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Color Portfolio

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S: By: Mallory Burman

FC: Act Math Project 2012 | Mallory Burman 1st period September 24, 2012

1: Table of Contents pages 2-3 skill 1 pages 4-5 skill 2 pages 6-7 skill 3 pages 8-9 skill 4 pages 10-11 skill 5 pages 12-13 skill 6 pages 14-15 skill 7 pages 16-17 skill 8 pages 18-19 skill 9 pages 20-21 skill 10 pages 22-23 skill 11 pages 24-25 skill 12 pages 26-27 skill 13 pages 28-29 skill 14 pages 30-31 skill 15

2: The natural BEAUTY of southern Thailand was stunning. | Skill 1: When you see variables or unknowns in the question and numbers in the answer choices, "Use the Answers." Convert fractions, pi and square roots to decimals.

3: Ex: The lengths of the side of a triangle have 3 consecutive even integers. If the perimeter of the triangle is 36 cm, what is the length in cm of the shortest side? | Answer and Solution: A.7 B.8 C.10 D.12 E.14 The answer is C because 10+12+14=36

4: Skill 2: When you see "then x = ?" complete the algebra or just use the answers Ex: If 2x+3=8x-5, then x =? | Solution and Answer: A.4/3 B.3/4 C.1/4 D.-1/4 E.-2 Just Use Algebra to get x alone! Correct Answer = A

6: Example and Solution if 3x+4y=12 what is y in terms of x? first you subtract 3x from both sides and then you divide both sides by four you get y=3-3/4x | Skill 3 What is y in terms of x and z is just a fancy way of saying, solve for y or use algebra to get y alone.

8: Skill 4 When you see the word mean it means average! Average = sum # of items | Ex. What is the mean of 44, 4 38, 3, 33, and 24? Solution: Just use your formula to figure out the mean. Therefore you find the sum of all 6 numbers and then you will divide the sum by 6 because you have 6 numbers! The answer = 24.3

9: KRABI, SOUTH END | November 9

10: Ex. If angle a= 75 degrees and angle c= 65 degrees what does angle B equal? Solution: Since all triangles add up to be 180, you add 65 and 75 and then subtract that by 180. Answer= 40 degrees | Skill 5 When you see vertical angles, linear pair or a triangle calculate the measures of all angles Here are some skill you need to memorize 1. Vertical angles are equal 2. The angles in a linear pair add up to 180 3. The angles in a triangle add up to 180

12: Ex. Are the two green shaded angles congruent? Solution: Yes because they are both little angles and all little angles = each other. | Skill 6 When you see two parallel lines that are crossed by another line 8 angles are formed, and all the bigger and smaller looking angles are all equal.

14: Ex. If the triangle above is an equilateral triangle what do its angles equal? Solution: They all equal 60 degrees. | Skill 7 When you see a triangle with two equal sides, mark the two opposite angles as equal, and when all sides of a triangle are equal, mark all angles 60 degrees.


16: Ex. (2x-5)(5x-4) Solution: Use FOIL method! 1st multiply the 2x by the 5x, then multiply 2x by the -4, then multiply the -5 by 5x and last multiply -5 by -4. Answer: 10x^2-33x+20 | Skill 8 When you see an expression (2x-5)(5x-4) use the FOIL method, meaning multiply the 1st # and letter into the 2nd parenthesis, multiply the 2nd # and letter into the 2nd parenthesis and then collect matching terms.


18: Ex. For all real numbers x, how many values of x are odd prime numbers less than 20? Answer: first underline all vocab words. Then write down all prime # less than 20: 2, 3, 5,7,11,13,17,19 all are odd except 2 and 1 is not a prime number so their are 7. | Skill 9 Anytime you see a math vocab term underline it.

20: Ex. How many different, real number, prime factors, does the # 120 have? Solution: To complete this question you have to factor 120. Answer. 3 prime factors. | Skill 10 Don't be intimidated by fancy vocab terms!


22: Ex. What is the least common multiple of 30, 40 and 50? A.1200 B.800 C.600 D.400 Solution: Use the answer by dividing each answer by 30, 40 & 50. Answer= C. 600 | Skill 11 To find the least common multiple or least common denominator, "Use the Answers."

23: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars."

24: Ex. What is the x- intercept of the kine that contains the points (-2.3) and (4,1), in the standard x, y coordinate plane? A.(1/2, 0) B.(0,1/2) C.(7,0) D.(0,7) Answer=H | Skill 12 Don't be intimidated by fancy graphing terms.

26: Ex. if the slope of a line through the points (-2, 5) and (3,b) is -1, what is the value of B? Solution: plug the 2 points into the slope equation once you have 5-b -5 you can use the answers and try each answer choice. Answer A. -2 B. -1 C.0 D.1 Correct answer = C. 0 | Skill 13 To find the Slop or rate of change use Slope =y1-y2 x1-x2

28: Ex. In the standard (x,y coordinate plane, what is the slope of a line with equation 3x-5y =-12 Answer= 3/5 | Skill 14 An equation of a line in the form of y=mx+b is called slope intercept form. Where m represents slope Parallel lines have equal slopes and perpendicular line have negative reciprocal slopes like 2/3 & -3/2

30: Skill 15 The key to charts and graphs is to read the intro material and the note, and to expect average, percent and probability question about the data.

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