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Current Events

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FC: Current Events

1: Iran Cyber attacks the USA US officials believe that Iran is behind the continuous cyber attacks on the US banks and oil industries in the middle east. The US is very worried because Iran is very intelligent in the cyber field. So far the US is keeping track of all cyber movement in the Iran area, as well they believe that the attackers are related to the Iran government. The latest attack on Monday in Saudi Arabia has left more than 30,000 computers in the oil industry useless. The US is urging people to make the security more protective because they fear another attack is on the way. So far Iran officials are denying the accusations, but The US does not believe them This is news worthy because since there are multiple attacks being placed on the US’s computers. This can lead to losing lots of money and important information. As well if Iran is actually behind these attacks, it could cause the solders in Iran to stay there longer, as they will be fighting for our protection.

2: Angola votes for parliament and president Friday (august 31/2012) was the first election in Angola, Africa since1979. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos is said to win the next election, but voters are still not sure about voting for him or not. The election was originally made to prove that Angola is an important factor on the African continent and that it can run its own political affairs without too much help. As well the country wants to prove that they are maintaining their oil-driven economy. Jose Eduardo has been in power since 1979 and was responsible for the economic rise in 2002. Many people still believe that the wealth only helps a small group of people. Strangely, today was not the original date for the election. The opposing group ‘Unita’ demanded a delay because of alleging irregularities. Unita was formed by the rebel group of Angola. This party is lead by Isaias Samakuva.The new election is also the start of a new constitution for Angola, which is abolishing direct presidential polls. This means that the party with the highest amounts of votes will automatically become the next president. So far President Jose is in the lead with 70% of the votes and is maintaining the votes. Unfortunately out of the 20 million only 9.1 million will be voting. More than likely President Jose will win the next election and remain president for the next four years.

3: " | The Angolan election is important to the world because as a developing nation, their proving their independence from the continent and abilities as a country. They are also proving that their recovering from years of war and are stabilizing their country with a new economy and government. As well if President Jose wins the election he is showing the world that he is a stable president, and that the people of Angola are proud to call him their president. This article is also news worthy because the country of Angola is really starting to show the world that they are growing as a country, economy and as people too.

4: South Korea Toxic Leak In south Korea there was a toxic leak in a nearby factory last Wednesday. So far many people in the area are effected by the toxins. As well 5 people have already died. This is terrible timing for farmers in the area because the toxic waste has spread to the crops. Many people refuse to eat the crops and say their inedible now because of the exposure to the toxins. Some of the side effects to being exposed to the harmful poison are headaches, nausea, sore throats and severe coughs. Most people are most afraid because they believe that the toxins will have a long term effect on there bodies. To date almost 1000 people have been affected by the explosion. Out of those 1000 people, 300 are newly relocated. As well 3,200 livestock have been exposed,and another 1000 cars have been ruined. The total cost so far has been estimated to be around 16 million dollars.

5: This effects the USA because there is a chance that the toxins could spread to the U.S. Although it is pretty uncommon to happen it may happen because, the poison has spread to the water systems. This also effects the USA because the U.S and South Korea are actually pretty close allies and are world partners in many things like capitalism, because of there close partnership this puts America in a bad position because their seeing a close allie go through a tough time.

6: Prisoners escape Jail in Tripoli More than 100 prisoners are said to have escaped from prison Al-Judaida in Libya's capital city Tripoli. Al-Judaida is said to be the largest prison in all of Libya and contains many different nationalities. As well many people say that of those 120 prisoners a lot of them are different nationalities. So far 60 people have been recaptured and placed back into jail. Still investigators are not sure how they escaped and are still searching the area to find clues. Weirdly enough the breakout happened only one week away from the first anniversary of Gaddafi's death. National guards are also setting up security points to try and find the delinquents. This story is news worthy because Libya is showing the world that their not an organized public security force and need help in enforcing laws and making jails even harder to escape from. Libya is also showing the country that their jails and work force in the jails are not very good as they let almost 120 prisoners escape from a prison.

7: President is shot Late Saturday night President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz has said to be ‘’accidently " shot by military patrol officers. He was immediately flown off to a France hospital to get surgery. The bullet was removed from is arm so luckily it was not a life or death situation. Before his surgery he went on the air to tell people that he is okay and that it was only an accident. Still many people believe that this was not an accident and was meant to be an assassination. People believe that a rebel military group are gunning against president abdelaziz and no longer want him to be president. In his place the prime mister of the country is doing all he can to take care of the country while the president is in recovery This is news worthy because there is a chance that this was assassination, which makes the US and other country do a little more searching. As well this helps the US realize that they should not be partnering with a country like this, if this is how unsteady they are especially if this was assetnation. It would not be good idea for the US to partner with them because these small fights could lead to major things like war.

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