the Cub Scouts Webelos Badge and both kids won in the AWANA Grand Prix. Gracie and Dad had a great time at the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

37: Weeks 27 - 29: Roman Wars, August Caesar and the Birth of Christ We learned about the Punic Wars, the City and architecture of Rome, the Rise of Julius Caesar, Roman Gladiators, Cleopatra, and the Birth of Christ. We made large Roman shields, which were painted red, minted coins like Caesar's, and made Roman togas and wreath crowns.

38: Week 30: Jesus' Life, Death and Resurrection This week we studied the beginnings of Christianity - Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection. We also finished Bronze Bow, a book about the oppression of the Romans to the Jews during the Roman occupation. We also had a foot washing and Seder meal, just like the one Jesus celebrated with his disciples during the Last Supper.

39: Passover Seder Meal | During the Passover Meal, we reviewed the 10 plagues | The Passover plate | The 4 cups | We learned about the symbolism of Christ in the Passover

40: Weeks 31: The Early Church and the End of the Jewish Nation We learned about the Pentecost and the growth of the first church and then learned about the end of the nation of Israel. We also studied the early persecution of the church and Paul's conversion and the beginning of his ministry. We made a Shabbat Candle holder (what Jews lit on the Sabbath) out of colored sand. Week 32: The Christians and Rome We learned about Rome and the Christians and studied Lydia and Paul's last 2 Missionary Journeys. We made Christian "fish" symbols just like what the early Christians used to identify one another.

42: Week 33: Rome Weakens We studied about the split and weakening of the Roman Empire. We also learned more about the spread of Christianity beyond the Roman Empire. We studied the town of Pompeii, which was destroyed by a volcano and we made our own erupting volcano. We read Twice Freed, a book about Philemon's slave, Onesimus, who was freed from slavery, to man and to sin, by faith in Jesus.

44: Week 34: The Fall of the Roman Empire We studied the Barbarians who attacked Rome. | We also read about the Fall of Rome and the John's messages to the 7 churches in Revelation. | We also made marshmallow catapults that were similar to the catapults that the Romans legions took into battle.

45: TEEN PACT: Austin Capitol - Godly leadership Conference | Brody and Gracie attended Teen Pact where they learned about how to write and pass a bill and the branches of the Government.

46: Botany Fun: Learning about Pollination

47: We used chocolate and powdered donuts to act out how pollen gets caught on the insect and spread to other plants

48: More Botany Fun: Experimenting with real flowers and acting out all the different pollinators.

49: Gracie was a flower that was pollinated.

50: Science Fair Projects for Botany | Gracie's experiment was testing the effect of salt water on the growth of plants.

51: Brody's experiment was testing the presence of worms in the soil on the growth of plants.


53: The Venus Fly-trap that we grew while studying Botany. A pine cone experiment that explained how the cone naturally closes in the cold weather. to protect its' seed. | Gracie wearing a "hoop skirt" during "Addy" American Girl Doll class. The beekeeper who came to teach us about pollination. | RANDOM

54: Classical Conversations - Cycle 1

56: Classical Conversations Memory Master Awards Ceremony B & G both achieved “Memory Master.” This means that they memorized about 500 pieces (each usually being several facts each) of information from the topics of History, Math, Science, Grammar, Latin and Geography. In addition, they memorized the Presidents of the USA in order, the Preamble to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They also memorized a timeline of 160 historical events from Ancient History to Modern History, in order. Of their group of about 80 kids, there were only 13 kids that achieved this medal.

58: SPRING BREAK TRIP - Dallas - Great Wolf Lodge and Medieval Times

59: April 2012 | Queen of the Tournament

60: Gracie's 8th Birthday Party - A Horse Party at Maryanne James' Morgantown Farm. All the girls got to ride the horses, but Gracie got to ride "Sailor" the longest. She had a beautiful horse turquoise cake to enjoy. It was a blessed day! Nana got to enjoy the fun with us too!

62: Brody's 10th Birthday deep-sea fishing trip.

63: What a great way to turn 10! Brody caught a shark and a Cobia fish - the only kid on the boat and the only person to catch 2 fish!

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