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FC: Comparative Government | Alexa Connelly

2: The two major political parties are the Democrats and the Republicans. | The United States | The United States Constitution was founded in September 1787 | It is a FEDERAL government with LIMITED power! | VS.

3: The United States broke free from England and wanted their own government to be self-ruling. This explains why the government is organized the way it is today, and still has checks and balances.

4: Legislative: Consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which together form the United States Congress. Executive: The president is elected by the people and is the head of the executive branch. The President turns to members of the cabinet for advice in their area of expertise. Judiciary: The Supreme Court is the highest court in the Judiciary. There are two levels; Trial Courts and Appellate Courts.

5: The United States has a mixed economy. | Top imports: Crude Petroleum, Refined Petroleum, Digital Disk Drives, Integrated Circuits, and Cars Top exports: Refined Petroleum, Cars, Integrated Circuits, Packaged Medications, and Vehicle Parts

6: Mexico | Mexico's Constitution was adopted on February 5th, 1917 | It is a FEDERAL government with LIMITED power.

7: Major Political Parties: National Action Party (PAN), the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) | Mexico was ruled by Spain until the 1800s, and then were inspired by the French and American revolutions to have one of their own and become independent. So in the 1820s they became free from Spain.

8: Legislative: The power is vested upon the Congress of the Union, and is a bicameral congress consisting of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Executive: The President of the United Mexican States is head of the state and government in Mexico. Judiciary: Based on a three tier system similar to the US consisting of the Supreme Court, the Circuit Courts, and the collegiate Courts. (There are also district and jury courts.)

9: Mexico has a free market economy. | Major Exports: Crude Petroleum, Cars, Monitors and Projectors, Vehicle Parts, and Delivery Trucks Major Imports: Cars, Vehicle Parts, Delivery Trucks, digital Disk Drives, and Telephones

10: United Kingdom | The United Kingdom's Constitution was adopted in 1948 | It is a UNITARY government with LIMITED power. | The two major political parties are the Conservative Party and the Labour Party

11: Each of the four countries of the United Kingdom has a separate local government within themselves. Little changed until the 19th century when the four countries experienced a constant evolution of organization and function.

12: Legislative: Parliament is bicameral and consists of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Executive: Following the rule of the Hanoverian monarchs, the "Prime Minister" chairs and leads the Cabinet. Judiciary: The "Prime Minister" acts almost like a president would, and leads the cabinet.

13: The United Kingdom has a mixed economy. | Major Imports: Crude Petroleum, Refined Petroleum, Cars, Gold, and Packaged Medicaments Major Exports: Cars, Refined Petroleum, Packaged Medicaments, Crude Petroleum, and Gas Turbines

14: People's Republic of China | The People's Republic of China was adopted in 1982 | It is a UNITARY government with LIMITED power. | There is only one political view- which is communism.

15: Throughout thousands of years, there were many dynasties in China. The Republic of China was established in 1912 when a Chinese general proclaimed himself emperor of China, and now the communist party controls it.

16: Legislative: Called the National People's Congress (It is the largest body in the world; almost 3,000 members) Executive: State Council is chaired by the premier and includes heads of each governmental department (there are 35 in total) Judiciary: The supreme peoples court (the highest) and the Supreme People's Procuratorate (they do prosecution and investigation)

17: China is a socialist market economy | Major imports: Electrical Machinery, Machinery, Toys and Sports Equipment, Furniture and Bedding, and Footwear Major exports: Machinery, Miscellaneous Grain, Seed, Fruit, Electrical Machinery, Vehicles, and Aircraft

18: South Africa | The South African Constitution was adopted in 1996 | It is a UNITARY system with LIMITED power | The two major political parties are the EFF and the Agang SA.

19: South Africa was also trying to gain independence from Britain but in 1872, after a long political struggle, it attained free government with a locally accountable executive and Prime Minister.

20: Legislative: The power in the legislative branch is held by the Parliament of South Africa. Executive: The power in the executive branch is in the President of South Africa who is head of state, and government, and his cabinet. Judiciary: Separated into The Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Appeal, and the High Court

21: South Africa has a mixed economy. | Major Imports: Machinery and equipment, chemicals, Petroleum Products, Scientific Instruments, and food materials. Major Exports: Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, other metals, machinery and equipment.

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