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FC: The Crusades Kaley Summey and Kaitlin Fowler

1: The Crusades by: Kaley Summey and Kaitlin Fowler

2: The goals | The king and the Church wanted the Crusades because it helped get rid of quarrelsome knights. The Crusades had religion motives, social, economic and political goals.

3: Examples | To push the Muslims to the Holy Land. To retake Jerusalem from the Muslims.

4: The First and Second Crusades | Who ever died had in the crusades went to heaven with God. Most Crusaders were French. There was also Bohemians, Germans, Englishmen, Scots, Italians and Spaniards. On July 15, 1099 nobles captured the city of Jerusalem. Each won a strip of land. In 1144 , Edessa reconquered by the Turks.

5: <- The First Crusade | The Second Crusade->

6: The Third Crusade | To recapture Jerusalem was led by three of Europe's most powerful monarchs. The three were Philip II(Augustus) of France, German emperor Fredrick I(Barbarossa), and the English King, Richard the Lion-Hearted.Barbarossa drowned on the journey. Philip went home after an argument with Richard. Richard was the only one left to lead the Crusaders to regain the Holy Land from Saladin. After many battles, the two brilliant warriors agreed to a truce in 1192.Jerusalem remained under Muslim control. Saladin promised that unarmed Christian pilgrims could freely visit the city's holy places.

8: The Fourth Crusade and The Children's Crusade! | The fourth crusade tried to capture Jerusalem, but failed in 1204. The Child crusade was in 1212.Thousands of children tired to conquer Jerusalem.One led by 12 year old Stephen of Cloyes. 3000 kids under the age of 18 helped Stephen. Many died from hunger or the cold. The rest of them died by drowned in the sea or sold to slavery.

9: The Children Crusade | The Fourth Crusade

10: The Spanish Crusade | Reconquista was to get Spanish to get the Muslims out of Spain. In the late 1400, Muslims had the small Kingdom of Granada. Granada finally fell to the Christian army of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492. Christianity increased their power because the unify their country. Inquisition was made use from Isabella and Ferdinand and the court were held by the Church for suppress heresy. So many of the Jews and Muslims turn to Christianity that their heresy might be question or tortured for weeks.

12: The Effects of the Crusades | European merchants traded between Europe and Southwest Asia. Which included cloths, fruits and spices. But when the later Crusade failed the pope's power was weakened."The Crusades grew out of religious fervor, feudalism, and chivalry which came together with expire energy. This same energy led to the growth of trade, towns and universities in medieval Europe."

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