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Concepts of World War II

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Concepts of World War II - Page Text Content

FC: Shawn Bucy

1: Post World War II | Many lives were lost in World War II. Most of the casualties from this war were bburied in the Arlington National Cemetary.

2: USMC | Adolf Hitler's master race called the Nazis (pictured below) were eliminated.

3: World war II required many men to leave their lives to go fight in the war. This is a picture of a couple reuniting after the solider has come back from the war. These soliders were sent by Harry Truman

4: Many cities and small towns were destroyed because of all the bombings and raids taking place in the war. This is how they looked in the result after it was over. A popular General for the U.S. during the war was General George Patton.

5: This is the end result of Hiroshima. Hiroshima is a city that the U.S. had bombed with an atomic bomb, almost completely leveling it.

6: Korean WAr | One of the most pointless wars there was. There wasn't no actual winner. Here is a monument to honors those who lost their lives in this pointless war.

7: The war cost the U.S. a bunch of money. The picture here is of a war ship firing 16 in. shells at Kim Il Sung, and his North Korean army. We were helping defend Syngman Rhee and South Korea

8: OUR HERO | The 38th parallel was like the border between North and South Korea. If you crossed that border, you were killed. General McCarther ignored orders here, and continued passed the 38th parallel.

9: More pointless machinery and money that went into the war was the aircrafts. They cost a lot to make, but fought for a war that ended where it started.

10: This shows the picture of the country before the war started. Ironically, this is what it looked like when it ended too.

11: Vietnam War | The Vietnam war was a pointless war. The U.S. were drafting everyone. No matter who you were. You would get arrested if you didn't serve. As you can see, the men were very young.

12: There was a group of people who apposed the war. They made it clear that they thought it was wrong

13: The Vietnam War opened up new weapons like the flamethrowers, and the browning.

14: The Vietnam war lost 58,168 men, not including MIA and POW. It was only to help stop communism which it did for a little bit, then came back. So it failed, and a loss for America.

15: The war was fought in jungles, and highly wooded areas, making it hard for the U.S. to know where they were, and they had never fought in that type of environment.

16: Containment | The containment policy was put into effect by the U.S. to stop the spread of Communism. One way that they decided to do this was by the Truman Doctrine by President Truman. The Truman doctrine was a document of Truman requesting that Congress give aid to Greece and Turkey.

17: The Marshall Plan was a financial aid for all Eastern European countries. This kept them strong, and away from communism.

18: Dwight Eisenhower rival doctrine of rollback, he refused to intervene in the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.

19: John F. Kennedy was the President during the Cold War with Cuba, trying to contain communism. He was gave great military support to stop the spread.

20: The domino theory was if some countries fell to communism, then other countries would follow causing a domino effect. This making the whole world communism.

21: Cold War in Cuba | The Bay of Pigs was where the U.S. landed in Cuba to invade it. Unfortunately it was unsucessfull, causing the U.S. to start on a bad foot.

22: Robert McNamara was a high business man who worked under JFK. He played a huge role in involvement in the war.

23: Fidel Castro was the Prime Minister of Cuba. He was fighting against JFK and the U.S. to keep his country alive.

24: The CIA was a main factor in the war. They went into Cuba for the Bay of Pigs. JFK sent them, and they played a big factor in the war.

25: Brink of war was when Cuba was allowing the U.S.S.R. was storing nuclear power. IT scared the U.S. and put us on the brink of war.

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