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S: Battles for the Holy land: The Crusades

FC: Battles for the Holy land: The Crusades | By: Finn Harrington and Collin Helwig

1: Battles for the Holy Land:The Crusades | By: Finn Harrington and Collin Helwig | Copy write Macungie, Pennsylvania 2011

2: What were the Crusades? | The Crusades were battles to get the holy land: Jersuslem. There were eight Christian crusades. There were Christians, Muslims, and other religions in these battles. The Crusaders were the people who fought for the Christians. The always wore crosses in battle and fought fiercely. In these battles they used weapons like the battering ram, catapult, and swords. In total there were eight crusades. These battles took place in Europe. | The holy cross | Jeruselum

3: The First Crusades | The first crusade started on November 18th, 1095 .This was declared by Pope Urban 11 He gathered many people and gave a speech. This was against the Turks and Muslims. The Crusaders won and eventually reaches Constantinople and killed around 10,000 Muslims and Jews. They later went out to Asia Minor and fought there. After everything was over the crusaders returned \home and brought new ideas to Europe with them. They made new medicine and better weapons. Once they reached the holy land they were so happy and kissed the ground. The Crusaders won the first Crusade. | Pope Urban II | The Crusaders

4: The crusaders before a battle. | The Second Crusade | The Second Crusade was started by Muslims. In the beginning the crusaders had the holy land from the first crusade but never got firm control of it. But they ended up losing this crusade.But the loss of this crusade also brought good things to Europe. As the solders came back they brought good ideas they saw in the other places they fought. This helped revive trade in Europe. They brought in jewels ,rugs,and spices. They also found new ideas like medicine,math,and technology just like in the first.

5: Saladin the first. This man started the rise of the turks. | The Third Crusade | The Third crusades happened in 1187. It was known as the Crusade of the Kings. A very important Muslim leader named Saladin the first fought in it He started the crusade by stopping pilgrims from entering the holy land.. There were a very organized kings in this crusade. King Richard raised money for the crusades to go into battle. this crusade involved the death of the German emperor: Fredrick Barbosa. It finally ended in 1192 when King Richard and Saladin made a truce to once again let pilgrims into the holy land.

6: The Fourth Crusade | The fourth crusade was known as "The Trader Crusade." Merchants joined the Crusaders. This crusade started in 1202 and ended in 1262. During this time the crusaders were allied with the Venetians. The main objective of this crusade was to get to Egypt so they could take down they Muslim power. During this time the Muslims had large power so the people of Constantinople asked th crusaders for protection. Once the Crusaders got there they had no money and attacked Constantinople themselves to get back home. In this battle they sacked the city of Constantinople. This event took place in 1204. They took all of the city's wealth. This attack helped the downfall of Constantinople. In 1453 Constantinople fell to the Turks. Saladin fought in this war too. | Constantinople after the sack.

7: Children who marched to the holy land. | The Children's Crusade | The Children's Crusade started in 1212. It happened when thousands of French and German children attempted to march to Jeruselum. This crusade was not successful. After a while children go tired and some returned home. Others kept going. There misfortune started when there boat sank. Then they had to travel by foot on the Alps. During this time the French and German children met up with each other. Many children froze to death. At the end of their journey they were captured by some men and sold as slaves.

8: Leaders of the Crusades | There were many leaders in the crusades. As you know one was Saladin because he led the turks to victory in the later crusades and created the rise of the turks. Another was Godfrey of Bouillon because he was an extraordinary solider and was wise. He was a Christian. One important leader was Pope Urban II because he started it all.. One extremely vital man in the crusades was Peter the Hermit. He led the fourth crusade or the peoples crusade . The crusades would not be remembered without all these people. | Godfrey of Bouillon.

9: The Diary Entry of a Crusader | Feb. 14- This is now the 234th day of the first crusade. There is frost on the ground today. It must have been a cold night. A muslim wounded my arm in battle yesterday and took my horse. I may not be able to afford a new one. I'm scared I might have to go home and miss out on the oppurtunitiy of having a good afterlife. We are winning but i dont know how much more of this I can take. All I wish is for this war to end.

10: Weapons used in the Crusades | Catapult | Flail | Battle Axes | Mace

11: This is what some Crusaders looked like. | These are what a one on one battle looked like. | {{Pictures

12: Finn Harrington | Finn is 12 and his favorite sports are baseball and skiing. He lives with his Mom, Dad, sister Moira, and his dog. His favorite sport teams all are from Philadelphia, but his favorite is the Phillies. He has been playing baseball since the age of 5, and now plays on the Allentown Avengers. He has been skiing since the age of 6 and skis all winter long. | Finn Harrington | Finn's favorite sport.

13: Collin Helwig | Collin is 13 and his favorite sport is basketball. He lives with his family and dog. His favorite sport teams are in New York. His absolute favorite is the Giants. He goes to see them play on sundays. Collin lives with his mom,dad,sister,brother,and dog. His favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees. His favorite football player is Eli Manning. | Collin's favorite sport. | Eli Manning

14: Bingham, Jane. Medieval World. London: Usborne, 1999. Print. "The Crusades." Www.boisestate.edu. Boise State Unniversity. Web. 4 Nov. 2011 http://boisestate.edu/courses/crusades/>. Gavelt, Christopher. Castles. New York: Christopher Gavett, 1994. Print. History of Our World. Needham, MA: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005. Print. MacEaurern, Sally. Medieval World. Vol. 3. Danbury: Grolier Education, 2001. Print. Tanaka, Shelley, and Greg Ruhl. In the Time of Knights: the Real-life History of History's Greatest Knight . New York: Hyperion, 2000. Print. | Work Cited

15: This mixbook is dedicated to Pope Urban II because he is the reason the Crusades started when he declared war in 1095. Without him we wouldn't have been able to make this mixbook. THE END

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