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Color Portfolio

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BC: Nathan Manno Mrs. Foley Period 1 English 9 honors

FC: Nathan's Big Book of Vignettes

1: Title Page 1. The House On Simonich Circle 2. All Kinds Of Hair 3. Fears 4. Self Conscious Embarrassment 5. Remembering Zio Rafaeli 6. A Mannequin 7. Bums Or Not 8. Big Nona Who Doesn't Speak English 9. The Red Maple 10. My Laughter

2: The House On Simonich Circle | My house is one of a kind. Beige in color and the roof is always hot. A tall, two story house that is currently under construction for an edition. Inside, the kitchen is being remodeled and the ceiling is white. There are four bedrooms, all ordered and customized differently to accommodate each owner's preference. In my house, there are many sounds and smells. The sounds range from hammering to machinery to oven alarms. There are many wonderful and sweet aromas too. The smell of sweet treats fill your nose as soon as you enter the house. It was bright and sunny June day when I entered my house. I heard a lot of loud noises coming from somewhere. I looked and looked until something caught my eye. It was a dumpster that was in the backyard. I looked out the window and saw a big truck and a group of men digging. I found my dad and asked,"Why are there people digging in the backyard"? He told me that we were getting an edition onto our house and that our house would look a lot different. So I was very disappointed and walked away, remembering all of my memories of my old house.

3: All Kinds of Hair | Hair comes in many different colors and shapes. They can be curly, straight, long or short. In my family, hair is very abundant. My mom has straight, red hair. Her hair is as red as as tomato. Dad's hair is short and black, black as the night and as short as freshly cut grass. My brother's hair is black as ever and somewhat short. My sister's hair is as brown as a tree trunk. Her hair is as long as a yard stick and fly around in the slightest of wind. My hair is brown and short, as brown as dirt and shorter than an inch.

4: Fears Throughout my life, I have seen many weird and scary things. Some people's fears may range from the dark to spiders to creepy crawling things. One of my fears is being in a small, crowded space. Being in a small, crowded space is one of my fears because you can hardly move around. This is also one of my fears because when I am in a small, crowded space, I get hot and it's harder for me to breathe. Another reason why being in small, cramped spaces is one of my fears is because I start breathing rapidly, start to sweat, and turn as red as a tomato.

5: Self- Conscious Embarrassment In my life, there have been many situations where I was so shy and almost reached the point of self- conscious embarrassment. One situation that this almost happened to me was in fifth grade. I had a to present my report in front of the whole class. I was not a very good public speaker and hated being in front of a lot of people. All week I was nervous and kept procrastinating my presentation. On Friday, we came back from lunch and I was told to do my presentation. The teacher called my name and I picked up my poster from the corner and walked up to the front. I felt my face turn red and sweat started running, but before I knew it, it was over.

6: Remembering Zio Raffaeli In my family, there have been many deaths, most of them recently. It was in November of 2011 when Zio Raffaeli died of Parkinson's Disease. My family had driven to New York to attend his funeral. We arrived at the funeral home and found the rest of the family sitting in chairs mourning and remembering the good times. For myself, I had conflicting emotions. I had felt sad for all of the people that were mourning, but I was also happy because he had gone to a better place and wouldn't suffer anymore. After the mass, we drove to a mausoleum where he would be buried. I didn't feel the pain others felt because I only saw him a few times, but for others like my grandparents, who have very fond memories of him, I tried to comfort them and give them words of encouragement.

7: A Mannequin Although there are many inanimate things in the world, I am going to describe a mannequin. A mannequin stands in the store window and watches hundreds of people making their daily trips to and from the store or strip. A mannequin as white as a ghost and as tall as a giraffe, is wearing bright colored shirts and dark blue pants it was ordered to advertise to the public. A mannequin is as silent as a mime and is stuck in place like it is glued to the floor and can't break free.

8: Bums Or Not Now that Sandra Cisneros is now successful, I believe that she does invite bums into her attic. I believe that Cisneros invites bums into her attic because when she was a child, she has memories of bums sleeping in her attic. Also, I believe that Sandra Cisneros still invites bums to sleep in her attic because she knows how bad it is to live like one. This is why I believe that Sandra Cisneros, who is now successful, invites bums to sleep in her attic.

9: Big Nona Who Doesn't Speak English Throughout my life, I have only met one person who can't speak English. This person is my great-grandmother who is 102 years old and only speaks Italian. One summer, my family took a trip up to New York where my great-grandmother lives. When we got to her house which is a skyscraper and as big as the ocean, we were greeted at the door. When we walked in, our noses were filled with wonderful, sweet smelling aromas. My great-grandmother came out of the room and greeted us in Italian, which I could somewhat understand. After we had set our belongings down, we helped prepare dinner. At dinner, there were many good smelling Italian dishes and we ate them all. Throughout dinner, when my great-grandmother spoke I couldn't comprehend what she was saying to my dad because I don't speak Italian fluently.After dinner, everyone said goodnight and went to bed. In the morning, we ate a whale size breakfast and said goodbye.

10: The Red Maple As a child, there have been many spots that I have visited. The secret spot that was my favorite as a kid was the tall red maple tree in front of my house. The red maple in front of my house is as tall as the Washington Monument. Its branches are so long and strong that they can hold anything. The tree flourishes with color, The leaves more abundant than cabbage and as green as freshly cut grass in the summer. When I go to hide high up in the tree, I eel like I'm in the jungle because the leaves cover everything so you can't be seen up in the tree.

11: My Laughter Laughter comes in many different tones, some high or some low. My laughter is in the middle between high and low. My laughter is similar to my dad's laughter, not too high and not too low. My brother's laughter very high pitched. When he laughs, it sounds like a car slamming on its brakes. My sister's and my mom's are pretty much like my dad's and mine, but a little higher.

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